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  1. Hello, I am pleased to say the Abilify is still working for me at the mo and i am sooooooo much happier

  2. WOW!!!!!!! 1 week on Abilify and i am getting dressed and cleaning x

  3. Lisxx

    Hello thanks for the add..


  4. Hi thanks for the add and words about Abilify x

  5. Hello Lisxx,

    I have been on Abilify for a year and it's been good for me I hope it works out for you too :)


  6. Lisxx

    Just me x

  7. Thank you for the reply It is encouraging to know even though you no longer take it for the water retention, weight gain you still say it helped with your moods and energy which is what I am seeking desperately.. When I took lithium it not only gave me water retention, weight gain but it gave me a very slow numb feeling and I ignored the world as much as possible .. Thanks again Lisa
  8. Thanks for the add x

  9. Thank you for your reply as this is all new to me I have always been told I only had depression for over 30 years.. So all you helpful people on her with there own experience do help more than you can know to me at the Mo... thanks so much..
  10. Thanks so much for replying i will of course see my Dr before I use them... but thanks for taking your time to look for me and for you answers x
  11. Hi to you all, I just want to introduce myself please, I am 42 had bipolar as long as i can rem but it as only recently been diagnosed before all doctors said i had depression... s now i need to find out about the meds I am taking and would rather hear from the people who have taken them... any help please? Lisxx
  12. Hello my name is Lisa, aged 42 and I am being treated for bipolar .. I recently got terrible swelling, water retention and weight gain so had to be taken of the lithium completely,, I would like to know if it is safe to take ABILIFY whilst Taking XENICAL as I am very over weight and really hate it sooooooooooo much... Any thoughts answers would definitely be appreciated... thanks... DO ABILIFY make you sedated or active? also the more you have the more emegry you get and the less you take the sedative is stronger????? or the other way round? any help please as its new to me x x
  13. Hello....I have Just started taking Abilfy and was looking for some information when I found this site.....

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