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    Learning how to NOT poison everything & everybody I come in contact with. trying to stay positive. wtf? I'm interested in waking up each morning to see what new turd life has excreted into my punchbowl of happiness. Right now, the punch is looking kinda chunky, bottoms up!
  1. coming along slowly :(

  2. so how are your hand/wrist/arm injuries healing up? Hope you're feeling good!

  3. OMG! New splint is killing me!!!

  4. take solace in being able to recognize and acknowledge what youre thinking and feeling. I ruined a few relationships trying to convince the other person that my perception was justified. Now I wonder how it must've felt being pyschoanalysed by a raving lunatic. yikes
  5. You have all of us crazies to talk to! Some of us are even here on Fridays because we're crazy and our friends don't "get" it! -totally true, lol
  6. Wish I had an answer for that,... except for the past year and a half, i always had an SO, but felt more alone than now. But even though I feel alone and down at times, I try to keep in mind, it's okay; in fact, dare I say normal, to have these feelings.
  7. It may be no consolation now, but just b/c you cant recall things at this moment, doesnt mean u wont at some later (less manic?) time. I've had similar experiences and come to realize that 'the tape' is always recording, i just cant always play it back on cue.... so to speak.
  8. Friday again.....

  9. Love, Love Vegas!! But Meds/PMS/Patron shots does not make a classy girl. It was fun, just chalk it up to a wild night. Now we return you to reality. Lol. Thanks.

    Hope you are not hurting to much.


  10. hey, how was Vegas? Hope your feeling better!

  11. Nap time again! Some days I could sleep forever :)

  12. i know exactly what you mean...... it's not an OCD thing, but in a way, it kiinda feels like it!Dirty bathrooms & kitchens make my skin crawl.
  13. sleepy, YAWN!!!!l

    1. oshunserfr7


      blah blah blah, kwim?

  14. Welcome! Hope you stay awhile


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