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  1. also thinking about focusing on boring things... I don't know what the task is like... but change things about it, e.g. swap to dark mode, do it in a different room, change the language of the interface to something you learned in high school to make it harder, maybe there are two different programs for the same task and you can swap between them, swap between sitting and a standing desk (kitchen counter with a box on it can work, but be careful about typing like that because if your arms are reaching up to type you can get carpal tunnel) change, novelty, simulated urgency, set a timer and see how many you can do in x amount of time then try to beat the record, i dunno! I'm trying to do something boring at the moment and god i just procrastinate all day long. I need to set myself a time limit so i will make myself do it I think, "these 3 hours are for the task!!!" rather than saying "ah i'll do it in a minute"
  2. Edit: I wrote a really long post so I am going to hilight the stuff that isn't just rant: Flyladyplus looks really cool! Does it have a Tomboy mode? ha ha. I'm on her website now http://www.flylady.net/ I love it, it's so web 1.0, which is my aesthetic, even in purple and pink. It's very cool I gotta check it out. I broke my phone two days ago and had to start over with tody which was soooo sad. If i'd had a cover for the phone it would have been fine, it was sitting on the kitchen counter and partner spilled water on the counter without either of us noticing and it promptly drank up all the water that it was sitting in It looks quite similar to Tody in some ways, tody doesn't work on some devices so flyladyplus is great to have as an option as well. Just looking at the sample chores.. "remove all cobwebs" and my thought process first was: what's wrong with cobwebs? And then I said, well ok, maybe I should remove them for if we have guests, and now I've decided to wait till after halloween. Tody allows me to set it to "relaxed" as well which is nice, doing three things a day for me is often a lot, so I'm not penalized that some things end up being overdue. You have the option to compete with Dusty and I have him set on easy. He says really funny little motivational quotes like "a messy house keeps guests away!" . There's no punishment which is really necessary because with Habitica if you didn't do the chore your character would lose hitpoints, so I ended up cheating! Habitica is pretty cool but you can't set recurring tasks and that's such a huge deal, the "do this every 3 days" type tasks. Keeping the counter clear, for example, is a tiny tiny tiny job if I do it every 3 days but it was a HUGE job when I was doing it every now and then, though the plan was to always have it clear, I couldn't organize that in my head at all. I never knew when it was due, I never knew when it was time to clean it, and there is always something else to clean and how do I pick? It must sound so easy to people who have all their executive functioning working, but now I have this app to take over where my brain is lacking. I would have been one of those hunter-gatherers who just left their camp forever every time it got messy. I do have this urge to move to new places all the time, I think that's how I'm wired, it just doesn't work in this era and when you have 7 billion people on the planet as opposed to 10,000 it's pretty harmful to just get up and leave your mess behind you!
  3. Tody is a really helpful app for helping me clean without getting sidetracked because i couldn't prioritize or know what needed to be done today when it seems like everything needs to be done today. i haven't been doing any exercise since lockdown the kid from videos below has a rule where she has to do x number of exercises before she can open the fridge or do other things she enjoys adhd reddit has lots of tips, they should really make a wiki list instead of having 5 new threads with ideas every week/// actually i dunno about the "adhd" reddit i mean the adhd women subreddit which of course you can read whatever your gender but they don't want anyone identifying as masculine to post but also everyone is pretty accepting because sometimes an issue is very specific to having being socialized as a girl the kid has ideas.. she has other videos on this sort of thing too
  4. i watched 3 videos by a doctor on youtube about how b vitamin deficiency can cause chronic and severe insomnia considering multivitamins or b complex vitamins cost like 3 cents a pill i just felt compelled to come here and say that because i can't believe in all the videos i've ever watched about insomnia no one ever mentioned that. b vitamin deficiency is uncommon. it can happen if - you are a vegan who's new to veganism and aren't eating any b vitamin sources (all vegans need to supplement b12 as you can't rely on plants to get it) - a med or other health situation is stopping you absorbing it - you aren't eating enough in general (this is what happened to the doctor in the videos) i feel like one of those conspiracy theory people who thinks they have access to secret illumnati knowledge and is in the supermarket produce section starting conversations with strangers and saying "why is no one talking about this!?"
  5. lol what on earth that's incredible... they are trying to say "be careful because you might" right? The shock of that might make it more effective, maybe that's the purpose of putting "autistic" on the signs, because, as I said, we know people usually ignore those signs so anything that makes it novel increases the chances that it will get listened to, even though what you are supposed to do (slow down, be careful) doesn't change. A silhouette of kids on stilts or pogosticks might be equally effective
  6. I did a test years ago and I read at about 230wpm, apparently you can't go faster than 250wpm without some speedreading skills that sounds about right! I don't like James Joyce either, he's silly, but I do like a lot of stuff that was written by authors who were influenced by him, so maybe he's not that silly. I wonder what he'd think if he knew i called him silly. Take that, Jimmy when you think do you visualize? I wonder if it's related to thinking style in general. i think in words an pictures, but when I think in words i visualize the words, the shapes of the letters
  7. I see a movie in my head. Reading or listening to a story.. When someone describes something to me I "see" it in my head. It's a problem at times, for example I was watching a youtube video and the lad in it was describing a time his step father hit him, he described it in some detail so I saw it happening and I involuntarily shielded my head with my hands as he described being struck.. so it feels more real than it would be if they showed a reconstruction i stop seeing the words after a while and just see the people. i can't see their faces usually, unless i decided to pop a person I know into that characters place, like if i've seen the movie i will see the actors but usually i don't really picture faces or anything. I'm always surprised when people say "she's not how i pictured her"... i get a feeling for the characters, like I am with them, I feel their vibe, but I don't picture their features. I wonder if I did would it help me make eye contact with people IRL? I just don't consider that important information i guess ha ha. if the physical attributes of the character are described I skip over it, but I don't think I'm unusual because I've noticed most of the novels I read never describe the physical attributes of the characters... just stuff like "malnourished" or "intimidating", stuff that is important to the story... but not "freckly" or "brown eyed" who cares!?
  8. i think that most people with MI have some kind of trauma from youth (doesn't have to be PTSD, can be non-PTSD trauma, and it could be something that you wouldn't expect to be traumatizing) and as a result have attachment injuries / insecure attachment styles maybe even fearful/disorganized attachment, which makes it really hard to bond, because bonding is associated with fear / pain / loss /betrayal.. and that's what makes making friends really hard, far more than my complete ineptitude at the social stuff that other people seem to be able to intuit easily. People can get around that, it's my emotions that really drive people away, I think. I don't know. trauma has a way of separating us from the world and breaking bonds and hurting the ability to bond and feel safe with others, even if the trauma was had nothing to do with humans, especially when we are younger posting a seal to comfort myself (not going to read back on the thread, hope that's ok guys)
  9. gosh that is interesting but also AWFUL poor you sorry for being rude but did the vaccine cause any diarrhea? (for pedants: did your immune system's response to thinking that it had a virus (that actually it didn't have) cause diarrhea?) because that could mean the paxil is /was passing through too fast to be absorbed Agreed with CrazyReadhead definitely ask a pharmacist or pdoc
  10. I like fluffy things. I'm wearing a fluffy jumper with fluffy trousers right now. I like everything to be cotton because my skin is very picky but certain fluffy polyester seems fine, however they do it! A lot of fluffy things are "girly" though, for lack of a better word. I don't like it to be too "girly" but then I'm a girl so obviously everything i wear immediately becomes girly when I put it on. It's a silly word
  11. Doesn't Leviticus also say not to mix cloths? i.e. don't wear something that is part polyester and part cotton? I think you'd be hard pressed not to find someone that breaks something in Leviticus every single day. Eating shellfish for example. I am biased because we were always taught that if it conflicts with Jesus then Jesus has the last word. You are so sorry and so determined not to do harm. Everyone has things in our lives that we are ashamed of or deeply sorry for, if someone doesn't I would say they are either very young or just (blissfully?) out of touch with their feelings. What matters is you are genuinely sorry, that is so clear. I'd happily share a space with you. This was one mistake, it is not who you are. You are as far from it as east is from west! But I'm trying to reassure again! The loss of a pet is definitely serious enough to trigger an episode but again I'm in no place to diagnose, I would just encourage you again to get support with this. You do not deserve to suffer like this.
  12. Was there any stressful event or upheaval in May 2019? Or did it mark an anniversary (sometimes even if we don't remember the anniversary, it still effects our moods and can knock us off kilter)? If I'm right I think that I will offer reassurance, and maybe you will feel relieved for a brief moment, but then the OCD says "no, I am not relieved, this is not enough, there is still a shadow of doubt and I can't abide uncertainty" and for the OCD it is never enough and then the person says "if I am not relieved it is because I cannot trust this answer, I must find an answer I can trust so I can be certain" and at the same time anyone who felt that brief moment of relief would want to keep seeking that out. I think you could use some professional support with this, you are in a lot of pain. A counsellor, a therapist, a pastoral counsellor, a CBT practitioner specializing in OCD, whatever sounds best to you, you do not deserve this pain. I don't think I will say anything you haven't already been told, is the thing. I am saying it to relieve myself: Jesus is love, Jesus is forgiveness. Jesus has always been said to forgive anyone who sincerely wants to be forgiven: β€œIf we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” β€œFor I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” "As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." If I, a mere human who isn't made of love and can be petty at times and who loves animals more than people.. if I find it easy to forgive you and see this act as finished and you as someone who is sorry and isn't a bad person and is removed from it..if that's me.. then how easy is it for the God of Love to forgive you?
  13. Chapter 1 in every medical textbook seems to be: Anxious people don't get sick - why you can't have a mental illness and a physical one at the same time. Because reasons. My uncle has OCD and health fixations and 3 doctors turned him away and refused to see him before someone finally agreed to run tests and find out that yes, despite having OCD, he actually was very sick!
  14. yeah i think when i was a kid dyslexia was a catch all and they didn't put me in the right spot on this diagram
  15. I'm glad you won the war! they are so greedy, they eat all my birdseed. it's not for them! My cat loves watching the pigeons who come to hang out in our garden. I don't think she'd try to catch one unless he walked right up to her, then maybe she'd put out a paw.
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