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  1. It's very normal to want to know more, and knowing more than a little bit would be damaging... so how do we deal... hmm. When I ask my tdoc "how are you" he always answers honestly and in detail, I guess he is modelling for me that in the therapy room that question is taken seriously. And every now and then he says the odd thing about himself, he says "do you mind if i self-disclose?" first, as if I am going to say "yes, I do mind!" i'm not sure he gets how asking permission works. Anyway, it's fine. I think that's it. I had another tdoc who spent a large portion of the session talking about himself, I could tell you all about him. It's cool that through the tele-health stuff you are getting to peek through a window into his home, that's really wonderful. A cat person, ❤️
  2. just reading that the reason i can't do this is because of a bit of my brain called the OFC which is typically on the fritz with ADHD or dyslexia and other things, so that's interesting but unhelpful heh
  3. i will try to pause more, i think it would be good for me, slow down, think more. also you are totally right DogMan, i am acting like i'm on the radio, i'm not maybe the problem is i watch youtube more than i talk to people, maybe the problem is all the jump cuts! I've gotten used to the idea that you don't pause you just talk talk talk
  4. I am very aware that it's not ok to pause for a long time after someone asks you a question, or when it's your turn to speak. So i blurt something out. If it's a question, here is the worst part, I often lie. I can't remember the real answer so i make up a lie because I can make up a story faster than i can remember a real story, separate what's private from what's not, and then try to tell it in an interesting way. What did you do this weekend? I WENT FOR A WALK IN THE PARK What did you do at lunch breaks when you were in school? *makes up a story that sounds plausible* I was trying to figure out why i lie so much recently, and I realised this is the reason a lot of the time. i don't want to bore people while they wait for me to remember the answer to a question they don't even care that much about anyway solutions? Ideas? tips? can you relate?
  5. looooooooveeeeeeee it ! Beautiful masks. Why not! It looks like if we can get the majority of people to wear masks we can get the r0 of this right down! Look at the study below, 70%! That even means that as long as people who can wear them do, people with sensory issues or other genuine reasons for not wearing them won't have to. I really hope this turns out to be true, you know how scientific recommendations often change once they have more info, it would be wonderful if the solution was something so simple and easy for most people. " if 70% of the general public wear masks and contact tracing is conducted at 60% efficiency within a 4-day time frame, epidemic growth will be flattened in the hardest hit countries. "https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.07353 https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.13553 <<<< !!!!
  6. I'm finding social distancing and other precautions so hard, they require a sort of "presence of mind" that I just don't have. I'm in the supermarket and suddenly I noticed I've taken off my gloves and I don't remember how or why (I only wear gloves because I can't get sanitizer, the idea is to wear them until I'm done shopping and then take them off when I get out so my hands are clean until I get home, because my hands like to live on my face ) . If I don't have anything else to think about i can remember to stay away from people but as soon as my focus shifts to getting food suddenly I am in their space... Does anyone have any tips on making this work?
  7. You are distressed right now Harp, grieving, things are going to go off kilt a bit for a while. I've had delusions sparked by anxiety and depression. It's a hard thing to say exactly because when I'm like that, well it's kind of a hard mindset to put myself into after the fact, hard to remember. Generally it's about people plotting to kill me, for a while I thought I was dead and in limbo. It's up to you if you say it to pdoc, I think I would, and if you do then be sure to mention it in the context of the other things that are going on in your life, the anxiety around all this pandemic stuff, and your mother passing away. That's definitely relevant. Lots of people who don't even have any MI get delusions, even hallucinations, at some point in their life, but usually when they are younger, until early 20s. I forget the exact percentage but I remember it was surprisingly high, something like 30% were able to say they'd had something like that happen to them. Go easy on yourself, ok? Don't let this be an added worry, you aren't losing your mind, you are just going through an especially difficult time.
  8. I think the reused sterilized masks aren't as effective as completely new ones, because the inner filter has to be in good condition in order to catch particles, but it's better than nothing and there is an awful lot of nothing being given to healthcare workers
  9. I have a friend who is a Trump fan, spoiler tags for conspiracy theory: I regularly have nightmares now about people not physical distancing. It's so upsetting.
  10. Oh it would be wonderful if you could crack this nut! (is that the right expression?) yay!
  11. Watched this interesting video. It doesn't really help me as I seem to have physical and cognitive energy but my emotional energy gets depleted really fast. Does that make sense? But maybe I should try napping more..? anyway I thought with this being April 2020 some of us would have a chance to try getting up later or taking naps to see how that effects us, whereas usually that's impossible! ( Jon Atack is an academic, researcher, author, artist and all round nice person but I think is probably best known for being a vocal ex-Scientologist. )
  12. They treat their upper staff fantastic, I know people that work both in the middle and at the bottom and it's a whole different world. In the middle you get a great salary, flexitime, language classes paid for... at the bottom it's absolutely awful. I heard someone say that's just like warehouses are like, it's not, I know people that work in other warehouses and it's completely different, they are allowed to talk to each other and they are allowed to take breaks when they need to... but I still end up shopping with amazon sometimes because sometimes there's just no other option.. or the thing costs a third of the price!
  13. It's just all been bought up. Same here, I couldn't get lentils anywhere, looked on amazon, 10 euro for half a kilo! Because all the affordable stuff is sold out. I'm worried Amazon will use all this as an excuse to treat their warehouse workers even worse. "Bathroom breaks!? There's a global recession!!!"
  14. I wanted to get one of them but boyfriend said it would scare children.. I don't think kids would know what it is, i think it would scare adults
  15. I read a news article saying that trash collectors are reporting a rise in food waste, people throwing out large quantities of unopened food... I know anxiety takes the reins sometimes, but as far as we can, let's hoard non-perishables only!!! People gave out bloody stink about toilet paper but none of that toilet paper will go to waste.
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