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  1. I haven't tried them but I expect they work well, just from my own bias. I think many of us are naturally very uninhibited over the internet and so things can move quickly because we feel safe sooner. but this is me guessing. What I can add to the mix is another site to consider: TalkSpace I've heard good things
  2. Oh it's hard. They have changed the app a bit so the connecting via blue tooth is a bit less of a pain, you can let the app do it while you go off and meditate and then come back and put on the headset. Meditating is hard. I have that main goal of being able to calm myself on demand.. you know what I am kind of getting there? Sometimes I notice myself, when I'm anxious, I'm taking these deep exhales, and it seems to be working, and I don't ever remember doing that or that working before. So that's new and good. And trying to learn to sit with discomfort, physical pain or psychological restlessness or boredom.. trying to learn to sit with them and not try to move or solve them and feel calm and centred in spite of them, I'm still working on that, but I can see it being possible, I know exactly how to make the birds sing in the neurofeedback, what's hard is keeping them singing, but I know what it feels like when they are singing, so at least now I know what it is like to be calm and focused
  3. It would be silly to be mad at an aunt or uncle when you could be mad at fog. Being mad at fog is very romantic, it sounds like something from a novel! I think you were right not to drive and it's totally understandable. I feel randomly sad, probably because i felt randomly happy earlier, not depressed-sad though. Just regular random sadness, i can handle that. That's nice compared to depression. Every feeling beats depression, every time i feel really sick I think about depression and compare and think "ahhh... this is nice!"
  4. Granted. You have a lovely time on the submarine but you forget your door keys in the submarine and they won't let you back on because it was a one time deal and you have to get them cut and it's a lot of hassle and the locksmith who copies the keys is extra rude to you because he's always wanted to be in a submarine and he's jealous and when you go to use the keys he cut you find they weren't cut right and you have to take them back to him to refine them a bit and he gets really annoyed and says "law-dee-daw not good enough for Mr. Submariner, eh?" I wish my cat's poop and pee didn't smell so bad and that she would clean it herself
  5. Antecedent

    What if...

    Do we have to answer the questions? What if i don't know the answer?
  6. It's true! At the same time I feel modern laptops don't get anything near as hot as they used to, but why risk it? the computer's components and battery will surely still be happier if it's cooler
  7. My first thought was also... Is that a type of dissociation? Any kind of a car accident is very upsetting and frightening, the sort of thing that can cause dissociation. I don't think you need PTSD to disassociate, I think it's associated with depression and anxiety too. And car accidents are very very upsetting things, regardless of how serious they are It all sounds very scary for you, especially seeing as how this is new, whether it's dissociation or not, it's something new to you. How are you feeling now?
  8. Windows 7 is way better than 10, it wouldn't bother me that it's not supported anymore, we still use windows XP at work! My laptop is dualbooted so if i need to do something securely I make sure I'm in Ubuntu (linux) which is free and the LTS editions have support for years and years (the newest one has support till 2030 and will be free to upgrade at that point anyway). But swapping from using Windows regularly to Ubuntu is like swapping from Windows to Mac or visa versa, it takes a while to get used to, is a pain in the ass, and is it really worth it? Re-learning how to use a computer, re-learning where everything is...That's debatable . Definitely unplug the laptop at night, we had to do fire-safety training at work.. oh my goodness! I know it's highly unlikely that it will cause a fire, but if it does, that's such a big problem, that it's well worth plugging it out just in case. There aren't may fires nowadays because safety standards are so good, but when there are it is usually phone and laptop chargers 😮 Also... never leave your phone under your pillow while it's charging! Make sure everyone in your house knows! (If you have to charge your phone overnight, leave it on a hard surface, not carpet or bedding or anything like that.)
  9. Granted! They are! because they are on a shelf in a tooth gallery frequented by dentists and tooth-enthusiasts or entoothiasts as they like to be called. I wish that in the 2020s the fashion of the 1920s will all come back
  10. Is TMS on the table? I know you specifically asked about ECT and meds, I was just wondering. disregard if too off topic
  11. That recording thing is so weird! They are taught to ask for consent and that's it, I wonder is it ever discussed, the very obvious thing, that the person might not feel comfortable saying no. They should ask a week in advance, give you the week to decide, and tell you over and over that it's ok to say no if you aren't comfortable, that it doesn't matter, that they can easily do the recording with someone else (even if it's not true)... it just seems so imposing. Thanks so much for your replies guys. If I could go back in time I'd go... i did go once, but I somehow expected her to win me over, expected it to be like good will hunting, I guess when she didn't hound me for a second session (which would have been incredibly unethical, though I didn't know that at the time) I felt she didn't care. I also felt like everything i was saying was being analysed and judged, which it probably wasn't, she was probably a humanistic counsellor
  12. I took a break for Christmas. I didn't know that bluetooth can only connect to one thing at a time, so my tablet trying to connect to everything in the room was the reason why it often didn't connect to the headset. I've tried to tell it to forget all the other things exist, let's see if it works. I tried the headset with my parents, they both really liked it, i didn't expect it with my dad. I might get them one.. but would they use it? It's expensive if they don't use it, if they use it it will be totally worth it. Dad has terrible anxiety, absolutely chronic, and it's just getting worse, I'd love to get him meditating I'm really determined to make this a part of my life. I really need the skills that mindfulness promises. Edit: two days later Last night I started with a loving kindness meditation and then went into a normal one where i just tried to focus on my breath. The difference in the graph was amazing. It was basically like this (lower is better): _____________________/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ So all that underscore is the loving kindness meditation and the up and down is me trying to focus on the breath. at the very end of teh graph it gets very high, as the adhd restlessness was kicking in and i felt really uncomfortable, I tried to practice sitting with that, tried to see what it felt like to desperately want to move around and not move around, i just got more and more and more antsy, antsy is the wrong word, it's a very very very very uncomfortable feeling. I tried to sit with it then when i looked at the graph i felt some hope. Those are two mental states, the first one i put myself into, the second one just happened to me, maybe I can learn to control this Edit: Next day... The scan for my session was really active last night, I think because I was tired. Even if the meditation isn't going worse than usual it will show up very active if you are tired because... is it delta waves? I forget, they get very loud when you are tired( like when you are in REM) and so it shows up as mental activity. I just sat with it, accepted it, tried to focus on recognising and being, sitting with being "the one who knows", tried to take a step back and not identify so much with my thoughts and sensations. "The mind secretes thoughts like the pancreas secretes insulin" as Jack Kornfield says Next day: Last night I was just bored. I tried to sit with that feeling of boredom again, and explore, and that feeling of wanting it to be over, of desire, and seeing what is that like, again taking a step back from it. At the end I said "I will sit with whatever comes" and then after that the audio started playing birds, which means i had the relaxed/calm brainwaves, so I'll start with that next time. I don't think the first half was necessarily a waste of time. It is important to know and recognise the feeling of boredom, so I will be more aware of that feeling and not suddenly find myself on facebook with no explanation. It is important to recognise that feeling of wanting and desire so I don't end up with 10 dresses in my amazon cart that I don't need. I always say a key feature of ADHD is having this absolutely terrible autopilot that never works when you need it to, does everything wrong anyway, and then randomly takes over when you don't want it to. I suppose that's part of why they sometimes misdiagnose trauma as ADHD, because that sounds a little like dissociating, but it's not, it's very different
  13. I've been taking a break over chirstmas just because I got out of the habit of meditating when I came home... I gotta say it makes a difference, I gotta make sure I do it every day, even if it's only 3 minutes, the every day thing really seems to matter.
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