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  1. It sounds like you've got a lot of work done and dusted that I've still got ahead of me At the moment I'm binging Psychology in Seattle I used to like Kati Morton but she keeps doing introductory stuff over and over, it's very repetitive, she never digs deeper into the topic she just gives you "universal issues in psychotherapy 101" over and over. I like the "partially examined life" podcast, even though most of it goes over my head, it's about philosophy rather than therapy but they do tend to overlap. Philosophers are always really hard on themselves and each other!
  2. I don't know... I wanna 1. know where stuff comes from, implicit assumptions and fears I have, why? 2. Understand why i react certain ways 3. have more choices about how i respond to things 4. be better at interacting with the people around me, negotiating, asking for support, defending myself without being defensive, making and maintaining friends so then i know if it's working if I feel like any of those things are moving, even in a little way, even if i keep backsliding i think if i can do all those things I won't trigger my own sadness and anxiety so much. I'm sure it will st
  3. I have more tinned food now, and i replenish it as it goes down. I like it, makes me feel safe. I only go to the shop once a month now, I live on fresh stuff for the first two weeks of the month and tinned and frozen stuff for the second two weeks it mind of makes me sound organized but sometimes I get it completely wrong and my diet is pretty bleak for a while ha ha
  4. Yeah, it's bright and cheerful! I used to have everything on my computer white and then i started feeling guilty about wasting electricity.. but if it feels better what the heck am i doing, let people who aren't effected by such things use "dark mode"
  5. I read in an English NHS study that having it every second week you get the same positive effects but it takes twice as long to get them I actually feel it's pointless when I'm in crisis because it's just emotional support and i can get that free lots of places, but when i'm not in crisis i can really dig into stuff and try to understand myself and why i get so anxious and tired and depressed at the drop of a hat
  6. That's so great to hear apologies for not noticing the update till now, but I was so glad to read it
  7. Yeah if it would be cathartic to write about it I'd be here to read it, but if you don't think it would help then don't even dream of it, just mind yourself
  8. every now and then i like to look at yoga retreats even though i've never been on one and i've been looking at them for years, it just feels lovely to plan.... well i was looking at them recently and you know how amazon has "amazon recommended" on some products, a little tag like that.. some of these had "clean and safe" tags on them, and some didn't... So the other ones were filthy and dangerous? I laughed a lot, i was very amused
  9. I hope long covid doesn't turn out to be very long Gearhead
  10. A thing that seems to work for me is interval timers but I can't find any that don't have a high pitched noise and i can't stand it so I don't use them... The beep is like a check in I go... am i doing nothing? ok do something can't do something? ok then actually relax instead of procrastinating
  11. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29356899/ I'm going to go ahead and assume this goes for adults too: if you prefer sport or kung fu or yoga or dance or jogging or something to mindfulness, don't let anyone make you feel like you gotta do mindfulness instead!
  12. I thought I answered your question Gearhead! I spent ages thinking about it I want something with lots of space I was thinking of this one but then i remembered that they were pumping raw sewage into the river at the time and it was smelly and you couldn't swim in it Maybe something like this random not famous painting but do i actually get to go into the houses or are they empty because they weren't painted? Do I get to talk to the 3 people or are they frozen in time? My question is "What is the smallest hill on which you are willing to die?" (With the idiomatic meaning
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