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  1. It's a great idea! I'd much rather the money go to charity though because I think splitting the pot among the winners might motivate some people to cheat. Am I too cynical? Did you try it? How did you get on with it?
  2. "work is a huge part of what makes us human" agree to strongly disagree. I'm so glad you have something in your life which is deeply important to you ❤️ . The idea that work is or should be deeply important to everyone, to their very humanity no less, is what i disagree with.
  3. I need quite a bit of sleep to feel ok, 9 to 10 hours a night. I am somewhat ok on 8, functional, but on 7 I start to get very depressed and irritable, and that magnifies with any less than that UNLESS it's 0.. if I stay up all night I get... I guess it's hypomania? It feels wonderful, I feel connected with the universe, really creative, I do creative things, write like crazy, have a terrible headache that I am perfectly ok with. . . but it's not a good thing for long of course, the flip side is no fun. Once my sleep goes back to normal either i go back to normal or i get very depressed. Not worth the risk, and of course I have to sleep eventually
  4. Wanted to recommend Fitness Blender on youtube. The couple who run it struggled with MI / ED themselves so I extra love them https://www.youtube.com/user/FitnessBlender
  5. I have no energy since they played with the clocks. I feel exhausted all the time and confused at work, I think I have lots of time and then i look at the clock and it's almost time to go home.. which is good I guess? but it's disorientating and i feel so wiped
  6. Oh yes yes yes, if you can afford to give some time or some money, do! The solicitors-of-charity on the street here get paid 11 euro an hour, or at least they used to, I don't see what is wrong with getting paid to raise money. A job is being created, we are reducing unemployment, often for students or people like ourselves who struggle to hold down full-time work, and they make maybe 40 euro profit for the charity an hour if looking for donations and thousands if looking for "standing orders". Maybe a lot more in big cities? Oh absolutely.. i HATE people knocking on my door... I'm not morally opposed to it and I don't blame the charities for using this as it helps them raise funds but I'd never sign up this way because, like you said, I hate pressure and I don't think it's ok to go door to door asking for money, people need to be able to relax at home. My home is a castle! A lot of people have some level of anxiety, even if it's low, and I really think answering the door to a stranger is anxiety provoking for almost anyone. Ok maybe I am morally opposed to it but I don't blame them I really think they do a lot of good, there really are angels in the world, they come from all faiths or no faiths but there are people who dedicate all of their lives or much of their lives to helping strangers and charities let us support them doing that. I actually know two people IRL who are only alive because of a local non-profit, not in the "this song saved my life" sense where you can't be completely sure it was the song.. it really did literally save their lives
  7. I can totally relate to the strange human thing where some of us keep suicide on the back burner and find that comforting.. i can't imagine a dog or a cat using their own mortality or impending death as a comfort... I wonder is there anything that can give you that sense of peace that is less dangerous though? Even slightly less dangerous? Like making your plan more complicated with lots of chances to change your mind? If your plan is easy to implement then one bad day comes along and you are dead that's a high high price to pay for the modicum of peace it provides, it seems like freedom but it's not freedom to make a huge decision under duress I hope you can work with your care team to find something safe to give you peace. In the meantime you know we're all here
  8. I read an interesting thing, it was about disordered eating but it really connected with me in terms of cutting. They said to have strategies for earlier in the day too. They said to try to notice when you are feeling particularly shit, when it's the type of day where it might get so bad you might want to self-harm later, and do something then to make yourself feel better, rather than waiting till later. A kind of early-intervention I learned something similar with anger management but it didn't occur to me to apply it to cutting. Feeling hopeful it might work
  9. Pilates? I got very toned with it at one time and it's low impact and it also improves flexibility. Floor pilates requires no equipment.
  10. I've heard of this with PTSD, Autism, and, as you said, schizophrenia. That doesn't mean those are the only three diagnosis it can go with of course, just ones I have heard of. Also in terms of PTSD it usually goes with the fight / flight / freeze response rather than depression, right? And you weren't scared. I hope you find an answer
  11. Going through that free online mindfullness course again and week 2 has this worksheet that I thought would be really relevant to this thread https://palousemindfulness.com/practice/week2-informal.pdf
  12. Thinking about you DJ


  13. Ha ha! Ireland is that friend who secretly wants to marry you but instead tries to be *supportive* .. and waits...
  14. I think what matters how much is acceptable for you? It sounds like you don't feel this is an acceptable level. I think the severity x time formula is fantastic. Many periods in my life I didn't call myself depressed because I was in absolute agony, but only 2 days a week. I was handling it because the other 5 days were ok, but if that feeling had stretched over the 7 days it would have been more than I could cope with. CBT doesn't tend to be long term, so you could ask current tdoc what s/he thinks about you taking a break, going to CBT for half a year or so, and then going back? The decision to do that is yours of course, but it would be good to know whether or not you could go back to the same tdoc after the CBT, if this is someone you can work with.
  15. Don't be afraid to talk about / let them tell you about the deceased and don't think you said the wrong thing if your friend gets upset or starts crying, it's good to be able to talk about them and, depending on the culture, they might be finding it hard to get the opportunity.
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