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  1. In all honesty even treating my own hasn't done much for my resistance, though it helped with symptoms directly caused by it. It still amazes me that such a deeply researched field has so many unknowns.
  2. Odd that I stumble across this right now. I'm returning to CB after a year and a half hiatus, having set off a chain of autoimmune responses in my body that are rapidly approaching my brain. I don't have much to add other than a nod of agreement. I would suggest getting tested for Celiac disease if your inflammation issue is unexplained, there's about a 50% chance of a false negative on the test, but last I heard 1 in 133 people were estimated to have it.. and it can be a real problem.
  3. Paranoia and I are on a first name basis.

  4. Xanax isn't even fun, but it does give legitimately tangible relief at time. Fuck tha poleece.
  5. The treatment is the same, only with an emphasis on 'don't self destruct'.
  6. I suspect that the pay to watch channels do not exist yet, and will be built around this platform. The successful channels are making great profits on ads, to ask for subscription fees would cut their viewer base into a sliver, though they may survive it.. why would they want to try. The few channels that could presumably pull this off are already so well grounded that they have no reason to take the risk. I think that most things will go on as usual, but pay to watch channels will appear, new ones, likely as a separate channel from an already successful producer.
  7. It's easy to over indulge with an e-cig, I don't find it to be anywhere near as satisfying, not at all enough, but I managed to more than quadruple my daily consumption of nicotene. Maybe the ability to abuse it is what brings that up? I don't know, I don't see it as all that dangerous.. hell not at all
  8. Your doctors can alert the authorities of intent to harm yourself or another, in such a case they can act on it directly, not indirectly. You describe various paranoid thoughts in the context of the law, but you have to remember that in order for these things to happen it would have to be in the context of murder or suicide, most of your concerns are entirely impossible even given that circumstance. Alex makes a point, in a somewhat hamhanded fashion but still a very valid one. The only reason you would be investigated in any way is if you were part of an ongoing investigation. I assume you have never been investigated for murder, so you are pretty surely irrelevant in the eyes of the law.
  9. Partial inpatient was suggested, I am not inclined, but if I don't do all that I can what right do I have to bitch? bleh

  10. Lay low, don't make waves, don't exist in her world. If he is a minor then I really don't see a point in trying to smooth things over at this point, not with her. If you two are still serious years down the line.. chances are you won't have to.
  11. If I'm not mistaken then amotivation is the absence of motivation, so yes, sedatives can cause you to feel unmotivated. This does not at all, in any way, indicate that because you are unmotivated you are not psychotic, the effect is universal and not at all contingent on the presence of hallucinations.
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