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  1. I want to have certain members of this site kicked off for good. And yes they are staff members!

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    2. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis

      That's going to set you back at least $5k.

    3. AnneMarie


      etkearne, your posts have been particularly arrogant and insulting. You may not mean them to be, but they have been. You received replies in line with how your posts sounded. Look to yourself if you have an issue here.

    4. Kodos


      Don't listen to 'em etkearne. Rock on.

  2. Starting to get nervous as my friends who are coming over haven't called me yet, which implies that they will get here late and want to stay out even later. I have barely enough energy to type this, so I don't know how this will work out well.
  3. I am annoyed that the "Staff" members of this site are so negative and rude lately. Not all of them, but some of them for sure.
  4. I am officially Bipolar I (the psychosis is not specified), but I know deep down that it is a flawed diagnosis. I experience hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions at times when my moods are completely stable. My doctor even knows that, but I don't think he knows how severe. So, I think I actually have schizoaffective. Funny enough, my pdoc has me on a med regimen that is typical for a schizoaffective patient of the depressive type (note I am going OFF of the Lithium). I have never had a manic episode that resembles anything like the manias I hear about here. What I have been calling "mania" really seems to be severe psychotic breaks with reality with full complementation of auditory hallucinations and extreme paranoia, rage, and very bizzare delusions that are scary as hell. None of it is an "elevated or expansive mood". It is usually with a very depressed mood. To also bolster my theory of my schizoaffective is that NO anticonvulsant mood stabilizer or Lithium works for me, however, ALL of the antipsychotics I have taken have helped immensely. The only reason I have switched them is side-effects. The CORE of my treatment, to me, seems to be Zyprexa and Effexor. The rest is secondary.
  5. feeling good. Went to the beach with my parents today for a day trip and actually got a tan out of it (yes, a beach in the Northeast United States).
  6. annoyed because ebay won't let me sell a very expensive musical instrument for some reason. It says my account has a "limit". Well, all I want to do is sell ONE freaking item. It is so my Dad, who is laid off from work can have enough freaking money to pay the bills. Sickening. If anyone else knows how I can sell this thing (its worth about 2500 dollars), let me know. I am not particularly fond of ebay now. ERRRR....
  7. I feel accomplished today. I got a lot of chore-errand-type things done in a short amount of time this morning/early afternoon. Now I won't feel guilty being lazy the rest of the day.
  8. Things look good: I am on the Concerta, my blood pressure has stabilized, and I am going to a substitute teaching Open House in two weeks. Districts will be there to hire on the spot.

  9. My mood and psychosis are at bay, but my motivation is low since I am still working on finding the right dose of Methylphenidate from switching from Adderall. I had to switch because of high blood pressure. So far, the Methylphenidate has remedied this problem, which is great. But, I have to wait until the next appt. to raise the dose.
  10. I puked on a girl because she was passed out cold on top of the ONLY toilet in the apartment I was at. I was running to the bathroom and it was coming out regardless of what was in the way! No one cared, though. They were more mad at her for passing out on the John!
  11. My pdoc appt. tomorrow is in danger of being cancelled if I can't make it because of the coming snow storm! Let's hope it is a flop.

    1. netsavy006


      I pray for you. I hope you can make it to your appt.

  12. I am alright. I am excited since the State of the Union speech is tonight. I am a nerd, yes.
  13. My pdoc told me on the phone that it might be my Effexor that is causing my insane High Blood Pressure just as much as the Adderall. Luckily, today, I discovered that Cymbalta, which studies show has less hypertensive effect AND is a drug that worked in the past for me, is on the Formulary. So I am looking forward to my appt. Thursday to get some major changes. Adderall to Methylphenidate and Effexor to Cymbalta.

  14. I am relieved that the party I was going to have to host tonight has fallen apart. I didn't want to have to stay up until 4:30 in the morning and be thrown off kilter for like three days, which is how my get-togethers usually end up!
  15. I'm alright, but a bit down that the substitute teacher job I applied for is not what I thought it was on the description. So I wasted all that time making a cover letter and wasted $4.95 for shipping my stuff in a priority envelope. However, they called me two days after I applied, so perhaps the expensive envelope is a good strategy.
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