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  1. If zoloft worked, why was it removed? It is specifically recommended for PTSD.

  2. I had a long post written up but accidentally clicked cancel anyways this is what I experience: depression no mania no happiness little interest in sex or capability i JUMP at any unexpected shocks and even expected ones. i die every inside every day recently i see "her" all the time and/or think about it always even dream about her we broke up a while ago. i assume she hates me i hate me sometimes i "zone out" numb and thats how i thrive and get by if i go off or miss a few doses of meds its hell i cry, scream, become evil without it i still think about suicide prolly always will maybe its better. hear/see things that are "odd" and not always real. like my mom's diabetes sugar was 34,000 (not possible) i cant stop thinking never can and nights like this i dont sleep i dont sleep i think about the same crap again and again supposedly borderline too. the lamictal doesnt help realllllly angry without meds like shaking mad litterally walk thru a doors once (busted it apart) i was so angry. only the dulcolax seems to work i eat ALOT like 5 hot dogs on 5 buns two pan cakes, etc then eat normally for a while sometimes i black out but only when i dont eat at all for like a long time Always relive the past, again and again in memories and sleep and thru the waking part of me somebody hurt me so i dont have to feel what i do feel. sorry if this is in the wrong place/forum, also that this is a mess grammatically. P.S. is there a "f**ked up" diagnosis? i sometimes cant control myself like my emotions sometimes i do things the real me never would like i need help and cry out for it but even my LCSW (counselor)/pdoc says the area i live in (country/rural) is not a big enough area to support the facilities i need.
  3. there is low grade depression as well like VE said. really really low grade is called dysthimia
  4. 1. yes 2. took me 4 years not as bad as you think just like minor twitches but then again i am on 2 AP's high doses and took Reglan which causes TD.
  5. when im feeling i wish i were numb when im numb i wish i were feeling something. sounds nutty but i hate myself and i've been crying inside for nearly two months now. i miss my girl who abandoned me threw me to the side after fighting what most likely to her seemed like a loosing battle.
  6. not trying to sound like a doc but it sounds like u have more than BPD. i was diagnosed with schizoaffective and some dissociation traits, this week was told i have BPD to boot, (mentally im a fucking mess) this is after four years of the worst botched almost sucessfull attempt at suicide. .............................. edit out so i dont sound egocentric like bad. im still depressed see pdoc 2marrow. so i truly understand ur pain. PM me if you would like too, i would love a connect and hope u feel better
  7. I cant wait to get my hands on it! All news is good news, or at least i hope so. /offtopic rant I hate the DSM secretly, my counselor took it out the other day wish i could burn that god-damn book. but non-secretly i like it cuz it makes sense when i'm "with it" and with my ocd i eventually make sense thru analyzing stuff in my life, problem is without my zoloft there is no end to the make sense and analyzing part. /end rant
  8. I feel the same and this drives my "friends" away. i freak too damn easily,
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