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  1. Good reminder. I was wondering why I was starting to feel like garbage. Getting extra sleep and keeping the diet tight. Thanks olga
  2. I know exactly what you're going through. I can't concentrate very much without getting distracted. Im going to pdoc today going to ask about Add. Coming out of this winter and changing the seasons has also left me uninspired and empty. I have a gnarly cold that's been hanging on for 10 days now,its making things worse. Anyways been a while since I've been on this site. Feeling kind of crappy. This post got my attention. Feel better.
  3. Hey crazyguy I'm an idiot who drinks a lot my experience is to be dry and not drink at all for best results. Next try I won't drink at all. It's like doritos for me. Can't just have one.
  4. Yeah I was quickly reminded why I'm on meds and I'm going to stay on them. I really prefer to keep my gf and other relationships in tact. It did not bode well w my lifestyle choices. Back on and level.
  5. Don't give up on meds. There's a reason you feel this way. Don't give up on yourself. It's worth a trip to the gdoc for a consult. You will feel better. It will pass.
  6. I agree w Olga. Only ween yourself off with your doctor's supervision. That being said. I am starting to ween this week and I can already feel the effects. Monster headache. Constant. I've been on pristiq for 4 years 50 mg. Was 100mg for a while. Has anyone weened off this drug successfully? I hope I can be successful. Like others have said. I started taking these for a reason. I'd really hate to be reminded of the reason with a dark episode. I'm really trying to take care of myself and eat right and exercise. Guess we'll see. New gf too. She knows already thank god and is supportive.
  7. Yep. That happens to me also with out warning and without reason. I typically don't do the right things to help myself. Better advise is to take care of yourself and wait out the storm. Seeing the doc was the right thing to do. Hope you feel better soon. I'm with you in the same place.
  8. I get depressed for no reason most of the time When something really bothers me and i get depressed im told to get over it. I fake it most of the time to not attract attention cause i dont want it
  9. Ya and it was my gf Need a new gf some people dont or wont understand
  10. I was told to snap out of it. As if i wouldnt if i could. I @#&+n hate when people say that. This ends my rant
  11. I thought that was really good you have a way w words hope your feeling better I can relate
  12. Thank you guys for replying feeling better. Not great but better. I'll take it. Actually got myself motivated enough to play my instrument. Helps.
  13. Typical. Couldn't sleep last night. Still have to work. Now that I'm at work I can't hardly remember what it is I'm supposed to do. Always happens when I don't sleep well. It's difficult enough just to post. I hate feeling this way. I'm so over this. It's like I can feel the darkness surrounding me. Have to hang out in shitsville till this goes away. Meanwhile I'll try different things to speed up the healing. I'm going to exercise to see if that works. Typically does. Anyone have any other ideas? Also have to keep my spontaneity under control.
  14. I've been on it for years. It was a rough start for me, ie depression worsened before it got better. You need to give this drug time to work. works for me, problem is when i don't take it, i get huge headaches, tired. Typically there's hell to pay if i miss a dose, which in my mind is not a good thing.
  15. Yeah, i have to cut it out again. i'm out of hand. too much on the sauce. It's like doritos with me, i can't just have one. Might as well cut it out before i get myself in trouble. drank way too much last night. today is a new day to start over. so here goes day one and i'm going to a concert tonight.
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