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  1. Hi, was wondering what time of the day you take Latuda and why. I can’t decide whether to take it at night or morning. Thank you!
  2. I just started 1.5 mg of Vraylar last night. It made me a little drowsy. Now that it’s afternoon I feel quite drowsy. I was wondering if daytime drowsiness was common and if it eventually goes away. Thanks!
  3. Do you take Vraylar in the morning or at night and what dose are you on?
  4. For you, is .25 mg or .50 mg more sedating? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone takes Risperdal for insomnia. If so, what dosage do you take? Thanks!
  6. 10 mg can be a dose too if you are sensitive to side effects. 20 mg gave me slight akathesia
  7. I have had ulcers in my life, but when I had the big one, I was on Lithium at the time. I don't recall that specifically bothering it though. It might have contributed to though, not sure. I changed around what I ate, and took a prescribed med (?carafate) as well. Good luck at your GI DR appt on the 25th ... I hope s/he has answers for you. Ulcers suck. So you were on lithium the whole time you had and treated the ulcer? What exact kind did you have? Do you remember your symptoms? Thank you!
  8. I think I have an ulcer and the lithium is really bothering it Talk to your primary care physician (doesn't need to be your p-doc) about h. pylori ("ulcers") and possibly an acid reducer. Your p-doc should be made aware of any medications prescribed. I suffered from stomach issues for years....it sucks. Hope you feel better. I see my GI specialist on the 25th. I've been taking an acid reducer. Thank you!
  9. I was wondering if anyone ever got a stomach ulcer from lithium or had one irritated by Lithium
  10. Hi everyone! im sure all Lithium users or past users know that we are supposed to drink a lot (can't remember the exact amount right now) of water. I personally have a problem drinking plain water. I can't get used to it. Can we drink other thing like hot water with an herbal tea bag. Or Aloe drinks? I'm drinking one right now and it's mostly water. Thanks!
  11. I was on the ER originally but had to stop because I was getting bad stomach pains. I was in the hospital for three days and they had me stop the lithium. I decided to try it again but to go up slowly and the doctor gave me the non-ER. I'm at 600 mg right now and as long as it doesn't bother my stomach I will go up to 900 in like a week.
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