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  1. I use to take Ritalin but because of my blood pressure I was switched to Wellbutrin. The Ritalin worked better; but the wellbutrin works okay.
  2. I have both, and was taking a small dose of Ritalin (10 mgs) but was recently switched to Wellbutrin by my own choice because of my blood pressure. I just started the Wellbutrin and am waiting for it to kick in.
  3. I was just switched from Ritalin to Wellbutrin for my ADHD because I became uncomfortable with my blood pressure and taking a stimulant. No effects so far other then increased energy but I was told it will take three weeks and I am not even at a week yet. It is worth a shot if you are out of other options.
  4. I did: Lamicital never did much for me as far as I could tell. I had mixed and depressed episodes on it. I know a lot of people do well with it but I had a lot of problems with it. I did much better on Abilify.
  5. I was recently hospitalized with manic paranoia and risperidal as a prn worked wonders for me. I agree with trying to get your appointment bumped up.
  6. Sorry I missed the end of your statement; do you think it develops from mania depression or happens on its own more frequently. I am always having life issues when I have a mixed episode.
  7. Im trying to figure out what the root cause of it is. I know what the definition is but I want to know if they occur more frequently when people have difficult life circumstances. I guess I am having a difficult time articulating this. What is going on in your life when you have mixed episode? Are you doing well before hand, or does something precipitate it?
  8. When I'm manic/hypomanic I love to listen to everything. I still listen to music when I'm depressed but even if it is a happy song it still may cause me to feel depressed. Im planning to make a play list of uplifting songs.
  9. In my experience I have always gotten a mixed episode, when I am having a lot of major life stressors. I may become manic or already be manic, but it does not force the negative emotions of life away. It seems like natural depression invading the mania. The paranoia, voices, sleeplessness and racing thoughts remain in conjunction with the depression. My normal bipolar depression is over sleeping, hopelessness, guilt, and shame. I completely lack energy. I think that the environment often plays a role in bipolar depression. This is from my personal exsperience with mixed episodes. Please add your thought, experiences and opinions; they are all greatly appreciated.
  10. I find this to be very helpful at bring down paranoia the speediness of mania. I have Ativan to help with anxiety. Maybe the rsiperidal will bring down the anxiety for you in time.
  11. I feel a heck of a lot better on medication then off. I have a very complex combination of disorders, which leads to a complex combination of drugs that help me function better. I believe it is necessary for me to take the medication. Other people don't understand why so many drugs are needed ,but I can't expect everyone to understand. In closing. I am okay with it.
  12. I just spent a week in the hospital for a mixed/mostly manic episode and was given a prm 0.5 mgs of risperdal. It is very effective sat killing of my racing thoughts. It is a great PRM because it gets rid of symptoms. I still have the Ativan for fear anxiety and slowing me down. My Abilify was doubled as well. Does anybody else have any experiences with using risperdal as a prm. How did it work out for you?
  13. I asked my psychtriest th other daay what y dignosises are and this one was on y llist i never knew I had ths dignosises so I a learning about it now. I am also OCD.
  14. I have never had a full time job, and have never held a part time job for more then a year. I do far worse when working, due to collpsing under stress. I either become manic to the point of paranoia, depressed to the point of not moving. I was blessed enough to be approved for dissability on my first try with out ever going to court. I managed to finish shcool. I either get almost all A's or I drop out and get horrid grades.
  15. On and of for a year and a half. I was initially taken because of a rash then put back on when it was discoved to be coming from some where else.
  16. I have always been hot and cold with Lamictal. I defiantly had more anxiety. I had mania/hypomania (with psychotic features), when I was on Lamictal. The lamictal was pulled and I felt calmer with in a few days. Four days later Abilify was added and I feel far better with it. I know it is too early to tell but so far so good. Has anybody else had trouble with Lamictal.
  17. I personally can not even touch caffeine, but I have a hard time with drugs. I think in general people do better with out it, but it is really different for everyone.
  18. I started Abillify 5 mgs last week, so far it was broken a long lived hypomania. I was probably manic before that, I was delusional. The very first day of Abifflify I felt better. It was found that prior to that my Depokote levels were low, due to the Lamictal interfering with it. I have been having a follow up every three weeks. For me Abilify has been a miracle drug so far. What are other peoples experience with this drug. My anxiety has drastically lessened so far. Has anyone else had this happen. DId anyone else have their mania worsen with Lamictal.
  19. A little update, I did have a bit of anxiety over the weekend but that was do to me forgetting to take my one of my Depokotes (I later discoverer it in a pill box. My depression is gone. I feel like the Zoloft never touched my depression. Zoloft did an excellent job on my OCD, but never did anything for my depression. I feel so happy right now, but not in a manic way, in a relaxed way. It is also wiping out a lot of my ADHD symptoms. This is a great drug. So far I find it relaxing.
  20. It did not seem at all like a placebo, I litterly went from being moderately depressed to stable. I could feel the fog clear out of my head. I was in the middle of a session with my social worker when this happened, and she noticed the difference, but was only aware of the Lamictal when I told her.
  21. You know I had a dream that I was being chased by FBI helicopters because they were after my friend. It kept haunting him until I talked to him on the phone a few days later. Dreams do impact me.
  22. I agree with you, stuff like this really pisses me of. If you are going to write a movie at least know what you are writing about.
  23. Well part of the reason I was not finding any thing was, it should have been writen like this "bipolar kindling model".
  24. Dose anybody have any links on this topic. All I come up with now is amazon kindle. Are my spelling it wrong. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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