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  1. He was more suggesting it but if no one here has had issues with it, I'd try it I looked up on google what would happen if someone who didn't have Adhd took Ritalin and it was mostly nothing good!!
  2. Hi all, my schizophrenia is under control but im still having problems with concentration and my psychiatrist wants me to try a small dose of Ritalin to help me concentrate. I said i'll have a think about it and I know its risky coz its a stimilant but a small dose might be safe. What are peoples experiences here taking Ritalin while having schizophrenia??
  3. i found my miracle drug SEROQUEL XR. works better for me than clozaril for some strange reason. i say strange coz clozaril is hailed as a "miracle drug" for schizophrenia. while seroquel is meant to be the "weakest atypical" LOL just wondering guys how effective have antipsychotics been 4 u with regards to your schizophrenia?? for me seroquel xr has made it so i can function again. hasnt cured it but HEY i stopped visually hallucinating...
  4. am paranoid schiz. i joined this place where people with mental illness get to hang out and talk and to do activities. theres this girl roughly same age as me. good looking... anyway i was thinking of asking her phone number and see if she wanted to hang out. ive only known her for like 2 weeks. one of her friends said she thinks im a nice guy. the way i look at it i want to hang out with her and stuff. ive only got one chance to ask her phone number. i mean i dont want to freak her out by asking for it straight away then she will give me some excuse like "i dont have a mobile phone" coz if that happens i will NEVER be able to ask again and ive lost my chance. i was thinking of giving it a few months THEN ask it. anyway in the past ive seen some people that ive just met asking me for my number and i found it weird and really i freaked out and just said that " i dont have a mobile phone" so i can see where she is coming from if i ask it too early.... what do you guys think is the best way of getting her to give me her number and hang out with me??
  5. on seroquel xr 800mg for schiz. the majority of my symptoms have gone away except for i cant stop talking to myself!! i do it in public. on the bus. in the house. wherever. im just worried that someone might report me and ill be locked up in a psych ward coz they think im crazy? can they do that? or if a family member reports me can they put in me in hospital against my will? i live in aus by the way. thanks...
  6. sorry. i actually read a little further. yes it is called acne scars. bio oil? if used how long to see results?
  7. thanks for the quick replies guys. i cant be bothered reading all of that, thats on the websites you guys gave me. i just need a straight direct answer..... will bio oil help with the acne pits? here is what it looks like on my face http://www.google.co...1t:429,r:10,s:0 also another thing i started getting this acne pits or whatever you want to call them in 2005. still there till now. so i doubt it will go away by itself......another thing looking at the link i gave you. would you say its a scar?? pits??? what would you call it.....
  8. i dunno where to post this but here it goes. im a 24 year old male. i had terrible acne as a teenager. took a drug called roaccutane. got rid of ALL the acne. miracle drug. BUT now the problem is that i have what looks like holes in my face. some1 said scars? i dunno. but i hate it. i went to my gp and said i have to have laser treatment done to get rid of it BUT it costs a FORTUNE and i dont have a job im on a pension coz im schizophrenic. i cant afford laser treatment! i went to my chemist and they said BIO OIL might help? is this true? everyone keeps saying different things. if i use bio oil will it reduce the acne scaring? how long should i try it before giving up?
  9. im paranoid schiz. i joined a group for ppl with mental illness. they are all well and stable coz of meds. when asked what meds they are on one lady said 300mg of pristiq WTF i thought the max was 200mg?!?! then this guy said he was on 40mg of lexapro WTF i thought the max was 20mg? then finally another fellow schiz. said he is on 50mg of zyprexa?? these are all insanely high doses. why do psychiatrists give such high doses that would be considered an "overdose" dangerous i would have thought. it can cause liver damage maybe??
  10. when looking at reviews of antipsychotics particularly geodon abilify etc. some ppl say "oh i got horrible tardive dyskinesia from it, my tongue moves around by itself, i get twitches in my face etc etc" its just i find it very hard to believe considering that one person said on this website TD with atypicals is EXTREMELY rare. basically ive been in psych wards ALOT and ive NEVER seen anyone get TD from an atypical. only seen in twice and both were with really old schizophrenics whove been on haldol or stelazine for many many years. are these ppl on the internet making it up that they got td from abilify geodon etc? maybe they are just unhappy with the drug? some1 said td rate with atypicals is 1% per year so... abilify came out in 2002 and geodon in 2001. so assuming they have been on it since they VERY FIRST came out which is what 8-9% chance in total of developing td. very very hard to believe. what do you guys think
  11. how about if i take 800mg seroquel XR all at night? or do i have to take it twice a day?.........
  12. i heard fanapt is like another newer risperidone. like invega was... what country are you in??
  13. what dose were/are on? i always thought smaller doses of seroquel are more sedating than higher doses. cant be true. i find 800mg more sedating than 400mg...
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