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  1. I am on lithium lamotragne and seroquel. These meds or one of them have rendered my completely impotent. This has been going on for almost 1 year. I would like to know which one or one's are causing this. Are there any other males here with this problem, the funny thing is I still have libido, which makes things worse. (Already tried viagra - cialis no luck) I should say that my wife and I still have relations only a different chain of events takes place:) This is really depressing me lately and I cant get it out my head. Anyway my wife (bless her) has told me countless times she is okay with things the way they are and dosen't mind that we cant have intercourse. What I want too know is are there other females out there that feel the same and would be satisfied with this or is my wife just trying to make me feel better.
  2. thanks for the suggestions my union person told my to stay away from any volunteering' right now because if the insurance company sees that you can volunteer then they think you can work.
  3. I have been off work for about 10 weeks collecting government dis. In January my LTD insurance kicks in. Saw my pdoc a few days ago and he says you need 2 full years off to try and stabilize your condition. BP11 by the way. I thinking 2 years is a hell of a lot of time. Trouble is I think doc might be a bit of off on the time away from from work. I am classified as presently untreatable on the DSM1V guideline.It would be a waste of space to start naming drugs, although he injects me twice a month in the ass with flunaxol depot he's hoping this might work. I am bored shitless. I know its stupid I should be happy not having to go to work. I'm bored, but do not want to do anything! The insurance company reviews my claim every 6 months, so I'm still looking at some time at home. I'm not a hobby person at all. I have absolutely no interests at all. Endless searching on google for anything about anything. Does anybody have some suggetions that might help get my mind off the nothingness.
  4. thanks for asking - Still cant function at work,,Doctor proclaimed I might be one of the unlucky ones who is untreatble with meds. He's given me bi weekly injections of Fluanxol Depot (Getting them in the ass is no fun either) Its early days to see/feel any help. So I here I am sitting at home day after day feeling bad waiting for that magic little pill that will seep all the crap out of my life. Thanks
  5. My wife wants me to try one of those very bright light boxes you sit in front of for a hour or so. Do they work? They are pretty expensive were I live and I dont know if you could return one if it didn't work. We saw one for around $150. It was about bigger than a 20" monitor. Does anybody know if wallmart might sell them as they have a 90 day exchange or refund policy. Thanks
  6. I take epival and have consumed alcohol with out any untoward problems, not a lot, 2 glasses of wine I didnt find any increase of anything from cloneazepam and epival. Maybe some it does and some it dosent Keep us informed if you can Also I've done the peto - bismal thing and I' still alive
  7. I saw my pdoc at the crisis clinic yesterday, I was in a great deal of distress He took one look at me and says you need this Fluanxol depot and you need the injected kind to try and stabilize your condition. Apparently I need these once a week for some time Anyway I have scoured the internet for bi-polar meds and I have never heard of this med just wondering if anybody else has taken it P.S. I'm bipolar11 with deep depression phases Thanks
  8. I have been on Li 900mg - depakote 1000mg - Tegretol 600mg. I have been diagnosed with BP11. I dont really have full manic cycles, mainly deep depression to almost normal mental state. My therapyst says in her opinion this is a lot of meds for my condition and she thinks the dep and tegretol are keeping me too far down. She also stated that depakote while helping with mood stabliaztion ,can increase the downer feelings of being depressed. So I called my doc who said try going off the dep and tegretol and see how you feel. I almost dont feel any different now than when I was taking them. I dont know what to think now! Anyways has anybody else heard this about depakote? As well I dont mind being off tegretol as the side effects and what this med does to your body, messing with hormones, it affects almost every other med you take negatively, screws with testrostorone, causes hypo-sexuality(whatever that means) I find all this extreme. I.m wondering if the tegretol was screwing up both the lithium and depakote as well as my other benzos,wellbutrin? Finally I was recently off work for 7 weeks, felt OK - now I can go back, I can do this, well I only lasted 4 days and here I am at home unable to function at work again, I'm starting to doubt physciatry, losing hope I'll ever find peace. Thanks for listening
  9. OK Epival 3 weeks ago 750mg Lithium 2 weeks ago 900mg Started these meds, Pdoc says this will take you out of your bad reality for awhile, I'm still waiting, reality is still here every morning, I cant even work Over the phone he increases the Epival to 1000mg daily today but wont touch the Lith, we'll see I'm also taking 600mgs of Tegretol daily, Am I expecting too - much too soon or what. How are these doses compared to others, I'm thinking low, I thought the 3 of them would do some pretty good damage Let me know please
  10. Oh my god - very good responses and so quickly. I'm in Canada and we have sickness benefits but you have a 2 week waiting period that you will not get paid for so if I can go back next week I'll only get one week at 50% of your wage, but I will see how I feel end of next week. I here what your'e saying about cash advances as opposed to an actual purchase for grocerys gas etc. I already hit up both mother and mother in law for last week, cant ask again. The thing is in reality I wont be able to pay any of this back. I'll be so behind, so I cant really approach any one else. I'm screwed at least this time. What else is new! I know this could end up being an expensive week off work, I think I'm charged 19.8% on cash advances and they charge you right from the withdrawl. There is more to money - 2 years of pretty severe mental illness behind me - and I'm still alive after numerous suicide attempts Ok thanks for the advice I'll take it ti heart and keep you informed
  11. Bad bout of mania and depression last while. Been unable to work for 2 weeks now. Absolutely no sick time left, no savings, nothing. The only way I can stay home another week is to advance myself one weeks salary from my Visa. I know the interest I'll pay etc. but what can I do? I just keep saying to myself one more week and I'll be able to function at my job, and this may be the case. I need to know, is this OK under the circumstances, would you do this? By the way I only have a small balance on my card($750) right now and I take home usually $750 a/week. Thanks for the support.
  12. Last Monday I awoke and like many mornings before, I COULD not face work so I called in sick. Figured 1 day and I'll get it together, well 1 day turned into 1 week and here I am still at home 1 full week later. I go through this several times a year, once I stay off I cant get the will power to call them and say I'll be in the next day. I've probably been off 8 - 9 weeks spread out throughout this year. Sometimes they ask for doctors note sometimes they dont. Pdoc or family doc just process these notes for me without question. Heck the secretary's just ask for the dates. They know what my problems are. I keep coming up with excuses to my wife to avoid going back. Yes I hate my job, it aggravates my bi-polar disorder terribly. I've already done the temp disability thing (1 year) couldn't live on the money, couldn't put my family through what it would take to make ends meet on that amount. Cant get other employment, 50yrs old, excellent benefits, excellent pension just too much to give up, also I can retire in under 13 years, I just feel surely I can stick it out for the sake of everything, I hope. Will try and call in tomorrow again... Just give me strength.
  13. you know I completley stopped the trazadone and reduced my lexapro yo 10 from the with former approval from pdoc -jury is still out whether well see an an approvement of any kind. If the diarreah turns out to be traz and lex mayby I can stat up lith or epival again. Whooo! thanks
  14. I had to stop a daily dose of Epival (1000mgs) daily - in just one day due to severe diarreah - pdocs orders - its been 8 days and absolutely no relief from the diarreah this is no small problem 3 months of it actually - - family doc is now running a multitude of blood,x-ray,ultrasound, colonoscopy tests to see if this problem is physical and not caused by the medications after all. So Im wondering when I should start back up with epival pdoc said he wasnt really sure how long to wait, if the epival is maybe not the culprut at all. Should I give it another week or two? I really miss and need the epival - Bad! but this was the only way to go. What do you think? My other meds are tegretol 600mg - wellbutrin 300mg - lexapro 20mg - trazodone 200mg My understanding and docs is that these meds dont really cause diarreah to any great degree so were leaving them in. I've also developed what they think is a hernia. Just conicdence? I dont know
  15. I was on Lithium for about 2 months, near the last 4 weeks the diarreah got so bad I pleaded with my pdoc to get off even though the effects were very good. He put me on a starter dose of tegretol with depakote, after 2 weeks the diareah did calm down but I started a down hill plunge fast. I then made the decision I needed to go back on the Lithium(900mgs) as it helped before and I thought damm the gastro effects. I asked my doctor to try the slow release lithium (duralith) as I heard it was easier on the stomach - Boy was I wrong - I have had the most urgent frequent daily diarreah ever - even worse than regular Lithium - I have dropped at least 12 pounds and at times became dehydrated from this - I have to take Immodim any time I want to go out, almost everyday now. To put this into perspective I had 12 diarreah episodes in the last 24 hours, this really drains your energy I see my pdoc in 2 weeks, he is on holiday right now so I cant even phone him - I feel I have 2 options - Stop the Lithium immediately, go back on the tegretol - or stay on the lithium and hope that my body will somehow adjust to the slow release formula - What are the realistic chances of this? My wife thinks if I continue on like this my physical health is going take a turn for the worst as I am becoming very weak. I do not like the idea of changing meds by myself, but I feel these are extenuating circumstances and hope you will agree. I am agonizing over this decision so please offer up any advice or thoughts on this so I can somehow get thru this Thank you
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