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  1. I don't have access to a car on weekends, so I just plan on staying in our house and relaxing. Watching tv, reading fiction (although I don't like reading fiction lol), reading Eckhart Tolle, maybe coloring in my adult coloring book, going online. It's usually peaceful, because I live in a small house with my parents, and with no one there for a change, it's peaceful, especially because I don't get along with my dad. It's a relief to be away from him for several hours while he's at work. But sometimes it gets boring, and I take a nap, because my medicine makes me tired, and from boredom. Do you like where you live? Meaning, the part of the country or world you live in, and the type of dwelling you live in?
  2. I would have to come into the office and pay for an office visit. The ARNP won’t adjust dosages or change meds unless I see her.
  3. Things are a little better in some ways, but my social anxiety around people is way out of control on Vraylar 1.5 mg. As I said, when I went to the supermarket yesterday with my mom, the social anxiety and paranoia around people was the worst it's ever been, through the roof. The Vraylar gives me more energy and is stimulating, which further fuels and enhances my social anxiety. No, I don't think things are much worse on Vraylar. I'm probably not going to a busy place like the supermarket on it though. BTW I'm on the lowest dose they make. I am seeing my ARNP is 3 weeks. Yeah, you make sense lol.
  4. I felt more on edge. But I feel the same on Vraylar, and my ARNP wants me to stay on it 6 weeks. BTW I see a psychiatrist and an ARNP, they work together. I think they have a different way of managing my medication. My ARNP tells me to stay on my current med Vraylar unless I have really serious side effects, but the psychiatrist took me off Abilify after 2 weeks.
  5. Hi, I have severe social anxiety problems. I tried going to a few weekly religious services years ago, and it was hard for me, so I stopped. I most recently tried going to an Episcopal Church for spiritual support, and I really liked kneeling in the pews in front of a large Jesus statue (this is different for me because I was raised Jewish and only attended Jewish services before.) I felt like I had a friend, and my problems in life weren't only mine to handle. But again, being around people at the Church was very hard for me, and so I didn't attend again, despite liking the service. For those with social anxiety issues who want spirituality in life, what do you do? It has to be a private form of spirituality, because for people like myself, it's hard to go into a place with lots of people.
  6. Hi, What are good antipsychotic(s) for people with already severe social anxiety, that don't usually cause weight gain? I'm on Vraylar 1.5 mg, week 4, and I just went to the grocery store and the anxiety was unbearable. I had to take 4 hydroxyzines to get my anxiety kind of under control. I think Vraylar is too stimulating for me. It's been horrible for me. I think Seroquel is better for those with social anxiety problems, but I've been avoiding it due to fear of weight gain. Are there others? I don't know what to do.
  7. Really? I’ve been on Vraylar 1.5 mg for about 4 weeks and I haven’t noticed many improvements.
  8. I’m unsure. There’s a powder (mixed into water ) called Natural Calm . Natural Vitality makes it . It’s made of magnesium citrate, which is a blend of citric acid and magnesium carbonate. The magnesium I take is by Dr. Sinatra . It’s made of magnesium (as citrate, glycinate, orotate, and taurinate.) BTW it does make me sleepy, especially if I take too much.
  9. He meant splitting the magnesium capsule apart. Yes. But too much will knock me out. I’m sensitive to meds or supplements the Vraylar.
  10. The Vraylar Is in capsule form I think, but I could try doing that. I could pour half the product out of the capsule. You mean the Magnesium? I could try doing that! I have also been taking a 1/2 capsule of Vistaril, because one 25 mg vistaril pill knocks me out. Even 12 mg of the Vistaril makes me tired. I told my ARNP about the restlessness, she didn’t mention about taking Cogentin or Artane.
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