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  1. I can try asking for Lyrica. It’s weird that it’s approved in the EU for anxiety, but not in the US. Yes, my new psychiatrist recommended for me to try Gabapentin (Neurontin), but I ended up deciding on Trileptal. On my 2nd visit, the ARNP changed it to Abilify. I was also on Tegretol about 15 years ago. I remember feeling out of it. I’m not in a rush to re-try Tegretol again, but if it’s recommended, then I’ll re-try it. Geodon is in the AAP class, so I’m guessing I’ll have trouble tolerating it.
  2. My main issue (as far as I can tell) is social anxiety. In my 20’s I was agoraphobic for a few years. I have tried Risperdal, and it had an uncommon side effect for me. My right ear and some of my right face around it became numb. I told my psychiatrist office this, and they told me to go off it. I haven’t gone higher than Lamictal 125 mg because any higher and I get neck stiffness and pain, a dystonia reaction. My doctor suggested taking Cogentin for this, and trying Lamictal 150 mg + cogentin, but I also tried Cogentin before (10 years ago) and it gave me a very dry mouth. I’m still thinking of trying Cogentin again and using lots of Biotin spray. (And on Abilify, I am salivating a ton!) i also recently tried Trileptal 125 mg, twice a day, and I didn’t have any problems on it, except for some neck pain (but not as bad as on Lamictal 150 mg), and after my morning dose I became a little tired and didn’t make much sense when I spoke, because I was tired. But I’d prefer those side effects over the side effects and feeling I get on Abilify or Vraylar. I haven’t tried Luvox, but I’ve tried most of the SSRI’s, and they all did the same thing. None of them helped me more than others.
  3. I’m on an Abilify 2mg trial (again) and I’m on Day 5. It feels like this medicine doesn’t agree with me. Like I want to cry sometimes, because I feel crappy on this, and I feel sad at times. I have social anxiety, and this raises my anxiety, to where I don’t want to go out around people. Tomorrow I’m starting an art class, and I was scared thinking about it and being around people. I’m thinking of stopping this med, because I don’t want to have a tough time tomorrow at art class, I’d like to feel kind of comfortable going out again, and I don’t like this feeling the Atypical Antipsychotics give me, where I want to sob because it feels like this med doesn’t agree with me. And yes, normally I do have lots of trouble in art class and trouble getting out around people due to social anxiety. But I’m used to my normal anxiety discomfort I get around other people, but I’m not used to this weird feeling I get from Abilify and Vraylar. The same thing happened on my Vraylar trial. I took it for 1 week and I couldn’t leave the house because my Social anxiety increased. When I finally did get out to a restaurant, I was nervous, and feeling weird.
  4. Topic deleted
  5. My mother tells me I need to see a talk therapist to change my thinking about this which I am going to do. At times, I wish I could see my father from her point of view, and not have him bother me. But we are different people. My mother says she wants peace in the home, and I want that too. I am going to re-try Abilify to help me deal with living with my dad , but I went off it before because of weight gain and cravings. My mom has a good side, but she also has her faults, I guess.
  6. My psychiatric PA didn’t mention that.
  7. I don't know. My guess is that He's sick and tired of me. In my view, it seems like he hasn't liked me in years. If you ask my mother, she would refute this, and say it's all in my head, and that my father loves me and I have a warped or unfounded perspective on this. He once yelled at me that my mother and him had to give up their whole lives for me. I'm 36, he's 70. He started acting this way after he turned 70. IMO, he's been very anxious, depressed, and miserable, and it got worse after he turned 70. We also spend way too much time together in a small house. I'm looking for a volunteer job. My dream is to get away from him. I tend to be neurotic, and if someone around me all the time (like my dad) acts nervous and neurotic and depressed, it makes my anxiety worse. My mother told me that my father may be depressed and anxious, but it shouldn't bother me if he is. I asked him, and he said he isn't depressed. She says it's all in my head and I need to talk to a therapist, which I am going to do. Tomorrow I'm signing up to talk to a therapist, but I don't know when I can see one, because they're crowded. Also, when I was on Abilify, my dad didn't bother me that much. But I went of the med because I would have probably gained weight on it. I'm obese and I need to lose weight. Thank you for your concern.
  8. Hi, My father and I don't get along. We spent 90% of our time together in our small house. I'm trying to find a volunteer job, but so far it hasn't come about. I'm going to see a talk therapist soon, but I'm not sure when exactly. My mom says this is all in my head, and my father isn't doing anything wrong. BTW, I don't have the money to move out. Is there a medicine that can help me with this situation, that won't make me gain weight? I know Abilify helped me with this situation, but it made me want to eat, so I went off it. I really don't want to gain the weight I have lost, and I need to lose 100 lbs. I know Antipsychotics can help, but most of them make one gain weight. I have problems tolerating Lamictal 150 mg and up; I only tolerate 125 mg. Depakote made me very tired, and fat too, I think. I was thinking of trying Thorazine, or Trileptal, but I'd have to see another psychiatrist for those meds.
  9. I’ve been on 2 mg Abilify for only 2 days and I’m having almost constant carb and sugar cravings. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m trying to ignore these cravings. I track everything I eat. I’m type 2 diabetic. I put myself on Abilify 2 mg without my doctor’s knowledge, but it is a med that she wanted me to go on. Will these food cravings go away? What happens in one’s body to cause this? Does the med increase glucose production, making one crave sweets and carbs all the time?
  10. I was taking 175 mg and the only side effect I had was increased tiredness, where I had to nap for 1 hour during the day, and I still felt tired , day and night. Now, I am going to try taking 150 in the AM, and 25 mg at night, for a total of 175 mg, seeing if it will take away the constant tiredness side effect at 175 mg.
  11. My pdoc also wanted me to go from 100 to 150 mg, after I was on 100 mg for a few weeks. I hope things go well for you as well !
  12. I was intending to stay at 125 mg LTG until I saw my psychiatric PA in 2 weeks, and I did for 3 days, but the rebound depression got bad. (So, I went up again, starting this morning, to 175 mg LTG. Maybe I’m being too hasty. My thinking was that the side effects from LTG 150 mg were just as painful as the depression I was experiencing when I went down from 150 to 125 mg. And as I had said, LTG’s side effects were different for me at different doses. At the lower doses (25, 50, 75 mg) I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and it would wake me up at night. That went away once I reached 100 mg. Using that logic, I’m trying a higher dose now (175 mg) , seeing if the neck pain and tightness will go away, or if my body will adapt to it, as it did with the breathing side effect. As for me, I was on LTG 150 mg for 3 weeks, and my uncomfortable neck side effect didn’t go away. And it may not make sense going up to 175 mg when I had side effects at 150 mg, but I’m going to try it anyways.
  13. I can ask my psychiatric PA about this (about trying 200 mg LTG, even though I have a bothersome side effect at 150 mg), but from what I’ve understood from her, she doesn’t increase med doses if the patient can’t tolerate a lower dose. I was on Latuda, but went off it because it made me very tired an hour after taking it. I had to take it with a late dinner at 7:30 pm, and by 8:30 pm I had to go to sleep. I was on it for over 1 month.
  14. Yes, the neck tightness and pain was the reason I decided to go lower to 125 mg. I take klonopin, 2 mg a day total. Yes, I did notice a decrease in social anxiety at 150 mg. I need to be able to lose weight and care about losing weight. You say Abilify tends to be weight neutral, but does it mean I will still care about my diet and weight loss? Also, I feel LTG acts different on me at different doses. For example, when I was titrations up from low doses (25 mg, 50 mg) I had episodes where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I’d wake up in the middle of the night almost crying because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. As I got to 100 mg, my body adjusted and I stopped having that side effect. So, I wonder if I went to a higher dose, 175 mg or 200 mg, if my neck tightness and pain would subside, or if my body would get used to it. I think I can handle the cravings for junk foods , but I need to care about my diet and weight loss. It takes work for me to lose weight, and I have to care about losing weight and counting calories. Is Rexulti a mood stabilizer? Or an add-on for depression (which I no longer have.) I can’t gain any weight now or even stay at my current weight. I need to lose weight. Maybe this means I can’t go on a mood stabilizer now. My mom and I were talking about it, and my physical health has to come before my mental health. I snore so loud my parents tell me they can hear me snoring from the other side of the house.
  15. Yea, that's one of my worst faults, always being on-edge and anxious in social situations, and not being able to relax like a "normal" person. It was nice to be able to relax a little bit while I was on LTG 150 mg. I was able to sit down at the mall and relax, although my anxiety was still there and increasing the longer I stayed in the mall.
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