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  1. I know this is an old post... I'm vegan and have been since 2011, before that I was lactovegetarian but lactose intolerant so rarely ate dairy, and before that omni. I found that once I went vegan I stopped getting sick so often and generally had more energy and felt better. It didn't have any negative impacts on my mental health. I've had more time functioning medication free since going vegan than I did before, but I still take medication when I need it. My improvement could be due to any number of things (better counselling, improved coping techniques, moved interstate, etc) so I'm not going to attribute that to my diet. I think the difference for a lot of people is they jump into it without doing proper research of what a healthy balanced vegan diet looks like. Blood tests a few times a year will help you recognise if your diet is deficient. I was lucky enough to be living with a veg friendly dietician when I moved towards vegetarianism and veganism so I didn't have any problems with that and have been able to maintain my health easily since then.
  2. Last week I had a migraine that lasted about 5 days. Normally I can take codeine and it will go away in less than 24 hrs. This one didn't, every time the drugs wore off it was still there. I usually getting vision blacking/tunnel vision and vomiting but this time I didn't have any of that. I was unable to recognise sounds for what they were (bins being wheeled, fans, thunder etc), my neighbour pointed out to me that I had been confused a few times in the last couple of days. I also had trouble with driving and following where things were and what was parked/car park vs queues on roads. I've never had cognitive processing problems with a migraine before. The last thing was a feeling of slowly expanding pressure above and behind my left temple one night that left me sitting unable to do anything for a few minutes. I remember thinking I should go to the hospital but I couldn't make the thoughts turn into actions. I saw a doctor yesterday and he said that even though it's unusual it's probably just a migraine aura and then gave me Maxalt after I'd told him the wafers hadn't worked for me in the past. My pain is gone today but every now and then I still get a weird pressure feeling where I'd had it before and there are random light stabbing pains. Mentally I feel fuzzy and unfocused. Does this sound normal for a migraine? Does it sound like anything else? I know this isn't the place to diagnose but I'm wondering how soon I should go back and see the doctor again. At the time I was taking tranexamic acid (a blood clotting medication) but the doctor seemed to brush that off as unrelated.
  3. I haven't told anyone. I don't have a regular pdoc because I have up after none of them would listen to how I've managed my symptoms effectively for 7 years. They're all shit. I have a tdoc appointment tomorrow but I don't know if I'll be able to bring it up. I'm not sure. I don't know that I need to say this stage of it's a one off. I'm hoping that's all it is. It was purely rage and feelings of powerlessness so I might work around those feelings and avoid the issue ? She put me on a suicide watch list last year (I needed it) so I don't want to complicate things when I'm not that bad atm.
  4. Hi Lost Hope your move went well and you're finding better help in the new location. Drinking and cutting is a bad idea, to easy to go too far (been down that road ?). Did the Wellbutrin help?
  5. I hit breaking point yesterday. Everything has been overwhelming for nearly a year now and I guessed it finally got too much. I've messed up my leg and I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone. It's been nearly 7 years since the last time I cut and it's strange to be doing it again. I keep telling myself I'm in my 30s, I'm too old for this shit. The main trigger will hopefully be out of my life after today but there's still a lot I have to deal with and I'm worried that now I've broken I'll keep doing it. I used to use Xanax to manage these feelings but now where I live GP's can't prescribe it and most psychiatrists say they won't either so the lack of medication at a critical time is probably why I went back to cutting. People always tell you things will get better but it doesn't. The last couple of years have been terrible for me and I don't know how to get through it.
  6. I'm glad I can hide behind my computer to have conversations with people so they can't see me crying.
  7. I'm on fluoxetine and recently ended up having a very nasty reaction after about 3 drinks. Always check if drinking will interact with your meds and then if it says you're ok to drink then don't overdo it the first few times. The last thing you want is to go to hospital for a med interaction with alcohol. Super embarrassing.
  8. Yeah I think it was the sleep. I slept for 8 hours but it was all very light. I do need to have a difficult conversation with someone so that might have been bothering me. idk. Nice to know I'm not the only one waking up in random moods but it's frustrating.
  9. Yesterday was a really good day. So good I almost posted about how I felt like myself again for the first time in a very long time. Then this morning I crashed. My brain feels fuzzy and I'm having trouble talking to people. Smiling seems like an alien concept and my body feels wrecked. I don't know what happened. I was doing well for all of a day and now I'm right back to where I started. Worse? I know I didn't get much deep sleep last night (I have a sleep tracker) so maybe I'm not repairing overnight but there was nothing setting me off last night. Nothing happened. I don't know how to handle it. It's like a little piece of sunshine dnagled in front of me before the curtains are closed. How do you stay up? Why was my up so short? I normally cycle a bit but not so sudden and at opposite ends of my spectrum. This was happy to barely functional.
  10. I'm ok. I think it was hard because I lost her before social media was a big thing so there's nothing out there. I'm always sad when I think of her but seeing that name was a shock I guess. water I've always had thoughts that she is still alive and her parents held a fake funeral for her. At my worst I fantasize about bumping into her one day. I know it's purely fantasy but in a way I've been clinging to that thought for years. Strange way to cope and kind of cruel to ourselves in allowing those thoughts, I always feel worse when I find my way back to reality. Sorry you lost your brother
  11. It's been 13 years and I've never loved anyone the way I loved her. I saw a friend of a friend on fb who has the same name and it broke me. I don't think of her all the time. When I do I can remember the good times, but today I fell apart.
  12. I couldn't stand watching that because of having so many people say that they've been through depression cos they felt sad once etc. I don't think it helps the MI community to put vids like that out there but I also don't think someone should be condemned for making something when they are likely trying to figure themselves out as well as offer an opinion. But it is just that - an opinion. Also agree that I hate the make up but that's personal preference.
  13. I'm on prozac. I'm never flat or numb because of the drug. But different meds affect people differently. It's probably worth trying if it's been recommended, it's known to be more stimulating than some other drugs.
  14. Went to the doctor today. Had to wait from Thur to get in. I need to see a pdoc to get my meds sorted cos they aren't working so well. I'm not suicidal but not much better than that. Never seen that gp before and it was her first day at that clinic. When I asked to see the pdoc she said there is a 4 week wait then refused to put me on the waiting list because she wanted to try upping my current meds first and get me to come back in a week to see how that goes. She also doesn't believe in giving more than one psych med at a time so if I want to try something else she'll make me taper off what I'm on before giving me something new. That is NOT something I can handle. I'm too unstable. She didn't listen to me. I'm not going to do what she say s because I know what happens when I take more of my prozac - no sleep and hyperactive. So I've already waited 4 days, I also have to wait another week to go back and then on top I have to wait around 4 weeks to get into a pdoc. It's not ok. You don't fuck with psych meds when you aren't a pdoc. She also gave me the anorexia assessment shit. Put me on the scales, did BMI, asked about my eating habits. I wasn't in there to have my weight assessed. I was in there for a referral, that was denied for no good reason. Idk what to do other than wait a week and try again. They just do it to get money.
  15. There's no back door. It's in SA, called the same thing but a state only service so it's prob run differently in NSW.
  16. It's not the counselor and it's not dealing with the issues. The building I have to walk into has a giant bright blue and white sign saying 'Victim Support' on the front of the building. Makes me anxious and self conscious to walk into the building. I really have to work up to facing it and then I'm not in a good place when I have to go and deal with everything. I said something to the counselor this week and she agreed that it was out dated but there's nothing that can be done and I need the free service.
  17. Has anyone tried Valdoxan? More specifically Valdoxan and Prozac? I've heard good things from 1 person and would like to see what other people say...
  18. Oh ok. I'm worries to try it again because I can't keep tablets down after it gets bad. Might just avoid it and stick to codeine. Thanks!
  19. I can't do anything that costs money regularly... even if it is just going out for a coffee/tea (I don't drink coffee...). The biggest issue I have is that I can go without food for a long time. Quite happy to skip a day if I'm in a state not to get out of bed. My rabbits get me out of bed eventually but I generally just feed them, go to the bathroom and then don't know what to do, start to feel hopeless and just go back to bed. I have some friends that I'm living with but they generally leave me alone if I'm not up. It's not a support situation, as supportive as they try to be. I try lots of things but then it comes to it and if I have nothing to do I'll just stay in bed anyway. Doesn't matter if the phone or computer are somewhere else, I just lie there and hate myself. I tried to look for free counselling etc but came up with nothing (South Australia). I'm not eligible for it here because I moved interstate and already signed up for it in the last state. Then I tried an online chat helpline thing and was just waiting in the queue for several hours. Today I got up for a car ride around midday but it's not the norm. If I could find a hobby that other people relied on me to show up but didn't cost any money that might work but I don't know that those exist.
  20. I have no job, no hobbies, my rabbits eat hay that is well stocked before I go to bed so I know they won't starve. There is nothing. every day. Idk what to do
  21. Tried rizatriptan last night .. Big mistake . Didn't help and by the time I realised it was too late . Stemitel (spelling ?) and panadiene forte to the rescue . Would this be because I'm on fluoxetine and they both work on serotonin ? Couldn't find much on this.
  22. I'm with that friend but have been moved to her parents house as she is in the middle of moving to a new house .So it's a bit more complicated than I thought it would be and I don't know how long I'm welcome. I have to find a new tdoc. It's hard as I'm unemployed and I was with the last one for so long and through so much. It's overwhelming thinking about starting to try to find another. A group might help. I just feel like I don't fit in with all that because he never actually hit me. Managed to feed the pets. I have four bunnies. They always have hay so if I'm late they won't starve but they get upset if they don't get their veggies and pellets on time. I can't handle dogs.They're too demanding for me.
  23. This is a follow up to this post​. I planned my escape with my psych and moved interstate just over a week ago .It was fine until yesterday and then thedepression hit. I've been in bed all today. Need to feed my pets . I should feel free . I feel lost and exhausted and alone. What do I do now? Everyone says get out ,leave but they don't help with what comes next.
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