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  1. I've had such a brutal time treating migraines, for a while imitrex worked nicely, and then i was using toradol and maxeran, and then not a thing helped to actually treat them. I got a sample of maxalt rpd from my doctor, when i had gone there to ask about migranal nasal spray. I tried the maxalt, it worked well and i had no issue, but this time i tried the spray and its magical! The bottle is such a pain in the ass to put together, and you are not supposed to prepare it until you're suffering (hatred ). However, I tried this stuff and within a half hour, i'm almost me again from pain so bad I was in a daze. It smells like a pool and tastes like something worse, but a half hour is pretty impressive. Not to sound like an ad for the drug, but I wanted to let y'all know, it's definitely worth a shot if you can cope with a yucky taste.
  2. The last semester of my degree (winter 2009) was my absolute best, highest marks and no stress and things handed in early, not even just on time. I was really doing well and therapy almost felt pointless. It wasn't all roses, but I was doing pretty good. The last week or so however, I've noticed I don't feel quite myself. I have been suffering from mood episodes for over 10 years, so I'm familiar with the signs. I remember laying in bed the last two days praying I was getting the flu. I have never wanted to have the flu so bad in my life. I finally accepted it; I'm entering a depression. I let my boss know and my workload has been reduced, and she is very understanding and obliging, which really helps. My problem is, it's been so long, I have no idea what to do about it. I mean, i see my doctor in a week, but i barely remember what I used to do besides take pills. And part of me really doesn't want to remember anything about those times, understandably. Part of me is enraged; I felt like I was in the clear, that severe episodes like this were in the past, and I had done my time being dragged out. I'm so angry I could scream, I don't know how I let this happen again, after all this time.
  3. I am beginning to think i`ve been having this form of migraine because the pain is usually located in my neck or the back of my skull, the pain is an intense throbbing, but the more unusual problems i have are in line with this disorder (slurred speech, confusion, parasthesias, etc). I obviously wont consider my own observations a real diagnosis, but when i bring it up with my doctor, what can i expect in terms of treatment options if he agrees with me? i have read that tryptans are not an option, the only drugs i have experience with. i take verapamil now as a prophylactic, lithium/adderall/clonazepam for mental stuff.
  4. i've finally got a family physician again after about 4 months (it's a very big problem where i live) and while he's reluctant to give me meds for the pain, i honestly don't give too much of a shit, i'd rather not have pain to relieve in the first place. he tried me on celexa for prophylactic purposes, and it was so terrible i had to stop after 3 days, but i feel like i want to push him for something else, topamax or verpamil or something, to try and reduce the frequency (i'm at 2-3 times a week with seriously long prodromes). however, to say i'm strapped for cash would be an understatement, and i don't want to buy pills i wont take (i have almost a month of celexa on my desk, 45 dollars, pisses me off) so i'm wondering how long is a reasonable amount of time to try something to reduce the frequency of headaches?
  5. When i get a migraine, i usually see it a mile away before it strikes; i have a prodrome lasting days usually. I know if you take your meds durig the aura it can help, but im wondering is says beforehand too early? I dont want to waste meds that cost so damn much, but i hate feeling like i know this is goin to happen and not beig able to donanything about it.
  6. i'm not sure if you could cut the patches? like, cut off a small piece of the 14mg, and progressively cut bigger pieces off. I have no idea if that'd work, something to ask the pharmacist
  7. So, after a few years of floundering in terms of goals, I've decided I want to go to law school. I wrote my LSAT on saturday, and i'm working on getting reference letters, personal statements and transcripts to the right places. Sounds good so far, but... My grades in school haven't been that great. From the ages of maybe 15-23, I was struggling really badly with my depression and it took a while to get as far as I am now even. I didn't go to school much really, because it was so hard to get out of bed and my grades reflect that. Moreover, I didn't get diagnosed with ADD until after i'd finished my bachelors (i went back for more, upgraded my minor to double major) and while my depression started to lift, some of the other issues were not improving with my mood. This brings me to the point of my post: i want to apply to law programs as a disabled student (where possible) but when i read the criteria it makes me feel bad about doing so. I feel kind of embarrassed to advertise that I'm not like most people, like I need to portray myself as mentally delayed with but full of good intentions. I mean, I don't feel as if i'd be exaggerating, I was getting accommidated testing in my second go at university which i would want in my law studies as well. It's so competitive though, and I often don't stack up against other prospective students, and this would really help me. I really want to do this, and I know that if I was given a chance to pursue law school, I could succeed, but this is uncomfortable for me. Thoughts anyone? Experience/tips would be nice too if you've got some wisdom to share
  8. if the material is something you enjoy and would like to pursue, I think your work will speak for itself, regardless of whether or not you know the TA.
  9. I had seen a neurologist in june which was a spectacular failure, (see my post in migraines board) and had been told a new referral was sent out for another consultation with a doctor who I am told is highly regarded. He must be, because when i called his office today to find out if/when i had an appointment, the secretary informed me this doctor has a 3 year waitlist, and is not even currently accepting migraine patients, and the referral was likely sent back to my gp. What. The. Fuck. /rant
  10. you question your diagnosis in a lot of your posts. for the record, delusions alone as a symptom can fulfill the first criteria of a schizophrenia diagnosis if they are considered bizzare, you don't need to hallucinate or suffer other positive/negative symptoms. If you want to get another opinion on your diagnosis, consult another pdoc, or express your concern to the doctor you're seeing now. Schizophrenia can be difficult to diagnose and often a lot of non-psych illnesses need to be ruled out first, but there does come a point where your symptoms are best explained and treated as a psychotic disorder.
  11. I Have a general question about lab results; basically, is it worthwhile to inquire about actual values from tests? like your lithium level, for example. I can imagine that it would be good to know if your level is closer to the higher end of the therapeutic window if you're worried about going toxic, or something like that. I've rarely ever been told numbers or what they mean, but as an example, i was inpatient once and they said i had an infection and wanted to know if i knew about it, and when i mentioned it to my neighbor (who is A dr but not MY dr) he asked about my white count like they would have/ may have told me. Sorry if that's rambly and confusing, my first ritalin of the day hasnt kicked in lol
  12. Update: I had my second session, this time face down on the table (last time was face up with them in my face/feet/hands mainly). No pain at all from those ones, probably due to the skin on your back being different than your feet or face. It was good, I was having some pain in the morning before i went in and i left feeling much better. It's not like a massage, where you can feel how someone was working your body with their hands long after, but it certainly is nice when you finally get up and go back to your day. I'm going to keep on doing it, because I feel like it's helping at least somewhat. I'm glad to hear from you guys on both knowing what it's like to try and deal with horrible headaches, and words of support
  13. the needles are smaller than the ones used for drawing blood even, so they don't hurt too much. I have only had one session, and while i did feel them going in, it was kinda like when you learn to sew, a little prick but not even remotely serious. after she put the needles in, she left me for about 15 mins to just relax and there was only one needle i could even still feel. I was afraid to move too much in fact, because i couldn't feel the rest and didn't want to try and see where they were. Some spots were a bit sore for a few hours after, but by bedtime i was perfect. They don't even leave marks like bloodwork can. I am going again on thursday and very much looking forward to it
  14. I had my first acupuncture session today. the woman who poked me said "you've got the tension of a man twice your age with four jobs and a dozen kids and doing a course on the side. I don't know what it is, you don't have to tell me, but you have to get rid of it" LOL She helped me relax like a real person for a little while (which is not the same as my version) and put some needles in, and god was it nice hahaha! Even if this does nothing but help me deal with stress, I'm going to continue there for sure. I also saw my pdoc and she offered some psych meds to assist me in coping to see a new specialist. Like, benzos for anxiety about the intense pain of saturday, something to help me just sleep etc. She is not impressed with the neuro i saw and assures me the one i'm waiting to see is much nicer and well respected. I feel validated that neither my GP or Pdoc are blaming this on me, because I didn't do anything wrong. Still in a shitty state, but today i have hope which i didn't yesterday. I could cry with joy with the fact that somebody is on my side.
  15. update: i've been taking the sibelium (calcium channnel blocker) like he prescribed, with no real effect. I have been to the ER a few times and they give me toradol + maxeran, which makes it more tolerable for the time being, but the pain is back the next day. I went to my GP, who offered no options aside from sending out another referral for a new neurologist which will take months. I told him I want something for pain, he offered nothing, not even to try another prophylactic. I asked what the neuro's report said and it was basically everything which was in the referral plus 'i tried him on sibelium' with no recommendations aside from asking my shrink to help me cope. My gp offered to admit me to the hospital and call this new neuro on an emergency consult and stupidly i said no, but i am going to ask shrink tomorrow if it's still an option. I'm still seething though that my gp had nothing to tell me other than to put my life on hold for months and wait for the possibility that i will find relief. I'm sick of this shit.
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