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    Photography, Poetry, Writing, Art, Music, Native American Spirituality, Reiki, Healing, Hiking, Geocaching, Meditation, Nature

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  1. I've got a case of Dragonass tonight.

  2. Were off to see the wizard the wonderful Wizard of OZ

  3. The men in white coats came looking for me today. My multiple personalities said "Lets run and split up!" until finally we lost them.

  4. Honk & wave at strangers. They'll be wondering who you were for days.

    1. Freaked


      I used to do things of this nature. =P

    2. Rage15


      Love doing this! I know.. I might be a sick puppy but I do like harmless fun.

  5. LOL good. I got ya girl. :)

  6. i didnt mean derail. i meant you put a derailed board back on it's tracks haha

  7. Hi rage, my day was great. my friend bought me dinner :) hope your say went well too. I have a new pdoc appt tomorrow at 8am. ugh. i am interested in meeting with her because she specializes in child abuse.

    i am glad you derailed the DID board. it was a little crazy for a while.

  8. Hi Mika- Hope your day is going good. :)

  9. We are born naked, wet, and hungry. Then things get worse.

    1. Rage15


      Ahhh very true. Where is a breast when you need one?

    2. Freaked


      <-- Bottle Fed. I should be so fortunate.

    3. nibblerd


      I came out of a woman in the beginning, and I've spent my entire life trying to get in another!

  10. ....Wonders if woodpeckers get headaches.

    1. nibblerd


      I gave a woodpecker some Viagra the other day. He's still going! >:|

    2. nibblerd


      oops, I *accidentally* gave a woodpecker some Viagra.

  11. Never try to baptize a cat.

    1. Freaked


      I'll adhere to this advice.

    2. Rage15
    3. bpladybug


      snicker, snorting, heh heh

  12. Hey there Rage Hiya! I have no idea how to get around here yet so I hope I'm adding ya Hope ur having a great day:)

  13. Out of my mind! --Back in five minutes.

    1. Freaked


      At least you know when you'll be back..

    2. Rage15
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