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  1. I enjoyed his evidently dexamethasone-based tweets this morning. However, having had to chase a family member on who had had surgery earlier that day and was on dexamethasone I can appreciate how much energy it gives someone. As for the rest of it... well, I hope that he has a long and unhealthy life.
  2. So the tl;dr I guess would be this: should I talk to my aunt that I cut out of my life a decade ago? (if you were here for this back then, she's the one that I blogged about). The longer version is that I cut her out for a reason - she actively harmed me when my grandmother and dad were dying. However, because she's a flake (at best) and potentially brain damaged at worst she either has no idea that she harmed me, or she was pretending to not understand how deeply she hurt me. I don't know. I had to cut her off because she was causing me harm at a time when I was already grieving. She still doesn't understand why I cut her off despite both my mum and I telling her multiple times. As a result I just got yet another email from her because it's her new year and that's what you do at the new year I guess. And the thing is... I wouldn't mind getting gifts from her. I still make frequent use of the gifts that I from her years ago. The relationship would be email-only because she lives across the ocean and so has access to products that I otherwise have to pay shipping costs for. But is it better that I just keep her cut off, rather than use her for access to gifts? I don't know. On the one hand, I could use access to products on the regular. On the other hand, I don't need the frequent reminder to how horrid of a person she is.
  3. it goes by 25mg. So right now I'm at 75mg (which is, admittedly, quite low). And the only guidelines I got were about if I'm still super anxious which... I don't think I am? But I'm also living in a covid outbreak so what is "expected" anxiety vs what is treatable I don't know.
  4. Thought I should update: my doctor has given me the choice of whether to increase my dose or not. And, like, how am I supposed to know? I'm new to this, and she didn't really tell me that part.
  5. Update: they injected him with an experimental cocktail of "antibodies" and then flew him to the hospital with a high fever. I am afraid that this will be like how the city of Toronto never got closure when Rob Ford came in, stomped around, and then promptly died. The US deserves answers, and Trump really should see this play out.
  6. So, it's looking like, after a decade of living on my own with my partner, I'm going to be moving into a shared housing situation again. I'll be living with a friend of mine who is very mental-illness-positive. Do I need to tell her about my mental health? I suspect that she knows that I have some experience with ptsd, because I've been very empathetic and compassionate with her when she talks about her own. But do I need to tell her about my DID? Or my depression/anxiety in case something happens? Is it better to try to hide it from her? What is the adult thing to do here?
  7. It really is. I don't have a great handle on it either (although I like to think that I do, because the liquid sounds unpleasant and blood transfusions sound even more so).
  8. Today is day ten. The first week all I got were mood swings and anxiety. I have more energy (in that I can get out of bed within a half-hour of deciding that I should get out of bed) but that could also be from treating the anemia, too.
  9. Titrating upward is incredibly aggravating. You're just supposed to tolerate all of the side effects and get none of the benefits for two months and then hopefully the side effects go away and the benefits kick in. I'm already simultaneously depressed and full of anxiety at all times and I'm just supposed to sit here and wait it out for two months!? I'm frustrated and annoyed and want to not feel like shit all the time. Apparently that's too much and so I just have a countdown going to the end of October. Of all the medicines, I hate hope-based medicines the most.
  10. I hope that your appointment with your new therapist goes well!
  11. With DID, there is so much ignorance that it isn't really possible to joke about it without either 1) being DID Yourself or 2) being intimately acquainted with someone DID'd. The jokes are so off that they don't even make sense if you know how DID actually presents itself. So it really bothers me when people joke about it, because I just want to say "your ignorance is showing"
  12. Good for you! I'm so proud of you for being able to be honest with your doc about this
  13. I think that, for me, it's a larger theme than I might be willing to admit to. However, I can find other things that I need to or can control, so that helps to make it easier. If you're ambivalent towards recovery that's good enough to give it a shot. The worst that happens is that you go back to what you're already doing anyway.
  14. Does your doc know about your pica? It tends to cause digestive problems, even when you incorporate food-based items as well.
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