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  1. u got an eps side effect. usually u can take cogentin to stop it. or u can reduce the dose but in ur case no offence the dose ur on is already incredibly tiny so theres no point in reducing it. tics or whatever can happen with any of the atypicals in general but with seroquel its the least likely of the bunch to cause it. yes its possible but its unlikely so count urself unlucky. just note i have schizophrenia and i used to take 1200mg a day so try and compare that to the dose ur on and u know what i mean. its not dangerous. and if it REALLY bothers u, u can talk to ur pdoc about stopping it and trying something else. however dont worry. IF u can stop it, it should go away
  2. so IF my auntys husband threatens her and she gets a restraining order and IF he breaks it and goes near her then threatens her or verbally abuses her again THEN does he go to jail? or what are the consequences for breaking the order?
  3. how about if someone THREATENS you verbally. can the police do anything about it?
  4. i dont know where to post this but anyway i have a question about verbal abuse. suppose someone yells and swears at you. can they get into trouble for it? can they go to jail? can the police do anything about it? im just asking coz i live in aus and my auntie gets verbally abused by her husband daily. yelling, cursing, swearing etc etc. the police here say they cant do anything unless he touches her, like punches her, slaps her etc etc. is that true? so does that mean if you abuse people verbally you can get away with it as long as you dont do anything physical?
  5. i wasnt being sarcastic or just complaining i mean LITERALLY EVERYTIME a new antipsychotic comes out and i go on it STRAIGHT away. either nothing happens or i end up in hospital. so really if another new ap comes out how will it be any different to the other new drugs ive tried?!?!?
  6. been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. live in aus. tried the following antipsychotics: risperdal, zyprexa, solian, seroquel, zeldox, abilify, invega, clozapine, clopixol, flupenthixol, largactil and haloperidol, ALSO been on the following combinations: zyprexa and seroquel. clozapine and solian, clozapine and zeldox, clozapine and zyprexa, so basically ive tried nearly every antipsychotic in my country. either an antipsychotic has done nothing at all or i get very little benefit from it. at the moment im on 20mg of zyprexa for the 3rd time and its not doing much. but its doing enough to keep me out of hospital. sorry if im being very vague but i feel my thoughts are being blocked. cant concentrate cant think. etc etc. one pdoc said i have "treatment resistant schizophrenia" and when that happens the drug of choice is "clozapine". been there. done that. tried it 3 times and the same thing keeps happening drooling drooling drooling. cant stand it. never want to go on it again! the thing that bugs me is sometimes when i changed antipsychotics i would have a relapse where my symptoms got so bad i needed to be in hospital. so i mean IF a new antipsychotic comes out in aus for example saphris(which is a new atypical available in america) should i change from zyprexa to that hoping it will do something but at the same time risk having a relapse and ending up in hospital? i mean since ive tried 13 antipsychotics and got not much benefit how is trying a 14th antipsychotic gonna make a difference?
  7. after being on many many antipsychotics that have failed including clozapine which is meant to used when nothing has worked i talked to my pdoc about trying an old antipsychotic called "clopixol(zuclopenthixol)". he wouldnt give it to me coz he said u can get tics in the face from it? how true is that? is it only with the old antipsychotics this applies to?
  8. actually when you mention it YES I find it very threatening. i think its paranoia but i could be wrong! ...wait a sec you get this often? so what im feeling is normal?
  9. The typicals also don't come with white picket fences or butterflies...but they to carry the baggage of being nicknamed chemical libodomies. hang on hang on i thought atypicals were more effective at treating the negative symptoms of schizophrenia than the old aps? if true they really are more effective than the typicals?
  10. i have schizo. for a while now i feel people at a distance are looking right at me and are staring at me! i find this creepy. i told my pdoc this and he said it isnt necessarily part of schizo it could be self conscious or neurotic(anxiety based). he said with me its neurotic. i find that hard to believe coz my feeling is it is part of the schizo. he said if it was part of the schizo. it would be more like i would believe those people looking at me had x ray vision. one example i could give you is that one morning i decided to take the garbage out. it was like 5am. anyway when i put the bin out and turned around there was this guy(i presume he was one of the neighbours) was standing in his driveway just gawking at me. i felt he was staring at me. i felt totally creeped out. now he was definitely standing there but whether or not he was looking at me was another thing? what do you guys think? schizo. neurotic or self conscious? or normal?
  11. the atypicals are being seen as bigger and better than the typicals with less side effects but do pdocs still have a use for the typical aps or are they being phased out to the point where no one uses them anymore? plz explain ur answers.
  12. so yesterday i was talking to my pdoc about antipsychotics. and i said i didnt want to try any of the typical antipsychotics coz i heard they have nasty side effects for example tardive dyskinesia. he then said that he read an article saying that there are people still reporting getting tardive dyskinesia from atypicals one example was with zyprexa. ive never heard of anyone developing TD from atypicals? i mean i thought they arent supposed to have that side effect? has anyone else heard of anyone developing td from atypicals and if so which one was the culprit? i mean it must be pretty rare? does anyone have the statistics of someone developing td from an atypical?
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