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  1. OP: does your dr have a discount card? if so, you can get it for $25 bucks a month, and if he writes it for double the amount, you can break it in half and it lasts you 2 months. that's what i do.
  2. so i was tested by a psych and he dx'ed me with mild to moderate inattentive ADHD. i had one major outlier on the test, being the impulsive questions, so he suggested to my pdoc i try straterra. well she put the kabosh on that and gave me 2.5 mg of ritalin (5's cut in half) 2x per day. i have a mood disorder (NOS) and she told me they often go hand in hand, and that the ritalin might even calm my anxiety. wtf?? how does THAT work? so now i'm afraid to even LICK the pill, because i have no idea what it will do to me (major medication phobe)- what if i get cycles in my mood? bueller? bueller?
  3. i too steadily gained weight on antipsychotics (abilify actually). granted, i was grossly underweight when i first got on it, but here i am, probably a good 40-50 pounds overweight. my pdoc wouldn't perscribe it, but i went to an endo to have my thyroid checked, and he did. then my regular doc said she would prescribe it for me so i wouldn't have to go back to the horrible endo. i take 500 mg (which isn't much) extended release after dinner. if you take it with food, the side effects aren't that bad. for me, i had some diarrhea the first few days, but that was it. no nausea, no nothing. at first it curbed some cravings, and made my appetite lessen, but now i don't think i'm taking enough because the cravings and appetite are back. i'm due to get my a1c checked soon, so i bet anything it will be awful. eating clean and non-processed foods really help me feel better about myself. that in combo with exercise and meds seem to keep me for the most part slightly more refined crazy. everyone reacts differently. my pdoc was all about it because she knew i was getting frustrated with my weight, but she said under her prescriving rights she just couldn't do it for me so she had to refer me out. good luck if you try it- it all depends on your tract how you take it.
  4. Oh, wow I could have written your story exactly. I wonder why those are your only options? Abilify keeps my thinking straight for the most part, and I also have a highly demanding job. I don't experience any major side effects on it, and it took me a long time to find that sweet spot dose. Do you have any other medication options? Keep us posted.
  5. Soo I lurk here a LOT and post very little, but am wondering what helps you fall asleep? I have tried Xanax XR but it didn't seem to get me to the restful sleep stage, so I was very tired the next morning for the few years I was on it until we figured it out. Now I'm on Trazodone 50 mg, and I think when I wake up at night i'm hallucinating? it doesn't happen during the day- only first thing in the morning and at night if I wake up, but there is definitely something going on. i have an appt with my pdoc in two weeks, so i'll talk to her then, but aside from ambien and that class, what helps you sleep and STAY asleep? my anxiety seems to wake me up and make it hard to go back asleep, but then my mood is a mess if i don't get enough sleep. any suggestions would be great- thanks!
  6. anyone else get nausea when depressed? I think i'm in an episode right now, all I do is sleep and i feel awful. i have no interest in anything. i don't want to eat. i'm not suicidal, not thinking harm thoughts, just feeling like hell. but i'm nauseated. i've never really noticed this before. usually i get this way when my anxiety is high, and it's not really that bad right now. i'm drinking ginger ale, and eating gin-gins to help. but the more depressed i get, the more gross i feel. anyone else? what do you do? (not that I WANT to do much, but that's besides the point).
  7. i guess i need to start tracking my moods. anyone know of any really cheap or free mood trackers for an iphone that you can show the doc? thanks!
  8. had a friend on a high dose of both and she was fine AND she smoked too. but YMMV
  9. soooo i have GAD, along with some flavor of bipolar (see my sig). i worry about everything, even being on xanax for constant panic attacks and the abilify which helps with the racing thoughts. but i'm still very tense, very worn down from being anxious. i am constantly wondering what my mood will be like, and it causes me a lot of anxiety. i don't know what to do. i don't want to increase the xanax- it doesn't help with GAD but I'm wondering if the abilify is maybe causing some anxiety? who knows. i've been on it for 3 years at least.
  10. i used to work at two very different employment agencies. some do require that they take a stipend out of your check as a fee of their service. some are free. you have to call around. however, most agencies work on a temp to hire basis. which means you're actually employed by the agency for whatever period of time the company and agency agree on. NOTE: you may or may not have access to health benefits during this time. this is also very important to ask. this also means you may be paid lower when you are temp, and get paid higher when/if you go perm with the company and find out if they have benefits. also, do your homework. some specialize in day laborers, some in tech, some in administrative, some in a little of everything. my advice is stick to larger ones that are well known in the area. they will have the best connections to companies. do you live in the US? i can give you some names to look up.
  11. did anyone jump this dosage and see any improvements/differences? i went to my pdoc today and we both agreed i am in a mixed state i.e. agitated depression, and felt moving up the abilify was the smartest thing to do. i'm currently on 10 mg, which i realize is like taking an m&m for bipolar for most folks, but am very weary of increasing, although i do need to do something, and an AD is not an option, nor is lamictal. any help would be great- thanks!
  12. thanks everyone! just FYI, if you have 3 month supplies in large bottles, the pharmacy will reprint the labels for you and put them on empty bottles if you explain your situation. so now there's no worry about carrying a ginormous metformin bottle. i am definitely going to keep them on me at all times.
  13. so i'm going to see my sister in law over the holidays, and i'm not sure how to travel with medication. i usually keep it in a pillbox, as the bottles are 3 month supplies and are very large. does anyone know how to do this properly? i'm travelling from state to state in the US.
  14. Apparently OCD is on the anxiety spectrum according to my pdoc....i definitely get anxious about my ocd thoughts/behaviors but never really correlated the two together.
  15. Heavens yes. When I am super anxious I get incredibly irritable. Like crawl up the walls. I can keep it contained, but when I'm short with my husband for no apparent reason, then I know my stress/anxiety is high. Only medication can help me out with this. I've tried yoga, meditation, exercise, guided meditations and therapy.
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