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    music (all types of metal) bit of grime (british rap), hardcore, bit of punk, hardstyle, girls, animals, serial killers, insanity and alot more

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  1. is it all just a shame, a twist of fate that leaves me open. will it all fade away, from my life and leave me broken

  2. I defended you man! :D on your topic, 'attacks ive been having'. That guy is a rude prick

  3. exactly, if the thing is going to cost $200 why can it not play DVDs. playstation 2 plays DVDs and it's old as hell. it makes no sense.

  4. lol i agree with the wii thing. BLOODY WII!

  5. Anyone else get ultra depressed when christmas is over? or is it just me

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. humanoid


      christmas in general makes me depressed

    3. under_Reconstruction


      I get depressed after Christmas is over. :(

    4. allgetlost


      i think it is pretty common


    1. nibblerd


      try to ride it out, man. it's hard, but it'll get better eventually.

    2. Mackie


      what goes up must come down and what comes down must go up

    3. Halluci_Nationwide


      cheers for the support, thats metal

  7. Well, i dont live in america, and hardly have any money as it is. Would be a sweet idea if it was a free, worldwide site
  8. Should be there somewhere, on the substance abuse board, its called 'the herb: how to stop'

  9. where's the new herb topic? the one i started is old

  10. New topic on the herb

  11. Drowning deep in my sea of loathing, broken, your servant, i kneel. It seems whats left of my human side is slowly changing in me. Looking at my own reflection, when suddenly it changes - violently it changes, there is no turning back now - youve woken up the demon in me

    1. Outrider


      the Sickness- Disturbed

    2. Halluci_Nationwide


      You know it brooother

  12. My friend. I am the EXACT same and i could not of put that better myself if i tried. unfortunately i dont have the answers, i wish i did as im in the same situation as you. but your not alone!
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