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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and from what I've read it's been a total support system. I wanted to pick the brains of some of you other members. I have recently found out that I suffer from depression. I was dx, with anxiety 5 years ago and have been on zoloft off and on since then. Well I was just put on Welbutrin 150mg 5 days ago and abilify 2mg yesterday. I must say I feel better but I want to get the opinion of others that have taken this combination. I'm not 100% but getting better. What time of day do you take your medication? How do you like it? Any input bad or good is welcomed
  2. Is that even possible? I am only taking 2mg a day. Its to supplement my cymbalta which has probably pooped out. I am on maximum dose 120. I am also on buspar which seems to help s anxiety. I have heard peope say they did well on 2mg. Also heard it can start off euphoric and then slide off.
  3. My pdoc recently put me on 15mg abilify for psychosis with reduced clozapine dose. I have 2 questions: 1. Although i take abilify at bedtime, i still experience daytime tiredness/sedation which does not go away. How are u able to combat the abilify's daytime sedation ? I'm 100mg Modafinil but its not helping much with sedation. 2. At what dose have your cognitive symptoms improved on abilify ? Thanks
  4. I've been taking Abilify for about one month now and it's helping already in a few ways. However, I believe I'm experiencing something that might be described as "boredom" (I've never had issues with that) and intense nicotine cravings. I used to smoke and every once in awhile feel the urge, but this seems related to the medication. Anyone relate? Insights?
  5. for the past month or so I've been drowning in one of the worst depressions of my life. I couldn't stop crying, I was psychotic at times, I dreamed of suicide. All I wanted was to die. then two/three days ago, my psych saw me and started me on 15 mg of Abilify. He said it was a last resort before he recommended electro shock therapy. So I took the pill... And within a day, my suicidal fantasies vanished. My horrible anxiety disappeared. And I felt mildly euphoric. The first night on Abilify I slept three hours; tonight, I slept one. Is the Abilify making me mildly hypo manic? Does this happen often? I thought Abilify was an ANTI-manic. if anyone could share their experiences with Abilify it would be much appreciated.
  6. I started Abilify a few days ago and I'm experiencing the occasional "pins and needles" sensation in my hands. Has this happened to anyone out there? Insomnia is also a major concern but I'm determined to try to stick it out and get used to it (hopefullly).
  7. Already have been reducing ability from 20 mg down to 5mg, and Celexa from 40 mg to 10mg. Just started Wellbutrin a couple of days ago. If I am taking Wellbutrin is it okay to go ahead and just stop the other two? Stopping the Ability and Celexa cause of weight gain and can't lose on it. Didn't realize it can cause obesity and make it hard to lose. Does anyone know about that? Does it mess up your thyroid or metabolism? Does it take a few weeks to normalize after you stop?
  8. Hello. For OCD issues I was prescribed 2.5 mg Abilify 4 years ago, in conjunction with Klonopin (2x 0.25mg a day) and sustained-release 12.5mg Paroxetine. Everything went quite good, life situation improved and one time during last year my Pdoc considered the possibility of a slow withdrawal of the meds, starting with Abilify. Since it was hard to cut the pill (I can only get 5mg pills here and they are extremely small) and the pill has a long half-life, the taper schedule was like this: - Take the pill 3 days out of 4 for something like 2 months. - Take the pill 2 days out of 3 for another 2 months. - Take the pill 1 day out of 2, for another 2-3 months, up until two weeks ago. In the last interview, my Pdoc considered the possibility of 1 pill every 3 days but in the end decided to just stop taking the med altogether since it was a low dose after all. Things have not gone bad, but there is this little problem that started some days ago. I have an irresistible urge to move my left leg while resting or trying to sleep at night. It is really uncomfortable, don't know exactly how to describe it. It gets me all restless and difficults my sleep. After a time I eventually fall asleep and it stops, but I am a little worried. For people who have experiences with this drug, is this a common withdrawal? Will it stop sometimes? Or could it be something else? Thanks.
  9. I'm new to anti-psychotics but one thing I was really scared of was being sleepy all the time. Well, the opposite is happening with Abilify. Is there anything that isn't uber sedating that won't skyrocket my energy and keep me up at night? I have a friend who took Seraquel and they said they slept 14 hours a day! Thats what I'm afraid of happening, but if I had to choose one or the other, I'd take being tired over this restlessness. But I'm hoping that there is a median medication, haha. Also I'm taking this for bipolar disorder, I'm on 15mg, and I'm 19 if those things matter. Thanks! =]
  10. I have been taking Abilify along with various antidepressants (at separate times) for about 2 1/2 years now and the Abilify has helped me GREATLY. Not so much with depression, but with anxiety. BUT, none of the antidepressants I've taken have helped, even before I started taking them with Abilify. Lamictal is the only thing *besides Abilify) that ever helped my depression. I used to be on Lamictal and took it along with the Abilify for a brief time but both I and the psychiatrist felt I didn't really need the Lamictal after the Abilify got into my system and she took me off of it. The Abilify worked so well, even at controlling my moods and irritability for so long, that I did well without the Lamictal. However, since last Spring or so, I have become increasingly unstable. The Abilify is still working in certain ways and I am still much better than I used to be but I deal with a LOT of depression and currently, my anxiety and irritability is through the roof. This has been on and off for months. Mostly ON. The Abilify doesn't seem to be working as well as it did the first two years. Increasing the dosage hasn't helped. I want to talk to my psychiatrist about putting me back on Lamictal, but she never felt I should have been on it to begin with and even took me off of it before I was put on Abilify. The Lamictal was prescribed to me by another psychiatrist who believed I had Bipolar Disorder. I still do not know whether I believe that or not, but I do know that, on Lamictal, I went from very suicidal, to not even depressed in less than one week. When the psychiatrist took me off of the Lamictal, I basically had a mental breakdown and had to be put back on it. I stayed on it until the Abilfy, when I no longer needed it. I am wondering if any of you take Abilify with Lamictal and no antidepressant and how it works for you. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm new here and I want to inquire about something that I'm sure you've heard about a billion times... well, now a billion and one. I'm on Buproprion and Fluoxetine, which I've drank on and I feel Ok. When I had a higher dose of Fluoxetine I felt like death the next day, but I'm on a lower dose and I feel fine when drinking on it. Some more anxiety the next day is all. I recently started Abilify on top of those meds. I also take a small dose of Propranolol and I have Xanax and Klonopin at my disposal (barely use them, but they are there and I take only a half or a quarter of one to get the effect). We are having a surprise party for my cousin this weekend. My whole family will be there and, of course, I'd like to indulge a bit. Not crazy heavily. But... socially. Maybe sip on a mixed drink and have a few of those over the course of multiple hours. What are the thoughts given my scenario?
  12. Does zoloft work as an antipsycotic medication? I have mutch irregular heartbeats of abilify. Can i be drived to a mental hospital again, even when im not quitting all my medications as last time, but only quitting abilify from 10 mg to 0 mg cold turkey? I have sent an email to my psychian today about quitting abilify. My head are so empty from thinkings. I missing my thinkings.
  13. Hey everybody, I'm a 22 year old dude, pretty high functioning and high achieving. I've just graduated college, have been working as a cancer researcher, and have never destroyed any important relationships or had any serious run-ins with the law. BUT (there's always a but) I have been convinced for about 2 years now that I was going crazy, that I was experiencing a schizophrenic break, that the world wasn't real, and that I had a million different deadly diseases. I've also been suffering from all sorts of physical ailments, which I now know are just somatic symptoms of depression. I tried to hide all of this from everybody and put on a brave face, but as I got to the brink of suicide I was finally forced to ask for help. Initially I was diagnosed with MDD, but I had a sneaking suspicion that the diagnosis didn't quite fit. What I didn't tell my doc was that concurrent with my depression were insane bursts of creativity, irritability, hypersexuality, restlessness, and pseudo-delusional beliefs that I was going to win the Nobel prize in medicine and become a famous politician someday. So my doc gave me 20 mg of Celexa and referred me to a CBT therapist. The Celexa made things a lot worse by triggering what I can only think of as a mixed episode, and that's when I saw a different psychiatrist who diagnosed me with bipolar type II and prescribed me Abilify. So right now I've been on the Abilify for about 2 weeks, and it seems to be reducing some of the irritability and hypomanic swings, but doesn't seem to be helping the depression. Plus it makes me super sleepy during the day. Hopefully I can get off this Celexa soon because it's been causing weight gain and insomnia. So that's me: crazy smart but just plain crazy as well! Glad I found this place, nobody I know seems to know anything about bipolar. I've learned a ton in the past few weeks.
  14. I was able to discontinue Latuda a month ago thanks to TMS treatments. This was a huge relief because I had gained weight on it (and on Abilify previously, which also raised my cholesterol.) For any of you who gained weight on an antipsychotic and then went off it, were you able to lose the weight? I was hoping I would have at least lost a pound or two by now but no such luck. I really hope these drugs haven't permanently slowed my metabolism. I'm a total health nut and I still was one when I was on the medication (they didn't make me eat more.) Obviously it takes time to lose weight but I'm a little concerned that I haven't lost so much as an ounce.
  15. I may be new to CB boards but I am not new to mental health. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder Type II. You could consider that I have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type 2 but my current pdoc hasn't listed me that otherwise. I am here for one thing and that is Daytime Sleepiness. Am I the only suffering from this while on an atypical antipsychotic? It is such a nuisance that when I try doing things around the house, my sensory issues also are problematic and it makes the feeling worst. Simple as other people around me could cause me to tick off, or feel much worst. Or when I am trying to use the computer, or read I can barely keep my eyes open enough to stay attentive. My days are laying next to a fan in a daze. Not entertaining at all. You are to fearful of your surroundings to binge on eating (in fact I lost 25 lbs since the onset of schizophrenia), tv entertainment, and computer usage. I had a suicidal attack from just uploading a picture on the internet. How can one keep their day fulfilled such as me? Does anyone volunteer or work part time? Is there people that manage their lives so well they can live practically a normal life and have a normal relationship? Please be insightful. I am looking to gain some knowledge. I have been bipolar since 2008 and schizophrenic since 2009 (in remission) and now remitting. I currently take 80 mg of Latuda, 1200 mg of Lithium, 1 mg of Clonazapam and 25 mg of Metaprolol There are worst side effects and I would have to say akathisia by far is the worst feeling ever. Spiders in your legs crawling over and over. Other antipsychotics I've tried: seroquel, geodon, risperdal, invega, abilify, xyprexa, clozaril. I either suffered from severe somnolence, daytime night terrors and crying spells, catonic states, akathisia, and weight gain.
  16. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I will introduce myself in the appropriate place soon. I have a question for those on Abilify and/ or Cymbalta. When you drink, do you have a delayed reaction? I know I should not drink while on meds, but... I have been on different ADs since I was 14, and have been an occasional drinker since age 18 (34 now) and have never had a problem with interaction. Lately I have been having a curious reaction to alcohol, 2-3 days after I drink. I am fine the day after I drink, maybe a bit of a hangover, nothing unusual. The second day I am starting to feel crappy. Third day I'm down and out, as if I'm not on meds at all. After that things get better again. It has been the last year or so I've had this problem. I was started on both of these meds around the same time so I'm not sure which one is causing the interaction. It is so peculiar but so consistent that my husband and I are both convinced the meds are causing the 2-3 day thing. Sorry if this is post sounds weird but I'm on day 3 right now, been crying all day and my head isn't on quite right. I think it is the Abilify causing the interaction, just a hunch. So, anyone else have this issue or is it just me?
  17. My first episode psychosis started June 2013, after a very stressful period which lots of problems happened at the same time and after some sleepless nights. For one week I was living in another world! I completely isolated myself and had lots of delusions and paranoid thoughts. I was thinking there was a conspiracy and all my family and friends are plotting against me. I was thinking they are controlling my internet and watching me through hidden cameras. I thought that I had a tumor or very dangerous illness and they are not telling me the truth. I was thinking they have spoken with a psychologist and he is telling them what to. All Facebook posts and emails I was receiving was a part of that plan. I didn't know what I am doing and I was writing crazy stuff on Facebook, thinking everybody is following. I also had a very strange and strong headaches and I was taking whatever pill I could think of, but none of them was working. I also had some recurring thoughts, for example reading the same comments 100 times or listening to the same music from dawn to dusk. My brain was like in a loop with obsession to specific thoughts. I didn't really know what I was doing. After that horrible week, one night I slowly remembered what I did and wrote. I realized that something is wrong with me but I didn't know what! I thought that I am becoming crazy and I cried a lot. In the morning I was calm and I thought that everything is finished. I was very happy until the headaches started again in the evening. At this point I went to the ER, and after many tests including brain MRI and Lumber puncture, the neurologist said I don’t have any physical problems and probably I have psychosis. I didn't accept that and until the end of August I still believed that I don’t have psychosis and the doctors are not telling me the real problem. They started treating me with Abilify which made me tired and after several days I had restlessness. I can say it is the most horrifying feeling in the world. I had some strange dream-like feelings and I was thinking I’m dying. Every day I was thinking of how to kill myself. I never thought that I could become better. My situation got worse and doctor stopped the Abilify and started Risperdal. After a while I had restlessness again and some very devastating feelings. Doctor reduced the dose and with this change the situation became manageable. But the problems with Risperdal was that it blocked my brain. I couldn't do anything and I was just lying in bed waiting for time to pass. After some weeks I had very severe anxiety and many panic attacks. I was thinking I was becoming crazy and I was suicidal. Doctor gave me Lorazepam and Valium on demand. I also had problems sleeping, having nightmares and night terrors. Doctor gave me some addictive sleep aid pills so I could sleep. In this horrible three months, I was still delusional and I was still thinking people are following me wherever I go, or monitoring me through cameras and so on (But I was thinking everybody is trying to help me!). Doctor said probably I have paranoid schizophrenia but he wasn't sure. Last week of August, I was less delusional and the doctor stopped Risperdal because I couldn’t do anything and my body wasn't adapting to it. But soon after, that strange headaches started again. So doctor started Zyprexa 5 mg and warned me about the weight gain and diabetes possibility. I started a diet and going to the gym. Fortunately, not only I didn't gain weight but I also lost 7 kilograms on it. Zyprexa was a miracle drug for me and all the delusions disappeared and I finally accepted my illness! My anxiety and panic attacks also get better. I reduced the dose to 2.5 mg after a while and I could sleep without sleeping pills. But after a while, I went into a severe depression and mode swings. I didn't have motivation for doing anything and I was sleeping 12 hours a day. Doctor gave me Cipralex (Lexapro). After just a week I had a terrible anxiety so I discontinued but the anxiety didn't go away! After that I struggled with anxiety for several months. I was using Xanax, Valium, Rivotril, etc. to calm down. In March, doctor started 10 mg of Prozac and my depression and anxiety got better after several weeks. In May, I reduced Zyprexa to 1.25 mg and after 2 weeks I stopped it. But severe anxiety and bad feeling started and I restarted taking 1.25 mg again. Since 2 weeks ago (July) I reduced to 0.625 mg and had a little anxiety and insomnia. But it went away after some days. I’m now quite well but still tired in the mornings. I can do my everyday tasks but I still have problems with concentration. I am planning to stay at this dose and after some weeks make it every other day and then cut it off. Is this a good idea to stop taking Zyprexa since I didn't have delusions or paranoia for about one year and am feeling normal? My other question is I don’t know what exactly my illness is!! If I had a first episode psychosis and fortunately I will not have another episode, or I am Schizophrenic? Thank you for reading my long story. Any comments would be appreciated.
  18. Hello, I have Obsessive Ruminations that are so bad they make me feel like i'm going to lose my mind. Here's a piece of my Introduction that will explain my thoughts: "I have "Obsessive Ruminations" about life, why we are here and how none of it makes sense to me. It started when I was around 11 years old. I am the type of person that has to see it to believe it, so this whole being alive thing and there being no explanation for it really drives my mind crazy. These obsessive ruminations can get so bad that I become dizzy and disorientated, and my greatest fear is that I stay in this disorientated state permanently. The disorientated state that I'm talking about feels like I have lost my mind and nothing makes sense. Luckily, the duration of these episodes is normally only a few seconds and has only happened around ten times in my life. One thing to note is that these ruminations always start when I'm having a tough time in my life; stress, anxiety and depression can all be start of it." So, I am currently on 2.5mg/day of Abilify and 0.5mg x 4/day of Ativan. I've been on Abilify for 5 weeks and Ativan for 6 weeks. This seemed to keep my mind at peace for a while, but now I am anxious as hell an hour after I take a .5mg dose of Ativan, and sometimes I don't feel the Ativan at all... The Ativan: Without my doctor's permission (I don't see him for another week) I have bumped my dosage of Ativan to 1mg x 3/day, which seems to help, but I feel like 1mg x 4/day would really be the right dose. The Abilify: I can feel that the Abilify is blocking my thoughts somewhat, which is good, but without the Ativan it makes me feel a little strange and anxious. However, maybe bumping the dosage (only with my doctor's permission!) will help. I don't know and a worried because it makes me feel a bit strange, but mabe because my body is not completely used to it. I believe that either the dosage of the two drugs is wrong or my cocktail is wrong (I already know my brain is wrong ), so I'm curious to know what other people are taking for Obsessive Ruminations. What are you taking for Obsessive Ruminations and how much? Any thoughts or suggestions about my situation; in general, the meds, etc.? Thanks, Ryan D
  19. I've been taking Viibryd now for many months and was just prescribed Abilify as an add on. My heart is racing, my hands are shaking, I feel light headed and jittery and generally like anxiety is taking over me. Is this normal? Does it eventually subside? Thanks for the input -Mary
  20. This is about Abilify as an add on for an antidepressant. After the birth of my son, my pdoc added 2.5 mg of abilify to my 200 mg of Zoloft. It has been the best combo I've been on for my anxiety/panic/subsequent depression. However, of course, I've been rapidly gaining weight and I want to get pregnant again in the next couple years so I want to go off of it. I've tried tapering down three times so far. First two times I got very bad restless leg syndrome and return of anxiety. This last time I tapered much more slowly (.25 mg every 3 weeks of the liquid) but as soon as I got below 1 mg, I had a very bad episode of panic and anxiety about 3 days after I dropped the dose.it seems to happen every time I go below 1 mg, but AT 1 mg I'm totally fine. Here are my questions: Is 1 mg even a therapeutic dose? Anyone else on this? Is it just a coincidence that my anxiety has returned at that magical 1 mg point? Has anyone had success dropping the abilify and switching to a new ssri? I figure if my AD isn't working well enough, wouldn't it be logical to try a new one rather than deal with the side effects of an AD and an AP? Thanks for your help.
  21. Yesterday I left my Abilify, Zoloft, and Melatonin at home on accident. I won't be back til Monday. Any ideas of what I'm in for? (I'll post with how I'm doing as it goes along)
  22. *first post* I've been dealing with depression for such a long time. Currently on to the next medication Abilify. I was hospitalized this month and went inpatient not on any medication. So they added Abilify and the side effects are so annoying: increased pulse when standing up still depressed and the worst one yet, ANXIETY/ RESTLESSNESS. I seriously can't even stand still. Sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table is like torture right now. The only time I feel calm is on my stomach laying on the floor or my bed. Anyone else experience this restlessness. I also see a naturalpathic doctor for my depression/anxiety so instead of something like ativan I take l-theanine. This is so uncomfortable, but this medication is like the last resort!
  23. Hi all, first time posting. Just wondering if any of you have felt like a body buzz like you can't sit still on either of these meds? I'm also on a couple of others and trying to rule out which one it is. Legs and hands can't sit still, I feel like I have to pull the life out of my hands to get them to calm down. Any ideas? I write a lot on my computer so this is interfering with my lifestyle in a way.
  24. What has your experience been with Latuda and other AP's on your weight? Everything I've read about and been told says Latuda's supposedly weight neutral; however, I know that all AP's increase blood sugar, and this leads to weight gain. I've been on 80mg of Latuda for a year now, and I've gained a little over 5 lbs, which is not a lot, but there's more to it, read on. Prior to starting the Latuda I had a brief stint on Risperdol, but it increased my Prolactin levels and made me stop getting my period, so I had to go off it. I didn't notice any changes in my weight on Risperdol. Before that I was on Clozaril for about 6 months and gained 30lbs. It was a last resort. I had tried everything else( including risperdol and latuda neither of which worked prior to the Clozaril) and had treatment resistant auditory hallucinations for 5 years. I figured I would lose some of the weight from the Clozaril when I started the Latuda, since most of my weight gain was from medication.I am in recovery from anorexia ( starting when I began the Clozaril) and the only way I agreed to take Clozaril was if they gave me Metformin. They only gave me 500mg of Metformin, which isn't enough to really help with weight loss, but I didn't know that at the time. I wasn't as concerned about food or my body but hadn't increased my caloric intake that much and was still only eating once a day. I continued to exercise moderately and still do. Given my small amount of food intake and exercise, I should have lost weight weight when I discontinued the Clozaril because that's what made me gain mostly and at a very rapid pace. Instead I have maintained all that weight and managed to gain even more weight on the Latuda. I don't think Latuda is as weight neutral as they claim. I know I would weigh less if I didn't take it or if I reduced my dose. I don't want to become anorexic again, but I don't want to gain anymore weight either. I discussed my concerns with doctor, and she prescribed me Metformin again after a 45 minute discussion. She's not pleased about the Metformin and was upset about my once a day eating regime. I had to agree to eat 3 small protein based meals a day, and she advised me to avoid sugar. She only prescribed the Metformin because she doesn't want me to reduce my Latuda or go off it because I'm doing so well. Has anyone else experienced weight gain on Latuda? Even a small amount? How has it affected your weight? I've always seemed to gain weight on the supposedly weight neutral AP's. I gained a ton of weight on Abilify (when I took it before I was psychotic, took it again after I was psychotic but cut my dose down to a tiny amount) and gained weight on Geodon. My doctor told me the other day that Abilify and Geodon aren't weight neutral. Anyone else gain weight on these? Which meds have caused weight gain? I was anorexic and weighed 93lbs when I started the Clozaril. Normally I never would have taken a med that caused so much weight gain, but I was in an excellent hospital seeking help mainly for my depression. I wasn't looking for help with my eating disorder, and considering I had tried nearly every med possible with no relief, I didn't think they'd be able to make the voices go away.They were determined to treat all my syptoms at once- the psychosis, anorexia, and depression. Normally I avoided AP's that caused weight gain. Zyprexa was my worst nightmare, but I had tried it. I didn't really gain weight on it, but I wasn't on it long and it didn't work. I would try AP's, but if they caused the slightest bit of weight gain I either went off them or reduced the dose ( with or without my doctor's permission). I respected the doctors in this hospital and probably would not have been willing to try Clozaril anywhere else. They told me that I had to gain weight in order to get better and for some reason, I listened to them when I had ignored everyone else. the anorexia became really bad when I was 29 and got into recovery from substance abuse. I've been to inpatient treatment for ED's twice and had seen numerous specialists. Plus that's the field that I pursued for my academics and professional work, so I knew all about it. I hated the Clozaril because of all the side effects, which is why I came off it. I prefer Latuda and am able to cope with it's side effects by taking other meds to counter act them. I'm glad the Latuda works to control my auditory hallucinations now, but I think that ECT and the Namenda play a big role in that too. As much as I'd love to come off an AP, I'm scared to mess with my current meds. I don't want the psychosis to come back. I doing so well now. But it's really hard to go from 93lbs to what I weigh now. I'm more than 35lbs heavier. I'm 5'4, so my BMI is still in the normal range, but I don't want to become overweight. I've weighed a little bit more before ( when I was 29 and on Abilify,before I got into recovery from substance abuse) and my horror at being so heavy triggered a massive slide into severe anorexia. What do you do to cope with weight gain from meds? In your experience what is the med that caused the least and most weight gain? I know it varies from person to person. Anyone else prescribed Metformin to help with AP weight gain? Do you think the benefits of AP"s are greater than gaining some weight? Have you ever reduced your dose to lose weight? Would love to hear your stories.
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