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  1. I was diagnosed with bipolar about 10 years ago and have tried pretty much every medicine cocktail there could be. Depakote and risperdal made me gain 60 pounds. I switched to a new combination a number of times. Currently I take 400 mg of Wellbutrin XR, 2 mg of abilify, and 50mg of vyvanse. I have been on these all for at least 4 years and have since gained 45 pounds within the last year or so and I have had it! My pdoc suggested to either come off abilify or switch to a new AP like lamictal. At this point I have no idea what caused the onset of weight gain. Pdoc thinks abilify. I am hesitant to try lamictal because of the potential rash... But he said it is more weight neutral. I have attempted to wean off abilify but I end up feeling horrible and go back on it. I am so frustrated with the weight gain. I don't even know if it is the abilify causing it or one of the others. The abilify is fine except for the possible weight gain. Can someone offer some advice on what to do?
  2. hi, i'm basically wondering if increasing abilify has helped anyone 'get over the hump' with depression. or whatever other metaphor... 'break through the ceiling' or 'find one's way out from underneath the cloud of depression' or... yada, yada. my pdoc has also lowered my seroquel dose significantly... from: 500, to 200 (last month) to just yesterday 100. i went from 500mg seroquel/day, 300mg wellbutrin, 4mg xanax recently, to... : 10mg abilify, 200mg seroquel, with my wellbutrin and xanax staying the same. this helped me from feeling like i was at the bottom of the chart with depression, to getting me to about halfway to what i would consider normal motivation and mood. (saying it got me 2/3rd's of the way would be pushing it, i think.) so just yesterday the doctor... lowered seroquel to 100mg at night and upped abilify to 20mg/day. does anyone have any idea if this will help me feel the ability to conquer this depression at all, or add to my motivation ? the pdoc said it could make me more drowsy... but i really don't think i need to feel more drowsy, i'm already quite sedated. i told him this. we're still going to try. sorry for the length, any thoughts and/or experiences would greatly be appreciated, thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm on Risperidone for my anti-depressant induced BP-II (had serotonin syndrome). I really would like to just keep it with anti-psychotics if possible. So my question is, what AP have you found stabilizes you without the need for other meds? I've been on 0.5mg up to 1mg daily (currently trying 1mg at night). I tried spreading it out during the day but got unacceptable side effects such as sedation and nervousness. I'm so far not feeling a great stabilizing effect, I've been getting swings every few days still. So I'm not convinced this is the best choice. A year ago I did find Seroquel worked wonders for stabilizing mood, but at the time had something of a fragile dopaminergic system so it ended up causing panic attacks after 3 months of working up the dose to 250mg. However after that I was able to ride it out without medication (before I upset my balance again with lithium orotate) so I'm wondering if I should try Seroquel again. An alternative would be Abilify, unsure whether the partial dopamine agonist (so called 'dopamine stabilizer') would be good or bad considering my propensity for anxiety, and sensitive dopaminergic system, or whether its just a matter of finding the right dose. Has anyone had a pdoc willing to mix 2 different APs successfully? Such as Risperidone and Abilify for example, or maybe risperidone and Seroquel (quetiapine)? I know the standard wisdom is it increases the chances of EPS but I doubt that would be a problem with Abilify in a small dose, or even Seroquel (since its a loose binding dopamine antagonist). Would be pleased to hear your thoughts Thanks
  4. hi, i just joined and this is my first post! first of all i just wanna say i dont think there is anything wrong with being fat, i think all body shapes and sizes are beautiful, etc. but anyway here's the deal: i got sent away to residential treatment when i was 16. i was about 125 lbs at the time. while i was there, i started consistently taking medication for the first time in my life. i am now about to turn 19 and the last time my doctor weight me, i was at 165 lbs. since going on medication i've gained 40 pounds and i'm the heaviest i've ever been in my life. i'm now considered plus sized and i even have trouble finding clothes that fit me at a lot of stores (which sucks because i need all new ones since none of my old clothes fit). i don't feel physically healthy, i'm really out of shape, and frankly i don't feel very confident about my looks anymore. i believe the medication that caused the most weight gain was abilify, which i stopped taking several months ago...but i continue to gain weight. you can see what other meds i'm on in my signature below. anyway, for those of you that have also experienced a large weight gain due to medication...how did you get the weight back off, and how long did it take you? other than diet and exercise (i am trying to start working out...its hard when you're severely depressed lol), have you tried anything else, like some wacky vitamins, that have helped you (in a HEALTHY way)? have you heard of anything recommended by doctors? the only thing i've heard about is myo-inositol, a vitamin that supposedly helps with bipolar disorder and somehow combats weight gain from abilify, specifically. please help i'm really sick of being fat lol.
  5. I started abilify 10 mg last week, and it is making me super sleepy. I always feel like I am going to doze off. But it seems when I am at work I am not as tired. Just the days I am off and sitting around its hard to stay awake. Is there anything to combat this?
  6. has anyone out there been dx'ed with metabolic syndrome b/c of side effects from bipolar meds, specifically AAP's? i'm on abilify and due to my lazy depressed self and cravings for carbs, i've put on over 50 pounds in 3 years. i don't exercise, and i went to the endo for the first time today to discuss my thyroid, which turned into me possibly having metabolic syndrome on top of everything else. i'm terrified, and i don't know where else to post this. any advice on what to do (besides diet and exercise) would be great! i feel like i've reached a point in my life that a big change is about to hit- can't go on like this, treating my body this way. thanks kids.
  7. Hello, everyone. My official diagnosis is Schizophrenia-Paranoid Type. I have been on soooo many different antipsychotics, and most of them have worked for my symptoms but made me sleep so much to the point of being completely dysfunctional. I just started taking Abilify a month ago. I took 10mg for three weeks, and since my symptoms (mainly the voices) returned and persisted, my psychiatrist increased my dose to 15mg. It has now been a week and a half at 15mg, and I am still hearing voices. My thinking is okay most of the time, but hearing the voices 24/7 is exhausting. Does anyone have experience with Abilify? How long did it take to fully work? What dose worked for you? Did it make voices go away? Any experiences you want to share would help me greatly. Thanks! -Dragonfly
  8. Hi! I've been prescribed Abilify 10 due to its activating nature (with SSRI fluvoxamine 50) because I have hypersomnia (sleep 16 hours), lack of motivation, some social phobia. The first two times I took 10mg, I felt very tired and had to sleep. And then felt a bit drowsy and like fainting / nauseated. And restless also. Not good. I wonder if it subsides over time and if 10 is too much in my case (maybe 5?). Thank you!
  9. I wrote more than I meant to. There's a summary at the bottom. Lovely forum, by the way. It's been so difficult to find a place like this that's active. I'm not sure if anyone else has dealt with the same thing, but my mother has had periodic episodes throughout her life. I live alone with her, so whenever she has these episodes it's basically just me trying to cope with her delusions. Generally she's paranoid; she'll think people have hypnotized her, poisoned her food, or are trying to set her up to fail at work -- that sort of thing. When I was younger it was always terrifying because I didn't understand what was going on, and I thought her delusional thinking was real. As I got older, her seemingly random bouts of psychosis more or less ruined my life, and hers. Every time she gets a stable job for a few years, for instance, she'll experience another break from reality and lose it at work, and then she'll lose her job and end up institutionalized for a while. Meanwhile I'm living alone trying to cover rent costs so she has a home to come back to after her hospital stay, which wipes out my savings completely. Then when she's sane again, she has to find another job, and -- it's like we have to rebuild our lives every single time. Most people experience some semblance of stability in their lives, but I've never really had this. Every few years this shit just keeps happening. The last time was two years ago, and after her institutionalization her doctor prescribed abilify. That's been working, and she's even been able to cut down on it slowly, with her doctor's help. But now her symptoms are reappearing. She has breast cancer, so she's been doing rounds of chemotherapy, and so far that's actually been going ... pretty well, as far as chemo goes. Last week, though, she experienced diarrhea, and now she's afraid her co-workers despise her, and she's staring off into space for long periods of time again, and she can't sleep because she's too busy worrying about work, of all things. I've talked to her about her worries, gone through them with her and basically let her talk for hours to let it all out, but she still only got a couple of hours of sleep. That night, I asked her if she'd been taking her abilify, and she admitted that she'd forgotten to take it, and hadn't been taking it for a couple of weeks. This brings me to my first question, I guess. By the way, thank you if you stuck around through all this. I've had no one to discuss this with, ever, so it's been a long time coming. I've done some reading about abilify withdrawal symptoms, and hers seem to fit the bill perfectly (a return of previous symptoms, the diarrhea, etc.). We have a few of her pills left, so I got her to start taking them again, but I don't know what to do once we run out. She seems fairly lucid this time around (as opposed to other times, where she seemed catatonic, and I couldn't even get her to eat) so I want to act fast before things get worse. Could anyone with experience in managing abilify/quitting it cold turkey please let me know how long, or how many dosages, it took for their symptoms to disappear again? She had been using it for two years before she suddenly stopped taking them for a couple of weeks. Additionally, she said she would schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist this week, but ... I really don't believe she'll do it, which is troublesome since she's almost out of medication. How do I deal with this? I realize this sounds horrible, but I'm just so tired; her psychosis has completely shaped my life for the worse. Every two to three years it's the same shit. Then she'll get medication, and she'll get it to a workable level (that is, the dose was small enough to work without causing the typical negative side effects), and then -- whoops! She'll forget to take it and the whole thing will start all over again. I'm tired. I wish I had someone else to handle this for me, just once. Sorry. TLDR: Mom was on abilify for two years, went off it cold turkey for two weeks, and now her symptoms are back. If she returns to taking her prescribed amounts, should I expect her symptoms to go away again? And if you've had experience quitting abilify cold turkey, only to return to it again later, how long did it take for your symptoms to go away again?
  10. Just introducing myself. I am a 35 year old woman who has been suffering from OCD since I was 14. I finally gave in and got help when I was 20-21. I should have done it earlier, but it just wasn't something people talked about and wasn't as "acceptable" to talk about back in then. I have been on so many anti-depressants, I can't even count them. Most recently I was on Lexapro and Abilify. Abilify was my miracle drug for OCD. I have never found anything that I could actually say "hey, this works for me!" before Abilify. Unfortunately I had to get off of it due to weight gain and increased blood sugar. I got on Pristiq (mainly for the weight loss) and now I have seen my pdoc, and I am working on getting off the Pristiq and getting on Luvox. I have been on Luvox about 10 years ago, but I am willing to give it another go. Anything to try to get this unquiet mind a little peace! Hope to have good discussions with you all!
  11. Not sure if I should be scared or relieved, but my psychiatrist put me on Abilify to accompany my Lexapro (10mg). I would be taking half a 5mg tablet (2.5mg) at bedtime. I don't hear voices, I am not psychotic. Is this even the right drug for me? It's used to treat Schizophrenia and I only have BPD, Depression, Anxiety and some other stuff but I'm not psychotic at all. ;-; My girlfriend was put on Seroquel last year and she said anti-psychotics made her creativity die completely and I wouldn't want to become a zombie.
  12. Abit of a strange story, two years ago i was put on prozac for rather severe depression and had a hypomanic episode (hypersexuality, impulsiveness, reckless behaviour). A year later i was put on abilify, with the intention of then putting me ona anti depressent which never happened, and after two months made me hear voices in my head telling my things i didnt want too hear- (example- thoughts about sex when around family, made me want to scratch my eyes out!) since then severe depression (although not as bad) has returned i've been put on Abilify 1.5mg a day, in a couple days ill beput of a ssri (faster than last time in the hope of avoiding the bad thoughts). However, after a week of feeling sedated in the last couple of days i've felt so sped up, feel like jumping around and throwing things at walls and screaming, far too much energy. I was wondering if the abilify could have caused this hypomanic feeling, and if so how could a mood stabiliser cause mania in someone who was only depressed before and has never experienced mania not triggered by fluoxitine(prozac)?
  13. I am on abilify, lamictal, and lexapro. I just realized yesterday the cause of my sinus pressure runny and stuffy nose and occasional sneezing could be allergies. So my mom has given me an allergy pill to find out-it contains the following... acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine, and phenylephrine. Can I take it with my meds? Has anyone here had trouble? Has anyone taken them and are fine? I am know acetaminophen is fine. But what about the other 2?
  14. Hello guys and gals, Well, as you may somewhat recognise by the the title of this post, is that I have a friend who cuts his face, let alone the self injuries on his right arm. He had been cutting, his right arm, for weeks on end, usually once a week, which I thought was bad enough, but had negatively progressed to cutting his face. I am worried about him, as first, I believe this is not healthy for his mental state, and second, it is not socially acceptable in the workplace. I can give you many other factors, but I would hate to bore you guys. In short, I am very worried about him, and was wondering if this facial cutting would ever stop? It is very noticeable whenever I see him at work - I was the one who helped him get the job too - only because I've known him ever since we were young - a childhood friend. This young man who is now 28, has always been shy, reclusive, anti social, and almost everything from a to z, but he still is a beautiful human being and my good friend. I could never see myself doing this. Firstly because I am adopted, so I could never take a part of my life, and "cut it" emotionally, I have a daughter - she doesnt need to see that, also because physically, it would hurt me too much to go through that pain, and finally, I already have scars on my face from when I was 2 or three - don't ask why, because I was adopted, so I don't know what happened - that is my own journey that I have to figure out myself. I just hope one day he "snaps" out of it, and comes to his senses. I have offered him support, asking him to see a psychologist, and just being there for him to talk to him - just being a friend, but I can't hold his hand, he is a grown man. I mean, I understand I need the help, so I understand that I need to take pro active actions towards getting the help. I think, he knows that too, but his personality has always been to "ignore" the issues at hand. It does't mean he's a bad person, just he doesnt want to put in the effort. Anyways, thanks for you guys and gals for listening, I don't have many friends myself, but I take emotional hurdles differently now that I am a full time time parent, significant other and full time student. Any insight to this face cutting would be great, so I can get a better understanding. Cheers, Alejandro M.
  15. Hi! I've been on Abilify since last June, tapering down every three months from 30mg to 25mg to 20mg and finally last week to 15mg. Everything was going as expected, ie) temporary mood shift lasting from two weeks to up to a month after each shift to a lower dose, so I though I knew what to expect... until I reached 15mg. Now I have to drink a beer everyday or I feel like I don't know disconnected and agitated and depressed. It's definately a compulsion - and I never drink more than one. But I know it's not good to solve my emotional problems with beer (although it does taste good). Am I self-medicating???? Will I gradually get used to being on this lower dose of Abilify? Has anyone else experienced the same when they have tapered off AAPs? All support appreciated.
  16. I have schizoaffective disorder having generally lower hypomania - not mania. I have been taking Serdolect for a week, now 8mg, two days later it will be 12 mg. It is the only non sedating antipsychotic. I selected it for that reason because all the antipsychotics (I have to take for schizo^+bipolar) make me a zombie. But - this one activated me too much that I sleep 5.5 hours a day with full energy throughout the day. It appears to have the antipsychotic effect, thats fine but that too much activation worries me a little bit. Can this be a hypomania? I know my hypomania - in the last year when I did change the meds to lighter ones I had grandoise when I became hypomanic- but not with this med (may be antipsychotic effect covered it?). Also there are other symptoms I have when I am hypomanic - but now I do not have most of them. Only wakefulness, and some stimulation - I guess this is called activation. Now what I wonder is, if this is not hypomania but activation, can this make bipolar worse - I mean sleeping 5.5 hours a day and full energy - without most of the hypomanic symptoms I generally have? Or --- (if) because it is not hypomania, it is only activation, this will bring no problems? I tried Abilify - it activates some people - I was one of them - was fine in the beginning but it did not end up not fine. But the mechanisms are really different as Serdolect activates most people and bring no sedation to anyone. Abilify depends on person to person - makes some zombie. So I believe I have some chance now not ending up bad. But I would like to learn all your opinions on what I ask underlined in bold. All the best.
  17. Hi. I've been on Abilify for about two weeks. A teeny tiny about, 2mg, but have I mentioned my pdoc doesn't like AAPs? Anyway, he won't raise it until I am officially back on my insurance, although he will listen to my phone messages, and renew scripts. In an emergency, okay, he would tweak meds, but he really wants to avoid it for liability reasons. I don't seem to have improved, to me. And in the last few days, I have started crying many times a day. Often, the thing I am crying about is legitimately distressing, but now if I just *think* about some things, my eyes start to sting, and my nose gets stuffed up. I feel like I am just as out of control a I was before, too. I sent another really embarrassing email to my neuro, because 6 weeks have passed, and the tdoc they told me would call within 7 days still hasn't called. And they are kind of blowing me off, and once even said, "well, sometimes you just have to wait." DUH! YOU told me the time frame, I didn't start asking about it until another week had passed. So this makes me cry even writing it, and anything surround my headaches does. I am feeling way more put upon by headaches than usual. I'm feeling very put upon by the people at Stanford. But i wrote an idiotic email. I edited it a thousand times, but once I sent it, I knew I shouldn't have. I know this is wandering, but the point is, I'm disorganized and distraught. Could this be just my getting worse, or could it be the Abilify, and if it is the abilify, is it possibly a passing symptom? I really don't feel any better
  18. I hadnt psychoses before i began on abilify. On monday i stopped taking my 10 milligram abilify. What is the Withdrawal symptoms? Can it take more than a week to Get Withdrawal symptoms?
  19. Is weight gain an issue at a very low dose? I've gained enough weight from other meds and don't want to add any more .
  20. Hi all! New member here. I've been having some serious trouble from what I can only assume is my Abilify, and am hoping I can find some similar experiences here. I've been taking it (2mg) since April of this year. When I first started it, by the next morning, I was wide awake and fully energized between 6-7am. This continued until August no matter how much/little sleep I'd gotten the night before. I really enjoyed it and it also helped with my MDD (rx in signature). Since August, I've been having difficulties keeping a normal sleep cycle. It started out with me not being able to get tired until later and later, and when I woke up it was nearly impossible to get out of bed; not because of my depression, but because of being so exhausted. In September, I found that I was able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour with the help of diphenhydramine, but even after getting 8 hours of rest, I still literally couldn't get out of bed sometimes. I basically felt like I'd just taken a 2 hour nap, which (for me) always make me feel more tired when I wake up than I did before the nap. For the past 2-3 weeks, I haven't been able to get to sleep until 5-6am. I went to my psychiatrist last Tuesday and told her about all of this, but she didn't seem to think that the sleep problems and the Abilify were linked. She prescribed me Trazodone and thus far, it's been very hit or miss. I feel relaxed when I take it, but often not tired at all or enough to sleep. I've never had trouble like this before in my entire life, and the only thing I can think of is that it's the medication since it had the opposite effect in the beginning. I have stopped taking the Abilify as of last week (on my own accord for the sleep troubles and for the fact that it costs $600) and am still wired all through the night even with the Trazodone. I'm wondering if it's because it may take up to a month to completely get out of my system (opinions?). Has anyone else experienced this trouble? Thanks so much!
  21. After trying Invega, Geodon and Abilify with terrible results, my doc put me on Latuda. I'm on day one and the only side effect is my jaw is tight and I was a little anxious(socially) earlier today. This is a huge difference as far as the previous meds as the nasty side effects were immediate and didn't subside even after a few weeks. Can you tell me your experiences as far as weight gain...sexual side effects...drowsiness...flat affect? Thanks so much!
  22. OK I need some other crazy peoples advice. 37.5 MG Effexor 300 MG Wellbutrin 1 MG 2x Day Xannax OK I cant take the Xannax cuz I just drove my car over a cement gravestone and parked it on top of it wondering where I was at as I called my mom at 6am. I WILL NOT TAKE THAT NO MORE OR AMBIEN. Turns me into Frankenstein. I just realized on the screening for PTSD I am a 75 out of 85 points. Is treatement for PTSD the same as the treatment for GAD, Chronic Major Depression and all the other crap im taking. I just want to stop taking all of it to see if I am normal again. I took three tests online and the results are PTSD – 75+ points now that I realize what I have shut off in my life since ?? 1985-1995+ the last ten years with Pati. I AM PTSD no doubt about it. I need this guys help and then some [Edited for privacy reasons] I contacted them via their website on 9-22-2012 and asked them to help by getting me into their trial for 1. What is your PTSD treatment technique? Stellate ganglion block (SGB) – ‘block’ = injection 2. How does SGB work in treating PTSD? After years of research it has been concluded by Dr. Lipov that the stellate ganglion (a collection of nerves) are connected to the insular, amygdala and other cortical regions – parts of the brain largely responsible for PTSD. Applying an anesthetic to the ganglion reverses the effects of PTSD. Refer to chapter 6 (included herein) of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Causes, Symptoms and Treatment to be released in September by Nova Publishing. 3. How is it applied? A local anesthetic (used in epidurals applied during labor) is injected to the nerves in the neck. 4. How long does it take before the patient experiences relief from PTSD? Approximately 30 minutes after the treatment 5. Is FDA approval required to implement this approach? No. The FDA has ruled that approval is not needed for this approach since SGB is a conventional procedure and uses a conventional anesthetic. 6. What is the compliance rate (patients staying with the treatment)? 100%, most drugs have 50% compliance. 7. Has this approach been validated in other centers? Yes. Walter Reed Army Medical Center by Dr. Sean Mulvaney 8. Is it possible to wean the patients of the psychiatric medications post treatment? Yes. Both of Dr. Mulvaney’s patients have been taken off of all psychiatric medications. 9. Is it possible to have SGB available to all warfighters who need treatment in the next year? Yes. Dr. Lipov is an instructor with the Chicago based North American Spine Society (NASS). With a substantial training facility (accommodates 200 trainees), Dr. Lipov plans on training pain physicians and developing centers nationally to provide SGB to warfighters with PTSD. 10. Does SGB have non-military applications? Yes. SGB has been successfully applied to women suffering from PTSD as a result of trauma, sexual and/or domestic abuse. 11. How long has this method been used and are the downsides understood? SGB has been used since 1925, thus the limitations and complications are well understood. A German study applied 45,000 SGB’s and resulted in no permanent complications among patients. 12. How long does the effect last? It varies. Some have needed only one block and remain asymptomatic ; others have found the block effective for a few months, requiring a second treatment, which, on those we have monitored, effects have lasted for 2 years. Patients remain off all related medications. Similar results were reported by Dr. Mulvaney, 4/ 2010. 13. What else has SGB been used to treat? Previous reports of SGB include in the treatment of depression at the Cleveland Clinic (1947), post-climacteric psychosis (1993), panic disorder (1995) schizophrenia (2002), PTSD in a crime victim (2009) and PTSD in soldiers (2010). My question is how do I find someone to help me with this mess? ON THE PTSD screen 75 out of 85 TOTAL POINTS Depression Screener Results and recommendations Your screening results indicate a high likelihood that you are suffering from severe depression. Your answers also show you might be at risk for harming yourself. Print your completed test and results, then share them with your healthcare provider to discuss your specific symptoms. Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? Q. Little interest or pleasure in doing things A. Nearly every day Q. Feeling down or depressed or hopeless A. Nearly every day Q. Trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much A. Nearly every day Q. Feeling tired or having little energy A. Nearly every day Q. Poor appetite or overeating A. Nearly every day Q. Feeling bad about yourself—or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down A. Nearly every day Q. Trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching television A. Nearly every day Q. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed. Or the opposite—being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual A. Nearly every day Q. Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way A. Nearly every day Q. If you checked off any problems how difficult have these problems made it for you to do your work take care of things at home or get along with other people? A. Nearly every day Q. If you checked off any problems how difficult have these problems made it for you to do your work take care of things at home or get along with other people? A. Extremely difficult NEXT Test Says The self assessment tool indicates the presence of the symptoms of Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is recommended that you contact a doctor or mental health professional. The symptoms of Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have severely impaired your work, social life and home life. It is recommended that you contact a doctor or mental health professional. Stress Screener Results You're In Trouble! You appear to be at high risk of experiencing health consequences due to your stress levels, or you may be experiencing them already. It's vital to manage stress in your lifestyle to safeguard your health, or prevent further damage. The resources on this website can explain how stress affects your health, and provide important information on how to stay healthy. We strongly recommend that you use these resources to create a healthier lifestyle. Also I need to ADD Ablilfy to my medications. YEA JUST more of them. Just when I wanted to quit taking all of them. Hopefully my insurance will help me pay for this before its too late for me? Any SUGGESTIONS? Thank You for NOT telling me I am nuts or need to see a mental health doctor. I need to see a mental health doctor that listens and works for me to help me not just shove pills down my throat?
  23. Today (Wednesday) is exactly 3 weeks since I started abilify. I have had horrific insomnia. I'm sleeping from like 7am-11(but about every 4th day, I conk out, and get a little more, like 3-11, so not bad). If this could still be a passing side-effect, I am willing to put up with it a few weeks more. But if it remains, I seriously cannot stay on it, I have primary insomnia as it is. Am I still in the "wait it out" period? I am on and insanely small dose, too, 2mg. So is this going to get worse as I go up in dosage? I think I may actually be sleepy: its about 5:30AM
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