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  1. I've been dealing with akathisia for about a month now. I just started on the Invega about 2 months ago, after a psychotic episode and inpatient hospital stay. I'm Schizoaffective Bipolar Type. I've had three hospital stays so far. I've been on Haldol before and gotten really bad akathisia, I would literally pace for hours because I couldn't sit still. If I wanted to sit down for any length of time, I would have to rock back and forth. Then they moved me to Abilify, which gave me akathisia as well. I rarely took my pills for a couple of years, until this latest episode, which was the worst. I am going to stay on Invega, no matter what, because I don't ever want to deal with a psychotic episode like that ever again. The Invega works great for keeping me from having psychosis, but it's driving me nuts with daily akathisia. It's not as bad as on the other meds. It's tolerable I suppose. I am just so bored I could scream. The boredom makes the akathisia harder to deal with, because I don't have a way to distract myself. I am avoiding all of my old interests, like metaphysics etc that seem to trigger delusional thoughts. So I have nothing to do all day, and I can't seem to sit still and relax even to read a book or watch a movie. I have to keep getting up to do something else. I don't really have a question or anything, just bored and venting.
  2. From the album: Untitled Album

    Couldn't sleep so I drew.

    © BrahJ

  3. After about a 5 year phase of polydrugging (mainly amphetamines, plus a wide range of different sedatives to counteract the insomnia and other side effects), I decided to quit everything, and one bastard of a withdrawal symptom which I'm dealing with is mild (I truly feel for people who have severe forms of it) akathisia. My motivation levels aren't too high, so I'm not gonna post this whole thread at once, I'll edit it bit by bit. I'm making this thread as a source of information on potential short term and long term solutions for people dealing with this ungodly symptom. So I've found plenty of substances which temporarily remedy the symptoms: Opioids, D2 agonists (like bromocriptine), MAOI inhibitors, benzos, trazodone, mirtazapine, nicotine, modafinil, gabapentin, first gen antihistamines, anticholinergics (only tried scopolamine so far, but I hear benzatropine works well), NMDA antagonists etc. but they all make the problem worse in the long run. So I'm looking for sustainable solutions, and ways to actually heal the underlying problem (I believe dopamine deficiency is one of the underlying causes). I find that a combination of rhodiola rosea and phosphatidyl serine remedies the symptoms well, but it only works for about 3 days in a row, then I need to take at least 3 days off to get the effects back. Melotonin definitely helps, I've been taking that at night time. Some things I read about, which I'm experimenting with right now are: - Macrodosing vitamin E Macrodosing vitamin C - Read about this here: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/65200-how-i-survived-the-mother-of-all-side-effects-effing-akathisia-warning-long-post/ someone on that thread claimed that they got significant relief by megadosing vitamin C. Vitamin B6 - I can't find the thread where I heard someone mention this helped them, but heres a study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15554771 I have been experimenting with this for a couple of days now, and it seems to be working. When akathisia comes on, I take 150mg of B6, and about an hour later I find that the akathisia fades. I'm almost 100% free of it right now, and yesterday I got completely free of akathisia after 300mg of B6. Quercatin + bromelain + acetylcysteine - Heard about this in the same thread I mentioned above, I'll post it when I find it. Some non substance approaches I'm experimenting with are: Meditation - This is torturous to do when the akathisia is there, so I don't know if its of much use for dealing with akathisia Exercise - Doesn't seem to help, but maybe in the long run it will Diet - I notice that anything with gluten in it brings on the akathisia. I know that I have gluten intolerance, since eating gluten makes me lethargic, but after quitting all the meds, I've definitely noticed a connection to akathisia. Here are a list of substances which make the problem worse: GHB and phenibut - Phenibut seems to remedy it temporarily, but after a few hours it comes on strong. GHB seems to always amplify it. Kratom - Some strains of kratom help, some make it much worse. This Malaysian strain I tried, made the issue much worse. Frankincense oil - Frankincense contains a TRPV3 agonist, which is a pretty novel class of substance, so I decided to give it a try. Interesting to note that it amplfies the akathisia, so I wonder if there are TRPV3 antagonists out there. Ashwaghanda - I'm on the fense about this one. Only tried it twice so far and found myself with bad restlessness afterwards. Like rhodiola, its an adaptogen meaning its supposed to promote homeostasis in the brain. Have to experiment more with this one. UPDATE: I suspect there is a connection between akathisia and cortisol, so I lwant to see what effect DHEA (which counteracts cortisols effects) has on my akathisia. I found one study on this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16126372 I live in Europe so I had to order the DHEA from America, which will take a couple of weeks to arrive, I'll post results then.
  4. I know generally, for a lot of people, it's the other way around and that antipsychotics can cause it. I had pretty bad Akathisia prior to being prescribed a quite low (50mg) dose of quetiapine split into two 25mg doses - AM and PM. I found that, at first, the morning dose put me into a horrible in-between state where the inner restlessness was still ever-present but the sedating effect of the meds stopped me from moving as I routinely did to find relief. After a few weeks, though, it began to apply to the restless feeling too, and I no longer felt the need to keep moving. Has anyone else experienced this? Curious to see whether it was, in fact, the seroquel that stopped it when I was on the med since Akathisia's been back after stopping cold turkey.
  5. I saw my pdoc on Tuesday, and she pronounced me to be "loud" and "fast" - basically, speeding up towards mania in the way that I typically do during spring with the increased hours of daylight. Her first proposal was to add ativan to my growing list of prn meds, but more importantly, to increase my seroquel XR dose from 600mg to 800mg. Well. What a disaster. The pharmacy had to order in the meds for me, so I first tried the increased XR on Wed night, and again last night, in case the horror I experienced on the first night had been an anomaly. I have never - not even when I was taking 1,000mg of the instant release - experienced what I have over the past two nights. The XR sets in slowly (obviously), so from the point of taking it at 5pm to the point of going up to bed at about 9pm I felt okay. Then it was as if I'd slid into a waking nightmare, with a horrifying sense of dread and doom, and wishing I could scratch my way out of my skin. I eventually stopped last night's attack by taking an ativan at 1am, but today I still feel kind of shellshocked. This must be akathisia, right? My pdoc doesn't work on Fridays, so I don't get to speak to her again until Monday morning. I really can't bear a repeat of what happened, so this weekend I'm going to revert back to the 600mg - then on Monday ask her to come up with another idea to contain the seasonal mania. I'm pretty disappointed that this is what happened - it would have been ideal if a simple increase in my primary med could be the fix.
  6. Hi All, I just started perphenazine and I have developed akathisia, a side effect that is new to me. My pdoc told me to try benadryl if eps popped up, but I forgot to ask specific questions. So, how much should I take? How frequently? Is there any chance that the akithasia will subside or will I have to remain a diphenydramine junkie for as long as I am on perphenazine? Thanks heaps.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm taking 3mg of Risperdal right now. I noticed that, upon going on 2.5mg and above, that I keep getting this feeling that I have to constantly move. It's incredibly uncomfortable and I find myself feeling uncomfortable in general even when I am moving. It's far worse in the morning than any other time of day and has made me feel as if I want to jump out of my skin. Was just wondering if this is similar to people's experiences with akathisia. I got this same feeling with Abilify a couple years back and was taken right off that - my doctor won't take me off Risperdal though. My doctor gave me propranolol 10mg and it somewhat helps but not completely. Thanks for any responses!
  8. My insomnia has come back recently, and my pdoc told me to double my dose of Seroquel (100->200). I reminded him that in the past when I was at 200 or more I had akathisia. He said this isn't a normal side effect of Seroquel, but, I had it when I was taking Seroquel alone. The pdoc asked me to call him if I get akathisia again, then he'll put me on Abilify instead. Has anyone else experienced akathisia with Seroquel? If yes, at what dose?
  9. My pdoc has taken me off of Haldol because of acute akathisia that I developed. He has decided to not replace it with another AP until we know for sure that the depakote and clonopin alone cannot manage my symptoms. Do most APs have this bad of side-effects? Also, how do you monitor yourself to make sure psychosis isn't returning?
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