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  1. Hello people, On the 7th of February I'm quitting Abilify 10mg cold turkey. This is with the help of my pdoc of course. I'm really looking forward to this. But I'm wondering; How effective is Lamotrigine (generic Lamictal) as a monotherapy for Bipolar I with severe mania? It's been approved by the FDA for this purpose, but most people seem to be on a Abilify/Lamotrigine or Lamotrigine/depakote mix. I'm usually at the depressive side, and only have been manic twice. My current dose is only 100mg, as I respond very well to Lamotrigine, but it might be raised to cope with possible changes in my mood. Wish me luck!
  2. Has anyone on Lamotrigine noticed spotting or irregular periods? I'm not on birth control, and the only official info in medication guides and the like pertains to simultaneous Lamotrigine and birth control use. Some of what I've had is beyond spotting, more like light bleeding. It started my first day on Lamotrigine, about 8 hours before I was set to take my next dose. Could it only be happening because the level of Lamotrigine in my body got lower as the day went on? Being on Lamotrigine had been like night and day for my bipolar, and I really don't want to have to go off it unless it's really necessary. I don't even seem to be having any other side effects but this and a little bit of slowed gastric motility. This is also the first psych med I've tried and the period thing is kind of freaking me out. I'll talk to my psychiatrist about it when I see him in about a week and a half. I don't really want to email him about it now, because we're still emailing back and forth trying to find a benzodiazapine I can take (unrelated issue). I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  3. This is probably a weird question, but it's just something that I've been beating around back and forth in my head for a while now. When I first got pinned with bi-polar, I was immediately put on Lithium(900mg daily) and Citalopram(Don't remember the dosage). Which was fine and dandy...It was the second time I'd ever been on meds(I don't even remember what I was on when I was twelve...some anti-depressant that I stopped taking the moment they let me out of that facility) so I didn't know anything better. And for me, it was like a breath of fresh air. Yes, the hand tremors were mildly annoying, and the monthly blood draws were tedious but...it was worth it. To, y'know. Be 'fixed.' But I had to be taken off of it because it was making my thyroid levels spike, or something. So they put me on Lamotrigine. (And I ended up dropping the citalopram because it was...not meshing well? It backfired and was adding to the cycling, or something. I forgot what she said.) Eventually worked my way up to 200mg of that, and..I was waiting for something to kick in? I was told that it has a longer start up period, so I tried staying with, hoping I would get the same affects from it that I did with the lithium. I'm a few months into this, and... I don't know, I'm not getting it. When I saw my doctor back in June, I told her that the lamotrigine was working. The month before when I saw her, I told her that I still felt like, "There's a long, steel pipe being shoved down my throat and through my chest, and it's suffocating me." I quote that, because I know she quoted it. That feeling never went away, but I told her it did. Why? Because I hate admitting things aren't working right away. When I was on Lithium, I never had to say much. I reached contentment really easily, so I didn't have to go through...all that annoying talking, about how I'm feeling and what is wrong. I know that when I last saw her, So what I'm asking is, should I try and up the dose? Or see if I can try something different? I'm tempted to ask if I can get back on Lithium anyways, because I know it worked. This isn't. I'm not good at saying what's wrong, as is evident with how long it took me to finally ask for help in the first place, and even that took completely hitting rock bottom. I don't want to have to fall that far again before growing a brain and saying what's what. I'm just not sure what to do. Someone else I know is on the same dose of lamotrigine that I'm currently on, and has been on it for years. It helps her, and just, why isn't it doing the same for me? Hell, I never commented on getting on an alternative for the citalopram because I was afraid. I hate talking about what's wrong, in person, because it sounds like I'm complaining and am pathetic. Even to the person who's trying to help me. I'm not letting them help me because I'm afraid to say anything. Because it really, really sounds like I'm being weak, and stupid for saying these things. Nrrgh, I'm an idiot. I don't have words when I need them. I just don't know what to do. Or how.
  4. I'm new to this forum but not mental illness, for me it started out panic attacks, then nervous breakdown, severe anxiety and recently Bipolar. I've been through HECK with meds and was ok with lexapro and lorazepam, but within the last 3 yrs the depression has been out of control, weeping, hopeless, no motivation, it takes an hr to decide to finally shower. Go to doctor and she mentions Bipolar 2 I blow that off 'I'm not crazy" my mom and sister are, then I really start researching bipolar and reading many of your wonderful posts. I don't have the Manic in a way where I stay up with energy, or alot of energy never felt that way maybe when I was younger, but the down side to Bipolar all of it times 100.....I'm scared of Lamotrigine, I've tried so many things for my depression that didn't work. The first night I took it I felt a bit anxious, the next night didn't take it and I was A MESS i felt the need to move my legs as if I had restless leg syndrome I paced my house for 2 hrs in tears all I wanted was the SEVERE ANXIETY to go away and to sleep. It scared me and my sister, I thought not for me called doctor and she said that was weird never heard of that before, maybe coincedence I should try again.......I took one this morning and I feel like doom is lerking and I don't know if it's just me because I always stress or I should be scared, nothing bad so far.
  5. Hi all, I seem to have (at least since stopping it in December 2011) come off Lithium successfully. My clinical mood chart shows me as more stable than when I was on it, and any small changes on it related to external events, upon analysis. This discontinuation had the strongest support from my psychiatrist, and we then decided to tackle the last regular medication (I also take very prn Risperdal and 5-HTP) : Lamotrigine. So...from having been on 450mg of Lamotrigine in 2009, I went down to 300mg gradually, then 200mg in January and am now on 150mg. My psychiatrist said I should go down in 50mg reductions from Lam every two weeks. However, I am feeling rather low and tearful since jumping from 175mg to 150mg. I don't know if it's my imagination, as it seems to happen almost immediately, but a day or two after going from 175mg to 150mg, I get low. Is that paranoia since it's such a short time to a low via the reduction? I know the obvious thing is to stay at 175mg for longer....I tried switching from 175mg to 150mg about three or four times over a few weeks. THAT said, I have had a lot of good and bad stress in my life recently. Troubles with my relationship, very busy/stressed at work in the past month or two, too many chores at home (decorating etc with NO help), a better job in the offing and being processed by HR/Personnel right now, etc I really want to carry on reducing Lamictal. I realise, upon writing it down, that there has been a lot of stress in my life! I don't want it to be a case of just the Lamictal as I am keen to try minimal meds, as is my psychiatrist, who told me to see how the reduction goes. What have been your experiences coming off Lamictal? Was there a dose you came to where you felt you were relapsing? Thank you!
  6. I'm on lamotrigine, trazadone and geodon. My pdoc's office is closed, and allergies have hit big time today, now that the daffodils (and other things) have bloomed. Can I take an allergy med with psuedoephedrine, or should I play it safe with one without it. Problem is, playing it safe won't take care of the problem.
  7. Hi guys, I'm a new user here, but I've been reading this board a lot. I've been bipolar I for slightly over a year now. I'm currently on Lamotrigine 100mg and that has done wonders for me, more than any antipsychotic by itself I was put on. I'm also on 10mg of Abilify. That would have been lower if my country sold lower doses. Now the time has come to quit Abilify for good, hopefully. The thing is, my pdoc wants me to quit cold turkey, since Abilify tablets can't be devided. What can I expect from this, and are there any successtories regarding quitting abilify?
  8. I looked for this topic before I posted, so sorry if I missed it! Over the past few months, I felt the Lithium's numbing powers weren't worth the loss of sense of self, especially since I have felt very low and sometimes suicidal, anyway. I do a clinically-tracked mood chart via a hospital and it seems that my swings are very event, not serum, related. So...I decided to experiment (as previously okayed with the psych in May) with reducing the Li and hoping I could deal with Lamictal monotherapy at my current 300mg per a.m. I cut down from 800mg to 400mg on the 8th Dec (yes, a big jump). So far, so good. My boyfriend has noticed I am happier and calmer, as have I , and I am definitely less cranky and more grounded. My serum a few days after the reduction was at 0.3 down from 0.7 I do feel that a serum level of 0.3 is so low that, at almost a month later on 400mg, my comparative lack of symptoms might point to a good outcome with slow withdrawal. Also, even whilst at 0.7 I was pretty low, ruminating and suffering from racing thoughts and anger. I feel more human now. Has anyone tried titrating off Lithium slowly and staying ON Lamictal alone after using them both at the same time? What were your experiences? Any success stories or advice? Thanks!
  9. which anticonvulsant has shut your mind up and made you feel at peace or at least midly relaxed/happy/ not sad
  10. okay so im on lamictal for major depressive disorder and i also have generalized anxiety. like most people, i find it works excellent for depression and doesn't do anything for anxiety. i know lamictal is supposed to be a good augmentor for antidepressants....the problem is the ssris don't do a thing for my anxiety. would lamictal actually potentiate their anxiolytic action?
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