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Found 76 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have had a mood disorder dx since I was 14. Currently 24 and dx changed to BP 2. Haven't taken meds seriously until I was 22 or so. Was doing relatively well on Latuda 40 and lamictal 200 until I decided I didn't need medication about a year ago. For the past 8 months I have been back on lamictal and latuda ranging from 100-300 and 80-20 respectively. I feel it has made no difference in my agitated and depressed mood so my pdoc added 900 lithium 3 weeks ago. Haven't noticed a difference except slightly less agitation. So I just started 1350 on the lithium. In conclusion, latuda 20, lamictal 300, and lithium 1350 don't seem to be helping. Why is my bipolar so resistant?! Anyone else have similar experience with these meds not working? What worked for you ?My pdoc said he will add the Emsam patch once I'm stable for depression..
  2. Hi all! seems there are many people here who take lutuda. I have bipolar 2 plus anxiety. My anxiety caused my depression to worsen. My pdoc suggested I take Latuda for the bipolar depression part and she said the anxiety should go away too. The first day after I took it, I felt my anxiety worsen in the morning. As soon as I wake up I need to get out of bed or I have a very bad lingering anxiety and I cannot get out of bed for about a hour. I told my pdoc that I cannot get up from bed for hours and its hard to make decisions because of my anxiety I called my pdoc today and she gave me said to keep taking it, but didn't add more than that. I feel like she is disregarding what I'm saying, but don't know what to to do. I see her in 4 weeks. Anyone have morning anxiety and lingering anxiety that went away after a week of taking latuda? I been on it for 4 days now.
  3. I've been on 80mg Latuda for 4yrs at pm along with qty2 vistaril 50mg and qty1 50mg Topomax. I take 20mg fluoxetine and 200mg SR Wellbutrin am as well. I found out early on that I can take the topomax and vistaril with dinner or shortly after but not the Latuda. It makes me feel super agitated, uncomfortable like I'm crawling out of my skin. But if I wait and take it at bed, I just go to sleep and no issues. So I started that in 2012 and have been stable bipolar2 since. I don't recall the thing about having to eat. And no one has asked. Well just the last month I've gone slightly manic and so today we decided to go up to 120mg Latuda and so I got on here just seeing if anyone had any issues increasing dosages and I see all these posts about food. I've NEVER in 4 years eaten with my Latuda. I just take it and go to bed. It's worked for 4yrs. Guessing I shouldn't start now. Just go up in dose and keep doing what I'm doing? Thoughts?
  4. I have recently been placed on latuda. A few notes: its pretty much a sleeping pill. I have it take it right before bed, say 10pm for it to metabolize properly, its advised to be taken with 350 calories of food. Does anyone have a generalized concoction they take to achieve the 350 calories? any other suggestions to make a smooth transition into latuda. Coming off Effexor btw. 75 mg. Kinda sucks.
  5. My issue: Bipolar II, severe depression and anxiety, as well as insomnia. I've been taking Seroquel for about two years. I take 200mg Seroquel in combination with 200mg Lamictal. This combination has worked fairly well for me, so far, in at least alleviating my depression enough to make me functional. I haven't had serious side effects beyond light periods (but those could also be caused by my IUD), gaining like 10 lbs over 2 years, and serious grogginess in the morning that's really hard to shake. I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed and it takes me 2 hours to fully wake up. It also makes me, as my mother describes it, "spacey". I recently switched to a new psychiatrist and primary physician due to changing jobs and health insurance. I'd been having regular blood tests done, but the new primary doc and psychiatrist didn't like the results of my most recent one (for my kidneys). New psych also seems to really dislike Seroquel and preferred I switch to something different/newer, and wants me to try Latuda. I agreed to do so mainly because the Seroquel doesn't completely help my depression and definitely does not help my anxiety, which has been problematic lately. I'm having trouble remembering to eat with my Latuda, too, which worries me. From what I understand, it doesn't work as well without food. For those of you who have switched from Seroquel (or even another atypical) to Latuda, what was your experience like? Was the Latuda better, worse, or neither?
  6. Good Afternoon everyone! I posted this in another forum, but I wanted to get a gauge of how people do when using Wellbutrin with an antipsychotic. I'm currently taking: 900mg Trileptal (300mg 3x/day) 200mg Lamictal (100mg 2x/day) 174mg Aplenzin (eq. 150mg Wellbutrin XL) 40mg Latuda Despite the fact that I'm now taking 4 medications to control rapid-cycling BPII, I'm actually really happy with where I'm at with my cocktail. I actually feel like each one serves its purpose. Latuda is the main bipolar antidepressant, but it is augmented with Aplenzin and Trileptal. Trileptal helps to keep me calm. Aplenzin helps with motivation, energy, pleasure, sex drive. Lamictal helps calm the waves. And in the time that I've been on Lamictal, my mood episodes have been much shorter. Previously they would debilitate me for days, but now they're more short-lived. And the Latuda is like a light-switch. I just transitioned back to it after being on other medications for the past year and it has been SO nice. The main reason I'm posting this though really is to get an idea of how people on Wellbutrin do with an antipsychotic. Things are more than they seem I'm sure, but one would think that they would fight each other. Wellbutrin inhibits norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake thus increasing levels of said neurotransmitters in the synapse. Antipsychotics work to BLOCK dopamine receptors and many of them noradrenergic receptors as well, but this inherently causes upregulation of both neurotransmitters as well. Anyone out there have Wellbutrin combined with an AP and/or other meds?
  7. Hey guys So I started Latuda about 8 weeks ago at 20 mg, (just the starting dose but wasnt able to get into see my doc when I was supposed to) I am definitely feeling some effects, most of them good, but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced or heard of the same? -Weight loss. I've always been about 100 lbs, super "skinny", always get asked if I eat blah blah blah. If you're a naturally skinny girl with "a fast metabolism" you understand... Now I've NEVER been under 100 pounds (even when I never eat) but now I have been consistently eating A LOT more and my weight is dropping quickly. I was 96 pounds about two weeks after starting Latuda and I'm now at 90. Need to ask my doc but anyone experience? -Insomnia. what I've noticed is that even if I get to bed really late, if it is before 5AM, I'll wake up at early 9/10. Usually, if I went to bed that late, I would sleep all day. I know, my sleep routine sucks. *I STARTED TAKING IT IN THE MORNING AND THIS HELPED 100% with sleep* I now sleep like a baby and am naturally tired by the time 10pm rolls around I actually like waking up at a decent time and starting my day, something I've never even thought was possible before this drug. - I am popping up all the time to get things, or move things, or do things for others in my house(like getting my boyfriends a drink from downstairs anytime he asked without whining about it first).. I think this is just me starting to feel better, but am open to different interpretations -On the whole, I am beginning to feel pretty good, but not that "I feel soooooo good," hypomania. But I do get really irritable for about 15 minutes a few times a day. If anyone can relate, knows if this is normal or if anyone thinks something is off, could you please give me your opinion?
  8. I want to emphasize that it's not my choice. I was paying $15 and today the pharmacist told me it would cost $400. I don't know what changed, and my insurance company's office is closed. I have 2 pills left, and I'm not shelling out $400 for 30 pills. What can I expect? How bad is it, generally? I'm going to email my psychiatrist, but I know there's nothing he can do. I just want to give him a heads up. I was on Seroquel before this, and getting off that and onto Latuda was hellish. I've been stable for a while. A few years. By "stable" I mean I'm only kind of suicidal sometimes and I've held a steady job. I'm barely keeping my shit together at my shitty job right now and I don't know how I'm going to get through this.
  9. Hey, a little backstory. I've been experiencing psychotic symptoms of varying degrees for the past year or so. I was hospitalized in June, and they started me on Abilify which didn't work and was awful, so they switched me to Zyprexa which I dropped because of the side effects despite being effective. The psychiatrist put me on Latuda 60mg instead, telling me to just stop Zyprexa without any taper. My question is how long roughly should it be for the Latuda to start working, and how long after going off of Zyprexa might my symptoms start to reappear? All replies are much appreciated.
  10. I know the website says it's for treating bipolar depression but what about mania? Ever since I started latuda I haven't had a manic episode which is good because I was having one every two months or so, but latuda isn't supposed to do anything for mania is it? It does a lot to stop my depression and schizophrenia symptoms so I was wondering if I should talk to my pdoc about adding more drugs to my cocktail to avoid another manic episode just incase I've just been lucky since starting latuda and have a manic episode lurking around the corner..... I'll obviously listen to what my pdoc says but what would you recommend to stop manic episodes if you were to recommend something?
  11. Does anybody else get the most wild dreams on latuda? Like more vivid than real life dreams, that I am completely lucid in, that last longer than real time. Ever since starting latuda my dreams have become absolutely insane sometimes nightmarish, I'd try to describe them to you but they're literally undescribable. Imagine Salvador dali style paintings but in my dreams. I've dreamt entirely in computer code and math, had dreams where everyone spoke jibberish languages that I understood, had dreams where I see more primary colors than the original red yellow blue. I guess this would be fine, just crazy dreams, but the problem is that sometimes they're more vivid than real life and I wake up expecting to still be in the dream. Another problem is that they seem to be double or triple real time, time just moves so slowly in my dreams. If I'm lucid in a dream and it feels like it should have been 5 hours of sleep I'll wake up and be disappointed to see that only and hour or two has passed. It's like living 36 hour days where 16 hours are spent in a crazy dmt trip. I don't know man its hard to explain. Do the crazy dreams go away? Should I be concerned that they're so vivid, and crazy? Is latuda the only med that does this or do other antipsychotics do this as well. If you have experience with crazy dreams, I want to hear about it.
  12. Dx Bipolar Disorder. So today the dr decided to add Wellbutrin to my Lamictal + Latuda combo. I just got off of Seroquel (switched to Latuda) and the Latuda is helping my anxiety more than the Seroquel did but I'm back to my somewhat shitty baseline of sort-of-depressed. I had a really bad reaction to Paxil, and Celexa did nothing but make me lose dangerous amounts of weight, but I understand that Wellbutrin is not an SSRI. For people with bipolar - has Wellbutrin caused you to go manic? Did it help the depression at all? What did it do? I've got these pills I'm afraid to take despite the pdoc's reassurances, although he warned me it can be "unpleasant" the first few days of taking them and that we're going to get me onto Wellbutrin really slowly, but I'm also really tired of being depressed all of the time so I want to give it a try.
  13. So...my current situation is that I'm starting to get breakthrough psychosis on my current meds and my pdoc wants to add something to the mix. I'm on Effexor 150mg in the morning, then Risperdal 3mg and Lamictal 200 mg at night. We don't want to up the Risperdal any more because it gives me a hard time waking up for early shifts at work. Right now she's added Abilify 5mg to take in the morning and it's only been four days but she also talked about maybe trying geodon or latuda. Both of those need to be taken with food to get the most out of them and I also happen to be a recovering purging anorexic so to eat that much first thing in the morning totally freaks me out, so that's why we settled on Abilify as the first option. So I just wondered if anyone could tell me their experience with Abilify, specifically if taken in the morning, and if it was taken along with an additional antipsychotic at night how the doses worked for you. I struggle with negative symptoms a bit and hope that an additional med could maybe help with that as well...any experiential advice on that topic? As many probably do, I've been stuck experimenting with different doses and combos for the past three and a half years since the beginning of my treatment only having a few months of stability at a time...I keep holding out hope that the next change will be "the one"...so any suggestions would be so so appreciated. I know meds are so individual, but the slightest direction would be encouraging. Thank you all so much!
  14. I recently saw a new pdoc that's suggesting I switch off my Zyprexa I've been on for Years to Geodon, Abilify or Latuda. The idea is to desperately try to drop some off some of the weight from Zyprexa and other meds in the past. My previous pdoc who I trust more I almost want to wait because I can see him after this next teleconference with this new guy. Anytime we've even tried to cut my Zyprexa I've wigged out but now I'm positive about it and hopeful. To make a short story long, can anyone tell me which one of those three is best for anti anxiety and also drop the weight?thnx☺️
  15. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 in January and was started on Latuda 20mg and Lamictal 25. It got better almost instantly but in February I started feeling angry and snappy. I felt like I was having a relapse but not into the depression. Pdoc doubled both my meds and I smoothed out again. Here comes March and I slid into something so scary I didn't know what to do. I would burst out crying for no reason. I felt like someone was holding my head underwater and I couldn't breath. The walls felt like they were closing in on me and I didn't want to be inside my house. I dreaded waking up and dreaded having to come home. This episode was past anything I had ever experienced in my prediagnosed days. Went back to the doc last week and she upped my Latuda from 40 to 60. I feel much better but still feeling a little depressed. I'm afraid of that episode happening again. I go to the pdoc next Monday(4/11) and I am tempted to ask her to up my Latuda to 80mg. Is it a general rule that patients can't ask for an increase in dose? Anyone taking Latuda and knew they needed an increase in dosage? Any info would help me out. Thanks!
  16. Hi, Was wondering if anyone takes 10 mg of Latuda. 20 mg is the lowest mg it comes in tablet so in order to take 10 mg, it would have to be split. I have Akathisia from taking 20 mg and my physiatrist suggested splitting it to 10 mg. Wanted to see if others found this to be an effective dose. Thanks!
  17. Schizophrenia, all the cool kids have it. I had 10 or so of the side effects on invega, max dose and still heard voices and strange ideas. I was capable of doing 5 or so things a day such as eat at mcdonalds or take a 20 min bike ride. My psych tweaked one of 5 scripts a month for 3 yrs but it never worked and finally my dang psych just ordered a blood test. My results were bad. All 10 things raised by invega were above normal. Minor things like blood sugar or female milk producing hormones. So it stunk mentally and physically. As a result he finally agreed to change me to Latuda 3 months ago. I've got the worst case of bi-polar now plus voices constantly telling me that I need to rain justice upon the evil doers with biblical vengeance. Today, I stood on a street corner and yelled at cars that narrowly missed people in the cross walk. Drivers on cell phones, drivers not using a turn signal, people accelerating thru a blind turn into the cross walk. I wanted to chase em all down. The voices demanded me to do it. It's also the 1st time I got out of bed in 4 days. Then I came home and cleaned my place for 5 hrs, the voices constantly saying I missed a spot. I must of rubbed every inch of the toilet like 3x. Now I won't be embarrassed if by some miracle I let company come over. It doesn't seem like either med does a thing and you get all the nasty, debilitating side effects. Ugh. I see my psych again in 3 weeks and might need to change again. Yuck.
  18. Hello all, I am new to this website after doing lots of research on Latuda over the past 3 weeks. For years I had been suffering with anxiety/depression and nothing seemed to work for me. My tendency became to self-medicate with alcohol and that obviously just made things worse. This all started in my early to mid twenties as I slowly became a shell of my normal vibrant and social self. Just a year ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and the direction of medications prescribed to me took quite a turn. Originally my prescriber had started me on Lamictal to "create a base" for the antidepressant medications to work. At that time I was also started on Brintellix which ended up helping my anxiety a great deal, but left me at an all time low with my depression. After adding Abilify, it seemed things were staying the same if not getting worse with my depression. I was on Lamictal 150mg, Brintellix 20mg, and Abilify 5mg prior to starting the Latuda. Just 3 weeks ago I was started on Latuda 20mg and told to taper off the Lamictal and Abilify, which I did. As directed, I took the medication with my biggest meal of the day, lunch, and I didn't really feel any effects that first week. After a week on 20mg, I was bumped up to 40mg of Latuda. That first evening on 40mg was probably the scariest I've ever had on a medication. I got home from work and could not settle down. I am usually fairly depressed when I get home from work since I don't know what to do with myself, but this was different. I was restless and somewhat scared but couldn't really identify what was going on. I ordered a pizza at 5:30pm and then felt like crawling into bed and curling up into a ball. I then started freaking out that I would fall asleep before my pizza was delivered so I got even more restless, waiting for the delivery which typically takes 30 minutes or so. At around 6:15 I actually called the pizza place because I was so eager for the pizza to be delivered, and then I called again at 6:30 because 60 minutes was now feeling like an eternity with what my body and mind were going through. The second time I called they apologized as they were having an exceptionally busy delivery night, but they still didn't know when my delivery would arrive. At that point I couldn't take it anymore so I got into bed with my cell phone and started falling asleep. At 7:00pm the pizza delivery guy called and I just told him to cancel the order, which I felt bad doing but there was no way I was going to get out of bed at that point. This was quite an episode for me to go through. I had read the side-effects of the Latuda and still didn't really think much of what could have caused the episode. The rest of the week on Latuda was fine for me and I actually began feeling a bump in my overall mood and depression on the 40mg. I did not have another episode like the first night until yesterday, although it was a little milder. Thankfully today I had an appointment with my prescriber and I could tell her about those restless episodes, which after reading about the Latuda I thought might be Akathisia, but I wasn't sure. She confirmed that it was most likely Akathisia as a side-effect and prescribed me Cogentin today so I will be starting that along with an increase in the Latuda to 60mg. I am also going to start tapering off the Brintellix as my prescriber wants to see how the Latuda works in monotherapy for me, and SSRI's can sometimes be counter-productive when it comes to Bipolar 2. Additionally I will be taking the Latuda at bedtime since it seems to make me tired. I had been taking it around 1:00pm and I had been wanting to get into bed each night around 7:00 which is way too early for me. The good news is I have slept very well on it, and it has been easier for me to get up in the mornings. I hate to eat another 350 calories before bed but we'll see how it goes. All this to say, I am really hoping that Latuda continues to have a positive effect on my depressed mood and that the Akathisia can be controlled or goes away. I hate taking another medication for a side-effect but I have never had hope for a medication like I do with Latuda, so I am going to do what it takes to see if this might be the right medication for my disorder. Anyway I just wanted to share my journey thus far. Comments or suggestions are welcome!
  19. Hello, all. I've been lurking on these forums, but this is my first post. The question I have has sort of been addressed before, but the thread was somewhat old. I have bipolar 1. I had a major manic episode (my first major one) that lasted from September 2013 to April 2014. I was in denial about my diagnosis during this time and was not medicated. I've been stuck in a horrible depression since I crashed. My question is about Latuda. I took 20mg for one month with no noticeable effects. I've since been on 40mg for three days. I take it at about 6pm with at least 350 calories. About 1.5 to 2 hours after taking it, I get this horrible feeling that's hard to describe. Claustrophobia, depression, dread, crying. I take clonezapam and trazadone around this time but it doesn't help. My question is for those who've had similar effects. Does it go away with time? Has anyone stuck with it long enough to find out? I believe the med is helping with my depression somewhat during the day, but these nighttime episodes are hard to take. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  20. What are/were your experiences on it and what was your dose? I'm day 1 , bipolar II, 20mg, Thank you
  21. Usually I am very resistant to any medication that causes sedation. For example, for trazodone to make me sleepy, it takes 300-400 mg to knock me out. But even when I was on 40 mg of Latuda it was too sedation and now I'm on 80. I sleep way too much and it didn't start until I took the Latuda. What other AAP should I try? I want to try Risperdal but I am terrified of getting hyperprolactinemia because I am a male and already overweight. I see my pdoc in like an hour. Any suggestions?
  22. I was wondering if anyone here takes an antipsychotic prn (as needed) for when you get irritable or agitated. I just really heard of this concept. I am on 80 mg of Latuda and it works well for me, however I still have some psychotic symptoms and I get extremely angry and irritable and there is absolutely no event to cause it. For those of you who have taken an antipsychotic prn, did it help you? What was the drug and dose? Should I talk to my pdoc about it?
  23. I'm probably going to restart taking Latuda this week and want to do it right. What foods do you personally eat that meet the calorie criteria and make it feel like the Latuda is being absorbed as much as possible?
  24. Hi everyone Does anyone split the Latuda 20 mg pill to only take 10 mg? Thanks!
  25. Was wondering what people take that works for akathisia induced by Latuda. I can't take Congentin because it gives me horrible blurry vision. Thank you!
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