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Found 76 results

  1. I was able to discontinue Latuda a month ago thanks to TMS treatments. This was a huge relief because I had gained weight on it (and on Abilify previously, which also raised my cholesterol.) For any of you who gained weight on an antipsychotic and then went off it, were you able to lose the weight? I was hoping I would have at least lost a pound or two by now but no such luck. I really hope these drugs haven't permanently slowed my metabolism. I'm a total health nut and I still was one when I was on the medication (they didn't make me eat more.) Obviously it takes time to lose weight but I'm a little concerned that I haven't lost so much as an ounce.
  2. Is anyone else feeling like Latuda is causing them to be hypomania? If so, what dosage are you on? I'm on 20 mg. If this did happen to you and you were put on another medication along with the Latuda to counteract the hypomania, what were you put on? Latuda makes my mind feel clear and I'm not foggy anymore but this hypomania is getting unbearable. I'm going to be contacting my doctor next week, I just want to hear others stories.
  3. I have been doing TMS therapy, and my doctor felt it was safe for me to discontinue Latuda earlier this week (I was on 20 mg.) I'm thrilled because Latuda has been making me miserable. But I'm also really worried because when I stopped taking Abilify last fall (the only other antipsychotic I've ever been on), it was one of the most terrible things I've ever been through. I was fine for 3 weeks and then I fell apart. I've never cried so violently hard in my life. It was like I'd lost all control of myself. TMS has been making me feel better so it should at least soften the blow of any symptoms. I'm just wondering if anyone here has discontinued Latuda and can share what it was like? Thanks so much.
  4. Vlog #13 - Latuda - Ball and Chains I'm tired of being tired. When I am up and moving I don't feel any better about my life because I know I am going to have to fight through this daytime fatigue. I am fighting against a tiredness that isn't tolerable. Like I said who knows, what if the 80 mg dosage really is not difference from the 40 mg dosage taken during the night and day. I am fighting it and it sounds like I am dreading it. Someone says that she is worried about me. But that is no excuse. I know I am tired and I know the latuda makes me feel like a ball and chains at a dosage of 80 mg.
  5. Hi all - Wanted to reach out to you all, as I know this forum is full of incredibly bright and insightful people, to see if there may be any knowledge of Latuda's (or any AAP's) mechanism of action at the Alpha 2a (a2a) adrenergic receptor. I ask because: I currently take Intuniv, a post-synaptic Alpha 2a agonist. Latuda is listed simply as an Alpha 2a antagonist. What I'm wondering is whether this is pre- or post-synaptic, and will it ruin the effects I get from Intuniv? I don't want to take a med that directly hinders the action of another. laad
  6. So. I am tired of feeling tired! This day time drowziness, somnolence, sleepiness during the day... WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. It has been going on for 7 fucking days now. And I want to take ownership of my life then sleep 12 hours... and bask on the couch for another 7 hours for a total of 19 hours on the couch doing absolutely nothing but listening to a fan whistle. So I am making the cut, cutting the 80 mg latuda in HALF. What? I can't? You mean I won't get equal amounts if, if there is no line on the pill. WAIT! THERE IS NO FUCKING LINE ON THE PILL. But I'm so tired being tired god dammit. I really so tired being so tired. The days foil into nights and back into days. All because of the antipsychotic latuda, is your name latuda? It should be called sleeeptuda because that's how I feel with you. So you are going to get cut up anyways. I will deal with you and the psychiatrist when I wake up because i know at least tomorrow when I wake up I wouldn't be so fucking zombified. Do I want to do this for a year. I can hardly tolerate a fucking week of this shit. But that is it for me. I am done. You all can tell me it is wrong to do but I am tired of being tired. Tired of being tired TIRED OF BEING TIRED!
  7. Has anyone been on Latuda 20 mg and stopped? Do you have to go down some how or were you able to just stop? I'm talking about this with my pdoc on Wednesday. I just wanted to see what others have done. I've been on it for about 2 months.
  8. Latuda makes me too darn restless and hypomanic. I told my pdoc how I felt yesterday and he decided to up my Latuda into split doses. He thinks my Paxil is contributing to the hypomania/restlessness. I feel even worse. So extremely restlessness, feel like I have to keep moving around, etc. It's a shame because it's been great for depression and clearing my mind. I just wrote him an email telling him I'm feeling worse. I wish he would add something else with it but he won't load me up on meds. Feeling frustrated and unsure what's going to come next. I hate med changes.
  9. Hi, I just joined these boards, mostly to toss a big old warning to people just starting Latuda. I have suffered from depression for years, the most recent episode since around 2008. Prior to that I have had trichotillomania which went into remission but came back in 2011. In 2006 I was diagnosed with POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a type of autonomic nervous system disorder. Around that time also I began to have severe panic attacks but wasn't given Ativan until I ended up in the ER one night with sinus tachycardia at 180bpm sitting. In the past three years I have been on a massive manic spending spree, racking up big time debt, working 70 hours a week, and in 2008 I finished a second master's degree while working full time. A week ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (Not sure if he's put me in I or II, I'm assuming I.) Also obviously anxiety disorder. I cut my Lexapro from 20mg to 15 to 10 starting in mid-Feb. Current meds are: Lexapro 10mg Lyrica 75mg morn and evening Metformin 1000mg morn and evening meals Metoprolol 50mg morn Tramadol 50-100mg as needed, usually 2-3 per day Ativan as needed - .5mg Vitamin D 50,000IU twice weekly Fish oil, B-vitamins etc etc Psych added: Lamictal -1 tab morning for 7 days, going to 2 tabs for 7, 3 tabs for 7, reaching 4 tabs per day Latuda - 20mg with evening meal for 7 days (sample pack) Lamictal was fine....No telltale rash. Latuda -- Oh. My. God. First two nights on Latuda were unreal. I took it and within 30 minutes I could feel myself changing with waves. Within two hours I was knocked out cold. Third day on Latuda I was out of it, but managed to get a few loads of laundry done. I still had lots left on my to-do list but wrote it off as an "adjustment" day. That evening while reading and browsing the web I noticed my hands, legs, and abs were twitching pretty hard. Day four I felt like my head was on backwards. My whole being felt flip-flopped. I went to my acupuncturist for my regular pain therapy, and the needles hurt. (they never even feel like anything). One even was for all intents and purposes "bounced out" of my shoulder my muscle was so tight. I screamed in pain. Monday night I could not sleep. I sat in a catatonic trance on my couch until 3:30am and pulled almost 1/4 of my hair out. Day five was the beginning of hell. I craved salt. I killed two big bags of potato chips. My throat hurt. I thought I was getting a cold. (It is cold and flu season.) I cancelled my morning therapy. I was tired and agitated but couldn't sleep. My muscles were still twitching. I read the side effect sheet, and although it said to watch out for stiff muscles or twitching, it also said to look out for fever. I took my temperature and it was only 98.2. Even though I run cold, I know that fever is absolute so I just sloughed it off saying I would talk to my doctor later in the week. BIG MISTAKE. I sat spaced out on the couch again for all of day five determined to find a dog on the internet to adopt. Also still yanking my hair out. No sleep again that night. Day six sucked, but my lack of sleep now turned into some kind of zombie horror movie euphoria. More hair pulling, binge eating alternating with nausea and fasting for long periods. I had an acupuncture appointment at 3pm that I managed to pull myself together for, and she was shocked at how hot and dry my skin was. She also said that the needles were going through very stiff muscles. She encouraged me to hydrate. BEST ADVICE EVER. She treated my yin points and I left feeling grounded and cool. However my car broke down on the way home and by 6pm I had a core meltdown. When I got home I was in full-on rage to my husband, my heart was hammering hard, and I was ready to take a sledgehammer to the entire house. I caught myself and downed an Ativan as fast as I could. My throat was swelling even worse and pills were hard to take. The Ativan took the edge off, and after watching TV I was exhausted and collapsed into bed around 8:30pm and didn't wake up until 7 the next morning. I dragged myself into therapy the next day and was shaking frantically trying to get ready. I could barely swallow pills from swelling and pain in my throat and I was incredibly anxious. I stopped into my doctor's office but he was unavailable and I put off until Friday seeing him. Thursday night again no sleep, but when I did wake finally on Friday morning, I thought I was dying. I was drenched in sweat, felt like I had a belt squeezing my head and pinching my brain, my muscles hurt. I knew at this point without a doubt it was the Latuda. I talked to doc and he said to discontinue immediately, and to hydrate like hell. I went back to my patient leaflet and did some more research on Neuro Malignant Syndrome. I hope to God my twitching stops and that I haven't damaged my kidneys. Guys, this shit is seriously scary stuff. Don't do what I did and put off stopping it thinking "Oh I have to feel worse before I feel better." This is dangerous dangerous medication if it is not right for you. STOP IMMEDIATELY if you feel yourself changing or having a racing heart of are thirsty or sweat too much or don't sweat at all, or get headaches or get angry easy or start crying at the drop of a hat. STOP STOP STOP STOP.
  10. What's the exact time you take Latuda daily? Did you have to try different times? Thanks
  11. Hello, I am posting today to let you know to not give up hope with AAPs. I tried: Zyprexa (made my mind literally useless), Invega (made me extremely suicidal), Zoloft (was a stupid drug choice), Abilify (decent drug but gave me HORRIFIC EPS symptoms) + a host of other "supplemental drugs." I started Latuda a few weeks ago. I have been psychosis-free ever since a few days after starting it. I have had no tremors/involuntary muscle movements, and my head has felt more clear than it has in a LONG time. The best part is: I have actually LOST weight on Latuda. I know the AAPs are supposed to make you gain. I gained a pound or two on Abilify, but I've steadily been losing weight, even on days when I completely overeat. Is this normal/has anyone had this happen before?
  12. Has anyone ever heard of Latuda?Well I just started it today for the first time after being on Abilify5mg I am now starting on Latuda40mg to help with the symptoms I have just started having.I have been feeling depressed frustrated, sad, angry and other emotions as well all wrapped in one I went to see my psychiatrist today and he told me he could either raise the dose of the Abilify5mg I didn't want that because it really made me sleep long hours I would get up and still barely be able to keep my eyes open so the only other option was to change my Abilify5mg to something else which he did I just took it this evening with my evening meal because you have to for the medicine to process right if you take it on a empty stomache it may not work right or at all.I told him exactly how I felt. I hope this new med Latuda40mg works well for me for a Long time and doesn't cause any weight gain or side effect I read about the side effects and one was weight gain like the Abilify5mg except it doesn't cause as much weight gain as the Abilify5mg did I read it can cause 1 to 2 pounds weight gain I hope that's the case for me I can deal with that. Everyone is different and processes meds different then again it may not cause any side effects at all that's what I am really hoping for that it takes care of my depression and Anxiety mainly and has a mood stabilizer as well keeping my mood evened out I am good. Well anyhow weight gain is at the top of my list as far as frustration and Anger that's the main reason I am angry that everyone else seems to have things go their way and me on the other hand have to struggle to even get by in life why is that? Why me? Let me correct that last statement and ask why a lot of people not everyone has things go right for them all the time I cant speak for everyone just some people have lives better.
  13. I've perused the boards for similar posts, but thought I'd throw out an arguably selfish request for evaluations of my particular mix. I know the answers are throughout the boards, but I hope to come to Cocktails for a tailored response. I know redundant posting is faux pas on message boards. In return I can only respond to threads where my input would be valuable. I'll do so. Current meds: Lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily), Latuda (80mg 1x daily), Escitalopram (10mg 1x daily), Bupropion XL 24 hr (300mg 1x daily), Amantadine (100mg 3x daily), Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily), Methylphenidate (50mg distributed throughout day) History and Background: I've seen the same psychiatrist for years and he trusts and works closely with me given our history. I am diagnosed with major depression which is persistent and has been for years. Another significant diagnosis is one or another form of anxiety - primarily social. No panic problems, thankfully. I am doing as well as can be and function well consistently. I can tolerate medication changes well given experience. Current Questions: (1) Sleepiness, and Memory Problems Sleepiness has always been an issue, and I accept it to a big degree. I've learned to time dosing properly for the most part. Memory problems have grown and are very apparent in recent months. I blame 5+ years of Clonazepam at 0.5mg 3x daily. Latuda and Escitalopram do a lot for my particular anxiety. I'd like to move benzos to an as needed basis. I was actually given stimulants to combat sleepiness - nothing to do with attention disorder (1a) What can I change to minimize these, especially memory? Is tapering off Clonazepam feasible or adequate? What could be upped or added to mitigate its loss? (1b) What might be causing memory problems other than Clonazepam? Will awareness and cognition improve with its removal or is the damage done? (1c) Given the necessity and value of much of my cocktail, what can I do to mitigate sleepiness with little change? (1d) Is there any subset of drugs among those I'm taking that could be most blameworthy for cognitive problems or sleepiness? That is, is there a simple switch? (2) Akathesia, EPS, and Options Cogentin and its class are just not an option for me. Blurred vision, chemical dry mouth, and cognitive problems are just not worth it. I save it for dystonia in the emergency room. Amantadine has worked pretty well, but I cannot afford it on my upcoming insurance. This is with certainty. I don't know how Propranolol will balance with the other meds. (2a) Does anyone see implications of a switch from Amantadine to Propranolol given this cocktail? (2b) Any suggestions for akathisia given this mix? Cogentin is off the table. (2c) Are the effects of propranolol on the circulatory system, norepinephrine, and blood pressure contraindications with the rest of my meds (in your experience)? (3) Any other thoughts, experiences, advice, or criticism? Thanks! Past meds: Cymbalta (caused anxiety), Strattera (caused even more anxiety), Remeron (sleep oddities), Lithium (don't remember), Risperdal (extreme dystonia - thank goodness for Cogentin), Cogentin daily (dry mouth and very blurred vision), Xanax (very briefly - too strong), Focalin (dexmethylphenidate), Geodon (first breakthrough), other? Current meds: Lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily), Latuda (80mg 1x daily), Escitolopram (10mg 1x daily), Bupropion XL 24 hr (300mg 1x daily), Amantadine (100mg 3x daily), Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily), Methylphenidate (50mg distributed throughout day)
  14. What has your experience been with Latuda and other AP's on your weight? Everything I've read about and been told says Latuda's supposedly weight neutral; however, I know that all AP's increase blood sugar, and this leads to weight gain. I've been on 80mg of Latuda for a year now, and I've gained a little over 5 lbs, which is not a lot, but there's more to it, read on. Prior to starting the Latuda I had a brief stint on Risperdol, but it increased my Prolactin levels and made me stop getting my period, so I had to go off it. I didn't notice any changes in my weight on Risperdol. Before that I was on Clozaril for about 6 months and gained 30lbs. It was a last resort. I had tried everything else( including risperdol and latuda neither of which worked prior to the Clozaril) and had treatment resistant auditory hallucinations for 5 years. I figured I would lose some of the weight from the Clozaril when I started the Latuda, since most of my weight gain was from medication.I am in recovery from anorexia ( starting when I began the Clozaril) and the only way I agreed to take Clozaril was if they gave me Metformin. They only gave me 500mg of Metformin, which isn't enough to really help with weight loss, but I didn't know that at the time. I wasn't as concerned about food or my body but hadn't increased my caloric intake that much and was still only eating once a day. I continued to exercise moderately and still do. Given my small amount of food intake and exercise, I should have lost weight weight when I discontinued the Clozaril because that's what made me gain mostly and at a very rapid pace. Instead I have maintained all that weight and managed to gain even more weight on the Latuda. I don't think Latuda is as weight neutral as they claim. I know I would weigh less if I didn't take it or if I reduced my dose. I don't want to become anorexic again, but I don't want to gain anymore weight either. I discussed my concerns with doctor, and she prescribed me Metformin again after a 45 minute discussion. She's not pleased about the Metformin and was upset about my once a day eating regime. I had to agree to eat 3 small protein based meals a day, and she advised me to avoid sugar. She only prescribed the Metformin because she doesn't want me to reduce my Latuda or go off it because I'm doing so well. Has anyone else experienced weight gain on Latuda? Even a small amount? How has it affected your weight? I've always seemed to gain weight on the supposedly weight neutral AP's. I gained a ton of weight on Abilify (when I took it before I was psychotic, took it again after I was psychotic but cut my dose down to a tiny amount) and gained weight on Geodon. My doctor told me the other day that Abilify and Geodon aren't weight neutral. Anyone else gain weight on these? Which meds have caused weight gain? I was anorexic and weighed 93lbs when I started the Clozaril. Normally I never would have taken a med that caused so much weight gain, but I was in an excellent hospital seeking help mainly for my depression. I wasn't looking for help with my eating disorder, and considering I had tried nearly every med possible with no relief, I didn't think they'd be able to make the voices go away.They were determined to treat all my syptoms at once- the psychosis, anorexia, and depression. Normally I avoided AP's that caused weight gain. Zyprexa was my worst nightmare, but I had tried it. I didn't really gain weight on it, but I wasn't on it long and it didn't work. I would try AP's, but if they caused the slightest bit of weight gain I either went off them or reduced the dose ( with or without my doctor's permission). I respected the doctors in this hospital and probably would not have been willing to try Clozaril anywhere else. They told me that I had to gain weight in order to get better and for some reason, I listened to them when I had ignored everyone else. the anorexia became really bad when I was 29 and got into recovery from substance abuse. I've been to inpatient treatment for ED's twice and had seen numerous specialists. Plus that's the field that I pursued for my academics and professional work, so I knew all about it. I hated the Clozaril because of all the side effects, which is why I came off it. I prefer Latuda and am able to cope with it's side effects by taking other meds to counter act them. I'm glad the Latuda works to control my auditory hallucinations now, but I think that ECT and the Namenda play a big role in that too. As much as I'd love to come off an AP, I'm scared to mess with my current meds. I don't want the psychosis to come back. I doing so well now. But it's really hard to go from 93lbs to what I weigh now. I'm more than 35lbs heavier. I'm 5'4, so my BMI is still in the normal range, but I don't want to become overweight. I've weighed a little bit more before ( when I was 29 and on Abilify,before I got into recovery from substance abuse) and my horror at being so heavy triggered a massive slide into severe anorexia. What do you do to cope with weight gain from meds? In your experience what is the med that caused the least and most weight gain? I know it varies from person to person. Anyone else prescribed Metformin to help with AP weight gain? Do you think the benefits of AP"s are greater than gaining some weight? Have you ever reduced your dose to lose weight? Would love to hear your stories.
  15. Hey fellow crazies. I have a question for you. For reference, I am on: lithium 1800mg, Invega 9mg, and amitriptyline 200mg. My diagnosis (the one relevant to this thread, anyway) is BP1. So, I've been having a depressive downswing the past month or so (after a short hypomania in January). I've been blaming it on winter (but my light box has not been helping this time). My lithium and AD dosages were already upped in December. Anyway, it seems to be getting worse, and one idea my psych nurse has is switching my Invega to Latuda. Now, I'm very wary of leaving Invega behind because I've been on it at varying dosages for 3 years or so. It hasn't always helped my cycling moods particularly well, but has kept psychotic symptoms and full-blown mania at bay (it seems). Would switching from Invega to Latuda be risky for me? Is Latuda known for being particularly good at keeping manic psychosis away? Would it be possible to be on both of them at the same time without some horrible interaction? Also, for those of you who are on or have been on Latuda- does it actually help depressive episodes in your experience? I mean, I know it was recently approved by the FDA for them, and it's true that all the paid actors in the commercials for it seem really happy, but... Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I am having trouble breathing when I am taking lithium carbonate. I went off the drug about ten days ago and I no longer have the feeling that I cannot get enough air into my lungs. I am back to a cycling state where I am very manic, but I still have anxieties. I feel like I am stepping on the brakes while flooring the gas pedal. My doctor has now prescribed Lutada which is an anti-psychotic. I'm not familiar with it at all. He has also prescribed Rozerem to be taken to help me sleep. Is someone out there taking the same medications????
  17. I don't know what to expect from Latuda. No, no consistent hallucinations of any kind but since switching over from Haldol, I'm more...agitated, irritable, revved up occasionally, things are ultra sharp, colorful, loud...I've been on it about a week and have one more week of samples left before I see pdoc again. I'm on 20 mg now, he'll probably want to increase it, but I just don't know. The reason I went off Haldol was because I was manic and pdoc upped it to 1 mg/day versus 0.5 mg/day. At 1 mg I had tongue tremors, just like I had on Abilify after quite a long time on it. All I want is the Haldol again. 0.5 mg, where I had no tongue tremor. Maybe I need to give Latuda more of a chance? It's hard to afford and though pdoc said he'd load me up on samples so that I was only filling the script every few months and that he'd write it so I actually got 2 months a time. I can't depend on that though, what if he doesn't give me the samples? Then I'm screwed. I have to hope that the rx for either 40 mg, half a tab per day, or whatever he ups it to, half a tab per day, will come out below $75 so I can use the savings card. Whatever, I'm just rambling. Just wondered what other people's experiences with Latuda are. I've heard so many that love it like none other but though I have NO side effects (unless it's causing my irritability/revved up/agitation/things being so sharp/colorful/loud), I'm skeptical of it.
  18. Well, back from the pdoc, no more Haldol, enter: Latuda. Somehow I'll make manageable price-wise if it works for me. Are people's experiences with it good? bad? ugly? Just looking for some random info on it, trying to get an idea of what to expect (though I know everyone is different and experiences meds differently). I took my first dose with lunch (I hope it had enough calories, I've noticed latuda works best with 350+ calories, pdoc failed to mention this, or provide any instruction as to when to take it. thanks!
  19. Hi! I function very in my life, great job, highly educated, lots of friends, etc This in spite of my numerous psychiatric diagnoses. Basically, I vacillate between high anxiety, fear and feeling content and happy. I have had these problems for decades. Right now, I feel very scared because I went up on Latuda from 60 mg to 70 mg. My psychiatrist told me to go up to 80 mg but I am too scared to jump up that high so I decided to ease my way there by taking 70 mg. This is my first night I took the 70 mg and very, very scared not knowing the effect it will have on me. Can anyone reassure me with success taking 80 mg Latuda? I turn to you folks here for help and support
  20. What are your thoughts? I've been taking 20mgs of Latuda, and I like it. I really like it. It's working. I won't go into all the details about how different I feel, but I feel really different. My pdoc told me to start on 20mgs, and then go up to 40 after two weeks. I've reached that point, and I'm not sure I want to. I've had pretty negative experiences with meds in general in the past. They either did nothing or had nasty side effects- namely in the form of anxiety. I'm hesitant to mess with the good thing I've got going. Also, the only side effect I have noticed is that I'm very tired after I take it. I still take it at night and it puts me out. I've heard this wears off. So, I see my choices as these: -leave well enough alone. -go up to 40 and see what happens. The pdoc said it wouldn't hurt anything to go up and then drop back down again if I didn't like it. - wait another week or two to see if the sleepiness wears off before upping the dosage. Thoughts? Experiences?
  21. Did you know you can only get 5 days worth of Ativan on an 'Emergency Prescription' in NY. I discovered that today in my endless calls to the pharmacy and my pdoc trying to get a re-supply to help me through a medication change I'm currently going through (geodon to latuda). Needless to say, the change has left me in a bit of a mixed state... agitated, uncomfortable in my own skin, etc and I thought the occassional Ativan would be a good way to ride it out. I eventually gave up on NY and had my pdoc fill it at my pharmacy in NJ and I'll pick it up when I get off the train tonight. And I think my pdoc thought I might be a bit hypomanic (and maybe I am) with all the phone calls and energy I put into getting this sorted... she left a message offering an 'emergency session' with her tonight, if I wanted it. At $200 a session, I'm willing to give the Latuda a bit more time and suppliment with the Ativan for now.
  22. First of all, I'm new here and wanted some advice. I'm bipolar with paranoid schizophrenic tendencies. I saw my pdoc today and I just got switched to Latuda from Geodon today after a giant mental breakdown last night and an episode of cutting. The Geodon made me too entirely sleepy, as did Abilify and Seroquel, and I couldn't function - I was almost falling asleep driving an hour commute to work. She upped my Xanax to 2mg three times a day and I guess it's because of the mania that can happen with Latuda. Has anyone has positive results with both Latuda and Lamictal?
  23. After trying Invega, Geodon and Abilify with terrible results, my doc put me on Latuda. I'm on day one and the only side effect is my jaw is tight and I was a little anxious(socially) earlier today. This is a huge difference as far as the previous meds as the nasty side effects were immediate and didn't subside even after a few weeks. Can you tell me your experiences as far as weight gain...sexual side effects...drowsiness...flat affect? Thanks so much!
  24. Has anyone been prescribed Latuda for Bipolar Disorder? I am on this relatively new drug and it is costing me a lot of money, but seems to be working. I think it works well with my Lithium and keeps me out of the hospital for mania. What are you thinking about whether this works and should get on label for bipolar?
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