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Found 107 results

  1. Hi, while posting in the migraine forum, it occurred to me: Is it okay to take triptans (in my case, Imitrex tablets, and Sumitriptan shots) with lithium? I googled around for a bit, and found that it was okay, that it was okay for only some people, as well as that it should never be used, ever. Triptans aren't mentioned at all on the PI. But I seem to be seeing some official looking warnings, and I don't know what is scientology crap and what may be real. I tend to go through about 9 100mg pills of Imitrex (I need the brand name for the pill) a month. Rarely, I take .6ml shots of Sumitriptan. More like one every two or three months; I hate the side-effects. My pdoc prescribed the lithium, and knows (or at least has in my notes) that I am on triptans. So does my pharmacy. I haven't received that warning you sometimes get when they find a possible cross-reaction. But I am thinking in particular about the shots: The shots already have a risk of causing heart/circulatory issues, what happens when you add a salt to the mix? Anyone?
  2. Like the title says. I was diagnosed around four(A very young age, too young some say, but it makes sense), and after trying a million different combos of a million different medications, I'm finally on Seroquel and lithium. I'm already completely dependent on the Seroquel for sleep after four to five years of taking it, the majority of those being high-level doses(Though I slept a lot more on the higher doses, oddly), and I'm seventeen. I always research medications and conditions(Mostly my hypothyroidism, which could be causing the majority of my symptoms) so I'm in the know when I talk to my psychiatrist. Still, she thinks nothing I say is valid due to my conditions, so despite my frequent concern for wanting to change from Seroquel, she insists on just lowering it and lowering it rather than changing it completely. I wanted to join because this seemed like a place that wouldn't have butt-kissing and stuff, which really grinds my gears after a while.
  3. How quickly does Lithium work? I noticed that the 2nd and 3rd day taking it I felt REALLY REALLY good. I was in a fabulous mood. Then the 4th day about 1/2 way through I started feeling down and really snappish... today I'm not really happy, I'm irritable and down (mixed) and just plain mad at the world.. Wondering if the lithium is working yet and I'm just not at a good level yet, or if something else is at play? Any advice?
  4. Hi all I just wondered whether anyone had statistics on relapse rates after weaning off Lithium. I stopped on the 13th Jan after reducing from 800mg in early December and all I can find on the net is that relapse rates can be between 2-4 times more likely on a reduction schedule of less than two weeks. Has anyone found that there is a particular danger zone relapse-wise in weeks or months and what effects to expect, withdrawal or relapse-wise? Do you have a better long-term prognosis if it takes longer to relapse? I.e. does the danger fade with time? Thanks!
  5. I looked for this topic before I posted, so sorry if I missed it! Over the past few months, I felt the Lithium's numbing powers weren't worth the loss of sense of self, especially since I have felt very low and sometimes suicidal, anyway. I do a clinically-tracked mood chart via a hospital and it seems that my swings are very event, not serum, related. So...I decided to experiment (as previously okayed with the psych in May) with reducing the Li and hoping I could deal with Lamictal monotherapy at my current 300mg per a.m. I cut down from 800mg to 400mg on the 8th Dec (yes, a big jump). So far, so good. My boyfriend has noticed I am happier and calmer, as have I , and I am definitely less cranky and more grounded. My serum a few days after the reduction was at 0.3 down from 0.7 I do feel that a serum level of 0.3 is so low that, at almost a month later on 400mg, my comparative lack of symptoms might point to a good outcome with slow withdrawal. Also, even whilst at 0.7 I was pretty low, ruminating and suffering from racing thoughts and anger. I feel more human now. Has anyone tried titrating off Lithium slowly and staying ON Lamictal alone after using them both at the same time? What were your experiences? Any success stories or advice? Thanks!
  6. A "subtherapeutic" dose of lithium (600mg, labs below the bottom for BPD) has appeared to be very beneficial for me. Only 600 mg seems to have helped decrease depression and add a general sense of calm which creates a beneficial foundation from which to work psychotherapeutically and to work with other medications. I also use 2 mg Clonazepam at night when I take the Lithium. I also tend to drink 2-3 drinks in the evening, and I vaporize a very small amount of cannabis (state-legal) in the AM and before bed. So far this has been a great regimen. CPTSD fits me like a glove. Antidepressants have only left me wanting to die and becoming obsessed with it. Cannabis is the most beneficial for daily functioning (I own a business and provide high level services that take top intellectual functioning). Sometimes I eat cannabis during the day if symptoms are too much. It's never intrusive in my work. Key has been using it early enough as PRN, but scheduled use seems best. Interested if there are others with a similar regimen or who are at least taking Lithium for PTSD.
  7. The day following my first dose of Lithium, I had a bad sulfur-type smell to my pee. (For those of you in the U.S., it smelled like the additive they add to our natural gas for stoves, etc.) I did not take the dose the second day, but it still smelled. (If I take another, it will be at night time tonight, so I have only missed one.) But now in the middle of the day 2 days later, the smell is going away. The last time I smelled it (excluding this morning because of dehydration), I had normal pee, i.e. it was not concentrated or anything due to dehydration, but still smelled bad. I know that Lithium can affect the kidneys, and kidney stuff can affect urine odor, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. I plan on asking my doctor about it, but just wanted to see if anyone had any input. I just thought it was odd that after taking a drug that can affect your kidneys my pee started to smell. I doubt I have any sort of UTI, as I've only had one in my 30 years on earth, which went away on its own. I haven't done anything in nearly 2 weeks that'd up my risk for getting a UTI either. I also haven't eaten anything out-of-the-ordinary that would account for the odor. Any in put is appreciated. Thanks.
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