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Found 9 results

  1. Weird, like reading here and other forums, they say it is almost like a magic pill, that they put into sleep instantly, some others say it has the potential of distorted perspective like on DXM but in a relaxing way. I just started last week and i barely see benefits from it. The first night with one 10 mg, a little excited for how would be the effects on me, but 20 minutes later and nothing, then half an hour nothing, soy i eat another 10 mg, so a total of 20, i just felt very mild effects like i've taken valerian or some other herb but i slept, not immediatly but i did. This night i abused, i have to confess i was desperate but never again, so i took one and snorted another one at the same time and again like sugar pill, then ate another one and the 4th one sublingual, so a total of 40 mg, it's a strong dose, and here i am...6:33 in the morning and zero sleep, i had to take 2 mg of clonazepam but i decided better not to sleep, that clona really helps me always, but i prefered not to sleep and start my day, i dont wanna mess with my schedule and drink my coffee, going later to walk, clean the house or read something. Btw today i have the appointment with my psychiatrist and tell him my situation, either prescribe me something else like amitriptyline or stay with my quetiapine and clonazepam, just wanted to augment that combo, but let's see....
  2. Plain Ambien puts me out okay, but I wake up after four or five hours. Ambien CR didn't seem to do any better for me, although I was taking a generic, and based on the varying quality of different Ambien generics, maybe I had a crappy generic version and a different one or name brand Ambien CR would work. While trying various sleep meds, the pdoc prescribed Trazadone, which didn't seem to help much, either. Is anyone on a combo of Trazadone and Ambien (or some other combo) that works? I would like to have some new ideas to ask my pdoc about as I think my current depressive episode would be just about gone if I could get a good night's rest.
  3. I was on seroquel and ambien, amoung other things, and I began halucinating upon waking in the middle of the night, or in the morning, if I was really groggy, not all there when I woke. The sleep specialist is worried this may be a sign of narcolepsy or another sleep disorder (I have other signs) but I haven't noticed it since I stopped the seroquel. But then, I haven't slept either, except for last night. Has anyone else on this combination had this issue? Thanks! Mel
  4. When i was first diagnosed 2007, the meds turned my life around with a week. Mostly because the Lunesta gave me a full night's rest for the first time in years and i finally gained some sanity. (Now I'm on Ambien, not Lunesta) Now, my GP is telling me that even though i'm depressed most of the time, the meds are at full capacity. This is as good as it gets. He wants me to get into cognitive therapy, but i"ve gone that route with limited success. He increased my Seroquel but that triggered so much dizziness that i ended up in the ER. Back down to 400mg Seroquel. I had a major set-back in early 2013. Went catatonic and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. No hospitalizations since that time, but I'm always worried that i could end up in the hospital again. I have never gone off meds even when i felt better. I have accepted that I have this disorder and will be on medication for life. So what does one do when you felt like normal, functional person but slowly digressed into a dark place? I am so tired of battling this. I have days where the depression is lifted, but it always returns. And I'm so tired of not knowing from one day to the next how I will be. My life is really crappy right now.
  5. Running out of name brand Lamictal. Lamotragine lulls me into a depression episode...been cutting pills to make the name brand last longer, but now in a bad place. I feel like I'm on "vacation"...and want to get home to my safe place asap! Took 50 mg's extra this morning along with a lorazepam so I'd be able to stop weeping. Should I contact the pharmacutical co. to beg for free name brand?
  6. Hey, I'm new to the forum, found it when looking for information about adderall causing teeth grinding and clenching. I'm not sure it was entirely the Adderall, but pretty confident 20mg XR twice a day might be doing it. Just started medication last week, and freaked out about possible dental damage. Any advice or words of encouragement?
  7. what would be a good sleep aid to ask the doc for? Thanks for suggestions!
  8. I'm so devastated. I was taking Ambien for a few weeks and sending all kinds of people texts in my sleep. I even hid the phone before bed and still managed to find it at about 3:49 am every night. I have no recollection of it. Last Thursday I woke up naked and my fiance couldn't believe I didn't remember a second of the wild sex session we'd had the night before. Last saturday while he was at work, I'd worked a really long shift and took an Ambien in the afternoon because I was absolutely exhausted. I didn't hide my phone and apparently I sent what was interpreted as a suicide note to the ex. I don't remember anything but glimpses of the day. I wound up in the ICU at the hospital and when visitng hours were over Saturday night, my fiance said we had a long road ahead of us, but he needed me to get ok and I asked him if he'd come to counseling with me and he said he would. He said he'd get some things together that I needed for my stay there, because I was probably going in-patient, and I'd for sure see him the next day. He never came back. I called him Sunday and he said he talked to my family and thought it was best if i recover with them and he and I not see each other any more. He was hysterical crying and so was I. He firmly thinks I was cheating on him. I took a cab home when I was discharged from ICU and my family from out of town (toxic, scary family) came to see me. Ex-fiance's mom texted me to ask when I'd be gone so they could come get ex's stuff. The next day they'd moved his stuff out and he closed our joint bank account. It was all so...fast. We were so happy. One of the last things he said to me was "I always said I'd stand by you unless you tried to kill me or cheated on me..." My heart is absolutely broken. We were going to get married in December. We were so excited. I wound up enrolling in an outpatient 5-week program and not going to work for a while. I'm on short term disability. I'm so heartbroken. Sorry for rambling, I just don't know what to do but cry. He won't talk to me or take my texts. I used to be like a part of his family, and his family will only talk to me via text I feel like I lost my entire support system. I feel so lost.
  9. I have a hard time falling asleep and have been given Ambien but one thing I noticed and not sure if this is coincidental or not, is that my OCD-type behaviors are much worse (I pick my skin/scalp) . Is this just a coincidence or did a lightbulb just go off? lol
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