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Found 25 results

  1. Was forced to switch from Teva brand clonazepam (.25 mg/day) to Actavis and I'm really going through hell. I'm very sensitive to meds and held off from taking the Actavis through use of some stockpiled Teva brand from two years ago. Two weeks ago I began suffering a gradually worsening anxiety episode after six years of not having any issues. A week in I began suspecting the expired clonazepam so I started the Actavis and the transition is not going smoothly. I just feel uncomfortably different on the stuff. My current theory is that the anxiety probably developed as a result of the possible degraded potency of the expired Teva clonazepam. I'm also thinking that possibly the pills themselves could have triggered the anxiety (since when the anxiety hit I started taking more of the expired pills and just seemed to get worse.) Maybe one of the inactive ingredients went bad over time. During my trials with Actavis clonazepam I experimented with a Teva pill from a slightly newer but still expired batch and experienced some kind of euphoria that eventually just developed into anxiety. As far as my reaction to the Actavis brand, I'm wondering if maybe I'm just feeling increased side effects from not having taken potent pills for so long. But there's still something different in the effect. So now I'm looking for any kind of suggestions because things have gotten a little intolerable. I already spoke to an old pdoc, but there wasn't much he could do for me (my present doctor doesn't really take my anxiety issues seriously. Has anyone else had similar issues from expired medication or brand changes (especiialy benzos)? One alternative I'm looking at are the clonazepam wafers that Teva still apparently makes. Does the actual formula for the medication itself (and not just the inactive ingredients) vary from brand to brand? I'm also wondering if maybe I should switch to a different benzo. So is there anyone out there who's gone through a similar experience?
  2. When I called customer service 888-838-2872 (option #3 then option #5) for customer service a rep said on 4/1/19 they are going to bring old formula TEVA clonazepam back but don’t really have a firm timeline. He said to email complaints about Actavis to Tevacs@tevapharm.com and ask for old TEva back via this email
  3. So, I decided to make an account because I wanted to get some ideas about what I can do to stop some of the pain of Klonapon withdrawl. I am not a substance abuser and I was perscribed clonazepam since I was 12, right now I am on a .25mg taper I take once at night which has been a little over a month now, and I started at .5mg for about 10 months , I was on a higher dosage prier to that taking 10 mg for the rest of my earlier young life taking it. I am 22 now, and most of the symptoms now seem to be under control except throughout the day I still feel a rapid heart beat, though my bpm is 62 and my blood pressure is normal, I got blood tests done and an ekg, everything seemed fine there, so I was wondering if there are any non narcotic suppliments that do not interfer with the withdrawl recovery process, and things I can do to keep my head on straight about my issues+ things that help anxiety, I would also like to know how long I should be expecting to feel palputations? Thank you =)
  4. In defense of my HMO dragging their feet on filling Clonazepam (can take up to two weeks to mail it out to me), my psych doc upped my dosage so I can stockpile them until I get my order delivered. The minute he increased the dose, my HMO pharmacist had him on the phone berating him for increasing the dose. The dose is now for 60 tablets in one month which I don't think is too high, that's 60 tablets of .5mg. He was pissed he got that phone call. Anything my HMO can do to screw up my mood medications, they will. My HMO restricted the frequency of refills to once every 30 days, so I can now longer get a 30/60/90 day supply anymore. So, to combat this, my psych doc increased the number of pills per prescription to prevent me from going thru withdrawals, which I have been going thru once a month. I have to say benzo withdrawals are wicked. I have to write up the mailorder pharmacy once a month for all their "delays" and misplacing my psych prescriptions, which I am sure at this point is on purpose. Medicare is partly to blame due to the opioid crisis. I appreciate my psych doc and all he puts up with, with my HMO. I am trying to get away from my HMO during open enrollment.
  5. Stupid,but was severely depressed, so took much clonazepam. Go to the ER or it will be ok?
  6. Used to work great for me - I don't think I've developed a tolerance issue, because I've been taking this drug in the same dose range for years, and not always daily. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Does anyone know if klonopin can cause joint pain? I recently switched from valium to klonopin in my cocktail and my joints hurt. My muscles also feel stiff and painful.
  8. Hi there CB, long time no see, hahahaha. Let's just get down to it. Over a year ago I approached my pdoc about medical marijuana as an adjunct therapy. Long story short, I'm a medical marijuana patient. I've been one for a few months, I'm still building tolerance, figuring out dosing and strains/types, etc. I'm getting much better at it though. At the start of last month I spent $320 (plus GST, don't even get me started on that soapbox) and it lasted me until, well, yesterday. And I was trying to stretch it. My sleep is SO SO SO much better, for the past three months I've had a regular sleeping pattern, and have discovered at 30 years of age that I am apparently a morning person. As someone out of work for three years while I applied for disability (and got approved a few weeks ago, wooo-hooo!) this kind of regular anchoring rhythm is INVALUABLE right now. I smoke it, going for a vapourizor yes but can't get one yet -- not only for sleep but also for daily management. Like I unexpectedly had to cut back on my Dexedrine, I mean I was expecting medication reductions but not the Dex specifically. This is a good thing though, actually, I'm finding. Still feeling things out and talking them over with the pdoc, but the possibility of no more typical ADHD stimulant meds is honestly on the table right now. That's pretty amazing. I find it helps a LOT with social anxiety of course, but I find a huge amount of my "social anxiety" is turning out to be like. Sensory. Gah. And then people. Not anxiety!people just. People as a sensory overload. And when my brain is having a more disorganized and forgetful day, medicinal marijuana helps keep me from getting agitated so I can actually still function, because getting agitated just makes the disorganization & forgetfulness worse. Which makes me more agitated. Like I don't go non-verbal I go hyperverbal but it just makes less and less sense as I get more and more frustrated and upset. Weed helps me break that cycle instantly. But I self medicated with marijuana for well over a decade, illegally, long before I was ever diagnosed with anything. Which means I have a lot of weird hangups I'm working on getting over, even though I totally do know better. And like some things are working but some aren't. Like this. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this. Because if I was doing this (WHEN I did this) with any other medication, I'd be taking this exact reaction I'm having as an indication that yes I do in fact need the medication. But no, I'm doubting myself. My friends, I have run out of my prescription pot. My sleep was horrible last night. I'm trying to get by on resin from my pipes but MY POOR LUNGS OH MY GOODNESS. Also headaches, and also it sucks and will probably give me cancer faster or whatever. Ugh. I get paid on Wednesday or Thursday (could be either, won't know until Wednesday) which is when I can place another order with my dispensary. I was going to try getting by until then. I was going to resort to clonazepam if I had to. I really really really don't want to. It will mess up my sleep. I will sleep too long and I will be groggy in the morning and it won't kick in when I lay down in bed 'cause I forget how to time the damn stuff for sleep. And I hate using it for agitation/anxiety/overload during the day. Also I really am preferring it to my Dexedrine too, I don't want to take my Dex. But I still feel really guilty asking my family for money to help me purchase a little bit to tide me over until later this week. Like I'm just supposed to try and go without. And I'm pretty sure that's messed up? Like I don't think I'm thinking clearly with this. TL;DR -- am I just being silly by feeling guilty over asking my parents to help me buy some MJ to tide me over until my payday later this week, because I know I wouldn't be doing this with any of my other prescriptions. It's just, I don't actually have to pay for any of my other prescriptions now. But I have to pay for the marijuana. I even have to pay tax on it.
  9. i've been on clonazepam for 2.5 weeks. if i stop taking them entirely (a dose of .5-2 per day), will i go through with physical withdrawal or is it too soon?* *i know no one's a medical professional, etc.
  10. I broke down and finally went through with it thoroughly to see a Tdoc then a Pdoc last year and since then have tried quite a few different meds for my Dx (see signature below). Just a few months back my Pdoc went on maternity leave (while I was just given the Buspar to try) and was assigned another Pdoc while she was away. When it was time to go back I went in and told him what issues I was having with the Buspar and he Rx'd me the Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily) to try. It did work for awhile. My regular Pdoc came back, she seen what I was on and pretty much said she didn't like the idea of anyone being on it & how it was addicting, etc. She asked me if it helped, I said "Yes" (was too afraid at the time to say that it worked well for awhile but not as much anymore in fear she would change it to some other Rx) and she also asked if it helped with my sleep as well, of which I said "No" (because it didn't) and she gave me the 15mg daily of the Mirtazapine for sleep. Found out that 15mg makes me way too groggy the next day, so I just take a sliver of it each night (probably a mg or 2) and it works great like that. But back to the main issue at hand, the Clonazepam... it worked for awhile but not-so much now, but I am afraid to bring it up to her. I don't know what I should say to her, I've just been telling myself that I'll go in and act like everything's hunky-dory and working great but I hate that I am feeling the way I do (luckily not as bad but still). What should I do?
  11. Hi all— I started taking clonazepam for sleep and anxiety on Thursday evening. Today is Sunday. My current dosage is 1mg at bedtime. I am also on mirtazapine, 30mg at bedtime, for depression. On Friday I woke up feeling refreshed, as though I was alive again, after a full night of sleep. That same day I noticed what looked like a bug bug bite on my right cheek which I dismissed as such. On Saturday I had another bug bite under my right eye, again I brushed it off as a bug bite. But today I woke up with the same bites, this time a lot more red, tender, and itchy than the previous days. The right side of my face shows a clear rash starting over my eyebrow through the right side of my nose and finally descending to my right cheek with a splotch under my right eye. I don't feel any worse, nor have I had any changes in vision or anything else that warrants immediate attention. I've notified my doctor and I will be hearing back from him on Monday. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I don't want to stop taking it because I don't want to stop sleeping again. I wonder if the rash will disappear as my body gets used to the medication. Any feedback is appreciated!
  12. So I have multiple illnesses obviousely. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar II. I was in a hypomanic state last week and completely not sleeping and my anxiety was high. My doctor decided to switch my Alprazolam for Panic attacks to a more stable twice a day Clonazepam... but all of a sudden my mood took a dramatic switch and I was agitated and VERY depressed. I was like omg I am going into my depression and didn't clue the med until the third day taking new medication... I felt like wanting to commit suicide and all those nasty thoughts you get of : i'm worthless and am all alone. My boyfriend started to pick the cues... So i'm like screw this med I wonder if its doing it. I went off and not even two days later the depression lifted almost immediately... I was like wtf? Has anyone ever experienced this with Clonazepam? I thought.. hmmm maybe it was just my Bipolar... So i went back on and almost a day later I was ridden with same feelings.. :-(. So i stopped and I will see my doctor in a few days.
  13. Hello Everybody It's my first time on this board and it looks like the right place for me with my current condition so I just wanted to say hey A little about me : I'm 23 years old and recently after developing psychosis :/ (about 3 weeks ago) and its really freaking me out ; racing thoughts, paranoia, delusional thinking, inability to form a sentence when talking to people, hard to concentrate when people are talking to me as my mind would race, fear people were judging me , isolating as a result, and to top it off , a bad bout of insomnia because ofthe racing thoughts. (I would have went to bed at 11pm and not be able to sleep till 6am next day out of exhaustion) I didn't know what to do , so I walked ( very clumsily) to my local A&E and was in an absolute mess when I got there. I told the receptionist I needed to speak to a psychiatrist ASAP and they said to wait in the waiting room , which I did and took only a half an hour but it felt like an eternity because I was just beginning to experience mild visual hallucinations , which kind of freaked me out even more.. So I met with the psychiatrist and he reccomended I take Olanzapine, which I did for 3 or 4 days but I didn't see any improvements in my thinking processes from it. It just seemed to make me hungry and sleepy.. So I discontinued it, and that was about 2 weeks ago and the jumbled thinking was still there. It seemed to be worse during the morning than at night for some reason.. So after 2 weeks, and no improvements , I went to my local doctor and they precribed '' Klonopin AKA clonazepam '' ''0.5mg take 1 - 2 twice daily '' I took one 0.5mg clonazepam tablet about 10 hours ago as of this writing and I must say i feel sooo much better , it is after making some difference. The intrusive thoughts I was having have somewhat subsided , if I were to put it on a scale : before it was 80% , now it feels like its down to 20% . My racing thoughts are no longer racing nearly as much and I feel little anxeity around having psychosis after taking this newly prescribed medication.. Now after doing a little bit of research on this new drug the Doc prescribed me, it is generally for short term use and NOT as an antipsychotic med per se... AND , after a little more research, withdrawls from clonazepam seemingly can actually INDUCE a psychotic episode and hallucinations!! So I don't know what to do now going forward.. I would prefer to avoid medication if at all possible, and go down different routes that seemingly help, like CBT, regular exercise, group therapies etc, I have hope for the future at the moment , though I am aware that I am writing this after takng the new medication for the first time ,so my thoughts and feelings when I wake up tomorrow morning could completely change :/ So thats me, I'm happy to be part of crazyboards, Thank you Joe
  14. Alright--first post, so bear with me here. It took me about five minutes to figure out what to type after that sentence. As much as I'd like to write a memoir on this forum about my insane drug-induced disordered life, I'll try to make my questions simple. Really, I couldn't decide if I should post in this thread or the OCD, social phobia, depersonalization, or addictions one. I used to be a crazy, outgoing kid that loved going out in public. Pulling pranks on people in grocery stores and getting in trouble at fast food drive-thru's were my favorite hobbies. I had been like this my whole life, up until I started using marijuana when I was 16. A few years into my addiction (that's what I'll call it) I had some sort of psychotic break in one of my high school classes. I was on venlafaxine at the time for depression; anxiety was never an issue. I've read of all sorts of these depersonalized episodes due to cannabis use (especially when using as an adolescent). These reoccur and are something I'll have to accept until I find a cure, hopefully. I gave up smoking the day it happened, which was three years ago, and haven't touched it since. The only why my psych was able to help me out was by prescribing clonazepam. It was a blessing until, you know, I got hooked like everyone else. It seemed to slow me down a bit. It took the edge off, but being a socially gimped zombie wasn't what I wanted. After a year I wanted to speed things up, so that's what I asked for; Adderall. I started at 30 and was at 50 within a month. Sometimes I wonder if I would make a better psychiatrist. But, I asked for it, and I knew what I was getting myself into. Whether I have ADD or not, I enjoyed Adderall and have been taking it for over a year (clonazepam for two years). After tolerance built up though, all I was left with was blue hands and feet. I've gone down to 40 milligrams and am really hitting the wall. I need to get to the point; this is only the addiction portion. My life now: I rarely leave the house (or even my room for that matter), take college courses online, write, and draw. I'm not afraid to leave the house, I simply don't want to. I do fear conversations though, or people in general. I can't make eye contact with anyone, lose my words between each sentence, and can see myself from their POV. All of this makes me (or how I see me) look like a stuttering, paranoid person with schizophrenia. The only times I leave the house are when I have to, and I rarely take my Klonopin during the day due to the zombie hazes. I have a feeling the Adderall has contributed to a mix of OCD and OCPD. Matter of fact, I believe all of the symptoms that make me a completely dysfunctional individual are due to drugs. The weed started the engine and the pharmaceuticals added fuel to it. I'm trying to wean off of everything slowly right now but it's still a disaster. I just want to be able to make a simple phone call without writing down what I'm going to say first. I'm tired of leaving earth at a family dinner. And I'm tired of needing to carry a pocket-full of pills everywhere I go, if I go. Any comments, questions, or answers to why I define every anxiety disorder in the DSM-5 will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello lovelies! So, some back story first. I'm a 22 year old female. Diagnosis history: Age 8: Anxiety/panic disorder Age 12: Depression Age 15: ADD Age 19: minor OCD During elementary school I dealt with very severe anxiety symptoms. I had frequent panic attacks, wasn't able to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, and I had separation anxiety from my mother. I was started on Paxil which helped. In middle school I was diagnosed with depression. I was taken off Paxil and prescribed 20mg Lexapro per day, which was later brought up to 40mg. I self-harmed mildly and infrequently for several years but quit on my own and without psychiatric intervention. I was on 40mg of Lexapro per day up until this past March. I felt that while it had my anxiety almost completely under control (it was at least very manageable most of the time) but I was lacking motivation for many day-to-day activities. I felt tired often and like I had no drive to do day-to-day tasks. At this point I was switched to fluoxetine (aka Prozac) 20 mg per day. I found that it made me feel much more agitated than the Lexapro, but I thought it was pretty manageable so I started taking it every other day (my own choice, I did not consult with a doctor on this). That was working fine until two weeks ago, when out of nowhere I started to experience very bad anxiety symptoms for the first time in a good ten years. It started somewhat mild, with restlessness and some agitation. Then, when I tried going to my job, I felt very trapped and anxious, nauseous, and generally very agitated. After that it gradually got worse and I was less and less able to leave the house. I felt light-headed, agitated, anxious, etc. I had some leftover Lexapro and called my psych's office to see if I could switch back to that. My primary psych doc is out of the office til late October so I just spoke with the nurse on call. I was switched back to Lexapro, 40 mg a day, immediately. The next two days my symptoms were worse and my mother drove up to my apartment and took me to the ER. The told me I'd taken too much Lexapro too soon and to cut the dose to 20mg per day for a week and see how I was feeling. Two days ago was the height of the severity of my symptoms. I started feeling pressure in my chest like I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to pass out, and I was having severe muscle tremors constantly. I couldn't walk to the kitchen without having to shake my hands and arms and even my neck. I felt weak because I'd been shaking my legs so fiercely for so many hours overnight and hadn't slept. I was having severe nausea and repeatedly almost vomited, so I called an ambulance, worried I was experiencing severe serotonin syndrome or something. At the hospital I was given Ativan which calmed me down significantly and basically put me to sleep, since I hadn't gotten more than probably 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours. I was given an Ativan prescription, as well as Zofran for nausea. Yesterday I visited a psychologist at the same clinic where my primary psych doc usually sees me. He prescribed Ativan, .5mg twice daily as needed, and klonopin, .5mg twice daily as needed. He believes I do have some mild serotonin toxicity so I am now off of Lexapro and Fluoxetine. So here's where you guys come in! Have any of you had an experience like this? What helped? I'm currently feeling less anxious and less agitated, but still slightly uneasy. More prevalent is the fact that I can't stop wiggling my leg. If I start to feel worse I'll have to start shaking my hands or my head too. It's like I can't sit still and I'm extremely restless and need to keep moving, so my leg is constantly shaking. The klonopin and ativan seem to calm it down a bit, but not completely. Thoughts? I can't try to go back on the Lexapro for awhile because there's too much serotonin in me right now. (Doc said maybe a week off of it would be okay.) Some concerns: Klonopin and ativan really relax me, so I've just been in bed for two days, basically. I worry about worsening depression symptoms. What if this leg shaking doesn't go away? Have any of you dealt with increased motor movement from anxiety where you just can't stop moving one or more of your body parts? Any other stories, tips, input, advice, etc would be so greatly appreciated! I haven't been this unwell in many, many years and I wanted to reach out to a community like this one where I'd feel a little less alone in dealing with this. Thank you all so much, and I hope you're all doing well today.
  16. I have had sleeping difficulties for quite some time now and I eventually posed to my psychiatrist today that I really would like something to help with sleep. I left with a script for 1mg of clonazepam. I just took it for sleep, he said to take it an hour before bedtime. I took Xanax for anxiety and paranoia, mainly during my depressive episodes but I've never taken any other benzo, and I've never taken it for sleep. He says to take it every night. Is it safe to use a benzodiazepine frequently on a regular basis?
  17. Dear Friends, I just started taking Klonopin (actually I take the generic!) and I can't find any reasonable-sounding information on what to expect. How quickly is this supposed to work? Do I need to wait weeks for it to start working? My prescription is 0.5 mg once a day, twice if needed. Took it this morning. No effect whatsoever. Also if any of you have taken klonopin please let me know how it worked for your anxiety? I know it affects us all differently but I would really appreciate any info you can share. Thanks.
  18. I've perused the boards for similar posts, but thought I'd throw out an arguably selfish request for evaluations of my particular mix. I know the answers are throughout the boards, but I hope to come to Cocktails for a tailored response. I know redundant posting is faux pas on message boards. In return I can only respond to threads where my input would be valuable. I'll do so. Current meds: Lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily), Latuda (80mg 1x daily), Escitalopram (10mg 1x daily), Bupropion XL 24 hr (300mg 1x daily), Amantadine (100mg 3x daily), Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily), Methylphenidate (50mg distributed throughout day) History and Background: I've seen the same psychiatrist for years and he trusts and works closely with me given our history. I am diagnosed with major depression which is persistent and has been for years. Another significant diagnosis is one or another form of anxiety - primarily social. No panic problems, thankfully. I am doing as well as can be and function well consistently. I can tolerate medication changes well given experience. Current Questions: (1) Sleepiness, and Memory Problems Sleepiness has always been an issue, and I accept it to a big degree. I've learned to time dosing properly for the most part. Memory problems have grown and are very apparent in recent months. I blame 5+ years of Clonazepam at 0.5mg 3x daily. Latuda and Escitalopram do a lot for my particular anxiety. I'd like to move benzos to an as needed basis. I was actually given stimulants to combat sleepiness - nothing to do with attention disorder (1a) What can I change to minimize these, especially memory? Is tapering off Clonazepam feasible or adequate? What could be upped or added to mitigate its loss? (1b) What might be causing memory problems other than Clonazepam? Will awareness and cognition improve with its removal or is the damage done? (1c) Given the necessity and value of much of my cocktail, what can I do to mitigate sleepiness with little change? (1d) Is there any subset of drugs among those I'm taking that could be most blameworthy for cognitive problems or sleepiness? That is, is there a simple switch? (2) Akathesia, EPS, and Options Cogentin and its class are just not an option for me. Blurred vision, chemical dry mouth, and cognitive problems are just not worth it. I save it for dystonia in the emergency room. Amantadine has worked pretty well, but I cannot afford it on my upcoming insurance. This is with certainty. I don't know how Propranolol will balance with the other meds. (2a) Does anyone see implications of a switch from Amantadine to Propranolol given this cocktail? (2b) Any suggestions for akathisia given this mix? Cogentin is off the table. (2c) Are the effects of propranolol on the circulatory system, norepinephrine, and blood pressure contraindications with the rest of my meds (in your experience)? (3) Any other thoughts, experiences, advice, or criticism? Thanks! Past meds: Cymbalta (caused anxiety), Strattera (caused even more anxiety), Remeron (sleep oddities), Lithium (don't remember), Risperdal (extreme dystonia - thank goodness for Cogentin), Cogentin daily (dry mouth and very blurred vision), Xanax (very briefly - too strong), Focalin (dexmethylphenidate), Geodon (first breakthrough), other? Current meds: Lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily), Latuda (80mg 1x daily), Escitolopram (10mg 1x daily), Bupropion XL 24 hr (300mg 1x daily), Amantadine (100mg 3x daily), Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily), Methylphenidate (50mg distributed throughout day)
  19. As per the thread title really. About 5 months ago I was given ativan to help with general and social anxiety. 1mg three times per day as required but I don't use the full dose daily and some days I take none. It does work well but I have to double up dose if I'm entering a particularly stressful situation as 1mg isn't enough, my doctor is OK with this. The downside is 2mg definitely gives some inhibition and euphoria so I have to be careful about how I behave on the rare occasions I take 2mg. My problem is I'm going through a very stressful patch at the moment that will last for at least another month. I think I would benefit from sustained relief from anxiety rather than the peaks and troughs ativan gives. I'm wondering if asking my doctor to switch me to a long acting Benzo (diazepam, clonazepam, etc) is the way to go? Or if long acting meds just increases the risk of dependence? I do not want to change my antidepressant at this time and I have never had any anxiety relief from antidepressants anyway. Strangely enough my mood is quite good at the moment I just have that sick feeling in my stomach and constant worries, racing thoughts, rumination, etc. The only concerns I have is are the long acting benzos as good for social anxiety, and how to make sure I get the correct dosage equivalent. (1mg ativan is barely effective so I don't want a lower equivalence). Any thoughts please?
  20. Hi im new here and i am really scared about my meds i have missed a couple appointments with my PDoc because i have been sick A LOT over the last two months had an appointment yesterday but i had to cancel because i was throwing up and couldn't stand without falling over. My mom called to cancel and to see if the PDoc would call in refills for me mind you this would be the first time for call in meds. currently take saphris,lamictal, clonazepam,paxil and lunesta. I have BiPolar 2 borderline personality disorder depression, anxiety & panic attacks night terrors, PTSD. I have 1 dose left of lamictal, three doses of saphris and no clonazepam i do have some sleeping pills and paxil I am scared they can't get me into until next week. I don't know what to do what are the danger's of going off all of these meds at the same time without being weaned off i am so dedicated to my meds i know i need them or i will end up in the hospital or worse. i know about the mental issues going off but is there anything my family should watch for other then me going off of the deep end.i went off of meds before when i was young and i guess i was pretty bad. i haven't been off of meds in over 10 years! i know i feel a difference if i forget any of them. i just don't know what to do. other then have my family and myself be hypervigalent and we need to know what all to possibly watch for. and to top off things our dog of 11 years is really sick and its got me scared i know she is dying probably and we have lost her mother and sister and then i lost my ESA he was a rottie i lost him to cancer. I am very bonded with our dogs and though we have two my new ESA and my mom has one besides our old dog. it is adding a lot of anxiety i already am afraid every morning im going to find her dead i dream about it even; and now going off of meds i am afraid we don't have a car so even if there is an opening i need time to get a ride at least 24 hours for my medical transport. i don't know what im going to do :'(
  21. so i just started clonazepam (or klonopin, i'm not sure which name to call it) and i'm worried about it being addictive. right now i'm taking 0.5 mg twice a day for akathisia, a rather unpleasant side effect that i get from latuda. after two days of being on it the akathisia was completely gone, so it's working fine, but i'm worried since my pdoc was very insistent about how i should only take it if i absolutely have to because he said that it's super addictive. i also had to show ID when i picked it up because apparently it's a controlled substance because it's so addictive. all this got me worried that if i take my meds as prescribed i'm gonna end up addicted to them, especially since i have a history of substance abuse. can anyone with experience with klonopin tell me if it's actually as addictive as it's being made out to be or if i just stick to what i'm supposed to take i'll be fine?
  22. Hi guys/gals, I'm 29 yr old male. Type 1 Diabetic. Very good shape and eat healthy. Due to an epsode I had in college I have been on Clonazepam for about 9 years. Started with .5mg twice a day and upped to 1mg twice a day. I've been at this dosage for about 8 of the 9 years and never upped it since. I have recently been getting slightly more anxious and I am against upping my dose. Due to various considerations I told my GP that I wanted to taper off (he has been prescribing for last 6 years.) I told him that I did research about the process for benzos and how many people typically need 6 months or longer to ween down. He is generally a nice guy but out of nowehre said something to the effort of "If you take 6 months you might as well just keep taking it." I was concerned and confused because coming off a constrolled substance is not the easiest thing. He set a timeframe of 1-2 months and already decreased my prescription from [60 1mg tabs] to [30 1mg tabs+60 .25mg tabs]. I read www.benzo.org.uk for tapering ideas and they are far different from what my GP is recommending. He recommeneds keeping my morning dose of 1mg constant and tapering the afternoon dose down by .125/.25/.375/.5/etc every 3 days until no afternoon dose. Then, moving onto the morning dose and repeating. I feel this may be too quick. Any thoughts? Thank you sincerely, Jonathan
  23. was looking through MI drugs and wondering if it would even be worth talking to my doc about switching. I know that my current meds are working, but can't help but wonder if there isn't something that would work better (or at least the way I want it to work)
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