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  1. Okay, I've always had EXCELLENT blood sugar, and I know the data about Cymbalta and A1C (that there can be an increase, but it's typically marginal and generally considered worth the risk). Anyway, there seems to be a correlation between me starting Cymbalta (initially at 30 mg. coming off Viibryd and gradually getting to my current 90 mg. dosage). At first the blood sugar spikes weren't very big, but now they are...my blood sugar is high way too often. My A1C is still within totally normal range, but it's noticeably up. My pdoc and the NP I see at my primary care doctor both think Cymbalt
  2. I started process of switching from Cymbalta to Remeron on March 25, and took my last dose of Cymbalta a few days ago. Other than a few days of extreme irritability, things have been going surprisingly smoothly. Except that I can't sleep. Not really. I'm rapid-cycling between moments of being awake and instantly dreaming as soon as I close my eyes. The waking moments seem precipitated by startling effects in the dream state, that usually have nothing to do with the content of the dream itself. The worst of these is the sudden sensation of being physically attacked by an evil presence. It seems
  3. Hello there, I'am taking Duloxetine 120mg for Depression and Pure O (OCD) since Feb. 2017. Unfortunately, I still have intrusive thoughts and some symptoms of depression (low mood, no energy etc.), although I can handle my everyday life somehow. However, the whole situation is not satisfying for me and my family. I'm constantly tired, lethargic, grumpy, hungry and unhappy. So what's next? I've already tried to augment with Seroquel (300mg; horrible, horrible experience) and Abilify (2,5mg-5mg, quit working after two months). What's about switching the baseline med? Can I go back to S
  4. Psych Dx: treatment resistant depression (major + persistent), generalized anxiety, adhd Psych Rx: bupropion 450 qd, buspirone 15 bid, adderall 20 am 10pm, clonazepam .5 prn Other Dx: celiac, gerd, vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis, oab, seasonal allergies, idiopathic chronic nausea, neuropathy, myalgia, & arthralgia Other Rx: myrbetriq 50 qd, pantoprozole 20 bid, topical estrogen qd, topical clobetasol prn, topical lidocaine prn OTC: mucinex 12-hour bid, vitamin D3 qd, fish oil qd, probiotic qd, zyrtec qd, nasacort qd, saline spray bid, melatonin prn Previous Psych
  5. So, I am not 100% better.. I still have some weird side effects, but I am no longer taking Cymbalta! I have been wanting to come off this drug for awhile now , I tried once, failed. Then another time, Nope. And 3rd time , well I guess this was the charm. Let me tell you... the withdrawal , terrible. My pdoc increased the Seroquel to level it out..and it was ok for a few days then all of sudden bam... it began. I sweated, it wasn't even like sweating it was a damp cold clammy sweat when after you get sick or have the shits. My moods were terrible. The crying spells, I had to be watched. I was v
  6. Since Trintillex had absolutely no effect (on my anhedonia), my pdoc suggested Effexor. I'm very wary about Effexor due to the horrible withdrawals I had with Cymbalta 10 years ago. I don't remember it helping me much, not worth the withdrawals. If I missed 1 dose by mistake, I would be a trembling mess with full-on brain zaps, anxiety, crying spells, the works... I have tried all of the SSRI's and most make me numb, tired & kill libido. These meds help acute depression, but what about for stable-ongoing low mood-anhedonia? Like when you feel no excitement/joy in anything? Effexo
  7. Ok, so I've had PTSD since 2007 when I was still in the Air Force. My meds just aren't working right to me, and I'm having side effects from one of them. I'm on 1000mg Depakote ER, Cymbalta (I forget how much), and 3mg Risperadone (Risperdal). I was taking 750mg of Depakote and 6mg of Risperadone until recently...we're trying to take me off the Risperadone, so the pdoc is upping the Depakote. I see *a* pdoc in the afternoon (my normal pdoc had to cancel and I wasn't waiting until June to talk to someone...I don't like my experiences with the VA for the most part). Anyway, so the pl
  8. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows whether a possible reaction i'm having can be part of this interaction. My pdoc says hes never heard of it and has no idea but I know that there may be others in the same situation. My morning meds are cymbalta alternating 60mg/90mg and biphentin 50mg which i usually take at the same time around 9 or 10 am. The problem I'm having is that before I started on the Biphentin, i never had withdrawal from the cymbalta unless i missed a dose by like 3 hours or more. Cymbalta is one of those snris with really bad withdrawal where you have to take it the s
  9. I'm 40 now. One time I was 22 and knew I needed help so I went to a therapist and she gave me herbal pills and acupuncture. Me, I still wanted to die and I knew there was SOMETHING out there but alas, moms insurance. Needless to say I became more depressed and sat in the cellar of a goth club staring at the wall for 5 years. Numb n drunk. Poverty did not enable me to seek meds but there was a clinical trial for Viibryd in 2012 which I did for three months along with Trazadone. It helped me get out of a dead end life im Seattle with a BPD type (you know how us codependants roll) and move to Cal
  10. I'm 40 now. One time I was 22 and knew I needed help so I went to a therapist and she gave me herbal pills and acupuncture. Me, I still wanted to die and I knew there was SOMETHING out there but alas, moms insurance. Needless to say I became more depressed and sat in the cellar of a goth club staring at the wall for 5 years. Numb n drunk. Poverty did not enable me to seek meds but there was a clinical trial for Viibryd in 2012 which I did for three months along with Trazadone. It helped me get out of a dead end life im Seattle with a BPD type (you know how us codependants roll) and move to Cal
  11. I'm 40 now. One time I was 22 and knew I needed help so I went to a therapist and she gave me herbal pills and acupuncture. Me, I still wanted to die and I knew there was SOMETHING out there but alas, moms insurance. Needless to say I became more depressed and sat in the cellar of a goth club staring at the wall for 5 years. Numb n drunk. Poverty did not enable me to seek meds but there was a clinical trial for Viibryd in 2012 which I did for three months along with Trazadone. It helped me get out of a dead end life im Seattle with a BPD type (you know how us codependants roll) and move to Cal
  12. After at least 10 good years on venlafaxine XR, it is definitely not working for me anymore. My psychopharmacologist seems to think that Brintellix is the next option for me, after trials on six different add-on medications. Even with that, he expresses some doubt that Brintellix will work for me. I asked why he's not looking at another SNRI (like Cymbalta) for me, but he said it doesn't make sense to go to a drug in the same class as venlafaxine. I'm so confused. I mean, my history as well as some genetic testing shows that SSRIs won't be particularly helpful fo
  13. Hi all! I had a question. I've been working with my pdoc to taper off cymbalta. I went from 60 to 45, which went just fine, but then went from 45 to 30 and all hell broke loose. Muscle aches, depress, etc., you name it. We'd been planning to go to 20 mg Cymbalta and then switch over to 10 mg Lexapro to do the rest of the step down, but given how poorly 30 mg Cymbalta has gone, I have asked to switch direclty to Lexapro. The plan is now to go from 30 mg Cymbalta to 20 mg Lex by alternating meds for one week (at those doses) and then switching over to lexapro altogether. Then in a few month
  14. It's been about 2 months since I first started taking Cymbalta.. I am at the starting dose which is 30mg. Lately.. I've noticed I am tired more have no motivation and seem to lost interest in pretty much anything. The drug has def helped my anxiety.. I am agoraphobic and I have been going out a lot more and not feeling so anxious. How long can depressive episodes last? I feel like I have just been flat the last 5 months. I got my blood work done and everything looks great..except my prolactin levels; which is probably from my Risperdal. I don't see my pdoc for another month.. which was my deci
  15. I have been on Cymbalta (30mg) for about 12 days now ..and it seems to help with my anxiety but i feel really flat and almost have no emotions, my sex drive has gone down and i miss it. Not sure if my body is still adjusting to it or if i need a higher dose, but has anyone felt more depressed taking an anti-depressant ? i switched from Prozac to Cymbalta.. because i was very tired/depressed on Prozac and was gaining weight. I don't want to keep switching meds every month...i need some pep damnit!
  16. I've been reading a lot on this board about the new Fetzima. I was put on it four weeks ago by my GP when my Cymbalta just didn't seem to get the job done anymore. I've been on antidepressants off and on since 1996 but wasn't diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADD until four years ago. Up until then I had been on every drug you can imagine for depression. Cymbalta changed/saved my life, but my insurance company began to only supply me with generic, and I could tell immediately that it just wasn't the same. I started getting brain zaps, and that would usually only happen if I miss
  17. Ever since I started my antidepressant (Cymbalta) 2 years ago, my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. Apparently, it is a side effect. I had to increase my dosage 2 months ago, and the bleeding got much worse. It is disheartening to spit out as much blood as I have been lately. It is also a brutal reminder of the fact that I am chemically dependant on a pill that has many side effects. Yesterday, I bought a new toothbrush. A Dr. Collins PERIO brush from CVS. It is designed with different bristles for mouth sensitivity and those with mouth injury. It feels like I am brushing wit
  18. I started Cymbalta two and a half weeks ago for pain issues (possible myofascial pain syndrome). The first week I felt fine, no issues. Even started to notice elleviation of my pain. Then this past Tuesday I noted the pain in my legs starting to return. Wed till now my left arm has felt-well, twitchy? Almost like I had too much coffee. but JUST THAT ARM. I did notice a rapid heartbeat yesterday, but thought maybe I drank too much coffee. My dose has been the same, no changes. Is it possible this arm this is a side affect?
  19. My psychiatrist put me on cymbalta for severe depression a few months ago. I'm also on lamictal and topamax for bipolar II, which has worked pretty well for ten years or so. While I no longer feel suicidal, the depression still lingers. My biggest problem is that since starting the cymbalta, my fibromyalgia seems to have gotten much worse. Has anyone else had this problem? I thought it was used to help fibromyalgia. I've also gained almost 40 lbs. Been on 60 mg. for 6 months.
  20. First off - if anything here is screwy please just yell at me via PM, I'm a very new user and still learning the ropes. Mods, if this isn't acceptable as far as posts go, feel free to delete. Anyhow - Has anyone experienced misophonia/sensory processing issues after coming off cymbalta? I'm about 2 weeks from taking my last dose and switching to elavil and within the last couple of days it's gotten to where I just cannot STAND certain textures/sounds. Popcorn against my teeth, too-dry towels, certain plastic bags rubbing against themselves - they all just make me want to burst into
  21. I've been prescribed cymbalta for migraines, along with maxalt and difmetré (not sure if this exists where you are or if there are similar drugs-it's a a caffeine/indometacin/prochlorperazine mix), plus a nutritional support with riboflavin, magnesium,coenzyme q10 and gingko biloba. I had depression in the past, treated several times with venlafaxine up to 150mgs; it also, even though I wasn't aware of it until I quit, made migraines better. Now my neurologist wants to put me on cymbalta for migraine prevention, I'm not clinically depressed now, and I wondered who had any experiences with it
  22. I've been a long time reader of the boards but just decided to join because of the lack of information on Fetzima. I've been taking it for a month now and had a horrible experience these past few days. I've been struggling with depression, especially anxiety, since my teens; mom has OCD/hoarding disorder and dad was just diagnosed at 67 with bipolar disorder (we all knew that, he just wouldn't got to the doc to get medicated). It's beyond me why two wacked out humans would get together and spread their horrible genetics to not just one child, but two. My brother is a bigger mess than I am.
  23. I have read many forums looking for the answer to this question. I’m feeling like I’m heading into a tailspin. My story: Until June 2014, I was on 120mg Cymbalta, for two years. Additionally, I was on 5mg Abilify. I have discontinued that. The side effects were obvious. I really feel foolish that I did not associate my miserable physical symptoms with Cymbalta. I take so many drugs. It’s hard to nail down the cause of the worst symptoms. After reading all the forums here and at other sites, it dawned on me…Its gotta be the Cymbalta! I read about the difficulties of tapering Cymbalta and am
  24. Pdoc wants me to switch from Effexor to Cymbalta. I'm worried about discontinuation effects combined with side effects from starting a new med. Anyone have any experiences?
  25. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I will introduce myself in the appropriate place soon. I have a question for those on Abilify and/ or Cymbalta. When you drink, do you have a delayed reaction? I know I should not drink while on meds, but... I have been on different ADs since I was 14, and have been an occasional drinker since age 18 (34 now) and have never had a problem with interaction. Lately I have been having a curious reaction to alcohol, 2-3 days after I drink. I am fine the day after I drink, maybe a bit of a hangover, nothing unusual. The second day I am starting to feel
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