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Found 14 results

  1. Back in September, I had smoked marijuana and not long after had a reaction. Whole body became tense, then my head would snap to the side. I could talk but had to force words out. Then my right arm fused to my side and hands would curl in violently, painfully. Towards the end there was uncontrollable upward eye movements. I was aware and worried but decently calm during it. I thought it was maybe a buspirone/trileptal/welbutrin reaction re: the marijuana but saw a neurologist just in case. He said he's never heard of a marijuana interaction with my meds like that or even marijuana having that
  2. So I just started Latuda and I am an avid user of alcohol and marijuana (its legal in my state) I currently take geodon, lamictal, and lithium but I just added latuda everything seemed like it was actually working great with Latuda but after I used "weed" and alcohol my brain is in bad shape and slowly getting better It really left my mind foggy and inattentative in the morning because of combining the marijuana and alcohol with it. at first it was going great but mixing those things with it really left my mind not all there moral of the story if you take other bip
  3. Edited to make it more readable. I need to start documenting this stuff for my own sake, as well I think sharing the information is a public service, and I'm planning to do a blog offsite somewhere so I can give out the link to medical professionals and such. But I really wanted to do a thread here, first, with you guys, for you guys. Whatever. I love talking about stuff on CB with you folks. Every time I get a delivery from the dispensary, the little pamphlet inside made by the Canadian government reminds me that as a bipolar patient medical marijuana is not recommended. I j
  4. Hi there CB, long time no see, hahahaha. Let's just get down to it. Over a year ago I approached my pdoc about medical marijuana as an adjunct therapy. Long story short, I'm a medical marijuana patient. I've been one for a few months, I'm still building tolerance, figuring out dosing and strains/types, etc. I'm getting much better at it though. At the start of last month I spent $320 (plus GST, don't even get me started on that soapbox) and it lasted me until, well, yesterday. And I was trying to stretch it. My sleep is SO SO SO much better, for the past three months I've h
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. So about seven months ago I had my first episode of psychosis during my junior year at the university after heavy psychedelic use. I was tripping about 3 times a week for a month, I was using dmt, lots of mushrooms, lsd and morning glory seeds. The symptoms started slowly at first but progressed rather fast once they got started. At first I had thought blocking, which is where I would be talking about something and my thoughts would go blank mid sentence. I also kept my iPod on shuffle and thought God was sending messages to me through the songs that
  6. Sooo anybody have experience on this one? I smoked soo much of that lovely green stuff all my life that it actually caused what the doc said '' drug induced psycosis'' Havent had a joint in about a month or so, yet still fairly psychotic (delusions, paranoia, fear, racing thoughts) The best way I can describe it is that its like thoughts from my sub-conscience are slipping into my conscience on a regular basis. Any ideas?? Anybody experience similar?
  7. If yes, why? If no, why do you think so? I am a pot smoker myself and when I first started I thought hell no but now I believe that it is. I speak for myself.. I did try harder drugs after that. It wasn't because marijuana didnt get me high enough. I enjoyed the different effects other drugs and how it was so strong such as pain killers.. Those would be my drug of choice. So yeah.... Thoughts??
  8. I was wondering how do you know if your psychosis is from cannabis? does psychosis usually happen right after smoking or not? does anyone know?
  9. It was my first time, a few puffs and minutes later was the beginning of something that's stayed with me all of these years. I'm curious about similar experiences of others. I'm especially interested if psychosis began as a result of your first time using cannabis. The stuff that matters I guess would be your symptoms, severity, changes over time, medication that's helped you. I've had major problems with cognition, I'm very keen to hear about anyone's experience with that, too.
  10. If anyone has any insight into this please help me... I'm 21 years old. After a year of smoking marijuana daily, I stopped 3 months ago and since have encountered intense intrusive thoughts such as thinking I'm gay and thinking im a pedophile, and thinking I'm in hell, thinking that my mom was doing something to my food to make me crazy, just obsessive, extremely irrational thoughts that i wish would just go away, and that i can always find a multitude of reasons to why they are not real and just mental btw. Doesn't change anything. It's been going on for 95 days now. and they have all really
  11. Hey guys I'm new here. I will post an intro on the newbie board soon but I had an important question for y'alI. I was just diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and I wanted to know about marijuana use with lithium (I take 600mg twice daily) & risperidone (3mg once at night). I smoke a very minimal amount of marijuana, but I smoke daily. An eighth, or 3.5g, will last me well over a week. So I take small hits 3-4 times a day, and I may have experienced some more rapid cycling but nothing too scary. Just looking to see what other people's experiences have been and I wanted to know if anyone
  12. Hi I am a 21-year-old girl, and I experienced a psychotic break back in the beginning of September when I was still 20. I was diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis. I am now on the anti-psychotic Fanapt (4mg/day) and the anti-depressant Lexapro (15mg/day). I first started smoking when I was in high school, the summer into my sophomore year. I only smoked about once a week throughout high school, but I preferred drinking over smoking. This continued when I began college, where I rarely smoked weed my freshman year and instead got drunk multiple times per week. The summer int
  13. I've been debating stopping weed for years. I want to stop weed for the same reason I don't like taking my meds. I don't like knowing that I NEED something to HELP me live. It's like needing a cane to walk. I can't do it on my own. weed is part of my meds. My doc doesn't say she's for or against weed. I think she can see how it helps me so she's not telling me shes against it. Weed helps my OCD because it's hard to focus enough to obsess when you're stoned. It's harder to worry when your mind is hazy. what if this what if that what if this what if that... there's less of that when I'm high
  14. ugh am totally venting on you all now. so i started seeing a pdoc finally a month ago. was on celexa, hello mania. then i was put on abilify, samesies, now risperdone and new to the party tegretol. oh and 3mg klonopin a day. yeah i am super fun. so i am manic, have been since the celexa. prior to pdoc, i was an everyday smoker. for anxiety. for life. because i fucking want to. anyway. it helped me, but i have these darn rage manias i can't control. cut to pdoc. she won't treat me if i fail. i am gonna fucking fail hard. this sucks so bad. i want my pot. why can't i have meds too? the
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