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  1. I fucking hate how ugly I am. I have naturally curly and wavy hair like that girl on Peanuts. It's really messy and whenever I try to comb it always goes back to the way it was as if I've never combed in the first place with 3 minutes. Everyone at school makes fun of me by calling me a "crackhead" and a homeless person because of my hairstyle. I am also morbidly obese, weighing 237 pounds. I hate how fat I am and I used to wear jackets all the time even in the summer to try to hide my fat. I also try to hold my breath to be temporarily skinnier. I trying to lose weight but it's impo
  2. My pdoc recently swapped out my pimozide (Orap) for fluphenazine (Proloxin) for my Tourette's syndrome. While I was on pimozide, I gained 10.3 lb over the course of three weeks. I stopped taking it because it wasn't working, and because I read some pretty scary things about it. When I stopped taking it, I lost 5.3 lb in a matter of a few days... When I started fluphenazine just 6 days ago, I have now already gained 16.2 lb, and my appetite is ravenous (way more than it was when I was on pimozide). Has anyone experienced this on fluphenazine? My pdoc said it wasn't supposed
  3. Just an update based on my posts earlier during this year. I ultimately wound up remaining on the oral antipsychotic (Latuda 20mg) which I started taking after completing my 2nd probation term in this decade in January 2018 stemming from a January 2015 motor vehicle offense which ultimately slammed me with a 3rd degree felony (after already acquiring a misdemeanor for resisting arrest on foot in June 2012) related to having schizoaffective disorder and experiencing manic episodes and hallucinations. I was previously diagnosed with Bipolar 1 With Psychotic Features after the 1st incident I was
  4. It was helping some until today. My appetite was out of control today! Maybe it’s hormones as I (no uterus but...) am having achy breasts and headaches so just maybe it’s that. Maybe today was a one off. I’m a recovered ED mess. Used to be solely restricting though. Now I’m scared to death. I mean really scared I am not depressed right now, which is a miracle. So ditching Viibryd doesn’t feel like an option. I’ve no idea what to do. My new insurance as of October covers a gym membership, but my anxiety in that situation! I don’t even know why I’m
  5. I wish I had never been placed on it adjunctively for depression/anxiety. I was first embarrassed because it is classified as an antipsychotic. I was on the lowest dose for a few months. I gain about 15 pounds. I haven't been able to return to my pre-abilify weight. So frustrating.
  6. I've been on and off antipsychotics sporadically for the last 7 years since age 22 (since 2011). I'm extremely sensitive to them and have a very high response to every one I've been on. I've gained 145lbs from an increase in appetite and metabolic changes, have severe akathisia that is utterly insane and makes me want to cut my own legs off, I developed severe gynecomastia from Risperdal and Invega respectively (Won the Risperdal lawsuit, but no surgeon will touch me because of my weight), experience anxiety (The most on Abilify), fatigue, drowsiness, impotence (On Fanapt), anhedonia (From agg
  7. Is this common? 9 months ago, I was the EXACT same weight as now (weight doesn't really fluctuate), however, at that time, I was 2 sizes smaller, and my Bra size (hadn't changed from High School) suddenly shrunk a cup size, clothes were baggier, arms/stomach/butt were skinnier. Basically VERY skinny, but fit/healthy (no flab). Now, I'm noticeably bigger, with stomach pooch (a donut is accumulating around my waist line) skinny jeans are now butt-squeeze too tight, upper inner thighs are rounder, bra size is back to the size it was. My diet and activity level has been the same....! How
  8. I just wanted to share one tiny glimmer of sunshine that I found. I am recently diagnosed with bipolar + schizotypal PD and I've started taking Abilify (aripiprozale). It is so confusing trying to learn everything all at once, and especially since schizotypal is either on the schizophrenia spectrum or classified as a PD depending on which side of the Atlantic you're on... Anyway I thought this might be a good place to post this article, from a couple weeks ago. It sounds like scientists are going to figure out how to make antipsychotics NOT make us gain a bunch of weight! I mean, that wou
  9. I'm seeing my p-doc this afternoon, and I need to get off some of my drugs. I know what I need for my anxiety, but I want to know... are there any antipsychotics that DON'T cause weight gain? There might be a topic like this but I'm so tired I cannot be bothered to search anymore than I have been. e _e
  10. I just started lithium recently for the first time (3 days ago, today will be the 4th day) at a rather small dose of 300 mg. My pdoc didn't want to give me too much since I'm on so many meds. But she said that such a dose in some of her patients works well with regimens like mine to stabilize them as I have been ultra-rapid cycling between hyperthymia and suicidal, psychotic depression. I've noticed, however, in this short amount of time, that I've gained 7.5 lb since starting lithium. Is that a coincidence, or is 300 mg lithium still capable of causing weight gain? Also, I'd like to
  11. So I was under the impression that Parnate was a weight-friendly drug, and if anything, would be liable to cause weight loss. So far, my impressions have been very wrong if this is indeed the culprit of my weight gain. I started Parnate 1/5/17. On 1/3/17 I weighed 217.7 lb. I rapidly gained weight despite no diet changed until now, 4/6/17, and I weigh 263 lb. That's a difference of 45.3 lb over 4 months. That's pretty profound to me, anyway, as I've never had this much weight gain from a medicine before... My question is has anyone else been on Parnate and had any degree or this degr
  12. May seem like a silly question, but how do you know what is just water retention and what is actual weight/fat gain? If most of your weight is contained in the belly/abdomen area - is this most likely water weight? I tend to expand there quickly so I'm assuming this is more a symptom of water retention. Is there a healthy way to get rid of this? Lamictal makes me very thirsty, yet i seem to be retaining alot of the liquids in my stomach area. It looks like a balloon :-( I guess actual weight gain comes on more slowly? And would go to other areas - not just abdomen? Thanks for your th
  13. So I've been on Rexulti and Lexapro for about a year now and I have gained 40 pounds! I go to the doc on Tuesday and I'm going to ask for her to put me on wellbutrin instead and ability... Does anyone have experience with this combo of meds? I'm 43 and female and struggle a lot with bpd and ptsd
  14. Hi, I've been on and off of Risperidone for years now and every time I was taking it I would gain a lot of weight and quickly lose it when I went off. Now I've been taking it for almost a year and a half now and I've gained over 50lbs. I have decreased my dosage over the months and now I'm taking only 1mg. However, I am still not losing weight. And FYI I have a personal trainer whom I've been training with for over 4months now and still I haven't lost weight. I was wondering, if I take 0.5mg or 0.25 a day, would that stop the weight gain or help me lose it and go back to before? Is that e
  15. About two weeks ago, I started carbamazepine (Tegretol) 200 mg at bedtime. The first week I actually seemed to lose weight (about 2.6 lb the first week), but suddenly this week I have gained 10.1 lb out of nowhere. No changes to my diet or lifestyle or anything like that. I've actually been making an effort to get out and do more physical activity lately, which I think I can attribute to the carbamazepine's positive effects on my depressive mood. I think I like what carbamazepine is doing for me (it's hard to tell so early in taking it though), but if it's prone to causing weight gain, it's pr
  16. I started taking Risperidone for anxiety from PTSD however, it has had horrible side effects. I started lactating and gained 15 pounds within a month of being on it. I knew from the start that weight gain was common so I began to diet and exercise vigorously however it has been to no avail. My period is 3 weeks late(negative pregnancy test) and I'm starting to get very concerned about how this will affect me in the long term. I'm hoping to stop the medication cold turkey. I've been on it for about 6 weeks, at a dose of 1mg(with benztropine 2mg to ease side effects); is it likely that I could
  17. Hello everyone, My psychiatrist has prescribed a low dose of Abilify 2-3 mg, unfortunately Abilify's lowest available dose in pill form is 5mg so i have to use a pill cutter which is frustrating!!! My psychiatrist did prescribe the oral solution, however my GP refused to give me a script for the oral solution because the price was slightly higher, but I will see my GP again about this and persuade him to switch me to the oral solution. In the meantime I am using a pill cutter so I am taking 2.5mg. I have had a blood test today BEFORE starting Abilify and I will have the same blood te
  18. So I had a pdoc appt today and we are still trying to regulate my meds. I was on 300 welly, 200 lamictal, & .5 risperdal. I know that's a baby dose of risperdal, but it was kicking my ass. I was so tired in the mornings, not motivated to do shit all day and my appetite was insatiable so I was packing on the pounds. I relayed all this to him and so we decided to up my Welly to 450 and switch risperdal to Latuda in hopes that my motivation will increase and weight gain will subside. My concern is the latuda and anxiety. He's only given me a 20mg dose, but I have read about how this coul
  19. I am posting this here because it isn't about any specific type of medicine, otherwise I would have posted it below in that section. But if I overlooked a section down there, admins, please feel free to move it. Anyway, I have been having some issues with [minor, though bothersome] side-effects for a while now and was just curious as to whether any of you might have some thoughts/insights or suggestions for me as to what meds/kind of meds you have experience with that I might bring up with my pdoc. When I first began treatment a few years ago my first pdoc put me on abilify (10m; lat
  20. Hi-- I got so frustrated with trying to lose weight while on Risperdal that I decided to try to make my own diet app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rfo.speakcc&hl=en So far I have been losing about 0.25lbs a week for the past 250 days (with some ups and downs: It still has some glitches but I really like it because it uses voice entry mostly which I think is the easiest way to track calories. There is also a $0.99 version that has keyboard entry I have a friend who is working on making an iOS version.
  21. hey everyone. Just have a question regarding seroquel and weight gain. Has anyone noticed weight gain while on 100mg of seroquel? I am taking it for sleep and am trying hard to lose weight and wouldn't want the med to impede my progress. I'm thinking I can take other meds for sleep that are maybe weight neutral if it does cause weight gain, such as klonopin. thanks!
  22. Already have been reducing ability from 20 mg down to 5mg, and Celexa from 40 mg to 10mg. Just started Wellbutrin a couple of days ago. If I am taking Wellbutrin is it okay to go ahead and just stop the other two? Stopping the Ability and Celexa cause of weight gain and can't lose on it. Didn't realize it can cause obesity and make it hard to lose. Does anyone know about that? Does it mess up your thyroid or metabolism? Does it take a few weeks to normalize after you stop?
  23. seroquel caused me to put on 45lbs. i'm really unhappy with this. the dose is lowered, meds adjusted, and i'm eager to lose this but feeling powerless.
  24. Has it actually helped anyone? I've taken Abilify and am now on Latuda and I've gained weight on both. Not a lot but enough to make me depressed (weight gain is probably my biggest trigger.) I'm on Adderall because I have a sleep disorder and I also take Topamax; neither seems to help at all. Honestly, my problem isn't that APs make me eat more. I don't feel any hungrier and I keep a food diary so I know my (very healthy) eating habits are the same. Plus I go to the gym almost every day. These drugs must be doing something to my metabolism, so I thought Metformin might be worth a try. Anyone h
  25. Hi thanks for reading I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years. I am now 27 (today is my birthday lol) I have been in IP once before for an anxiety attack that began a major depressive episode (lasted about a month). I was put on Pristiq 50mg at that time and it worked well for a few years, but the withdrawal symptoms if I took a dose late were getting out of control, so I was weaned off of it. Currently I take zoloft 100mg daily and Ativan .5 twice as needed daily. I take Provigil twice daily for fatigue (nap at least twice per day without it) for a total of 300mg.
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