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Found 7 results

  1. I've been on Lamictal (Lamotrigine) 50mg at night for 13 days. My new Pdoc put me on a starting dose of 50mg and has me weaning off Seroquel (I was on 50mg xr) and Lithium (I was on 750mg). Yesterday I came up with some small red spots on my thighs, arms and feet (just bits of it, not huge patches of them). Today I'm really itchy all over! Am not sure if this is also due to the fact that I get hayfever (but haven't had a rash or bumps from it). Also, I'm taking anti-histamines (& have been for at least a month now). So my question is, has anyone else gotten a small rash and then really itchy when they were on Lamictal?? I've got a GP appt on the 27th so that I can get his opinion on it. For the moment, I'm just keeping a close eye on it, but still taking the Lamictal. Oh and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays
  2. Hi all— I started taking clonazepam for sleep and anxiety on Thursday evening. Today is Sunday. My current dosage is 1mg at bedtime. I am also on mirtazapine, 30mg at bedtime, for depression. On Friday I woke up feeling refreshed, as though I was alive again, after a full night of sleep. That same day I noticed what looked like a bug bug bite on my right cheek which I dismissed as such. On Saturday I had another bug bite under my right eye, again I brushed it off as a bug bite. But today I woke up with the same bites, this time a lot more red, tender, and itchy than the previous days. The right side of my face shows a clear rash starting over my eyebrow through the right side of my nose and finally descending to my right cheek with a splotch under my right eye. I don't feel any worse, nor have I had any changes in vision or anything else that warrants immediate attention. I've notified my doctor and I will be hearing back from him on Monday. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I don't want to stop taking it because I don't want to stop sleeping again. I wonder if the rash will disappear as my body gets used to the medication. Any feedback is appreciated!
  3. Hey all! First, a bit of history: I have no known allergies, have never had a bad reaction to any foods, substances, anything. I've never had hives, rashes, etc. So since September 27th, I have been experiencing hives. I noticed them that night before I went to bed, and they were pretty bad the next day. At first I thought it might be a change in laundry soap, as I had done laundry the day or two before. Normally we have Tide Coldwater HE, but this time it was just regular Tide HE (which I've used before). So I went out and bought baby hypoallergenic laundry soap, and rewashed everything. There was no change with my hives. Since then I've also gone back to Tide Coldwater HE, and again no change. I'm positive there has been no other changes in terms of my environment, diet, soaps, etc. It's taking forever to get an appointment with an allergist. I've seen my primary doctor several times, and he also has no idea what it could be. He had given me a prescription for an antihistamine, but it really made no difference. If the hives get really bad, I will take benadryl.. but even that just takes the edge off. I've had nights were I've had to shower at 3 or 4 in the morning, hoping the cold water would help. Lately they have been a LOT better thankfully, but they are still there daily. I'll usually only get a few here and there, maybe a patch of them. I've had them everywhere from my shoulders down (including lip, palms, bottom of feet- such random places). I'm tired of being itchy, and now being self conscious about not only the hives, but marks from scratching (which I try really hard not to do). Is it possible that it's from stress/anxiety, depression, BPD? I haven't really felt that much worse since it started happening, but I did stop seeing my psychologist (due to lack of insurance coverage) about 1 to 2 weeks before the hives started :/ At this point I would love any tips/suggestions/feedback that anyone has! It will likely be another month or two before I see the allergist.
  4. I'm a 23 year old gay male. I had a mental episode in 2012 where I thought that the Holy Spirit was leading me on an adventure and that I would eventually be given about $30,000. And I was supposed to do that sort of thing long-term, distributing money among Christians. Among other things, I planted dollar bills in paper towel dispensers. I don't feel like putting the whole story here. In the inpatient mental ward, I had a psychiatrist who was very grouchy. And the staff didn't make much effort to explain to me that I was in a mental hospital. I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. I was given Abilify and I was allergic to it. So I was given Cogentin to counteract the allergy. I took both and endured akathesia in order to leave the hospital. I basically tried to pretend the meds were ok in order to get out. When it was time for me to check out, I politely asked my psychiatrist if he needed any more signatures or anything else from me, and he threatened to keep me longer unless I left him alone. I ended up in the care of my meddlesome, annoying, controlling, and somewhat verbally abusive mother. She and I were both certain that I didn't have mental illness, and that Satan was responsible for my breakdown. I had severe akathesia so I stopped taking the Abilify. I saw a different psychiatrist who was Christian. He also tries to make people straight and blames the patient for the therapy not working. Anthony Duk in Redlands CA, google his name and you should get a juicy article. At the time I started seeing him, I didn't know I was gay, and I was still Christian. He gave me geodon, which worked well for several weeks, but then I felt like biting metal doors and I came close to jumping from bridges. My emotions were reversed somewhat. Good things caused pain, bad things felt good in a sick way. Very evil thoughts also. The psychiatrist gave me the option of no medication (I wasn't open with him about the suicidal thoughts), so I stopped all meds. Suicidal and evil thoughts stopped, and my emotions went back to normal for the most part. So far I haven't had another severe psychosis like the first one. Now, I've come out to myself about being gay, and I've come out to other people also. I also became an ex-Christian. The above two are very stressful. I left my parents' house because I couldn't stand my mother anymore. And she was a hoarder. I've been staying with friends, but I'm poor, can't make rent right now, and need to sleep a lot. If I get up early in the morning, my mental and physical well-being is usually shit. I need to sleep about 10 hours pretty often, and sleep past 10 AM. I think my family could help me financially, but since I left it's like "fuck you, you're on your own; we'll only help you if you stay here and let us manage the fuck out of you." I tried to talk to my mother, but she was unreasonable. She also picked up one of my prescriptions and wouldn't let me have it all. She is so annoying, I hate all of the annoying stuff she has done to me. I feel so overwhelmed. I barely have welfare money for food, and I just charged a bus pass on my credit card. I hope to find some kind of work so I can stay somewhere. But now I keep having severe anxiety and mood downswings. I don't know whether to stick it out, or go to a clinic. But bad medication could make things a lot worse. I'm afraid of meds, and I'm afraid of psychiatrists. And I gave my mother medical power of attorney. If I end up in an inpatient facility, I might have to deal with her again. And my mother will probably be there praying for me and talking about Satan. I can't stand her!!! And she might try to keep my gay friends away, the guys who actually seem to give a shit about me. My mother was so controlling, and we were so enmeshed and she was in my hair all the time. I didn't realize how bad off I was, financially and mentally. I also have a muscle disorder, so physically strenuous work is extremely difficult to impossible. My work record looks bad on paper. I'm smart, but my physical and mental endurance have led to poor work and school performance. I can learn well on the internet on my own time, but did miserably in college. I have sometimes exhibited symptoms of ADHD and OCD. I wanted away from my mother so bad that I just left. I almost ended up on the street a few times, but friends have been helping me out, so I've had lodging for the past month or so. The second psychiatrist gave me a working diagnosis of Bipolar, but I stopped seeing him when I found out he was anti-gay. Can I find mental health housing? Not a psych ward, but a private room or studio apartment that doesn't cost much? I want to find a good doctor and a safe place to stay away from my troublesome family so that I can perhaps try medication again. My mood goes up and down. I don't hear voices, but music plays in my head. It is music I've listened to in the real world, but it gets so annoying. Like 5 seconds of a song plays back, loudly. Very high quality too, all the aspects and instruments are there, but it's only 5 seconds of the song, over and over and over. Shut up I'm trying to think here!!! Will somebody please unplug the stereo system that is hiding somewhere in my head? The stop and power buttons must be broken. I am, of course, speaking in metaphor here. When I'm calm, I can listen to entire songs. I don't need an mp3 player because I have my brain. But when it malfunctions, it tortures me! This is pretty rambling and disorganized. I'm going to stop for now. I might write more when I'm in a clearer state of mind. Maybe somebody who reads this can offer some understanding, sympathy, or advice?
  5. I am on abilify, lamictal, and lexapro. I just realized yesterday the cause of my sinus pressure runny and stuffy nose and occasional sneezing could be allergies. So my mom has given me an allergy pill to find out-it contains the following... acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine, and phenylephrine. Can I take it with my meds? Has anyone here had trouble? Has anyone taken them and are fine? I am know acetaminophen is fine. But what about the other 2?
  6. Hey All, I have been suffering from a congested and running nose for many years now. What is most annoying is that antihistaminics don't help. Oftentimes, I get the impression that my nose reacts to temperature changes and air humidity. For example, when it is hot and dry my nose is alright, but in damp, cool climate it gets stuffed. Also, when I work out or heat my body up by walking vigorously, my nose gets better. Once I interrupt the exercise and sit down somewhere, congestion returns. I have read that nasal congestion as a physiological response to surrounding circumstances is called rhinitis vasomotor, but I have not been able to learn what can be done against it. Do you have any idea? I was thinking of having that operation done where they widen your nasal conducts. Would that help? As a teen, I was suffering from nasal congestion caused by allergies. I did prick tests and got a desensibilization therapy (injections with the allergens), and in the end the prick tests showed that I pretty much got rid of the allergies. Through the use of nasal sprays I may have strained my nose a lot, I suppose. So, I'm grateful for any hints. Nutty Woman
  7. Hello Crazy Boards, it's been awhile! How have all of you been? I wanted to know if of you have had allergic experiences with Seroquel...? I have taken Seroquel on and off over the years, and each of those times I've stopped the med due the reactions I have to it, including headaches, facial pain & spasms, swelling, weight-gain and trouble breathing (I happen to have severe asthma, so that last one sucks.) It's a lengthy story, but I recently took Seroquel on a daily basis for about two-and-a-half weeks, at a dosage ranging from 50 - 150mg. During the time I was taking it, I had what I believed was a cold. As I stopped the Seroquel, most of the cold symptoms subsided and I was left with chest congestion that would not go away, and a deep, non-productive cough. It is/was like this tight fullness that occupies the area of my throat and upper lungs. I have times where there is dull to moderate throbbing in my chest, with occasional pangs. I find that I am often short of breath, which results in an obnoxious cough with wheezing. I have also been plagued with an incessant, all-over-the-body kind of itching, with a rash that presents occasionally. I stopped Seroquel two weeks ago after two weeks of taking it at dosages of 50-150mg. Is it possible that I am experiencing an allergic reaction even though I am off that med? I have been seen 3 times this week (In addition to asthma, I have a small history with blod clots. Difficulty breathing freaks me out a bit). My Dr's have ruled out blood clots, infections, general/seasonal allergies, or masses or tumors of any kind. More interesting is the fact that each time I was seen they listened to my lungs, and they are clear. I am being told that the issue is in my throat (inflammation or swelling). It was suggested that my coughing was causing the inflammation and swelling in my throat, and as I continued coughing it increased it moved into my lungs. In addition to throat inflammation in my throat I am also having inflammation/burning/discomfort in my mouth (cheeks, gums, etc) and it is very sensitive. I was prescribed Atarax for the itching and a three day supply of Prednisone (which I started this morning. I'm desperate.) I keep waiting for things to work. Antihistamines don't work unless I take them in huge doses (Example: Benedryl 100mg). Like I said, I have asthma, and so I nebulize. Nebulizing actually aggravates my symptoms, leaving me tight and anxious. I have 3 theories, and they are: a) Allergy to Seroquel or some other medication b) viral infection and... c) An oral herpetic outbreak of the mouth and throat (Yes, I have Herpes Simplex 1 (oral herpes) I went on too long. Have any of you experienced this kind of thing, be it on Seroquel or not? Will super high doses of antihistamines just phase it out or will it continue to come back everyday? The short breathing attacks come on quite suddenly...I dunno...Insight please? Thanks in advance.
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