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Found 6 results

  1. I am taking stimulants for numerous reasons--primarily for ADHD and idiopathic hypersomnia, but also because I'm obese and trying to lose weight (with diet and exercise of course) and because amphetamines heretofore have been the only thing that really make me a functioning human being. I was curious though. From y'all's experience, which stimulant inhibited appetite and/or caused more weight loss, that is, between Ritalin (and all their products), Focalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, or some other stimulant. I have actually even taken Desoxyn, twice, and to be honest, it's nowhere near as potent as Adderall or Dexedrine. To my understanding, appetite inhibition can be extricable from weight loss; i.e., one can lose weight from a medicine without experiencing much appetite suppression, one can experience drug-induced anorexia without losing much weight, or both at the same time, or neither. IME, so far, this is what I've experienced... I'll list the stimulant/anorectic and max dose taken. Appetite suppression/anorexia: Dexedrine (60 mg) Adderall (60 mg) Dexedrine Spansules (30 mg) Adipex-P (37.5 mg) Adderall XR (90 mg) Wellbutrin IR/SR/XL (450-500 mg) Bontril-PDM (210 mg) Tenuate (75 mg) Desoxyn (15 mg) Vyvanse (70 mg) Adzenys XR-ODT Metadate CD (20 mg) Ritalin (30 mg) Focalin XR (25 mg) Evekeo (20 mg) Belviq XR (20 mg) Tenuate Dospan (75 mg) Contrave (32 mg/360 mg) Weight loss: Dexedrine (60 mg) Adderall (60 mg) Adipex-P (37.5 mg) Tenuate (75 mg) Dexedrine Spansules (30 mg), Adderall XR (90 mg) Wellbutrin IR/SR/XL Desoxyn (15 mg) Bontril-PDM (210 mg) Metadate CD (20 mg) Belviq XR (20 mg), Evekeo (20 mg), Focalin XR (25 mg), Ritalin (30 mg), Vyvanse (70 mg) Contrave (32 mg/360 mg), Tenuate Dospan (75 mg), Adzenys XR-ODT So I've not tried very high doses of the (dex)methylphenidate meds, and have been curious about trying a higher dose (40-60 mg, maybe higher). Focalin might be okay, but it gave me tremors, anxiety, and panic attacks at 25 mg. Vyvanse did nothing much at all except jack my resting heart rate up to 120+ BPM. This list was very hard to compile, and I don't really know if it's too accurate. I'm heavily considering trying methylphenidate again, specifically Metadate CD, because I actually felt something on it as opposed to regular Ritalin. I was considering asking my NP for a Metadate CD dose of 30-60 mg, or maybe 30 mg x2 or something like that, with some Ritalin 5-10 mg, maybe 20 mg, to take 1/2-1 up to three times per day prn. The tried and true med is Dexedrine for me, specifically the IR, but I want to give that a break for a little while. I'm curious to see how (dex)methylphenidate affects my ADHD more than it affects my weight loss/appetite suppression as well. I know this post was rather scattered and long, but if you made it through it, any input would be much appreciated!
  2. I'm a bit concerned. I have been using benzedrine and vyvanse in the past. With these drugs you know exactly how many mg of amphetamine you get. But benzedrine and vyvanse both contain only D-Amphetamine. Where I live we do not have Adderall or any other drug which contains D and L Amphetamine. But since I read many people like Adderall better than pure D-Amphetamine I wanted to try something which has both D and L Amphetamine. Since there is no drug available here which contains D and L Amphetamine the only way to get DL Amphetamine is to get it from a compound pharmacy. They order amphetamine sulfate and then make an amphetamine syrup out of it. As far as I know amphetamine sulfate contains D and L Amphetamine in a 50/50 ratio. The syrup which I have contains 2mg amphetamine per ml. I started using 5ml (10mg amphetamine) and then increased to 10ml (20mg amphetamine). When I take a single dose of 10ml syrup then this is 20mg pure amphetamine. Should I not feel something from that? I don't even get jittery! How can this be? I don't know what to make of this. I even wonder what if somebody at the pharmacy keeps some amphetamine for himself and then my syrup has a lower concentration? It would be impossible for me to prove this unless I sent it to a lab and then pay the fee. This really sucks cause now I don't really know why this stuff is so weak. If the syrup came straight from a factory then I at least knew that the amphetamine content is correct. But when the stuff is handmade there is always a factor of uncertainty.
  3. Ok where to start... hate this... ok I'm 21 and I'll tell a brief of my story. I had a great infancy lets say before 9 years blahblahbla but at some point I started to get more and more introverted and "fragile". Later got bullied in school. My adolescence was conflicting. at 18 i started to use LSD, it was fantastic and so I realized that I needed help for my depression. ok. Soon I started to do cocaine and soon alot of coke and u know- rehab bolocks. in the meantime got various "suicidal" attempts (but never intended to kill myself, just self-harm or so). OK thats a just little of my life and would be impossible to write it all cuz i dont remember alot. THE POINT IS. Im diagnosed with Major Depression, Borderline Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Bipolar and ADHD (is it even possible to have all of these disorders together, if not more?). Thats what I know cuz my psych hides the rest. I can say that I tried almost all antidepressants/antipsychs/stimul/anxiolytics and never got good results. also many illegal drugs. So far, recently i've switched my ritalin 60mg to vyvanse 100mg. I must tell you, it changed my life 180 degrees. Now I can feel normal, positive, calm, motivated etc. and not anymore irritable, depressed, craving drugs/alcohol, self-harmfull etc. Why vyvanse solved all the problems that the others didnt? is that possible cause I dont see so many people using it as a anti-depressant other than just for ADHD? What i mean, vyvanse makes me awesome because makes me fell normal. I know its an amphetamine and is addictive blah blah. I really dont care as much as i dont get tolerance (which i'm not). I don't feel euphoria, feel nromal happyness. It also feels natural. Sure taking a higher dosage would be euphoric, but i dont plain to do so, its like im healed from drug abuse now. Anyway I like to share my experience, maybe some others with resistant-depression who dont respond to traditional ad's should try this shit.
  4. This is my second post. So again, bear with me. I have some issues with substance abuse, depression, and just about every type of anxiety disorder you can find in the DSMs. With my "addictive personality," Adderall has become a drug that I just can't get enough of. I've been taking it for over a year and have come to a conclusion that if I keep taking it, things will only get worse than they are now. I don't have a job and live with my parents. I'm a part-time student and only take a couple courses per semester. It's been years since I held an official job. At first, I thought that Adderall was enhancing my performance--in everything, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The most I've gotten out of it are As in my classes and repetitive artwork that seems to be getting "bland" over time. After a ton of obsessive research, I concluded that mirtazapine might be the key to curing my anxiety and depression, help me gain weight, and quit Adderall. I don't want to get into pharmacology of the combination of Adderall and mirtazapine, because I'm way, way too tired. Anyway, my doctor agreed with me that mirtazapine may be a fantastic option to cure all of what I've stated above. I was prescribed 15 milligrams to take nightly. The first night I was out cold, and the next day wasn't too bad at all. The second day (today) however, I'm cranky, impatient, exhausted, and guilty for not doing anything with my life. I know I want to give this medication a fair shot, but I'm one of those people that read up way too much on other's experiences with medication. The positives so far are that I'm not craving Adderall as much as I usually do, and clonazepam (which I forgot to note) isn't really needed either. Still, with this lethargy there is absolutely no way I could hold a job or even continue in school. All in all, I want to know if anyone can relate, especially if they have been on Adderall and mirtazapine simultaneously. Also, has anyone quit Adderall cold-turkey from a 40mg dose (or over)? If so, how long did it take to get your mental and physical energy back. I have the rest of summer to solve this, but as all people that take pharmacueticals know, seeing a doctor/psychiatrist every two weeks and continued trial-and-error fails takes so much time, money and stress. Thanks.
  5. I was on Concerta 36mg and it was helping but my jaw was so tense I couldn't stand it and I started getting really irritable, shaky and anxious so I had to stop. I was only taking Effexor 300 for about 6 months but my short-term memory was getting really bad, I could think but I couldn't express what I wanted to say and I was having trouble with word finding. My daughter kept telling me I had Alzheimers. I've been taking Dexedrine ER spansules for almost two weeks now and I'm feeling more like the old me . I've been able to communicate my thoughts and I've noticed I'm not nearly as anxious and irritable. I actually feel a bit mellow which is really nice. My jaw is a bit tense and I've noticed a bit of peak and valley during the day which is probably the extended release of the med. It sure is nice to come out of the fog - I hope it lasts. Just 3 weeks ago I was ready to pull the covers over my head and stay there permanently. I see the pdoc in 3 weeks to assess. I'm hoping to be able to get back to my courses as learning was impossible before. Sorry for the rambling but its been so long since I could actually convert thoughts to words. I thought I would share my experience; I've learned so much from reading other peoples' posts.
  6. Hi there! I'm a new member here as I feel this is the best place to seek our peer reviews on my medical status. For starters, I'll give a little background info: I'm a 22 yr old Medical Biology student about to apply to OSU's DO school and BEYOND excited about it. There are, however, a few obstacles to overcome. Growing up, I saw a therapist for unrelated issues that led to an IQ test in 5th grade trying to explain my failing grades through public school. What was found was an above average IQ that was bored with the monotony of the class room. As of 8th grade, I was moved to a tiny private school (less than 200 students across 6 grade levels in the back of a church) and suddenly took an interest, as it was more free and open to allow me to focus when I wanted and rest when I wanted. We had a family business that I took part of in my free time (metal fabrication. If it's metal, I can do it. From sawing to welding and machining). We had that business for roughly 8 years. I did not go out with friends or play kick ball in the neighborhood, as I was always there. Not complaining, just giving reason for my next point. Not spending a lot of time with the other peers, I took to trying to listen to everything around me so as not to be left out of what was going on socially. It is mine and my physicians belief that that choice and forced habit may have led to my adult-onset ADD. I began college looking forward to completing a Mechanical Engineering degree before going back and going through medical school (I know, high ambitions! More like crazy ambitions. lol), and almost immediately, my grades began to fail. I was able to stay in school thanks to my filler and gen. ed. courses being high grades, but my science and math grades were suffering. I switched majors after moving to another state roughly 2 years ago, and here I am in my 5th year of college just having been diagnosed within two weeks end of my spring semester. To drive the point home, I went from mid-D's in all my courses (Genetics, Organic Chem. 2, and Physiology) to high B's, and coming in 5th from highest in my Organic class of 30+ students. Needles to say, I'm certain this is an issue I have to get tackled. I had a bad habit in class of trying to pay attention, would have a thought enter my head that was completely unrelated, and I would suddenly regain awareness several minutes later in my phone reading facebook, not able to recall when I had stopped paying attention. I always chalked my inability to pay attention or study up to motivation issues. But I knew that couldn't be it. Anyone I had ever discussed biology with KNEW I had no other choice of study. What brought me to my doctor's office was one day I noticed that while having a discussion with a fellow student, I was editing a conversation beside me's vocabulary, trying to listen to another conversation for class information, and noticing that there seemed to be a set pattern in shirt colors repeating as students walked by in the adjoining corridor. this would be excellent, except that I was retaining absolutely NO information. I decided that that was where I drew the line. My doctor started me on 25mg doses of Vyvanse. That was where my grades swung up dramatically as I stated above. It was good, but only because I would zone out like normal (that didn't change), but I wouldn't come aware later. I was able to catch that I had zoned out immediately and fix it, but it didn't happen any less frequently or less severely. I just had the motivation and the ability now to catch it when it happened. Come one month later I explained this to my doctor, and he upped my dosage to 40mg. It was a miracle. But I started itching like crazy immediately. I wrote it off as poison ivey or chiggers (I had just finished a days work in the yard when it struck). But it only got worse. I began to have clear bubbles form and explode on my hands, feet, wrists and stomach. Most concentrated on the sides of my hands, in the curve of my thumb (where thumb meets pointer finger) and inside of the wrists. For the next month we agreed to have better sleeping habits and see if it helped (I was also having weird episodes where i'd forget where I was, but that turned out to be sleep deprivation), but the itch didn't cease. Next months appointment, He switched me to a generic form of Concerta at 25mg, and a generic adderax (hydrochortizon I believe it was called) that was like Ibuprofen on steroids. It worked to remove the rash, but the itch only subsided. We did remove me from the Concerta, as it did absolutely zip for my attention span, but sent my anxiety and stress through the roof. It scared my family, as I am known to NEVER freak out or worry. I just don't see a point in stressing out over things that can be fixed. This last visit, he prescribed me 20mg a day of Aderall XR (the generic form). The bubbles and itch are back and even worse. It has spread to my scalp, and eyes now (minus the bubbles thankfully). Google has failed me. Thanks to it searching by keyword, it finds either spam medicine sites, or leads me to places like this, but not to anything truly helpful. I DID try to search this site, but the search engine here isn't helping me either. Like the last post I read before I wrote this, I feel like a Jack of All trades, and I'm losing my mind here. A) has anyone experienced this? I read about one other guy on a site I can't find now that has, but it was from 2009. B) If you have, what helped? The amphetamine based drugs are causing his to worsen, where the caffeine and otherwise based one didn't do anything helpful...
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