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  1. So Effexor XR is the best medication I've taken for my problems which combined anxiety disorders, panic disorder, and obsessions. It has also helped with depression that inevitably follows these... So I know the SSRIs/SNRIs are notorious for this side effect, I was just wondering how other users deal with this problem as this can be difficult to talk about with peers and even doctors? I don't even like posting this here, I just don't know what to do. I was on Effexor XR for about 5 years at 300mg, last year I came down to 150mg, and currently I'm on 75mg. Luckily I've felt pretty stab
  2. I don’t know what category my question goes under, as I do have multiple symptoms in like 3-4 other categories. So, I’ll just try it here... Hi everyone. I have schizoaffective disorder-bipolar type, GAD and I also struggle with sever depression. Right now, I am currently on Nortriptyline 75mg 3x/day. This dose goes beyond the maximum dose and I’m still struggling with tiredness and just a low, funky, depressive mood all day. All and all, this particular antidepressant isn’t necessarily helping me. So here’s the thing. I used to take Wellbutrin like a decade ago before I was ev
  3. So, I went to see my GP to talk about possibly switching from Prozac to something else. I am not sure if my Prozac is pooping out or if it just normal life stressors getting to me. So, I discussed this with him and he had me do some genetic testing to see if I metabolize psychiatric meds normally. I got the results back, and apparently the only abnormal thing is that I have a gene mutation that makes me unable to metabolize folic acid properly, so he prescribed something called Deplin, generic version L-Methylfolate 15mg. With insurance coverage it is $56 a month!! I am wondering if anyone has
  4. I just started taking Wellbutrin and have been currently taking it for 3 days now and I’ve been getting multiple symptoms listed from the Wellbutrin. I’ve been having stomach pains, nausea, dizziness and headaches, should I stop taking the Wellbutrin if I have these effects or would they go away after the first 1 or 2 weeks?
  5. Hello, I am currently on two medications, Zoloft 100mg and Lyrica 300mg, and had sort of a weird bought of mood swings over the last two weeks that may have been just work related though I was feeling agitated one day, and flat and depressed the next few days. Now I am sort of about as normal as normal gets, for now. Different medications have been suggested to me for managing bipolar II and I am sort of hesitant to try something in addition to what I am already on because what if my medication trial goes side ways and it makes me worse? I know start up can be rough but I just don
  6. Hello Comrades, I've been taking Sertraline (50mg daily) for 9 months now. Reason for taking Sertraline: Depression & SAD. Maybe some GAD. So Sertraline treats my baseline anxiety quite well, also got rid of digestion problems, but I am struggling with side effects: Motor restlessness, agitation. I've always been quite "hyperactive", but Sertraline has worsened it by a good amount. I cannot sit still, I feel I have to walk, to pace. I move my fingers and toes to "release" some of the energy. Also lots of fidgeting, rocking back and forth. I have the urge to crawl out of m
  7. Hello all, I’m at a loss so I’m turning to this community for some new perspective. I suffer from generalized anxiety and depression. I have run the gamut of meds including SSRI, SNRI and tricyclics. Most SSRI and SNRIs I could not tolerate due to side effects. I’ve even tried off label uses for meds. I’ve been on Lamictal 200 mg for 2 years now. Initially it was great! I had more energy than I had felt in years! However, it has never helped my anxiety so I’ve tried multiple combos with the Lamictal. Lexapro, effexor, Paxil, Abilify, Pristiq. All had intolerable side effects. My mood has
  8. My doc does not think I am bipolar. My last appointment he tried to add on pristiq which I said no to since I had a horrible reaction to trying effexor (debilitating panic attacks and anxiety). I did tell him this but he suggested Pristiq. Bad stuff keeps coming back now. Anger, rage, fleeting violent thoughts, passive suicidal ideation. It is sort of like how things were prior to being on any meds. I am on 45 mg Mirtazipine Sol-tab. Lorazepam 1mg prn. Waiting until end of June to see my pdoc again. May see him sooner if things don't improve.
  9. Hi all. Would like opinions please. I've been on Viibryd for a little over 6 weeks. Went up to 40mgs, then back to 30mg now 20mgs (pdoc thought it might have been too stimulating for me at higher doses). I'm starting to feel stable throughout the day most days, but almost always have breakthrough anxiety multiple times a day, in which the .50mg of Lorazepam isn't working to control. Although my depressed mood/sadness has seemed to lifted a bit, the suicidal thoughts are hanging on for dear life. This promoted my pdoc to add Lithium 900mg a little over 2 weeks ago. I also take 200mg Seroquel a
  10. Hi everyone. I have bipolar l disorder with psychotic features, anxiety, ADHD and depression. Right now, I'm talking all of the medications below and I'm trying to figure out why I'm still dealing with depression. I also smoke cigarettes, which obviously aren't making my mental/physical health any better than what it could be without them. Right now, I take a combination of a mood stabilizer, an antipsychotic, 2 stimulants, a benzo and an antidepressant (Cymbalta 120mg). What I'm trying to figure out is if whether or not my med mix is causing all of my dismay or if my antidepressant is no long
  11. Hello there, So I'm getting evaluated for Bipolar disorder on Thursday and during this waiting period, I thought I'd do some in depth research on the disorder. I'm 98% sure I'm going to get diagnosed with Bipolar II or Bipolar NOS (due to how rapid my cycles sometimes are), and since I'm on an antidepressant right now, I needed to see what meds Bipolar folk usually take. That's when I found out about mood stabilizers and all the ugly side effects that come along with them. To be honest, I'm scared to try any of them with everything that I've read. I just need an antidepressant to kee
  12. What medications have you found that have worked for binge eating disorder or bulimia? Topamax kinda helps, but I hate the side effects (depression, hair loss, slowed thinking, tiredness, etc....) and was wondering if anybody else had success with any other medications. Or if you've found ways to deal with the cognitive side effects of topamax? Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have been taking escitilapram and resperidone for 3 years up until this june. How long does it take for the meds to get out of your system after you stopped taking them?
  14. Hey, hoping for some advice on a new cocktail. I have treatment resistant depression with social anxiety. Have tried citalopram, escitalopram, desvenlafexine, mirtazapine, duloxetine, pregabalin, bupropion, propranolol, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, quetiapine over last ten or so years. The thing I have found far and away the most effective has been phenelzine but maois gave me bad postural hypotension to the point where my psychiatrist made me discontinue. I'm on combo of cymbalta and remeron now but the only effect is excessive sweating. Any ideas for what to try next? Thanks in advance.
  15. I struggle with chronic anhedonia and it has lasted for over a year and a half now. But I have come up with a theory that might get rid of it for me and everyone else who struggles with it right here and now. I don't know if this will work or not, but with anhedonia, you have a chronically overly active part of the brain (the hpa axis which is the area of the brain responsible for the stress response) while another area of the brain turns off which is the area responsible for feelings of pleasure (our good moods). If you can make yourself pass out, then that overly active part of
  16. I struggle with depression and I have never perceived any good meaning, love, joy, happiness, and inspiration in my life while having it. I am wondering if there is a way I can though if I were to work on my thinking. Or if my thoughts alone cannot give me those things. I would like to ask this question. How can our thoughts alone while depressed be any form of rewarding experience for us? Aren’t they all just thoughts? Aren’t they all nothing more than just the “thinking” experience of our brains that cannot give us any good meaning, love, joy, happiness, inspiration, or rewarding experience?
  17. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help please... I am a 33 woman and I took Zypexa for 6 years due to very mistaken and stupid diagnosis (10mg`s for 2 years and 5mg for 4 years) and Cypralex for first 3 years. I quit Cypralex 3 years ago while on Zyprexa and quit Zyprexa 11 months ago after a 3 months taper.I am absolutely,100% drug free.I am in full withdrawal/discontinuation syndrome and I have experienced a lot of debilitating sypmtoms,severe insomnia,severe muscular pain throughout the body,uncontrolled rage,tremors,severe headaches,stiff/pain in my neck and shoulders,severe stomach pain,vulvod
  18. ...is anybody familiar with this triad? Did it work for you? I see pdoc Friday...thanks for any information/experiences you can share!
  19. Hi, I have been on several antidepressants and have yet to find the right one or combination. What I am looking for is an anti-depressant that will give me energy and motivation and a desire to socialize again (instead of simply laying in bed all day). However, a major problem I suffer from is high anxiety and have heard that many 'energizing' antidepressants can increase anxiety. Therefore, I am also looking for something that will help with my anxiety but not make me feel tired all day. An aside- I am also prescribed concerta for ADD but even that fails to keep me up with certain medicat
  20. Everyone must always be cool to me. In other words, I must always get a good vibe from them. If they show a bad attitude towards me and show scorn and/or detest towards me, then they die. I don't care who they are and I don't care what situation it is. Even if it is a situation that others would deem as very minor such as getting in an argument with someone. As long as they give off a loathsome bad vibe to me through their display of scorn, frown, and detest towards me, then they all die by my hands. The fact is, I do not put up with any problems. So not only must people always be cool
  21. so for the last 3 years at least (I don't really remember the pattern of episodes earlier than that), October-February has been a really rough period depression-wise. My doctor suggested supplementing my medication (which by then will be 15-20mg of abilify and 200mg of lamictal) with an antidepressant, but historically I've been on 3 SSRIs and one tricyclic and they all either made me suicidal or gave me side effects that made me suicidal. There seems to have been research on the effectiveness of light therapy for seasonally affected bipolar disorder, with some indications that it can cause hy
  22. Has anyone else here ever experienced an anti-depressant or medication induced manic "switch"? Was it after being diagnosed, or were you diagnosed because of such an episode? I ask because I was recently re-diagnosed as bipolar following such a switch. My now-previous pdoc felt the diagnosis fit well, considering my reported history. My new pdoc seems to take an entirely different view; he thinks that anti-depressants can cause, in some people, symptoms that mimic mania. He's less interested in my reported history and more in what symptoms I present with at the moment. Needless to say, I'm con
  24. I have developed severe chronic anhedonia as a result of depression. It has lasted for over 7 months, still hasn't gotten any better, and there are never any brief moments of pleasure. My feelings of pleasure (such as love, joy, motivation, etc.) are the most important things about me as a person. They are far more important than my attitude, actions, personality, etc. As a matter of fact, my attitude, actions, and personality do not matter at all without my pleasure and are neutral (neither good or bad). My good and bad value as a human being is solely based on the level of pleasure (goo
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