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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all. I wanted to attempt to create a thread for autistic members to come in and chat, give updates on their day to day lives, etc. This section of the board isn’t very lively, which I find to be a shame. Perhaps we can change that. I’ll start. Today has been uneventful. Made some phone calls, fed some pets, did some chores. One incident of sensory overload. Have work tomorrow and an appointment after work.
  2. So I joined this forum to talk about my various mental health issues and try to find a solution or two with people who can relate. I been diagnosed with autism, clinical depression, and oppositional defiant disorder at various points in my life and I'm currently 16 years old at the time of this writing. I hope to have a great time with you guys.
  3. [This post assumes that both genders can be victims of sexual aggression, and examples herein, while grammatically gendered, are not so to demonstrate a gender-specific point. Don't throw brickbats.] I read in the news today that Neil deGrasse Tyson has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by three women. I have no idea whether he is on-spectrum; given his fluency as a communicator, I doubt it. But reading the details got me thinking. One complained that he peeked under the covered part of the shoulder on her sleeveless dress to see a tattoo of the solar system that she had menti
  4. My 25 year old son, diagnosed with autism, severe anxiety, intellectual/developmental disability, has had a severe sleep disorder his entire life. He averages about 3.5 hours of sleep per night. Often, that's not all at the same time but aggregate between 10pm - 6am. Over the years, we've tried dozens (and dozens...) of both alternative and conventional treatments. Specific to prescription medications to help induce sleep, we've tried over 15. Almost all medications have had a paradoxical effect on him (activating vs. sedating). None have helped with sleep. He's been on ri
  5. I've just gone down on risperidone, from 2 mg back down to 1 mg. This is part of the plan to shift things around a bit and depend a little more on lamotrigine than risperidone because I'm a little worried about my increased prolactin levels, it sort of looks like I'm growing breasts a lot of the time and of course I don't like that. No one has actually told me my prolactin levels outside of "it's higher than normal". What "normal" means is anyone's guess because they're either not telling me or can't tell me. Whatever. At any rate I don't like it so the plan is to keep risperidone down to a mi
  6. Hi everyone, I/we just joined up because.. Eh. Needing support/people who relate and such. Social media's alright, but the privacy is always wonky and the ability to compartmentalise isn't so great. Forums/IRC are better for this kinda thing, I think. Anyway, yeah. Barrel of raccoons, etc. We have a long list of things, most diagnosed, some not (some by choice.. I don't want DID going anywhere near my medical record. :x). I keep thinking I've processed my abuse stuff and then discovering yet another delicious core of it under the next layer. Heh. My resolution this year at least is t
  7. This is selfish and stupid, but i will waste your time to ask opinions, as i am desperate. When i was 11 i got severely bullied (physical, violent) at a new school for a year before my mother realised and moved me. Before, she kept telling me 'ignore them, they'll go away'. I took the bullying by gangs surrounding me to mean, you deserve to be annihilated, to die, die; and my mother's instructions to mean, you have no right to defend yourself. This was a physically felt meaning, not pondering. Looking for an explanation, i found fundamentalist christianity which said: you were born evil a
  8. ** Please do not read this if you are easily triggered. I go into graphic detail about my past, as there is a lot I need to get off my chest anonymously. However, caveat lector. ** Hello! I go by the name Hellbent. I'm 18, and live in the British Isles. I have a long and storiaed history of mental quirks and quiddities. I taught myself to read at tewo from reading the captions underneath pictures in my grandfather's newspapers, and from reading food packaging. I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at 5 or 6, and declared a "gifted and talented child". I'm uncertain whether t
  9. 900 mg of lithium a day 40mg of Prozac amd 5 mg of risperdal i have aspergers which includes OCD ADD anxiety severe depression slight manic and possibly multi personalitie disorder
  10. I have two and a half year old twins who are verbally delayed (as in, they do not speak at all) and probably both have autism. I say probably because we are still waiting on official paperwork. My son was also born with pyloric stenosis, meaning he had to have corrective surgery at four weeks old and will have a nasty scar for life. This is a condition he inherited from me, and my guilt over it is insane. I know it hasn't been proven that autism is inherited but we have a history of it in my family. I feel like I condemned both of my children by having faulty genetics and with each therapy app
  11. Hey everyone, how do you feel post meltdown? And how long does it generally last? I had one last night for the first time in a long time and I'm feeling so drained today. I've been paying a lot more attention to my energy since getting back on meds and I was curious what you all find.
  12. How on earth does one on the spectrum manage the feelings of sadness/stress/fear for an ill loved one while another healthy grief stricken family member demands help and attention? My grama is very ill, and my mom is reasonably quite upset, but unreasonably sending me very very frightening and alarmist messages to drop my entire day and plans and life because she's practically dead- oh, wait, we're going for lunch. Or- oh, wait, she just really needs fluids but she'll probably be okay. I've talked with her about it, but I doubt she really gets it at all or why it isn't okay to do that.
  13. I am not a parent, more so in the sense I do not have my own offspring, and no legal custody. However, I am the main support system of my soon-to-be 2 year old nephew Chunka, both financially and supportively. Chunka has sensory and major hyperactivity problems that are still being recorded and sifted out to either be diagnosed or just "let be" depending on what is going on. Chunka is a lot like his Nani (me) at his age. I was on spdbloggernetwork.com looking through blogs, and I found this titled "AN ALTERNATIVE SPD LEXICON". I read on, and oh how it related to me. And giggle a bit. And I
  14. Well. My name is Louise. I'm 17 on the 19th of April. Don't know how to do this. I'm autistic. I hear shit, but they call it schizoaffective disorder. I have a bad anxiety disorder and crappy depression. I'm almost blind, almost deaf, my scoliosis is near crippling, and I used to be a victim of severe bullying... How are you today? I don't know what else to say. I have ADHD? Adopted young, but still fucked in the head....
  15. I've been obsessed with Parenthood lately, and I was just wondering what people thought about Max - his character's behaviours/presentation and his family's reaction to him.
  16. My name is Stephanie, I'm 26 years old and I am Bipolar! I've been dx for a year now. I've been married for 9 years, we have 3 great children. My youngest is 5 and diagnosed with bipolar, autism, and ADHD. It's very hard and draining so I'm looking for some different avenues of support :-) Medications are listed below. I have been unmedicated since March-April so to finally get a private psychiatrist to listen to my concerns is wonderful. I am hoping this is a good path of medicine even though my insurance denied the claim for Saphris. Hopefully my doc fights it!
  17. Hi, I'm having an unclear diagnosis of either Schizoaffective disorder or Asperger's disorder (maybe plus bipolar) which is being investigated right now. Asperger's is being investigated by a team of two docs at the university clinic nearby and my own (new) doc who is uncertain about me being (schizophrenically) psychotic is reducing Zyprexa to find out. (i'm also on Prozac, Lyrica and topamax which are being continued) So de deal is, he reduced Zyprexa from 20 to 15. and guess what! i'm all TIRED and unmotivated (which doesnt make sense at all). I used to go to bed at 3 am when i was on
  18. Hi, The first time i commited myself to the clinic due to massive hyperactivity, i got diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome by an autism expert. But she moved from my town and when i started feeling shitty next time they diagnosed me with Schizophrenia NOS. (i have never heard voices, was delusional twice for some hours and i have no thinking disorder except another 2 hours of talking shit. which all happend after the SCH diagnosis) i'm also diagnosed with bipolar which is totally true and i agree with that. ok anyways. lets get to the deal. the thing is, i score really high on the Aspie-Q
  19. My 14 yo son recently went through some testing to see if he has ADHD. During my talk with the evaluator, some of the behavior I was reporting about him caused her to do some further testing to see if he might have autism. My ex and I have always thought that our son might be somewhere on the autism spectrum, but because he was able to compensate and deal with the world all right, we never pursued a diagnosis. Today I received the results of the evaluation, and, not surprisingly, he has ADD (inattentive type, just like his older brother, his father and his mother-- and probably his other tw
  20. This is an old link, so perhaps someone here knows of an update or further findings.This was about mental deficits in general, but mood was the main focus. Autism was not the only condition discussed, it just was the nicest summation of an example: "Perhaps the most disturbing demonstration of the immune system's potential to influence the brain and behavior was a set of movies played by Judy Van de Water of the University of California, Davis. Van de Water is a co-investigator on a large study looking for environmental and genetic risk factors for autism. She and her colleagues have found
  21. About a year ago, I was evaluated by a behavioralist for Asperger's, and I took the test. I scored 40. I'm a mid-twenties female, married. The behavioralist strongly suggested that I pursue diagnosis and wrote a letter of reference for me -- which included, for some reason, 'she looks much younger than her age'; the relevance of this still escapes me. I didn't have health insurance, and all things told, it looked like it would cost about $3,000. We're students. I didn't pursue it. My husband and I moved to Spain, where he's from. Healthcare here is free. I'd been diagnosed wit
  22. It's been two (and a bit) months since I officially received the badge of recognition. I haven't really been able to talk too many people about it since receiving the ASD label - I've only managed to see my therapist once and since she's in the midst of phasing out her private practice, I don't know how much opportunity I would have in talking to her about the sensation of having the formal label. My pdoc doesn't do talk therapy; he concentrates on medication. Then again, he is a doctor so that's what I would expect from him. I guess my question is - how did you respond in the initial
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