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Found 3 results

  1. I'm struggling the last few weeks with foot pain and a general increase in overall pain levels. I've had back pain for years now as well as other muscular symptoms; all tests were basically normal, MRI normal, the pain consultant diagnosed it as myofascial pain but apparently not fibromyalgia (although I understasnd the two things are quite similar). These last 5-6 months I've had increasing foot pain. The GP ruled out plantar fasciitis and some other stuff with blood tests (diabetes, B12, etc) and said it might be down to flat feet and to get some orthotics made. I'm waiting for the orthotics but I don't think they will help as the pain feels nervy rather than mechanical... red feet, burning sensations, aching, etc. The burning used to happen mainly at night but now it is all the time. Basically I'm not sure what to do. Because of the depression and anxiety issues I feel the physical pain doesn't get taken seriously when I talk to doctors. The first thing they want to do is talk about psychological causes and treatments which is fine, I accept the connection between the mind and body, but treating the mind isn't making my real physical pain any better. Lately I can't even enjoy basic things like going for a walk due to the pain which is making me MORE depressed and the pain killers I'm given (codeine based) are not as effective as they were a few years back. I would like the foot pain investigated further to rule out some kind of nerve issue. I would also like more effective pain relief, whether that is in the form of nerve meds (lyrica?) or pain killers (opiates?) I don't care as long as it works. How do I get this taken more seriously by the doctor?
  2. Hi so I hurt my back (probably weightlifting) quite a while ago (3 months.. 6 months? idk) I went to a physiotherapist and he said he thought it might be a herniated disc. Later I saw a GP who thought it was just a muscle strain. He prescribed Mobic, which is an NSAID and ordered an Xray. The Xray didn't show anything. The Mobic seems to help some, but not much. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm extremely scared that this will become chronic pain. I've got a new GP recently but have been working with him on another issue. Should I make an appointment with him especially to discuss this? Or go back to the physiotherapist? I don't really know what to do. Also, since I hurt my back I've been using OTC paracetamol/APAP 500mg+ Codeine 15mg tablets most of the time. When the pain's bad, it's all that makes it tolerable. I take two tablets, four times a day when I'm using it. I ran out recently and as well as the pain coming back, which is expected, I just didn't feel "right". My nerves felt really jangled and I felt kind of trapped. The world was harsher and more abrasive. I fear I might be getting addicted to the codeine. I haven't had any physical w/d sx, so I think it's more that I've become accustomed to the doped up feeling. I don't think I'd have any trouble kicking the codeine, if it wasn't for the pain. I can bear these psychological w/d sx for a while, but after a few days with the pain I just can't take it and go buy more. So I don't know what to do about that either. Is it possible to get addicted to codeine even if you follow the directions on the box? Is it possible that codeine is worsening or prolonging the pain, in a way similar to how benzos can worsen or prolong anxiety (sometimes)? Thanks.
  3. I have been battling mood disorder - bipolar since a teenager, alone untreated un-medicated. Then all hell broke loose! I had a car crash in 2007 and my knee was broken, I was in ICU for a week with broken bones, deep vein thrombosis & pulmonary embolism. The accident brought me into a severe depression, the physical pain was debilitating and the headaches were so intense I just cried in the dark all the time. Eventually the broken bones healed, I started walking and some light exercise, mostly swimming at the gym but then the chronic pain started, my leg and hip on the broken knee side and over time this lead to lower back pain and then neck and shoulder pain too. I began getting headaches that lasted weeks if not months and displaying signs of PTSD. Still nobody was convinced that I needed treatment and I stupidly believed them even though I knew something was seriously wrong (I was 30 years old at this time) Now finally after MRI and CT scans, many trips to various neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and so on I exhausted my medical insurance then lost my job. Enter severe bout of depression. Now on the governments dime I am getting mood stabilizers (Epilim & Rivotril) which is helping my moods and they said that when my mind is "right" the pain will become manageable... is this to be my life? Pill popping and pain management? Anyone have words of encouragement? Anyone had a similar situation with mood disorders being aggravated by a physical act?
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