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Found 6 results

  1. I am going to speak to my pdoc about this, but I think I have binge eating disorder. I have gained an unspeakable amount of weight just in the past month, and am about to break my all time high in weight. These binges seem to come in "spells" or "episodes" that last for several months unless I'm dieting, and it's incredibly frustrating. Last year, I lost 40 lb and nearly got to my target weight, and I suddenly started binge eating when I had a change in medication. Right now, I'm not on any medication that would induce weight gain or increase appetite all that much or at all really, that I know of. I've been researching binge eating disorder (BED) medications, and this is what I've come up with. Please let me know if there's anything else I could add to this list. I plan on asking my pdoc about all of them and possibly adding them to my (already extensive) list of meds. Antidepressants I'm on Parnate, so I can't take SSRI's or SNRI's, but I'm on the TCA desipramine (Norpramin), which has been studied in binge eating disorder in dosages up to 300 mg. With the combo of my MAOI, I won't be able to go up that high, my current dose of 150 mg is probably as high as I will be able to go. Anti-obesity medications With my MAOI, the only one I think I can take is Orlistat, which I've heard has a lot of GI side effects (unless you eat a low fat diet, which tend not to work for me. I tend to respond better to low carb, high protein, high fat diets). In the past I've taken phentermine, which has worked fantastically, as well as diethylpropion, but because of my MAOI and Adderall, I don't think I can take those. Antiepileptic drugs Topamax — Studied in doses from 50-600 mg. I've taken this before up to 200 mg and it really didn't have an effect on my appetite. I can't take it though because both times I took it, it gave me kidney stones really bad. Zonegran — Studied in doses from 100-600 mg. I currently take this at 300 mg, and I don't really notice it affecting my appetite. I'd like to try higher doses of it, but my pdoc simply won't raise the dose of it for some reason. Lamictal — Studied in doses from 50-400 mg. I'm already on 300 mg. "Because lamotrigine and placebo had similarly high rates of reduction of weekly frequency of binge-eating episodes, the efficacy of lamotrigine in BED could not be determined. However, lamotrigine was associated with a numerically greater amount of weight loss (1.17 kg for lamotrigine versus 0.15 kg for placebo) and statistically significant reductions in fasting levels of glucose, insulin, and triglycerides, consistent with the finding that lamotrigine is associated with weight loss in healthy patients with obesity." ADHD drugs Strattera — Studied in doses of 40-120 mg. I'm not sure if I could take this with my MAOI, but then again, it's a selective NRI, which is pretty much what desipramine is, so perhaps I could trade out desipramine for Strattera? The ending mean dose was 106 ± 21 mg/day. I'm not sure I could go that high with Parnate. Vyvanse — I know this is approved for BED, but I'm already taking Adderall, which I prefer to Vyvanse. Antiaddiction drugs Opioid antagonists — naltrexone — studied in doses of 200-400 mg/day — this one shows a lot of promise. I'm definitely going to ask about this one. Acamprosate — Mean endpoint dose was 2597 ± 605 mg/day, which is pretty high to my understanding. "Acamprosate was not associated with a significantly greater decrease in binge eating frequency or any other outcome measure in the primary longitudinal analysis. However, in the secondary endpoint analysis, acamprosate was associated with statistically significant improvement in binge day frequency and in measures of obsessive-compulsive symptoms of binge-eating, food craving, and quality of life. BMI decreased slightly with acamprosate and increased with placebo; among completers, BMI decreased significantly with acamprosate than placebo recipients. Other agents Memantine (Namenda) — studied in dosages up to 20-30 mg/day, but I'm sure my insurance has a quantity limit of 20 mg/day. Sodium oxybate (Xyrem) — there's practically no chance of my pdoc prescribing this to me... Baclofen — One study used 60 mg, in which two of the subjects gained weight but had reduced binge-eating frequency, while another study used 120-180 mg. Am I missing anything? If so, please comment.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm new here and this is my first post! I am a binge eater and have struggled with BED for roughly the past five years. I have always been slightly overweight, as is my entire family, and we also have a history of yoyo-dieting and eating disorders in the family. My sister and brother were both nearly hospitalised as a result of anorexia, and I too went through a time on which I can now look back and say that I was anorexic and obsessed with exercise as a means to rid my body of what I had eaten. I am an opera singer, and while i was studying opera in 2012, I developed nodules on my vocal cords and had to withdraw from my course and all current and future engagements I had lined up. I was terribly depressed and anxious about what the future might hold, but mostly bored, and so I ate, and ate and ate. I gained and dropped weight over the next few years as food became a crutch for my anxiety--I tried to eat mainly salads and high protein meals, but whenever things went wrong and i felt chaotic and without a sense of centre, I would reach for food I didn't even really want. I would buy binge foods and eat them in secret in my room or in my car, or in (cringe) public bathrooms, and sometimes i would come to my senses half way through eating a supermarket bag full of food and go and throw the lot in the trash ( a huge waste). I went to see a CBT therapist who painstakingly tried to drag details of a tortured childhood (which i didn't have) from me, as a way to get to the bottom of it, and then gave me some mental exercises and an 'emotion wheel' worksheet to fill out at home whenever I felt a binge coming on. But I felt silly and like a pathetic child with a colouring book so I never really committed to that. Then phentermine (in the form of the pill duromine) came into my life, and I became addicted to it. I lost a ton of weight, and when it stopped working I doubled and then tripled the dose, making sure to fit in a bikram class, kickboxing class and 10km every single day on an almost empty stomach. I also became obsessed with the idea of intermittent fasting and would go days at a time not eating a thing. But i felt confident and happy and finally myself, free from the physical and emotional burden of extra weight. But of course, this rosy existence couldn't last for long. i knew I needed to stop taking phentermine because it was dangerous, and I was obtaining it illegally, and I had also noticed it was affecting my voice negatively and totally drying out my throat. I moved to scotland to study my masters in opera, and the first few months in this totally different environment, having to make friends and 'prove myself' as a singer in the international opera school there.. well, it was intimidating. And I ate, continuously and with reckless abandon, and gained weight. I was prescribed a combination of topirimate (starting at 25mg and worked up to 100mg every evening) and wellbutrin (150mg twice daily). Eventually I felt more settled, opened a gym contract and even got a lovely boyfriend who i eventually moved in with. i never really felt the medication made a difference, but I was feeling happier and more relaxed and so stopped taking it. I did continue to gain weight, and to eat foods that were previously 'forbidden', but I wasn't bingeing. Fast forward to now-- I have been living in Italy for a month and a half, taking a course in opera directing, and I would estimate I have binged on average 5 out of every 7 days I've been here. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I feel so isolated and anxious and unsettled and I cannot stop EATING. I always find it difficult getting used to a new place, and it is extra difficult when it is a foreign country, although I am semi-fluent in Italian. I do still have topamax and wellbutrin with me and have started to take it again. I think it is working and I don't feel nearly as hungry-- I don't feel that uncontrollable urge to binge-- But I am still bingeing. Why? I still feel like I HAVE to do it for some reason. The habit is so engrained. if there is food in the cupboard and the fridge, it must be eaten (even if it's something I don't like). I go to the supermarket, stand around for hours trying to make the 'right' decisions, end up making some slightly dubious ones, take it all home and eat the lot. I am unable to save things for later, or for instance, buy a slab of chocolate and consume a piece or two after dinner. I am still in the gym most days, and love to run, swim and lift weights--it makes me feel light and powerful and free--but I'm sabotaging myself every day with this terrible condition and I need to kick it.
  3. I have binged as far as I can remember, eating in secret all type of food that was "not allowed", just because I could at that instant. If it was then needed to have two dinners, I did for nobosy to notice. Then I moved to eat as much as I could when I was alone. Finally, in the unciversity I crashed, and I got topiramate and fluoxetine for my anxiety and depresion. After that I got better, but I gained 30 kg that I haven't been able to lose (200 pounds, 5" height). Now I am in treatment again with lamictal, and waiting for therapy for the binge eating. i have got the different steps to start working on my own (diary the food, eat more meals, plan the meals ahead, etc.). But I just don't do it. How can I be so stupid? I plan my meals but then I have a hamburguer instead. I pack to swim, or decide to walk but I just don't do it. It feels I fight against me, and I just gain more and more weight. I am starting to have problems to do the dayly things, I now I could die for this... But I do nothing. I really don't know how to stop destroying myself.
  4. If you have Binge Eating Disorder and have put on a significant amount of weight, this is the thread for you. I'd like to give a shout out to Winter Rose for making this possible. She made a little niche for Weight Gain just for people like me. Thank you kindly dear. My weight gain is not all because of my medicine. I ate and ate like it was my job. I have trouble controlling the impulse to eat. Because my meds have made me feel asexual for three decades, food became the thing that filled the void where my sex life used to be. I weigh 300 pounds and was at one time about 12 pounds heavier than this. I am so used to being me that I don't really notice how big I am. Every once in a while I'll see my body's reflection out of the corner of my eye, perhaps reflected in a store window as I walk alongside it. It is only during these fleeting accidental encounters that I see my body and how enormous I am. If I purposefully look in the mirror it's not the same thing. I have defense mechanisms that will kick in and make me not see how heavy I am. I was never a fat kid. I was always thin. In fact when I was ages 14-16 I almost became anorexic. After that passed I realized how much more I could eat if I didn't starve myself and slow down my metabolism. I could eat truckloads and not gain any weight. A high metabolism runs in my family. I relied on my lucky genes and body chemistry to see me through eating huge quantities of food. I started slowly gaining though. There was one year when I was 21 years old that I went on weight watchers and got down to a very slim physique. It only took me a few months. From there on, I was going to EAT even though at first I would eat so much that I'd involuntarily vomit perhaps several times a day. That was a mere brush with bulimia and it did not last very long. My tummy grew bigger in order to allow me to consume more food. By the time my brother got married in 2008 I was already well-over 200 pounds. I was 27- almost 28. The most significant weigh gain happened between then and when I turned 31. I went from the 220's all the way to 300 and even beyond in less than 4 years. I've stayed at about 300 now for almost 4 years. That is more or less a timeline of me and my weight gain. I don't know if I have it within me to really change.
  5. I have gone 2 days without binging! THAT IS HUGE FOR ME! I can never go more than one day without binging! I know I can do this! I used be so skinny till this disorder came about. I can't wait to lose this weight and to get rid of this disorder! So YAY! 2 days! I know it seems so easy but my binge eating disorder is really bad so... and on the days that I COULD go 1 day without binging.... well they were rare. I'm so happy! I figured out why I binge-cause I am bored, lonely, and depressed. And I am currently fixing those things. So I repeat-YAY!
  6. I feel like I've improved so much over the past couple years and the only thing that remains constantly out of control is binge eating. I feel so shameful about it and about my body and the weight gain I've experienced. I don't even want to be seen by other people. I've gained nearly a hundred pounds. Can anyone relate? Anybody have any tips? I just want to eat normally. I don't remember the last time I enjoyed something I ate, and I've done the "mindful eating" stuff and it just doesn't do anything for me. I feel fuller faster but that doesn't help because I associate that "full" feeling with binge eating and it only aggravates the compulsive eating behaviour. I do a lot of secret eating and I hate it so much. I get so frustrated with myself. When I do manage to stop binge eating, I get discouraged because weight loss doesn't come easy for me--I have a sluggish metabolism. I hate that people assume because I'm fat that I'm lazy. I do cardio several times a week and walk a great deal every day. It's not lack of exercise and laziness, it's not a lack of education about nutrition, its out of control eating. My health is fine, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. is in the perfect range but I think that's mostly because I don't eat a lot of "junk" or processed foods. Like I said, it's not what I'm eating, it's the behaviour itself. I've brought it up with my psychiatrist but I find him more judgmental than supportive on this topic. He constantly points out if I've gained more weight and asks about my habits even though he knows that as a teen I starved myself for years. I realize that it is his style, he's always been honest with me and I appreciate that, but this is also something that doesn't need to be pointed out to me. I think about it every day. I hate that if I talk about any of my other obsessions/compulsions people are understanding but my binge eating is just because I am a slob or have no discipline. It's ridiculous. I've tried going on weight loss forums online but I feel I have nothing in common with those people. For them they have problem foods like sweets or junk. I don't have that issue. I will binge on food I outright dislike.
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