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  1. I started seeing a new pdoc last year as I was unhappy with my previous one. Okay, 2 pdocs ago I had a tentative diagnosis of Cyclothymia. I started having issues and needed help but I wasn't going to be able to get in to see my pdoc at the time again until 6 months later so I switched. The next one had me take an evaluation? The one that is on paper and takes 3 hours or so to complete. She diagnosed me with Bipolar 1. I was really not happy with how she talked to me and was viewing my reactions to different medications so after a year or so, I switched to the doctor I have now. I love him! He
  2. Okay so here's the deal. I was diagnosed ADHD I a few years back and I have been on Vyvanse 50 mg for a while now-- like years-- and it has helped me a lot. One of the behaviors that it helps with was that I had a little bit of hoarding and compulsive collecting and shopping habits with certain items. Before Vyvanse, I was spending a lot of money that I didn't need to and had something like 35 perfumes and tons of makeup and books. Sadly though the Vyvanse never took my underlying depression away, and I knew there was more going on so then I was diagnosed with bipolar 2. It seems to fit.
  3. My doctor seems to think Lyrica is a mood stabilizer. Is this right? My meds don't seem to be working. Zoloft 125mg and Lyrica 300mg
  4. I turned 30 recently. I live in a city with 5mn people. I'm reasonably attractive and have been for most of my adulthood (not to sound arrogant), but STILL FOUND IT HARD TO MAKE FRIENDS. I make people laugh, smile, people flirt with me... but a couple things have held me back. -I lost a lot of weight when I was younger, almost 80-90lb. I have some excess skin. I am getting rid of it this month. -I didn't realize but I was treated wrong when i was 20-21... I have ADHD and sometimes I feel definitely or maybe not Bipolar II. They've both been diagnosed. -I had to spend a hell of a
  5. Hello, I'd like to share my positive experience with EMSAM. I'm not affiliated with the manufacturer in any way. This is a PATCH VERSION of Selegine MAOI. This is the ONLY antidepressant that worked for my Bipolar 2 depression in twenty years. The SSRIs and SNRIs would work halfway, then stop working or cause anxiety (Prozac, Wellbutrin, etc). Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta- all had bad side effects or were ineffective. EMSAM is the first drug I've taken that has me absolutely depression free. I've been on it for 6 months. It took me a while to find the right dosage (6, 9
  6. Hello All, After a lot of bottling up and venting to select friends, I finally decided to reach out to people who can relate to me the most. I'm on day two of what I believe to be a hypo manic state. My hear rate is elevated, I'm rapid speaking at times, super irritable, and I feel like I'm stuck on "up." It isn't enjoyable like the mania I've read about, though, so maybe it's something else? I have this achyness that won't seem to go away and I'm having a hard time keeping it together at the office. What helps when y'all feel like this? I am open to any and all suggestions/support.
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows whether a possible reaction i'm having can be part of this interaction. My pdoc says hes never heard of it and has no idea but I know that there may be others in the same situation. My morning meds are cymbalta alternating 60mg/90mg and biphentin 50mg which i usually take at the same time around 9 or 10 am. The problem I'm having is that before I started on the Biphentin, i never had withdrawal from the cymbalta unless i missed a dose by like 3 hours or more. Cymbalta is one of those snris with really bad withdrawal where you have to take it the s
  8. I've been using a small dose of seroquel (25-50mg) nightly for sleep for around ten years. It has now stopped working. Every time I've tried to stop it I go into intense insomnia and withdrawal. My Doc has order 2.5-5mg zyprexa to replace the seroquel. Has any body experienced this protocol and is there going to be seroquel w/d when I switch. Thanks in advance for responses Ajax
  9. I just started Celexa 4 days ago and last night was my first time taking the full dose (From 10mg to 20mg). I take it at night and wake up exhausted. Like I'm falling asleep every time I sit down and this morning I woke up with the super shakes. I'm also clenching my jaw big time and I don't grind my teeth ever. Celexa was the first anti depression med that I ever tried and I came off of it because of the sexual side effects (maybe tmi? oh well). My Dr wanted to see how it worked again since I didn't have a terrible reaction with it the first round. I would definitely remember if shaking or j
  10. Can anyone one in crazymeds land relate to my cocktail. This cocktail allows me to live a productive, gainful life. I'm even pretty damn happy and funny most days. But when my mood cycles, watch out!! I've never hurt anyone, but I've scared people. Thanks to my medication and therapy, those episodes are infrequent now. I also have long term sobriety thanks to the 12 step process and medication.
  11. Habing a hard time getting stabilized... Was doing well on Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and Dexedrine but blood platelets bottomed out. Also was on Seroquel and Lamictal, Stopped Zoloft and DEX (causing platelet issues) and also stopped Lamictal over the course of a year. Started on Effexor 225 mg (which doesnt affect platelets) but I feel like Im becoming dysphoric, irritable, more anxious. Its making my anxiety worse. Anyone have good cocktail ideas? I'm thinking of going back on Lamictal, maybe wellbutrin and a tricyclic...I don't know (or Buspar)...The problem is I can't tak
  12. So scared to start Lamictal. FIrst few times, I felt oddly hypomanic at around 50 mg...did not like that. Was too scared to go higher on a dose.. Is this normal? How do you get to the dosage with these side effects? Anyone powered through? Is it worth it???
  13. So scared to start Lamictal. FIrst few times, I felt oddly hypomanic at around 50 mg...did not like that. Was too scared to go higher on a dose.. Is this normal? How do you get to the dosage with these side effects? Anyone powered through? Is it worth it???
  14. Can lamictal make you feel worse before you feel better? So I've been BP2 for 18 years, and I've been lucky to be mostly stable for the better part of it. I was on a cocktail of Trileptal, Welbutrin & low dose Ritalin for years. After I had my first baby I sort of stayed in a low level depression for a few years. Anyway, my new Pdoc and I decided to try lithium as a low does add on, which was great except suddenly they discovered I was severely hyponatremic and took me off the lithium (still dont get that--shouldn't that have helped? we know the trileptal kept me low end anyway).
  15. Starting Lexapro tonight after 4 weeks of severe anxiety and panic. Currently stable on Lamictal and Depakote ER as mood stabilizers, Intuniv for attention and focus, and low-dose Seroquel for sleep (Seroquel has never helped my anxiety, just my mood). Tried increasing Depakote and Seroquel to no avail. Tried scheduled Klonopin around the clock, which certainly took the edge off but not by much. I'm basically writing to find out if anyone in the boards has experience with SSRIs in paired with mood stabilizers and a Dx of Bipolar type 2. I'm starting at 5 mg for four days and then increasi
  16. I go through this endless cycle, since I was diagnosed at 15 (and I'm 28 now) which is, "I can't have bipolar because I don't get manic." (I get hypomanic) "I must have BP because this behavior isn't normal." "I can't have BP because this hypomania is too mild to be anything." When I'm depressed, which is most of the time, I can never remember what hypomania really feels like, and I feel as though I'm exaggerating my own symptoms. I think, genuinely, I still don't completely understand hypomania, or rapid cycling which plays into it. People like my grandpa, who had BP I, it seems so obvio
  17. Hi friends, I just joined, though I've been lurking for years. Some background: I'm 26 years old and female. My diagnosis went from Major Depression at age 16 to Bipolar Disorder Type 2 about three years ago after I had a hypomanic episode and subsequent depression severe enough to get me back into treatment. No SSRI or SNRI antidepressants ever helped me (made things worse) and I have a family history of Bipolar Disorder, types 1 and 2. Since then I've tried a variety of medications--including Buspar and Latuda, the latter of which made me very sick (nauseated all the time, foggy, tired).
  18. I once entered a poker tourney with the moniker "Jess is fine" because when the cashier asked what name I would like to go by, I replied with those exact words... yeah. That actually happened. But Jess really is fine. - 29, semi employed (cut 35 hours out of my work week by leaving my higher paying job because my irritability level was far too high) - Diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Bipolar 2. Started on an extremely low dose of lamictal/lamotrigine and I didn't bother to tell the doc I have a high tolerance to drugs because she mentioned a life threatening rash. (Because dying isn't bad en
  19. Just went top doc a few days ago and was discussing my depression and anxiety, and the new Dr. Suggested that I am bipolar! I've never had typical mania. So, I dismissed it. But today, I was hyper irritable and realized that I think I am! I've been in terrible denial lately too. My symptoms have barely been managed. So, I see him next month and will be considering a mood stablizer. Is it a game of trying them on to see if they work? I tried Geodon years ago, and it made me way to sadated. Thoughts? TY
  20. Hi All, I am coming to realize that I am having a bipolar I was at my pdoc the other day, and he mentioned to me that I was experiencing soft signs of bipolar disorder. I was so in denial. Up until recently, I have been treated for depression with anxiety. It dawned on me a day after the appt. that I think I have BP. My irritability has been off the charts too. My therapist has even suggested that I get on an antipsychotic too. I was toughing it out. I am so scared. Up until now, 50 mg of Zoloft daily and Ativan .5 mg have helped. Now stress induced life events have made my life very painf
  21. so I am diagnosed with recurrent major depression and this has been going on for about 3 years. Recently I have had some mood changes which are unusual to me after coming out of a depressive episode.... I have been staying up until 6am and consistently running on 3 hours of sleep. I have been highly energetic and productive, I cleaned the house today because I felt like it and I have studied for my A Levels several topics ahead of where we are in class. I got kinda impulsive too, the other day while I was out with my friend I suddenly decided out of nowhere to get some facial piercings even th
  22. I'm just wondering what it's going to take for me to accept this Bipolar 2 diagnosis, and accept that I need to take meds. I took meds for over 5 years, and there was 6 months in there where I stopped, then went back on because I was not doing well. Now I've been off again for about 4 months, and am crashing from about 3 months straight of hypomania. I'm again and that really depressed point which has always been the point where I desperately reach out for meds. I just don't understand why I have such a hard time accepting both the diagnosis and the need for meds! I'm so damn stubborn
  23. Over the last month or so, I've been turning to you guys at Crazyboards to seek some common ground, as I sure don't feel it where I'm at. I'm 32, live in a major city w/ my boyfriend, and my sincerest hope is to be able to save up enough money to move out of state for graduate school. By trade I'm a fairly disappointing legal secretary, where I'm daily treated like dirt by my coworkers no matter how hard I try to do my best. This is what happens when you have nothing but work-study office work experience to put on a resume as an undergrad. Nevermind how mindnumbingly bored I was after day one
  24. Sarcasm. My diagnosis as it now stands is bipolar 2. I'm not really sure anymore, but last night I experienced this intense "episode" and I'm left wondering what the HELL that was. I'm just going to post the description I wrote in my blog later that night. I have all the control yet none at all. Sometimes every moment is torment. Sometimes I am not real. I struggle opening a bottle of Ativan and fight with myself over if I should take one pill or the whole bottle. I writhe in mental pain and rip my hair and try to crush my head between my hands. I curl into a ball on the floor only to
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