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  1. Hi, Have any of you had or have read of gabapentin being of use as an adjunctive therapy for people with treatment resistant depression/anxiety/bipolar? I have been doing research and some sources say it helps, others say there is no strong clinical proof. I think a lot of the conflicting reports I have seen has to do with it simply not being studied en mass. Any advice/experiences regarding this? If so, what was your dosing? Thank you! troop
  2. It's a thing! Allergan submitted data from 3 trials. Two demonstrated that 1.5mg was superior to placebo in treating bipolar depression, and the other study demonstrated that both 1.5mg and 3mg were capable doses. Therefore, the acute manic/mixed indication and dosing will remain the same with an initial dose of 1.5mg and recommended dose range of 3-6mg. Whereas bipolar depression will be a starting dose of 1.5mg with a recommended range of 1.5-3mg. This is a big step because now cariprazine joins both quetiapine and lurasidone as being the only 3 medications approved to treat bipolar depression specifically. Lamotrigine is often used but it's only approved to delay the time between episodes (manic/mixed or depressed).
  3. Here's a little poll I put together about the efficacy of antipsychotics for others to vote on. It's my first poll so bear with me if it's screwy. I just figured it might be neat to see if we could get some anecdotal data among this community. You can vote on more than one, but try not to vote on like, every single one... lol. Thanks!
  4. Greetings, I recently had the initial 6 treatments of Ketamine infusions, and that helped my Bipolar II depression (which is treatment-resistant) for about two weeks. Then I had another booster infusion, and that held for a week, then I had another booster infusion, and that lasted a week. These "boosters" shouldn't have to be given more than once every 1-3 months, yet it seems I need one weekly. So the Ketamine failed to provide prolonged relief. My only other option now is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which I don't want to do. I know it's gotten better vis-a-vis memory issue side-effects, but I just don't want to do it. I don't like the idea of having my brain electrocuted (however little the electrical charge), and I don't like even the idea of me potentially losing cherished memories. My question: If I had such a poor experience with the Ketamine, needing weekly boosters, does that bode poorly for ECT therapy? I know ECT also frequently requires "boosters." I don't want to have to go in weekly for an ECT booster. I'm tired. I've been through the ringer for the past 16 years. I'm just tired of trying to get better. I'm tired and worn down. Please share your experiences and insights, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks! Troop
  5. So I was manic for 8 weeks. I am now severely depressed and my pdoc took me of fluoxetine when i was manic, but now she has put me back on fluoxetine 20 mg. I'm worried I will become manic again. I had a very bad manic episode this time and don't want a reccurance. If you became manic on an antidepressant how long did it take for you to become manic. Was it gradual or sudden? I wonder could I recognize symptoms quickly and go off it.
  6. Hello there, I have had doctors consider bipolar type II for me on and off but they never really seemed to be firm with the diagnosis. Conversely, I have had doctors say I don't have bipolar, but MDD. I recently decided to have a few short sessions with a very good psychiatrist and this is what he told me; People with bipolar type II often tend to have hypomania in their late teens to early 20's before having a depressive episode. He said people with bipolar II tend to experience more depression and less clear hypomania as they get older. When I was 22 I remember feeling on top of the world. I talked and joked constantly; I had magical thinking and thought I was psychic; And then something bad happened and it just seemed like I couldn't deal with life much and then things went downhill with a big crash at the end. I'd rebound super quickly after a bought of meds and then I would be euthymic to dysthymic and that's where I would stay. Life would then get good and would start to have a magical quality again; I'd make some bad choices- caused maybe by my mindstate and/or a combination of poor coping mechanisms and then things would start to go downhill. The next episode went downhill slowly until I dug up some traumas, and then I was suddenly suicidal. I clawed my way out of that depression- barely. I began experiencing dysthymia with a heavy slice of anxiety. That bought of depression and anxiety seemed brought on because I felt so disconnected and like everything wasn't making sense anymore. I felt agitated and terrified of going out in public. I started experiencing panic attacks in public. I tried antidepressants which worked in the beginning but I felt like I was clinging to sanity with a thread on them in the end. I felt kind of numb but mostly strange and anxious. I went off them and anxiety would get worse; I went from being very anxious to majorly anxious. Then I would sort of half recover but never fully. I was often very socially phobic to being set off into an anxiety attack when having to do something like ordering coffee. I was tried on topomax which worked like a charm at first but it was a little hard on the insides. I was not always med compliant because it seemed like no one was sure of what was happening with me; their diagnosis seemed to change dramatically from doctor to doctor which made it hard for me to manage consistent treatment. It seemed like everyone had a different opinion on how I should be treated. I am doing ok. The new psych suggested aggressive treatment of my symptoms; he said the current drugs I am on are ok for now but maybe switching to atypical antipsychotics and a drug like Lamictal might be better for me in the long run. Unfortunately this doctor is not my permanent doctor as I felt he gave me useful advice on getting treatment. He is transferring his diagnostic info to my family doctor with med suggestions. My family doctor has managed patients with bipolar so I think I this has put me on track to consistent treatment.
  7. Does anyone else have experience with Rexulti completely destroying their depression? For me, Rexulti almost had a same day anti-depressant effect and controls depressive episodes acutely and astoundingly fast. I literally feel anti-depressant effects in as little as 3 hours after I take it. When I look back to when I was on it, I now realize that I didn't have a single bout of depression during that time, it just was not super effective in controlling mania. I think Rexulti is a hell of an anti-depressant, a way improved drug than abilify with less than half the side effects, no lethargy or cognitive impairment either which is always surprising to find in an antipsychotic. I know it has an indication for adjunctive therapy in adults with MDD but none for bipolar depression... maybe Lundbeck is just waiting for close to the expiration of the patent before the release new clinical trial data and extend their patent after they get the bipolar depression indication approved, but that's just a thought. Anyone else have a similar experience with Rexulti, brexpiprazole? Please let me know about your time on the medication and if it sat well with you or not so much. Interested in if others are also getting this rapid and significant anti-depressant effect from this drug or if it's just me
  8. I am depressed. I usually am watching out for mania, mixed and psychotic episodes. I haven't been depressed in awhile. I am safe. I'm not going to hurt myself in anyway. However, I need to help myself while I still have the motivation. Before I sink too low. I have been there. It's horrible. Im so "rusty" on depression. I want to help myself. I'm a reader, a researcher, an information-gatherer, by nature. I want to gather info and strategies to help me get better. I just need to figure out where to start. Google is always my go-to, but I was wondering if anyone had a source they like or things that help them. I thought about reading all the threads in this section, but I don't know if it will help or trigger me. I guess I need a "depression toolbox." Any tips or sources are appreciated. I know this will pass. Thanks.
  9. Hello. I have an appointment on Monday with my Psychiatrist. I am treating ADHD with dexedrine 20-40mg a day and 5mg here and there. It varies... Not working and done school right now so I am not taking any except for interviews or when things fall apart. In any case I recently stopped Lamictal because as much as I loved it, it was messing something up. I had a lot of fluid retention - not sure if edema or something else. It made me look obese almost despite being fairly thin (Not from actual weight gain but rather I had a lot of water/ fluid retention). Not sure if that's due to liver enzymes, kidney issues or whatever else. Anyways I am fairly depressed a lot as I have put an end to a major chapter in my life (a long drawn out battle with my University's administration / advocating for myself to be allowed to graduate, now two times). I am looking for work and I think some med may be necessary. I was very surprised after only trying antidepressants (but not for 9 years or so), to actually find that Lamictal did have strong antidepressant effects. It also stabilized my mood, lowered my agitation, anger, and even helped attention/focus issues. I quit it for the fluid retention/other side effects. I am going back and forth on trying something else. My doctor like me, is ADD as well and that's one of the things he specializes in. He is not a bipolar specialist. It was noted to him from a specialist I saw on the cutting edge of bipolar research, that I try Latuda or Lamotrigine. So eventually I did (twice). Should I ask for or what meds may be suitable? -Trileptal? -Tegretol? -Lithium? I want to avoid any weight gain, as I'm getting a surgery to correct a tiny bit of skin laxity (post major weight loss, many years ago - the healthy way). Vanity is not everything, but I can't get that surgery and ruin it due to meds..... Lithium may be more for BPI and highs rather than lows (which I have predominantly). Is trileptal or anything possibly a solution? I hate antidepressants such as Effexor, Zoloft, Prozac. I also won't take antipsychotics..... I lost like 100lb in my life, way before I started meds, and I can't tolerate anything like Seroquel etc. Is there a chance that even though Trileptal and Tegretol are in the same group of meds as Lamictal, that they may have better physiological side effects for me? Anyone have luck with either for Bipolar II? Would they also potentially help my ADHD-like issues? Can I take Wellbutrin? I don't like messing with my ADHD treatment, but maybe that would make dexedrine less strong feeling, but provide total full-day ADHD relief AND bring up my mood. I don't go completely manic on stimulants, at least these stimulants. My worst mania ever was on Effexor. Can I take a low dose of Lithium and ask for a thyroid medication as a way to prevent thyroid damage? I suppose this is like adding a diuretic to Lamictal though... probably not the best idea. I'm fairly healthy physically... most the time. Also, I found my dysphoric not so fun hypomania became more euphoric on Lamictal (brand name, I think was a lot better for me). Is it possible Trileptal or Tegretol work but make me more depressive, then I'd need a third med, antidepressant? I considered gabapentin also before.... but Lamictal was probably the best fit, but I can't take it.
  10. Hi guys, I saw a new pdoc today, and related to him how I frequently sleep for 20-50 hours at a time, and he recommended Adderall as a possibility to help stimulate me. I spoke with a friend and she says that Adderall helped with her depression greatly because it increased her productivity, which in turn helped her to feel good. She also said the increased focus allowed her to block out her negative thinking ... staying busy I guess. Your thoughts? troop
  11. Hi everyone, I didn't know where to put this topic, but it relates to recurrent bipolar II depression, treatment-resistant, so I figured I'd put it here. Please alert me if it's moved so that I can find it later. I recently saw my pdoc, and after more than 6 months of treatment with me still not getting better with my weekly 4-day depressive meltdowns, he recommended looking into transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Basically: 1) Is this safe? Do I risk jumbling up another part of my brain? I figure it couldn't be any worse than what my meds are currently doing. 2) Does it work or is it a pseudoscience? I know "Magnet Therapy" has been disproven as nothing more than a pseudoscience. But "transcranial magnetic stimulation" doesn't appear to be based on my preliminary research. 3) How does it work? 4) Does it matter if I'm taking a bunch of meds at the time of therapy? 5) Personal experiences with TMS? Thank you all in advance troop
  12. Hi everyone, My pdoc and I are working on lowering my Lamictal. I have been researching Tegretol and am interested in introducing a low dose of it to my Lamictal. Right now I'm at 300mg/day of the Lamictal. He is leaning against mixing ACs, but I've read in these forums of people doing it all the time. What do you all think? Thanks in advance troop
  13. Has anyone had the experience of good day, bad day, good day, etc. at the tail end of a depressive episode? I've heard that with type 1 this type of alternation can occur right before the end of a down cycle. Thanks for your input.
  14. Thinking of asking pdoc if we can add it to my cocktail for bipolar depression...
  15. ...is anybody familiar with this triad? Did it work for you? I see pdoc Friday...thanks for any information/experiences you can share!
  16. Hey everybody. I was thinking back to the beginning of this very long depressive episode, and thinking about when I went to the emergency room with suicidal ideation. I was obviously horribly depressed, but also painfully anxious. I was given Ativan intravenously, and the depression completely lifted while it was in my system. Once it wore off, the depression immediately returned as dark and deep as it was before. My pdoc is not permitted to prescribe benzos by the clinic I go to. However, I am still plagued by anxiety, irritability, and anger. If I could eliminate these, I know the depression would be much less significant. I respectfully request opinions and experiences about Buspar for Bipolar type 1 or other types. I am taking lithium and lamotrigine, so I also wonder how you think they might go with Buspar. Thanks to all!
  17. Hey everyone...I am hoping to hear from y'all about how you emerged out of bipolar depression and achieved stability. I am at 1 year and 5 months of depression now. I just know it will lift soon, but the day to day is very disheartening. I can't remember what it feels like to come out of it because it's been so long...thanks in advance! Peace.
  18. Hello all...just a quick question on your titration experiences. I'm on my next to last day at 75 mg, and I am grateful to say the periods of positive mood are lengthening. When the mood drops it is shorter in duration, but more intense and panicky. Was this a sign of impending AD stability for anyone? I realize I have more titrating to do, but now I am much more excited about it! Thanks...Peace!
  19. Hello! I'm new to this forum. I'm on my wits end with my chronic insomnia for 12 years my pdoc just put me on Brintellix he said that my insomnia could be due to anxiety and gave me Dalmane to sleep. I've taken a lot of ads and benzo's and they seem to don't work. I'm now taking lithium, Xanax, resperidone. I've heard about a light therapy, who does this work for chronic insomnia? And if there is any other sleeping medication that has worked for treatment resistant insomnia like mine.
  20. Does anyone in the depressive cycle experience this in the sense of: "I should be doing more!" ? Everyday I am doing my best to keep going, but it seems like nothing is good enough for this illness.
  21. ...I think I did. Good to be here with y'all. Many time reader, new poster. I have bipolar disorder type 1, and I have been in a depressive cycle for a year and four months. It's been devastating. Previously the depressions have been 3 to 4 months. Just prior to the current stint I went off my lithium (never again!) and was manic for about 6 months. Notwithstanding everyone's different experiences, I am hoping to hear from folks with BP 1 mainly about long depressive cycles and how they came out of them. Specifically, did they get worse before the end? Was the end of the depression gradual? Was there a 3:1 ratio of time (depression triple the length of last manic phase)? Thanks! Love y'all.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm doing some research trying to find an anti-convulsant that would be good for treating severe Bipolar II depression. I've been on Lamictal and it's pooped out on me. Other than Lamictal, I have had absolutely no experience with the other A/Cs out there. Anyone have some guidance? Thanks troop
  23. Greetings, I know that Lamictal is the "Gold Standard" for people with Bipolar II depression. Lamictal worked beautifully for me for almost a year, but then stopped, and I've been increasing it ever since. Now I'm almost at the max dose of 400mg/day and I need to have a plan B. Are there any other anti-convulsants that treat BP II? I'm cycling weekly into depressive crashes, and based on my research, most of the remaining ACs that I have to choose from are geared more toward controlling mania/BP I. This is very troubling, as I want to stay away from atypical anti-psychotics, as I've had bad experiences with them in the past. Does anyone have any info that can help me in my search for finding a new AC to treat my bipolar depression? Thank you very much troop
  24. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had experience with Risperdal for the maintenance for Bipolar depression? If so, what was the effective dose for you? I am currently taking 0.75 qhs with plans of going up to 1 mg. Did anyone split their doses through out the day or was it all taken at one time? Thanks in advance!
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