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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there has had any experiences with the medication Rexulti (brexpiprazole)? My psychiatrist chose to give this a try (2mg) after evaluating and attempting to treat my persistent manic symptoms -- I would go days without sleeping and not feel tired, racing ideas and thoughts, increased in "goal-directed" activity like cleaning the kitchen for hours and sexual promiscuity, inflated self-esteem, inattention or inability to focus, pressured speech, rapid talking, and hyperactivity. Seroquel is super effective for stopping my mania but the negative cognitive effect and z
  2. So I just started Latuda and I am an avid user of alcohol and marijuana (its legal in my state) I currently take geodon, lamictal, and lithium but I just added latuda everything seemed like it was actually working great with Latuda but after I used "weed" and alcohol my brain is in bad shape and slowly getting better It really left my mind foggy and inattentative in the morning because of combining the marijuana and alcohol with it. at first it was going great but mixing those things with it really left my mind not all there moral of the story if you take other bip
  3. I've been on and off antipsychotics sporadically for the last 7 years since age 22 (since 2011). I'm extremely sensitive to them and have a very high response to every one I've been on. I've gained 145lbs from an increase in appetite and metabolic changes, have severe akathisia that is utterly insane and makes me want to cut my own legs off, I developed severe gynecomastia from Risperdal and Invega respectively (Won the Risperdal lawsuit, but no surgeon will touch me because of my weight), experience anxiety (The most on Abilify), fatigue, drowsiness, impotence (On Fanapt), anhedonia (From agg
  4. Hi everyone. I have bipolar l disorder with psychotic features, anxiety, ADHD and depression. Right now, I'm talking all of the medications below and I'm trying to figure out why I'm still dealing with depression. I also smoke cigarettes, which obviously aren't making my mental/physical health any better than what it could be without them. Right now, I take a combination of a mood stabilizer, an antipsychotic, 2 stimulants, a benzo and an antidepressant (Cymbalta 120mg). What I'm trying to figure out is if whether or not my med mix is causing all of my dismay or if my antidepressant is no long
  5. Hey guys So I started Latuda about 8 weeks ago at 20 mg, (just the starting dose but wasnt able to get into see my doc when I was supposed to) I am definitely feeling some effects, most of them good, but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced or heard of the same? -Weight loss. I've always been about 100 lbs, super "skinny", always get asked if I eat blah blah blah. If you're a naturally skinny girl with "a fast metabolism" you understand... Now I've NEVER been under 100 pounds (even when I never eat) but now I have been consistently eating A LOT more and my weight is dr
  6. So l saw my pdoc today and he has decided to discontinue my lithium totally. This is due to the latest blood tests which shows I have grade 3 (out of 5) chronic kidney disease. He started me on Epilim Chrono (sodium valproate) which most people know as depakote. My starting dose is 400mg. I was on this several years ago with a lot of other medications so cannot recall side effects. I know that weight gain can be a problem. My pdoc also said that I may feel sedated on it. Any side effects I should be aware of?? Also, going off lithium is of great concern. I was on it for 13.5 y
  7. I'm stuck here in this place, my brain just won't shut down. It's like little firecrackers going off all over my brain. When I lay down and close my eyes it's like I see light that just forces me to open the lids and start working on my next project. I haven't been this way in a long while. Could my meds possibly be off? Med list is in my about me. Any opinions would be great. Thanks.
  8. I have fairly frequent episodes of dissasociation or derealization. I daily take mood stabilizers, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety meds. I have had many years of psychotherapy. My pdoc has been of limited help so far. Does anyone know of medical treatments for DD? This is really disrupting my life, personally and professionally. Any info is appreciated.
  9. hi guys! so a bit of background info; i've been taking lithium for just about a year now and am currently on 900mg a day. about a month ago, though, i kiiinda fell off the proverbial horse when it came to taking my meds regularly. unfortunately, when i smartened up and finally took them again, they decided to beat down on me with some nasty nausea- a side effect i mercifully managed to avoid my first time taking lithium. it generally comes on about half an hour after taking my pills, and lasts for an hour or so before gradually fading away. it's gross and unpleasant, to say the least, es
  10. I've been told I appear to be going through a "mixed" episode, or dysphoric depression. Could be, could be. Anyway, I am having a lot of trouble controlling obsessive thoughts about what are probably insignificant things. Right now: I made a post on Facebook that a few people took offence to. It was fairly minor -- I expressed frustration that drugs were being used in a park near my house and that I kept encountering needles, broken crack pipes, and broken liquor bottles; I was then told I should find somewhere else to walk my dog because I don't know the circumstances of the people who d
  11. not really an urgent question, i'm just wondering i find that when i self harm it happens a hell of a lot more when i'm in a mixed or manic state. this is super weird, but alongside the obvious notion of feeling totally invincible and being impulsive as shit, i think it comes from a weird urge to see blood? anyone else get this, even if it's not in the same grisly way i do?
  12. Hi, so I'm new to the board. My story is basically that I have suffered from anxiety disorders (and what was finally diagnosed as) Bipolar I Disorder for at least half my life. (I'm 30.) I have also struggled with anorexia nervosa since I was a teenager. While I still meet the diagnostic criteria for AN, it is nowhere close to being as severe as it was before the mood disorder (after a decade of trial and error with medication cocktails) was finally brought brought under control. I currently take Lamictal 200 mg, Seroquel XR 800 mg, and Wellbutrin XL 300, which, in combination, have made me th
  13. I am taking Vyvanse 20 mg and I am feeling very tired on it. So, I doubled up on it to see if a stronger dose would help. I feel it but I also still feel lethargic and unwilling to do anything. Has this ever happened to anyone? Will it go away? Any other advice on what to do?
  14. I'm heading to the Mayo Clinic in January for bipolar treatment. Has anyone ever been? If so, were you hospitalized? Did you like/dislike it? What should I expect?
  15. Hello Everyone, I have bipolar 1 disorder and want to talk about an issue that bothers me to no end. I have been taken advantage of by people who I was either a friend with, had intimate relationships with, people have lied about my character and have gotten away with it, people have pushed themselves away from me due to several reasons and have yelled at me on several occasions. I am a strong person by nature, however I believe that the outcome of my relationships with people have been a cause of weakness due to the nature of this illness. It has ripped me alive, like so many others may agree
  16. I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin to go along with Lamotrigine (300 mg). I take Xanax, as needed. I was desperate. The depression, well, many of you know what that's like and how much can begin to fall apart/pile up around you. Just wondering - Anyone with BP have stories of experience on these two medications alone? Mainly curious. I'm trying it out either way. Years ago, I was on quite a cocktail of meds, but I try my hardest to limit them now...until I can't. It has been taking me a good three hours to be able to lift my body out of bed each morning, among other depression issues. Somet
  17. Hi I know there is a sense of irony if you write NPD and then write help but any way... I was referred to see a personality disorder specialist which came to me as a surprise. Initially I assumed that my CPN(community psychiatric nurse) was thinking that I might have BPD despite having Bipolar Type 1 with proper full on psychotic and violent manic episodes. So I approached her with this assumption and said with a sarcastic tone 'Do you think I am over-sensitive?' 'Do you think I feel empty inside?' Do you think I'm overly emotional?' 'It's my bipolar diagnosis isn't it, the symptoms?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this on, as I'm new to the site and haven't been diagnosed as DD. I've been diagnosed as Bipolar NOS (major depressive episodes and mixed episodes), but I know this forum will have more experience in answering my question... A while ago, I was experiencing a mixed episode and started cutting again. I hid it from my boyfriend, but eventually I knew he would find out and told him about it. He completely, completely freaked out. I'd trusted him and something just snapped inside me... The next thing I remember is being pinned
  19. I have always liked Lamictal. It makes me feel calmer, and I can definitely see how it makes me less anxious about the future and less nostalgic about the past. However, as I read through these forums, I'm noticing that people don't like Lamictal because they feel it inhibits their creativity and makes them not want to get out of bed. Although I like the way Lamictal makes me feel, I have noticed that I don't feel as creative as I used to and that sometimes all I want to do all day is watch television instead of being productive. Do you think those people with an adverse reaction to Lamictal h
  20. I thought it would be interesting to hear others' thoughts on this topic. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have brought issues of military service and mental illness to the fore, with high rates of post-enlistment diagnosis. About five years into the Iraq War, I looked into the possibility of serving (in the U.S. Navy). I was asked what medications I was taking (no questions about diagnoses, though I was BPII). I said I was on Paxil , and was told that I would need to be off that medication a full year before I could enlist. Later, after my medication regime had changed, this time to Lith
  21. So. I am tired of feeling tired! This day time drowziness, somnolence, sleepiness during the day... WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. It has been going on for 7 fucking days now. And I want to take ownership of my life then sleep 12 hours... and bask on the couch for another 7 hours for a total of 19 hours on the couch doing absolutely nothing but listening to a fan whistle. So I am making the cut, cutting the 80 mg latuda in HALF. What? I can't? You mean I won't get equal amounts if, if there is no line on the pill. WAIT! THERE IS NO FUCKING LINE ON THE PILL. But I'm so tire
  22. I cant escape it... I just fall helplessly into a depression... a rolling tide of depression if you call it. I don't know why... my life really shouldn't be that bad but it "feels" bad. I am falling asleep constantly, I have no motivation to do anything, and yet this is why I was put on a antipsychotic to begin with, to slow your world down. I use to wake up at 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM and living off of bread and chex mix. This was when life was hell for me because I felt poor, but couldn't ever conceive myself ever having a job because I was still "mentally ill." These are powerful word
  23. I am on Lithium, and have predominantly Manic episodes. The Lithium is helping the mood swings, but not my Anxiety, so I am going to soon be trying Lyrica for my Anxiety. Does anybody else have experience with the combination, OE even just Lyrica for anxiety? Any input would be awesome. :-)
  24. Immediately upon starting Risperdal about 3 months ago I started experiencing rapid eye twitching from left to right that lasts no more than half a second. It has been quite persistent throughout the last few months. A few weeks ago I played video games (which I rarely do, first time since starting Risperdal) and the eye twitching kept happening every five minutes or less, constantly messing me up in the game. I blank out when I have the twitching, everything turns white for a moment. The twitching happens often when I focus in on something, when I'm looking at an electronic screen,
  25. Hi Everyone, Quick Timeline: In 2009, I was initially diagnosed with MDD, ADHD and also had anxiety issues. Then in 2012, I was re-diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, accompanied with ADHD and still have anxiety issues but with no official diagnosis for the anxiety. However, I do take anti-anxiety meds. My medication cocktail entails Abilify 10mg, Adderall 20 mg, Ativan .5mg and Lamictal 200mg and I take everything in the morning. However, I truly believe that there is something very wrong with this med combination and that I have the wrong diagnosis. Some days, I may feel somewhat energet
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