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Found 7 results

  1. I banged my head (outer eyebrow near temple) a week ago, on a cabinet door. I'm wondering if anyone here has got a concussion from this sort of thing? How do you know for sure? I iced it for an hour immediately, so very minimal bruising, but had a large lump (which is going down). Its very tender. My temple and eyebrow still feel "achey" (it's not really a headache). I also feel extra lethargic with brain fog, abrupt worsening of mood. I go to doc tomorrow, but I read that MRI scans cannot show mild concussions (only bone fractures or brain bleeding) and I also wonder if it's just my depression getting worse (versus a head injury from a bump)...? I HATE going to the Dr for this sort of thing... because I don't want to be labeled as "malingering" or a hypochondriac mental case. Doctors always see a diagnosis of depression on my file (and meds I'm on) and of course (being a woman also), it makes them more apt to always write things off as psychological or stress-related. 😞
  2. I have had a drug induced psychosis and was brought to the psych ward where they gave me 4mg of Risperidone and I took it for 3 months I was not told about the dangers of this med or anything so I stupidly took it for 3 months and I later found out that it was way to high of a dose I should have known to stop taking it whenever I felt so sedated and weak and I couldn't ejaculate, it made me sleep 12 hours a day and I peed the bed because of risperidone but anyway I took it for 3 months and stopped taking it and now I am NOT the same AT ALL and I have been off it for 9 months !! I no longer have my fun, funny, loving, bubbly, personality I cant get pleasure from any activities (anhedonia) I feel really dumbed down and spacey I have brain fog the world doesn't seem as beautiful like it did before I have slight tinnitus my vision is a little blurry I cant think like I used to AT ALL my creativity is gone I cant have meaningful conversations in the real world anymore everything I do is 100x harder I cant crack jokes anymore, my favorite music just sounds like noise im in a constant state of feeling like half asleep and I cant wake up I no longer feel euphoric,happy,sad or have them awesome excited feelings all I do is think about the damage from this poison called risperidone and look for answers on the internet about my situation I dont feel alcohol, cigarettes or any stimulants im just constantly in this damn state of mind 24/7 WILL THIS ALL GO AWAY or did risperidone DAMAGE my brain for life??? I read that risperidone changes the way your natural chemicals work in you brain and block all kinds of receptors please help I dont want to be like this forever life is not worth liveing like this please answer!!!
  3. Hi, I'm Christina. I'm newly registered to CB, but have been sneaking around behind the scenes for a bit. I've been (rather unsuccessfully) dealing with GAD, SH and what turns out to be BP for quite awhile but only started seeing doctors about it in the past year. Noncrazy facts about me: I love my cat and my church family. Other that that I've had to relearn who I am over the past year and really haven't gotten very far. Anyone else feel like their whole life and personality has been invalidated by their Dx?
  4. Does anybody have brain fog from anxiey, that's gotten so bad it's just constant? This started about 2 years ago when I had a bout of Paranoia and increased anxiety. My friend told me it is de-realization.. but whatever it is called I can't take it anymore!!!, Even in times I am exercizing and feeling generally well otherwise... I still have this FOG! I was on Zoloft last year and tapered off of it because I was convinced it was because of the Zoloft, however the fogginess never went away. For a long time I was taking care of myself, yoga, meditation, exercize, practicing positive thinking etc. All of this helped a little, but still the fogginess remained. Recently I've had extreme anxiety again and am going back down the medicine road, though I really hate to, I just don't know what else to do. I've been to the doctor, had a bunch of blood tests done (for Lymes, Lupus, everything under the sun!), ... Even went to the Gastro doctor to get tested to see if I have Celiac's disease, turns out (100s of dollars later) I just have a little IBS and every other test is normal! This is obviously a good thing, but still doesn't explain the fog. Oh, I also convinced myself I had a Candida overgrowth, but my gastro doctor told me if i did they would've found it.. (went a little cray cray over that). Has anyone else experienced this, are they currently.. and does it ever go away??? What has helped you if it has? I'm desparate, I just want to feel clear-headed!
  5. Hello all, I found this place via Google...looks like a good place to dump my crap. I'm a 36 year old male, recovering alcoholic/everything drug user (speed, crack, coke, acid, pot, inhalants, salvia, pills, mushrooms, to name a few). I have near 7 years sober, and I've been off and on Effexor a couple times the last 7 years. I went on for about a year from 2006 to 2007, got off for a couple years..went back on in 20010 for a little over 2 years. I quit Effexor in Feb of this year because I'd been feeling very fuzzy brained, numbed out, spacey & overall retarded. I could feel myself grasping for words..feeling disconnected, stupid and very far from myself (whatever that is).. Well, 6 months later and I still feel like I have dain bramage. I plan on seeing my dr. next week, and am leery of getting on another pill, but I wonder if the Effexor just quit working? I spoke to a doctor I know, who is also in recovery, and he said it could be anything from thyroid to a brain tumor, or depression. I knew I'd fail, but I took a stupid online depression quiz and it says I'm very much severely depressed. I'm depressed because of this retarded head feeling! I exercise about 5 times a week, eat pretty good, smoke cigarettes, and drink alot of caffeine. I currently take allopurinol for gout, and omeprozole for my stomach. If anyone has anything to suggest, please let me know... By the way, hi. *edit, i don't mean to be insensitive with the use of "retarded" - just the best descriptive word I can muster at this point in time...
  6. hopefully this forum will show me people are are having some sort of detachment from reality... kinda like distorted reality and cannot "wake up" from this long daydream. I am naturally attracted to people that are "out there" or just naturally labeled crazy just like me. Ugh... im usually more creative than this moment. Im gonna come back to this post when I am more energic in the mind to say what I am made of and who i am. -Chandi
  7. Hello, new here and hoping someone might be able to offer advice on medication resistant GAD. My main dx's (since 2004) are GAD and depression; the GAD is giving me major problems. My main problem is extremely bad brain fog-short term memory problems have cost me jobs and are threatening to halt my attempt to start a college degree; depression from a parent's passing has made this even worse. I have been seeing various pdoc/tdocs since 2004 and am on .5-1 mg of klonopin 1x/day. Given that I've taken up to 3mg/day of klonopin, I am extremely concerned about its effects on memory and would like to slowly taper off this med. I'm also on 88mcg of Synthroid (borderline hypothyroid, dx 2011). Over the course of eight years, I have tried all the major families of meds with these results: Tricyclic and tetracyclic ADs/SNRI's killed any motivation I had to to do anything; SSRIs: largely the same w/little improvement; AAPs (Serequel), extremely sedating at 25mg w/no improvement Neurontin: knocked me out at 600 mg; Lamictal: no effect Wellbutrin, Viibryd: agitiating; worsened GAD Modafinil (for focus): no effect I am considering ADD meds, even though I've had neurospych testing w/o that dx. My concerns (as well as my current and former pdoc's) are that most of the ADD meds (Adderall,etc.) would be far too agitating. I'm thinking about valproic acid; my pdoc has mentioned Abilify at low (2-5mg) dose would help,but given my med record, what would I take it with? I have heard some good reports about Deplin; I'm also going to look into Cytomel. I'm taking one class twice a week and it is a major struggle to accomplish any work. I am scared to death that nothing will work medwise. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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