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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the experience of feeling completely exhausted when taking immediate release Wellbutrin/Bupropion? My doc started me low - at 75mg a day (37.5mg twice per day), then up to 150 (75mg twice per day) for about a month now. For the first few days I felt the "honeymoon" effect some people experience- increase in energy, motivation, etc. After then, however, I've noticed I feel very tired. It's not a crash after some initial energy, I am just exhausted soon after taking it. Moodwise I am ok, and even notice I feel a bit calmer. Definitely not the energy, motivation and rage other people report. I've been on a variety of AD's for the past 30 years and have taken Bupropion in the past, with some success. I remember feeling depleted on the XR version but switched to the IR version and felt fine. I also take dexedrine for ADD and that helps counteract the tiredness, but if I forget I'm exhausted. I know this is a paradoxical response, as is some of the water retention that I've noticed as well. I asked the pharmacist and she said that it is possible to feel tired from bupropion but didn't offer much else. I'm curious if, of those who do feel tired on this med, do you still feel like it's working in other aspects, or is this side effect a sign it's not the right one? If that's the case, I suppose taking it at night could help but I'm more curious about why I have the opposite reaction than everyone else.
  2. Respectful greetings, fellow crazies. I've recently ramped-up on Wellbutrin: 150mg for 6 days and then 300mg for 12 days (18 days total). Overall it's slightly helping the multitude of mental illnesses I have (TRD, "Pure" OCD, other stuff). However. About 7 days after hitting 300mg Wellbutrin I started experiencing incredibly intense anxiety primarily (physically shaking, gut-churning, mind-racing, skin-crawling kind). I also started feeling erratic, intense irritability and even anger - (verbally) lashing out at my kids and other unpleasant out-of-character behaviour. I've seen anxiety from Wellbutrin reported 100's of times before but I couldn't find information on how to combat it. This is because normally people just stop taking it (which makes eminent sense) but that's not an option for me since I'm 23 years TRD (including resistance to ECT, dTMS and Ketamine) and this is one of the last combos left. In other words I'm beyond desperate to give it every chance of working that I humanly can. I'm now gonna blurt out my questions and suggestions and hope that some of you can identify or comment from your own experience: I have some Valium left over and taking that does take the edge off of the severe emotions. However taking benzo's long-term is generally undesirable, hence has anyone taken a non-benzo adjunct/augmenting med that actually helps tone down the insane anxiety? If so, what was it? how long did the intense anxiety last for those who experienced it? 2 weeks? a month? until you stopped the med? did anyone have success in simply reducing dose back to 150mg or even lower? Did you find 150mg sufficient to lift your mood? I'm on 300mg XL as of today (was on 2x150mg XL 'til now). Have folks had different experiences (anxiety-wise) with the IR or SR versions? E.g. would switching to 3xIR be an avenue worth chasing? any other relevant insights or experiences would also be most welcome. May the Gods of mental health be with you, Pete
  3. I've been on many medications trying to find the right ones and have lots of boxes of unused medications. I know these would be very useful for many people, especially the extremely expensive ones. I suppose it's unethical to give them to someone else? Obviously I would only do it if they were on that drug anyway and had a prescription. These drugs cost me a fortune and just giving them to a pharmacy so they can destroy them is like burning money. What are your thoughts? I have no way of connecting with people who would need the drugs however so it's not like I know of people in my life who want my Zyban and other medications. I'm in Australia.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm here today seeking your advice. I have recently had Wellbutrin XL 150mg added to my cocktail of 5 years, Prozac, Klonopin, and Trazodone. It is being used to augment the Prozac and to address symptoms of lack of motivation, concentration, focus, drive, and apathy. I have only been formally treated for Depression, GAD, and Panic disorder, with there being discussion about potential ADHD. This is important. The Wellbutrin has been treating me wonderfully. It was a slightly rough start up, but I no longer feel "speedy", and dear god I might even feel..NORMAL? I have my motivation back. I have my energy back. My focus is back. I'm feeling creative again, I have new ideas, new projects I'm working on, actually PURSUING those new projects....this is so different from what I am used to. The apathy for the most part is also gone. That being said, I did some research on Wellbutrin and ADHD because these things I'm feeling, are different from when medications have worked for my depression. Before the Wellbutrin I was NOT depressed. So I thought, what if the Wellbutrin is helping with the ADHD my psych had brought up awhile ago? Upon further research, I have found that people actually DO take Wellbutrin for ADHD. The first thing I ask, which obviously can ultimately only be answered by my psych, is that if what I was feeling was not a partial response to my SSRI, but more so untreated ADHD symptoms? Did the symptoms I list in the first paragraph resonate with any of you? Second...if for some reason I eventually do end up on an ADHD stimulant medication, I am worried about two things. The first thing being that ADHD medications have potential for abuse, and I have a past of drug abuse. I used opioids though, and never really cared for stimulants. Do things like Adderall or Ritalin cause any cravings or reinforcing behaviors in you guys? Or for the most part, have they only helped you? Second, I am scared about being seen as a drug abuser by my pharmacy since I would be prescribed a stimulant AND a benzo. I had a bad experience with another pharmacy regarding my Klonopin prescription, and since then I have just been kind of ashamed by some of the things I present to my current pharmacy, even though it is all in my head and the pharmacy staff is full of lovely non-judgmental people. So, is it out of the ordinary to be prescribed something like Adderall with Klonopin? I apologize for the walls of text. Please let me know what you think, because this has been very eye opening for me, and I do not get to see my psych for another 2 months. Obviously for now I am just going to be grateful for the Wellbutrin, and will not be seeking out anything new, this is all for what is possible for me in the future. Thank you so much for helping me.
  5. So, I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg for 3 days now. It is making me feel REALLY speedy and on edge. Anxiety has gone up to, along with bad insomnia. I have been taking extra Klonopin doses because it gets quite intense, and I usually NEVER have to take any extra klonopin. I was wondering, does this level out at some point where I do not feel like I'm on speed or what? I'm taking this to try and counteract the apathy I feel from Prozac, but honestly if I am going to feel like I did an eight ball all the time...I think I'd rather just deal with the apathy. Has anyone diagnosed with anxiety disorders along with depression had a positive experience from this? Does the anxiety and speediness go away? I also read that some people take Wellbutrin SR 150mg once a day, and that it works better for them. What's the reasoning behind that if you have to take the SR version twice a day? Wouldn't you crash? Thanks for any replies.
  6. So, I went to see my GP to talk about possibly switching from Prozac to something else. I am not sure if my Prozac is pooping out or if it just normal life stressors getting to me. So, I discussed this with him and he had me do some genetic testing to see if I metabolize psychiatric meds normally. I got the results back, and apparently the only abnormal thing is that I have a gene mutation that makes me unable to metabolize folic acid properly, so he prescribed something called Deplin, generic version L-Methylfolate 15mg. With insurance coverage it is $56 a month!! I am wondering if anyone has had noticeable, positive results from this before I drop $56 on basically a pharmaceutical grade vitamin. I am thinking that maybe I should just go back to seeing a therapist and not go on the med merry-go-round again, since Prozac is still working and life is not so bad to warrant a huge medication change. Maybe possibly going from Prozac 20mg to 30mg? Since 40mg had benefits but I was WAYYYYYYYY too fatigued all the time. Another thing I want to inquire about is possibly augmenting Prozac with Wellbutrin. I had been on Wellbutrin 150mg XL 4 years ago, and I think I liked it but it made me VERY irritable. The difference then is that that was my main antidepressant, second one being Remeron 15mg, but that was mostly for sleep. I am wondering maybe the Prozac has leveled me out more so I will not be as irritable from the Wellbutrin. Anyone had success with an SSRI + Wellbutrin? Thank you all.
  7. Hi! So I'll start with history, I guess. I have always liked drinking. It helped with anxiety. The drinking started to get really bad after the loss of two family members within several months. It got unmanageable after taking care of my dad through hospice until the day he passed. That was a couple months after the last family member I lost. The drinking continued through the next year as I had bad depression. In the middle of that year I lost two more family members. The drinking continued. Blacking out often. Hiding bottles from the wife. Taking a couple of shots at lunch until I could get home. At this time I also started having hypersexuality issues. Having a really hard time concentrating on work daydreaming about sex and the reckless encounters I had trying to fulfill the need for sex. No matter how much sex I had I was in need of more within a half hour. On my last visit to the docs to renew my Lexapro 20mg prescription, I let him know that my depression was getting worse so he gave me bupropion xl 300mg. Within a week and a half my craving for sex and drinking went away. I didn't tell the doc about my issues because I was to embarrassed. Can anyone explain why the bupropion helped? Does this mean anything in relation to dopamine and my issues? Does this fall under any illness category? Thank you in advance for your polite and insightful thoughts!
  8. I have finally decided to go off Wellbutrin (Bupropion/Zyban) as I just cannot live with this anger and rage attacks any longer. I spend my day swearing, (I can’t fit enough swear words in a sentence), clenching my hands until they are rigid, screaming and hurting my throat, telling myself I wish I was dead and having even more intrusive thoughts than normal, even thoughts that wake me up in the middle of the night and I respond by telling myself to fuck off while I‘m laying there in bed. The anger has alarmed me and I can feel the cortisol surging through my body. I’m getting off this medication by myself without help because I went to see my psychiatrist the other day sand he virtually dismissed me and was clearly annoyed with me for having too many side effects and he was frustrated at how difficult I was to treat. There was no sympathy whatsoever. He said we’ve exhausted all avenues. I felt like a fool for not responding correctly to medications that he thought should work. It was a waste of money seeing him and I’m sick of doctors telling me it’s worth having numb genitals or inability to orgasm if you find a pill that gets rid of your depression. The doctor was frustrated with me before for all the pills I’ve been on that I couldn’t tolerate because of sex issues. The Wellbutrin didn’t do anything negative for me sexually (it seemed to have a big improvement on me sexually, actually), but the insane anger is just too much to live with. The anger was over the most minor of things, such as the vacume cleaner cord getting tangled, or losing internet connection. I’m currently on Lamotrigine 200 mg by itself which I hope will help my depression/anxiety.
  9. Hi all, I am new to posting so bear with me, but I've been reading these boards forever and been helped by them so much, so thanks to all of you. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 off and on for a couple years. I went off for a couple months in the summer bc I was doing well, but then went back on in around September. Around November I started to notice jaw pain and tension, so I figured I was clenching during the night (I've always had TMJ problems so this wasn't that surprising). What was surprising was then I started to grind my teeth even when I was awake, or even just kinda open my mouth. If I really thought about it I could stop, but when I started thinking about something else I would find myself doing it again, so creepy! So finally after reading other Welly-bruxism experiences, I went off it, only to become depressed again. The thing that was so weird, was in 2017 I took the med for like ~8 months solid without any bruxism. So recently I tried going back on Wellb, thinking maybe those side effects were a fluke...but they seem to be back, which is terrible bc Wellb works for me in every other way. I am trying it now with added Buspar, 20mg a day, but so far (like 10 days in) it's not helping the jaw movements/grinding. Has anyone else had this, especially the day grinding? Did anything help? Aplenzin has been coming up on this board a bit, could the different salt make the difference, do you think? My doctor wants to try me on Fetzima if the Wellbutrin grinding doesn't go away...but its reviews are soooo mixed/mostly terrible. SSRI's don't work for me, the only SNRI I've tried was Effexor over 10 years ago and it was crappy. Any ideas either Wellbutrin alternatives or bruxism combating add-ons would be super helpful! Thanks
  10. Hey all. First time poster. I'm currently not on any other medication. I'm 24 and after a long bout with lyme disease, I have been left with this really bad fatigue and increased anxiety and depression. So 3 days ago I started Wellbutrin XL 300 mg generic (I have no idea why she started me on such a high dose) Aside from the emotional ups and downs and irritability the constant has been I FEEL SO F****** TIRED! Like way worse than before I started. Absolutely depleted. Will this get better? Because fatigue is one of the primary reasons why i'm taking it, and nothings more depressing than feeling like the med that's supposed to help with that is making everything worse. I haven't had any honeymoon period to speak of, just straight up sleepy all day, which is funny because I was told to take it in the morning to avoid insomnia. Anyway has any one had this in the beginning and than it went away? Or is this just a bad sign....I'm thinking if I don't feel anything beneficial and the same daytime tiredness after 7 days I'm calling my doctor. What do you guys think? Hope this doesn't last.... Thanks!
  11. It's only day 2, but I haven't really had much in the way of side-effects yet. I've been expecting the startup effects to be be somewhat difficult. Can anyone comment from their experience or technical knowledge whether they might start later?
  12. I'm coming off of Wellbutrin because it was causing me quite a bit of anxiety. But I'm finding that coming off of it my anxiety is getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Good Afternoon everyone! I posted this in another forum, but I wanted to get a gauge of how people do when using Wellbutrin with an antipsychotic. I'm currently taking: 900mg Trileptal (300mg 3x/day) 200mg Lamictal (100mg 2x/day) 174mg Aplenzin (eq. 150mg Wellbutrin XL) 40mg Latuda Despite the fact that I'm now taking 4 medications to control rapid-cycling BPII, I'm actually really happy with where I'm at with my cocktail. I actually feel like each one serves its purpose. Latuda is the main bipolar antidepressant, but it is augmented with Aplenzin and Trileptal. Trileptal helps to keep me calm. Aplenzin helps with motivation, energy, pleasure, sex drive. Lamictal helps calm the waves. And in the time that I've been on Lamictal, my mood episodes have been much shorter. Previously they would debilitate me for days, but now they're more short-lived. And the Latuda is like a light-switch. I just transitioned back to it after being on other medications for the past year and it has been SO nice. The main reason I'm posting this though really is to get an idea of how people on Wellbutrin do with an antipsychotic. Things are more than they seem I'm sure, but one would think that they would fight each other. Wellbutrin inhibits norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake thus increasing levels of said neurotransmitters in the synapse. Antipsychotics work to BLOCK dopamine receptors and many of them noradrenergic receptors as well, but this inherently causes upregulation of both neurotransmitters as well. Anyone out there have Wellbutrin combined with an AP and/or other meds?
  14. I have been taking generic bupropion for about more than 2 months starting at 100mg SR. I took 100mg SR once daily for a month, then started 150mg SR once daily for about 2 weeks before going up to 300mg SR daily (150mg SR x 2) one in the morning at 10 and the other at 6. I've been on the 300mg SR since. I never had the 'honeymoon' phase and I've gotten into the habit of sleeping in even later now.. till 11:30am-12:00pm. And I go to bed at 11:30 at night, sometimes later. I know I'm getting too much sleep and I feel like the bupropion is maybe making me tired. I've also been taking Lexapro 5mg every night to help counteract anxiety. I started it first but I felt it made me flat so I asked to go on bupropion. I feel like it isn't helping me with my mood lately.. just curious if it's a lost cause.. or if I should ask to switch generics (on Sandoz) or maybe add Abilify or something. Before taking these meds I had bad obsessive thoughts and paranoia about my boyfriend (stupid things that I shouldn't be thinking about) and depression. No motivation to do anything and nothing excites me.. still doesn't. I had a couple days where I took adderall once in awhile while on bupropion, of course I felt euphoria on it but very wired and then what's weird is I would feel a few hours of general happiness the next day. I thought it was the bupropion trying to work.. but since a few sporadic days of that I haven't had that feeling since. I used to be addicted to adderall 4 years ago for about 2 years (would take around 160mg a day till I ran out) and quit cold turkey. Also smoked 'spice' legal weed for 8 months, pretty sure that messed me up.. I thought Adderall could help me again but I ended up feeling the addiction coming back so I threw it away. Also to add, I've been taking Synthroid for my low thyroid since I was 18 (26 now) .1 mcg in the morning at 7am daily. Any insight would be great!
  15. A month ago I started generic bupropion IR, only 75 mg, for depression. I know that's low; I also know I have a low tolerance of most meds. I was told to increase to 2 a day after a week. I can't. In fact, can't even, after a month, take a whole one. I have to cut it up, and have found if I take only 3/4 of it (I know, really low, but everyone's different and this is IR), I don't feel so crappy. The nausea, headaches and spacey feelings of taking the whole thing, or even half at once, are gone. I'm not gaining weight as I did years ago, and don't feel "flat" like on Zoloft over a decade ago. I haven't been on meds since Zoloft back then. I'd originally gone to the dr little over a month ago due to menopausal issues, and bloodwork confirmed hormones low (as is the usual). I was hoping for some temp hormone replacement therapy to ease menopausal symptoms. Dr told me they DON'T do HRT and instead refer women to "behavioral health" for antidepressants. I think that's ridiculous, as a blanket policy. It's a big HMO (Kaiser) and I don't have $$ to go elsewhere. I have a history of depression, and they told me I've had too many major and moderate episodes to not be on meds. Anyway, I also was tested for ADHD, and just found out, so that's an issue. Now it's as if my entire life makes more sense (why I'm me and why I've probably done/not done a whole lot of things). Dr wants to try stimulants for that, after being on antidepressants for a while. She first wanted to put me on Prozac. I told her I had suicidal thoughts and was in terrible despair years ago and had to stop it, before trying Zoloft. She stated I wasn't on it long enough to make me suicidal. I countered with, "I believe I was, because I'd never, ever wanted to die until I took Prozac. And after that happened, I personally knew 2 people who succeeded after a couple weeks on it." So she put me on bupropion, stating it may also help the ADHD. My next appointment is in a little over a week. Ok, to get to the point. I don't have the insomnia others seem to get, it helps control my appetite, no sexual side-effects, and cutting the small dose into bits throughout the day seems to help a lot. I started smoking again a couple months ago (booo), after quitting 20 yrs ago, and today was the first day I didn't crave cigarettes since restarting. When I took more of the pill at once, I spaced, had brain zaps, mini-panic attacks lasting only seconds, bad headaches, sometimes rapidly went from sad to angry to fine in minutes (never have before), and inability to concentrate (more than usual), plus occasional irritability, which I didn't have much before. And the awful cough. That hasn't let up. Will it ever? Within a half hour of any dose, even a minute amount, the coughing starts. My job has me interacting all day with clients, so the coughing is a problem. The other day I called the dr's office due to the coughing, and never spoke with a dr. The woman told me I can't cut the pills, but can't just stop taking them, and to wait for a call back from a dr. Still waiting. So I keep cutting the pills and it seems ok. I'm not feeling great, still sorta down, but maybe that's more situational (crap job, financial pressures, the normal stuff). I thought maybe the generic caused the coughing, but the insurance will not allow name-brand, I was told, even if I wanted to pay. And I've read even name-brand can cause coughing. I won't go on something that makes me tired and gain weight. I'm exhausted enough already, and the bupropion seems to help a little. This is long, so if you got to this point, thanks. I just don't know if the coughing is ever going to leave, and now that I've complained about it, looks like they'll take me off it. Bleh. No clue if starting stimulants alone will make everything worse.
  16. I started Sertraline (Zoloft) 2 weeks ago because of derealization, anxiety and panic attacks. (First week 25 mg, second week at 50 mg, and today starting with 75 mg.) I have been absolutely shocked by how hard it has been starting with Sertraline, because of initial side effects of deperzonalisation and anxiety, but I have noticed a change for the better. It has had some effect on my anxiety and I have not had any panic attacks this past week. The derealization is unchanged, but I am not as scared by it any more, and that helps me to "feel normal". I have gained about 3 pounds these 2 weeks and I am worried that I will continue to gain weight because my appetite is significantly increased and my energy is low. I have been bulimic and depressed in the past and Fluoxetine (Prozac) has been a great medication for me. It decreased my appetite and made me feel better about myself. Should I ask to switch from Sertraline to Fluoxetine right away or should I stay on Sertraline for as long as I can manage and see how I feel even if it means gaining some pounds? I am concerned about gaining weight, but the most important thing is that I can function well enough to work, which I can do right now. I am very scared that changing medications will make my anxiety and derealization worse. But in the long run I can not possibly stay on a medication that increases appetite. I know that when I start to feel good again I will think about this a lot. I am scared that if I increase Sertraline to 100 mg in the following weeks tapering of it will be hell and that I will have to be on it for a long time, gaining weight, feeling tired and not being productive at work. I'm scared of my body getting used to it. Perhaps if I change now then it would be easier. My favorite antidepressant is Bupropion (Voxra, Wellbutrin), but I understand that since I have developed anxiety it might not be working for me right now. It used to make me productive, positive, decrease my appetite and increase my libido. My pdoc had me stop it because she thought it might be causing the derealization and I miss it a lot, but since I stopped it I have developed anxiety and now I am to scared to try it again. Having panic attacks with persistent derealization is in lack of better words; a nightmare. List of things that I am scared of: In order of most to least scary Panic attacksIncreased anxietyIncreased derealizationGaining weightBeing tired and non-productiveNot feeling like doing anythingAny input would be greatly appreciated!
  17. I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin to go along with Lamotrigine (300 mg). I take Xanax, as needed. I was desperate. The depression, well, many of you know what that's like and how much can begin to fall apart/pile up around you. Just wondering - Anyone with BP have stories of experience on these two medications alone? Mainly curious. I'm trying it out either way. Years ago, I was on quite a cocktail of meds, but I try my hardest to limit them now...until I can't. It has been taking me a good three hours to be able to lift my body out of bed each morning, among other depression issues. Something had to change.
  18. I've been taking Bupropion for about three weeks now and it makes me shaky, sometimes more than others. I've been prescribed Alprazolam, twice a day as needed, to help get through this. Anyone else have this issue, and, if so, does it ever seem to settle? Also, I know it has stimulant-like qualities, but I'm wondering if I'll get used to them.
  19. Anyone tried Contrave? Or naltrexone? My doctor suggested it for weight loss and I'm researching. I've been gaining weight in scary amounts since I quit smoking. The first time I quit smoking - 100 lbs. This time so far - 25 in a few months. Naltrexone's an antiaddiction med and my eating is very "addictive" (compulsive) plus related to my smoking addiction - so it sort of makes sense to me. Any comments welcome. I'm particularly nervous that if it affects the reward mechanisms in the brain, that that will affect my motivation. I'm really lazy and always trying to motivate myself -- so I wouldn't want to make that worse.
  20. Giant bummer. I'm on my 3rd month of taking Forfivo (which is wellbutrin / bupropian at 450 mg. GET IT? FOUR-FIVE-0? fucking hilarious) and believe I experienced an overdose last Tuesday. I went to the Emergency Room for: - dizziness - auditory hallucination - i heard people talking unitelligibly this only lasted a few minutes and happened once - intermittant paralysis of left arm, left hand (lasting a few seconds on each "attack") - tingling / numbness on left side of face, difficulty swallowing and using my tongue to form words - slurred speech - confusion / memory issue (forgot how to drive stick shift, trouble recognizing my street, forgot i was standing, unable to understand questions, etc) (this lasted for hours, and still felt somewhat odd the next day) - unable to find the words (wanted to speak but couldnt get the words out) Bloodwork indicates i'm the healthiest person the ER has ever seen: no stroke, no high BP, no history of seizure, perfect cholesterol, perfect weight, etc. Their diagnosis was "dehydration and slightly anemic" ...as i'm wandering aimlessly about the hospital room, looking in corners and asking them for the 3rd time "did i tell you my arm is numb?" ER said well, perhaps you are stressed out or maybe it's your medicine? When i got home my Signif Other helped me email my Psychiatrist with my symptoms and "could this be Forfivo?" to which he responded "No, this is not Forfivo. Did they order a CT scan or MRI?" (Umm no. THE FUCK?). Psych ordered MRI which i will take next week and got me into see a neurologist the day after -- all superficial tests are normal. So anyway, i dont care what they say, i think its Forfivo overdose. This weirdness happened 4 days ago & I'm completely recovered. I asked Dr to lower my Forfivo 450mg to Wellbutrin 300mg, and so i switched to 300mgs 2 days after the incident. And i feel great. MRI scheduled next week so i will keep you guys posted, but i feel 100% positive they will find nothing. Has anyone else experienced these strange symptoms w Forfivo and are physically healthy like me?
  21. So I started Wellbutrin 150mg back in the first week of June. About a month ago I realized it wasn't working anymore (actually the school counselor pointed it out). So I told my doctor and he upped my dose to 300mg about two weeks ago. When I started the 150mg I noticed I'd do little ticks like finger twitching or my foot would randomly move. Little muscle spasms, I guess you could call it. After I started the 300mg I realized that those symptoms increased very noticably. I also began clenching my jaw constantly. I'll catch myself doing it then consciously stop but within a few seconds I can feel my jaw almost shaking and wanting to continue. I also keep scrunching my eyebrows and tensing my face almost. Like I'm concentrating a little too hard. It's giving me headaches and my jaw is becoming sore. It's starting to bug me. I'm assuming this is from the Wellbutrin? Is there anything I can do for the teeth clenching? I don't really care about the muscle spasms.
  22. I've been on Bupropion ER for about four months, two months at 150 mg and two months at 300 mg. My usual pattern for migraines is about two to three per month, mostly menstrual and I cans abort them with Sumatriptan. I've recently had a spate of 5-6 day daily migraines, all aborted by Sumatriptan. I'm concerned about the increase and worry that I will need more than my insurance's allotted 9 pill a month. Plus the daily not feeling good is wearing on me. I also have noticed an increase in my impulsive behaviors, mainly shopping and internet checking. But it has helped my depressive fatigue and a bit for the lingering depression. I decided to discontinue it for the week prior to my PDOC appointment just as an experiment and since my results with it are rather moderate, I can live with the loss of this med for a while. I want to see if the headaches lessen or stop completely as I cannot deal with them anymore. I wonder if others have had worsening migraines or impulsivity? Edited to add that I have had minor dizziness with the migraine which is a new symptom for me. It is also aborted by the Sumatriptan.
  23. So I've been on Bupropion XL for a month (150 for 4 days, then 300, and now 450). Overall I haven't noticed any negative side effects other than some days I feel more energetic than "typical" but that could also be the drug working since my "typical" was majorly depressed. But then other days I feel sooooo exhausted, like unbearably exhausted. Not depressed tired, just utterly physically drained. Then I kinda noticed my pants being a bit tighter, then I got on the scale 8.5lbs! I swear I haven't changed my eating habits or really anything to account for 8.5 pounds (last time I weighed myself was prob in May so who knows when it came on, but the clothes tightness was this past month). The exhaustion the past week has caused me to work out a bit less (but I still work out almost everyday and talk long walks with my partner). I know Wellbutrin is supposed to not effect your weight, or even contribute to weight loss, but is it even possible for it to cause weight gain? Also anyone experience extreme exhaustion while taking it? (the exhaustion has gotten worse over the past month). I also take 2mg of Prazosin at bedtime for the past 2 months (could that be it)? My pdoc was very puzzled by the exhaustion (I wasn't sure about the weight thing when I saw her)... Thanks guys and gals!
  24. I've been trying to fill my Bupropion ER 150 mg since Friday. Target pharmacy told me there is a nationwide shortage with no date of when it will be available again. Anyone else having this problem? BTW, I am in California
  25. Immediately upon starting Risperdal about 3 months ago I started experiencing rapid eye twitching from left to right that lasts no more than half a second. It has been quite persistent throughout the last few months. A few weeks ago I played video games (which I rarely do, first time since starting Risperdal) and the eye twitching kept happening every five minutes or less, constantly messing me up in the game. I blank out when I have the twitching, everything turns white for a moment. The twitching happens often when I focus in on something, when I'm looking at an electronic screen, usually. It can be exacerbated by caffeine. My mother was the first person to see it and today she recommended me call my pdoc and let him know as she thinks it's a seizure. I'm on Wellbutrin which lowers the seizure threshold and also Risperdal which does the same. My thinking is the two are working together to produce partial seizures if that is indeed what is happening. Has anyone else had experiences with seizures from these medications? After looking online this could be a seizure especially is exacerbated by screens and lights and video games but it could also just be a muscle twitch. That's what I thought it was all along. And even if it is a seizure, simple eye movements for a split second isn't all that dangerous or annoying.
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