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Found 7 results

  1. Basically what the title says. Also, how old we you at the time. Obviously looking for responses from teenager years more than anything.
  2. First of all, I just want to let you know that this is being written by someone who has harmed before, but has stopped. Now, something you really need to know is that self-harm of any kind, whether it be cutting, starving, burning, bruising or anything else, is NOT an emo trend. It's a real problem. It can't be brushed aside as something that will be popular for awhile and then die down. IT IS REAL. All too often, self-injury stems from feelings of worthlessness and severe depression. And you know what? You don't have to have had something traumatic happen to you for you to be depressed. Loss of appetite? Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy? Fatigue? Inexplicable sadness? Sound familiar? That's depression. What NOT to say to a harmer Even with the best of intentions, someone might say something that triggers you. For example; "You're just hurting yourself more, how is that helping?" "Cutting yourself on purpose? That is messed up." "You just want attention." We know it's wrong. We realise how counterproductive it seems. That doesn't make it easier to stop. So you don't need to remind us. As for attention, if that's what you think, then explain to me why we try so hard to hide our scars? I'll wait. What is good to say to a harmer? As I mentioned before, harming often stems from feelings of worthlessness. If you notice someone looking sad, just reassure them. Don't even mention self-harm. Just say things like; "I'm here for you." "You can talk to me whenever." "You are beautiful." "I love you." Sometimes all it takes is the assurance that someone thinks highly of them. As I mentioned twice before, it usually stems from feelings of worthlessness. So make sure to let them know what they're worth. And as a last thought, never judge a book by its cover. All too often the harmer is the one who spends their day helping to keep everyone else afloat, then goes home and drowns.
  3. I need to know how to hide small burns on my arm, they are on the under side, and in the middle. Bracelets won't reach, and it's hot weather so no long sleeves (plus long sleeves would be extremely out of character for me). I can't use band-aids because I used one before and it pulled some of the blistering skin off and exposed it and so I have to take extra care of that not to get infected now, and I don't have any large ones. Some of them have small blisters, all have sensitive tissue. I don't want to put make-up on in case they don't take to it very well, or they pop and the make-up gets in there, but my make-up isn't strong, so I'd need counselor and foundation and it might be too heavy for it. I'm really stuck, I don't know what to do. One of them has the shape of a lighter. They're obvious. I have anti-septic cream I can use throughout the day.
  4. Anyone else fasinated by scarification? The idea is really appealing to me -- which worries me a bit. I'm an adult cutter, and I've been free of new cuts or burns for about 8 or 9 months now, and prior to that relapse I had managed to get by for about the same time. So I feel like I've finally got some handle on this addiction, which is good. Now I'd like to do something about the scars. I'm not a big tatoo fan -- but I'd been considering them to cover the significant damage I've done to my arms. Anyway... while I was searching a couple weeks ago I discovered decorative scarification and I've become a little obsessed. I really love the idea and think it looks really cool. And that is what scares me -- because even though it's decorative self-injury rather than coping (theraputic?) self-injury -- it's still purposeful harming. I'm worried that I'd be doing it for the wrong reasons and that it might send me into a self-injury binge. I recognize it's likely a bad idea -- and just to be safe, I'll probably avoid it -- but I do still think it'd be a cool way to hide nasty looking scars. I dunno -- what do you all think about it? Scarification good or bad?
  5. I'd been on Topamax for migraines for several months (25mg - it worked). I started itching intensely - first my scalp and then my crotch. I didn't make the connection until I forgot my meds one day. The next day - no itching. At all. It was amazing. (The migraine sucked, but not itching was GREAT!) I forgot the meds a second time about six weeks later and, again, the itching went away suddenly like someone flipped a switch. (That time I didn't get a migraine.) I thought I could hack the itching, but it got so bad I scratched my scalp to the point of bleeding in my sleep. I told the doc I could not continue and she had me switch to Depakote that night (250mg, with the idea of titrating up). The first two days the itching backed off, then came back much worse than before. I also had intermittent intense burning sensations on my butt cheeks - so painful that I actually jumped up and ran around the house! Also, my toilet was full of blood every time I pooped. Six days after I stared, I stopped the Depakote. My doctor is only in one day a week so I could not reach her but I left a message. That was five days ago. I expected the itching and burning to stop. It hasn't. For a few nights I'd been able to stop the itching in my nether regions when I went to bed by putting ice on my crotch, but that no longer works. I woke up tonight with burning pain there and I'm currently in such pain that I can't sleep. Again, no rash. My scalp itches, my back itches, my outer thighs itch. I'm terrified that the depakote did something permanent. Have you had this happen and if so, how long did it take to go away after you stopped the meds? Is this permanent? Because I'd take the migraines any day over this! (Yes, I am calling the doctor tomorrow - but when I told her about the itching she didn't seem to think it was that big a deal so I'm concerned she won't take me seriously and will just think I'm being a baby.)
  6. Alright, maybe this has already been asked (I wouldn't be surprised if it has), but where do you all self-injure/harm? Why there? Is it because of the amount of pain, or is it the ability to hide the marks? I don't know, I'm curious to hear everyone's stories. Please, tell away.
  7. I was on Lexapro for 6 years & it eventually started becoming in effective, for my anxiety & depression. In November my Dr started me on generic Effexor xr. 4 weeks from totally weaning off Lexapro I started having problems with my throat feeling like it was on fire...& my stomach had a gnawing sensation. Dr put me on 40mg of prilosec which has done nothing for this pain. Last week my dr switched me to pristiq, but still having the same problems. Sometimes my lips & mouth even feel like they are on fire. Anyone else had similar side effects from Pristiq or Effexor? I feel normal when I get up in the morning, but soon after all the pain starts in. 7 weeks of this is wearing me thin & all I feel like doing is laying down. I have a 3 year old child to chase after. Thanks in advance for anyone's incite. Blue PS- Am also weaning off Lunesta for insomnia I had this past fall. Am suspicious of that med as well....
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