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Found 6 results

  1. My current insurance company insists on changes to the formulary. One is a blod pressure drug that is old, cheap and the only one that doesn't depress the good cholesterol levels. So... GDOC gave me the old time paper script and said to check GoodRX. GoodRX showed me the cheapest location around town but.... Its more then I pay in co pays for everything else. So - I wonder if anyone has bought drugs by mail from Canada? Are you concerned that the manufacturer might be some odd place in Turkey or India? Any words of wisdome much appreciated.
  2. So, I referred myself to a trauma program (the only one that I could refer myself to, as far as I could tell) because I don't really like going to my GP, who is the one who would refer me anywhere else. Except that I'm apparently too 'at risk' (of death, presumably) to qualify for the one that I wanted. So they suggested another one. Which is fine. I was looking at that other one and it seemed like a better fit anyway. Except that I need my GP to refer me. They gave me the referral form which I then had to walk over (in a snowfall, because of course this is a Canadian January) to my GP. Which thankfully is close but like, really, it's 2018 and we're still relying on me walking bits of paper around? My GP wasn't there so I dropped it off for her, figuring that it would be a fairly easy thing for her to just sign and send back. I'd already gotten all the details filled out at the other place! Except that it turns out that this isn't at all an easy request for my GP. Who, it turns out, has dropped me from her practice because I tend to only go once every five years or so (when they call me). So now I have an appointment for next week where I try to re-register with my own doctor. This is stupid.
  3. Hello, I've been living in the the United States for well over twenty years. I have a diagnosis of panic disorder without agoraphobia, major depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. My company has offered me a rather lucrative job opportunity, but it would require a job transfer to Ontario. I really want to take it, but I'm extremely concerned about finding a psychiatrist there and not having to switch up my meds. I currently take Effexor 150 MG and diazepam 15 MG daily. I have been on both for many years with no escalation or issues. They work quite well for me. How difficult is it going to be to continue taking these meds and to get care in Canada? I am a Canadian citizen, so I would have insurance 3 months after arrival. Normally I would just fly home every four months and get my meds and see my PDOC here until I found someone in Toronto. That being said, you can't do that because importing RXs from the US is illegal, and I'm sure the diazepam could cause issues. I'm at a loss. I seriously may not be able to relocate because of this. Any feedback from Canadians or someone who has gone through this would be appreciated. AJ
  4. Hello fellow canadians! I need help, moving back to Alberta soon and I found a place that will do an assesment for adhd and aspergers for me. It is expensive, no shocker there, and surely still cheaper than it would be to our neighbors to the south. Is there any company that offers personal health care coverage that will help pay for these sorts of things? I am 21, no longer a child, but I'm hoping to go back to school soon and I would really like to get this figured out. Any help would be fantastic, thank you
  5. - old as dirt - fit the usual pattern, treated for years for depression - 10 years as certified BP1 plus ADD - name the drug, I probably tried it - currently Lamictal 400, Wellbutrin 450 Seroquel 200-400 - but as my profile says.....I am more than my illness
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