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Found 4 results

  1. I would have posted this in a different forum, but, as this forum gets a lot of traffic and this topic is rather general I have decided to post it here. Specifically what does plan on doing about one's MI and one's children, with regard to things such as telling one's children and how one's MI will affect one's children and so on? In my case it is useful that I live with my parents and they largely take care of my daughter when she is over. But my daughter will notice that I have significant deficits at some point, and she already knows that I am MI and that I have been IP twice (as do my parents and my ex). I will have to tell her, in general terms, sometime, even though my normal impulse is to hide everything as far as possible, and everything I tell her my parents and possibly my ex will find out about eventually, and I have hid many things from my parents and my ex as far as possible. And what if my parents are not around at some point before when my daughter is on her own? Then she will surely see how I (do not) function on my own, and surely my ex will find out about that, which I do not want. (She will still find out someday anyways, but by that point it presumably will not matter what my ex thinks. In my case my biggest concern is how my ex would see me taking care of our daughter on my own, say if my parents' car was crushed by a semi tomorrow. My ex knows about my BP dxes and knows that I have been suicidal, and seems okay with those. But she has never seen what my apartment really looked like inside after things had really fallen apart while I was living on my own. If she got a hint of how that is how I lived like by myself, would she allow me to have my daughter stay over with me. Of course that should be a major source of motivation to let that not happen, but the thing is it happens without me really noticing in the first place until things have already fallen apart, and are much harder to bring back in order compared to before.
  2. Hi! I am writing on behalf of my son, who is 7 years old. He is currently on Depkoate (500mg) and Seroquel (400mg), along with some other stuff (Tenex, Clondine, supplements). His diagnoses are ever-evolving and changes with each hospitalization, I think. He was placed on the Seroquel during a hospitalization, after having tried Risperdal for 9 months, but continuing to have periodic hallucinations, extremely high anxiety, and high levels of fear, plus akathisia. He reacts very poorly to SSRIs. The Seroquel was magic for him -- his anxiety decreased, he was able to start learning again, and there is even talk about him moving back into public school in a self-contained class with some inclusion. However, a couple of weeks ago, he started becoming extremely anxious & fearful again. He was afraid to walk around the house without looking behind all the doors, not being able to be in a room without an adult, locking doors behind him to keep things from getting him, telling a peer that monsters were at his house, etc. We also believe he has been hallucinating again for many reasons, though it can be tricky as he does have a mild to moderate speech-language impairment which can get worse during these times. Anyways, long story short, we have been giving him his Zyprexa PRN (5mg) daily for one week, and we are definitely beginning to see some improvements. We see his psychiatrist this week. I'm not sure whether to advocate for an increase to his Seroquel, continue to take the Seroquel plus the Zyprexa dose, or whether we should just switch to Zyprexa. I know adult experiences are different from child, but I would love to hear if anyone else has had to switch from Seroquel to Zyprexa, and how that went. We work really, really hard to keep him from being hospitalized whenever possible because we have had not great experiences in the past, but I find that I have to be really well-informed in order to do that.
  3. I'm not letting my ex ruin my life anymore. I cut him loose today. He is an alcoholic and he drives me to drink, not an excuse but an extra reason to. I'm an addict and alcoholic. I even mix the two.. Not cool. So today I attended an online AA meeting and talked to a girl I met in treatment that is sober and I am going to face to face meetings this week. I also need to find a therapist this week for sure. I fell down the stairs 2 years ago and at 37 had to have a total hip replacement and jaw reconstruction after being airlifted to a trauma center. I am facially disfigured now because of it and am going to have surgery again on June 18 for total joint replacements on both sides of my jaw that will hopefully even out my facial asymmetry. As a result of the fall, I lost custody of my daughters, 10 and 7, and now they live an hour away with their dad. I also became homeless for the past two years and just recently got into my own apartment. My ex-husband is supposed to bring them once a week to see me and let me talk to them on the phone everyday but he does not comply with the court order. He doesn't know what's going on with me and I am definitely not going to tell him. Meanwhile I need to file court papers to get custody of my daughters back. That needs to be my focus.. that and my new job working at home so I can save money for a car to go see them since he won't bring them to see me. Everything is a mess because of this addiction and I'm tired of it. I'm happy to say I've hit rock bottom and have become enlightened. I refuse to live like this another day. I thank God for the clarity to see this. Thank you for reading.
  4. I am 30 years old and have been cutting for 3 years. I have 2 children, both under the age of 8. They have always seen the cuts and scars on my arms and never really asked questions til now. My daughter is getting older and I found this site as a way to try and stop the cutting. Has anyone else been caught by their children? How did you respond? She is to young to be truly honest,yet old enough to remember any lie that I may tell her.
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