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Found 13 results

  1. Ok so I've been creeping around here for weeks now and finally decided I had to post something. I keep reading horror stories about klonopin quiting on me and all this awful stuff and that klonopin shouldn't be used everyday. However my doctor prescribed me 2mg to take Dailey which I've been doing but im worried about devolping tolerance and upping the dose. I hear that the anti anxiety effects take a long time to devolp tolerance to if it ever does happen. Is there any long term users who have been on klonopin daily? I really don't feel it effecting my anxiety but I've decided to work all the time to keep my mind off of it but I still can't get this fear of klonopin out of my head. I'm not abusing it I'm taking it as directed and the doc said I might be on it forever. I'm not too worried about staying on it if it's safe and I don't have a problem with coming off it slowly to avoid withdrawals when I'm stable. Sorry for rambling my question is basically why are there so many horror stories and has anybody taken it daily long term and been fine? And does the internet just hate benzos? I also just increased my citalopram to 40mg last week
  2. I was just prescribed Citalopram for my depression. And I'm going on vacation on the 25th. Obviously they tell you not to drink when using, well, any medication really..... But I'm wondering what the side effects would be if I had a few beers with my friends on vacation? I take the meds at night (I usually work nights so that's like my morning) so I guess I could just skip a dose if I decide to have a drink that night. But I don't want to disrupt the effect of the meds either. Anyone have suggestions?
  3. So my doctor suggested I drop my citalopram from 40mg to 30mg and start 10mg of fluxotine. I was very apprehensive at first but I finally did it last night woke up today some minor stomach cramps which are gone now. People keep telling me I'll start getting the Prozac side effects soon but I never get bad side effects whenever I increased from citalopram so I think I'll be just fine. I did initially go through hell when starting citalopram but I think starting said in the first place is the hardest. Anywhere here's hoping for a smooth ride.
  4. So I'm days away from begging a cross taper from citalopram to Prozac. Citalopram worked for the past 4 years but my doctor wants to switch because I'm on the max dose and it stopped working. So I have 2 questions 1. has anybody felt there ssri stopped working and switched to another ssri and had success. 2. Has anybody done a cross taper with Ssris? My doctor thinks this is the best way to switch to avoid withdrawals from citalopram and ease onto fluxotine. I'm kind of worried about the interactions. Though if I'm lowering the citalopram I wouldn't think serotin syndrome would be a huge issue. But if anybody has any experience let me know please.
  5. I am on day 2 of 10mg of Citalopram after 2 weeks of 5mg. I find myself feeling down especially in the mornings. I had a lot of relationship anxiety and some depression which is the reason why I started taking the meds in the first place. At what point does this get better? Is this a side effect? I just want to cry and curl up in a ball. I don't feel this way until I am alone, I feel pretty normal when I am with my partner.
  6. I've just twigged that my new Pdoc (whom I've only had the one session with so far) would like to eventually switch me onto high (40mg) dosages of Lexapro (Escitalopram) as she has had the best results with this med at high doses for her patients with anxiety issues. (I'm on 20mg Prozac (fluoxetine) atm. However, in the past (a few years ago now), I've tried Cipramil (Citalopram) at very low doses & was extremely sick for a month even after I stopped taking it, and switched to another AD (I did all of this under medical advice/supervision). So, now I've realised this, I'm not that keen at all on trying Escitalopram as I really can't afford to be that sick again, not now I have a 7yo son to look after and get to school and events etc. Plus it scares me to be that sick I told my new pdoc about my previous medications and reactions to them and even wrote it all out for her, so am hoping that when I see her next (in about a month) that we can talk about trying another medication if she feels the need for a med change as I'm very reluctant to try it. I just didn't twig at the time. It reminds me of the whole Effexor (Venlafaxine) XR & Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine) chemical similarity, both of which I've been on. Sorry for the ramble, my questions are: Has anyone not tolerated Cipramil but tolerated Lexapro? (or vice versa) Is my new Pdoc perhaps a little too optimistic in expecting me to try the "chemical cousin" of Cipramil at high doses and to not be sick considering my past reactions? (I know, YMMV ) As usual, am not asking for any information that I can get through my shrink or a GP, just looking for people's personal experiences and ideas
  7. Hello everyone I'm a 23 year old male. I was diagnosed with ADD this year and i've been taking concerta (currently on 27mg daily) for about 5 months. Ever since my early teens i've struggled with a more or less severe fatigue, i've failed in school because of it, no social life etc. Over the last few months it has become gradually worse and during one of my concerta-visits to the doctor i shared my thoughts and feelings about this. I did one of those depression quiz which pointed towards mild depression ( i don't disagree, i'm definitely not feeling well). I was prescribed citalopram which i was supposed to take 10mg daily for a week and then step up to 20mg daily. First day i didn't feel a thing. Second day i felt fantastic, loads of energy and the occasional burst of euphoria, by far the best i've felt in years. I was thrilled i'd finally found something to help me. This kept on for about 5 days, followed by 2 days of slightly lower mood, still a lot better than before. Week 2 i take 20 mg, and it gets worse, a lot worse. Extreme fatigue, weakness and low mood. I take 20 mg for two days and step back down to 10 mg afterwards, making me feel slightly better. I've now been taking 10mg for 3 days and it's not getting better, in fact i feel a bit more lethargic than 3 days ago. I plan on giving 20mg another go tomorrow, after all it is what i'm supposed to be taking and feeling worse for a time is to be expected. My questions would be: Why did i feel so good the first week? Does this indicate anything special? I was told i'd feel worse for a time before the drugs start working Any tips?
  8. I was fired from my full-time job that I had for 10 years about a month ago, leaving me with no health insurance until January when the Affordable Care Act takes effect. My medication (citalopram) isn't working and I just feel like shit. In addition to depression, I'm diagnosed with ADHD, and I strongly suspect that I may have social anxiety, although that's never been diagnosed. Since I lost my job, I've decided to be a stay at home mom to my daughter, which is wonderful, but I tend to get a bit weird when I don't see others very often, which of late is just my state of affairs. I talk to my mom once a day and see my husband and my daughter, but that's about it. I don't even like to go outside into our yard because we have an obnoxious old lady neighbor who always has some thing to say in the way of "advice". When I was feeling better, I thought it was funny, but now I just can't deal with it, so I just don't go outside unless I have to. I am so freaking depressed that I can't even bring myself to go visit my best friend who basically shares a backyard with me (of course, I can't do that anyway right now because she's on vacation). I have no energyto do anything. I have little to no patience with my daughter, who is 4 and deserves better. I'm not currently suicidal, but I know my pattern and I'm heading in that direction if I don't do something. I just don't know what to do. Without health insurance, I can't afford to go to the pdoc.
  9. I'm finally tapering my dose of Citalopram (Celexa) to switch to Sertraline (Zoloft). I was on 40mg, now cut to 20mg for a week, having 2 'wash out' days of no meds providing im not screwed up & then starting Sertraline at 50mg. Since it's my first time changing medication, what sort of things should I expect from a) coming off Citalopram & b) Zoloft? Any tidbits of knowledge will be useful or any coping strategies for if/when things go south x
  10. Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle. I'm wanting some feedback on medications really, have you guys had any success with the SSRI/SNRI medications for OCD racing thoughts, anxiety, agitation, etc? If so which meds? I've tried a whole bunch (Paroxetine/Paxil, Sertraline/Zoloft, Venlafaxine/Effexor, Citalopram/Celexa) with absolutely no benefits whatsoever. I've had bad side effects from some but without a doubt ALL of them made me more agitated, restless, anxious and so on. As much as I believe I have a good doctor I am running out of patience, all he wants to do is switch from one SSRI to another. I feel my main issue is anxiety not depression and I'm starting to feel the idea that anti-depressants can cure anxiety is a myth, UNLESS the anxiety is actually secondary to depression itself. Anyone care to argue differently?
  11. I started on 20mg of citalopram about 4 days ago, it's my first antidepressant. So far I've had no noticeable side-effects, possibly feel more thirsty, tired and yawning more. I was afraid of the sexual side-effects, but surprisingly my desire for sex is unaffected and my erections have actually become much stronger and I can maintain them at 'full throttle' for the entire time. Problem is I can't even get close to finishing, I always had a hard time finishing and could easily have sex for 30-40 minutes, but now I can get to the one hour mark and not finish, even if I'm doing it alone it's near impossible. My girl is enjoying the extra effort but I can only make up so many excuses to stop sex, just today 4 times I had to say 'I'm tired' and managed to finish my self off once. I really don't want her to view me as sexually dysfunctional. Is there anything I can do or any supplement I can take? I take the pill in the morning and my issues persist at nighttime. I'm not ruling out that it's all in my head...
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