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Found 25 results

  1. Was forced to switch from Teva brand clonazepam (.25 mg/day) to Actavis and I'm really going through hell. I'm very sensitive to meds and held off from taking the Actavis through use of some stockpiled Teva brand from two years ago. Two weeks ago I began suffering a gradually worsening anxiety episode after six years of not having any issues. A week in I began suspecting the expired clonazepam so I started the Actavis and the transition is not going smoothly. I just feel uncomfortably different on the stuff. My current theory is that the anxiety probably developed as a result of the possi
  2. When I called customer service 888-838-2872 (option #3 then option #5) for customer service a rep said on 4/1/19 they are going to bring old formula TEVA clonazepam back but don’t really have a firm timeline. He said to email complaints about Actavis to Tevacs@tevapharm.com and ask for old TEva back via this email
  3. So, I decided to make an account because I wanted to get some ideas about what I can do to stop some of the pain of Klonapon withdrawl. I am not a substance abuser and I was perscribed clonazepam since I was 12, right now I am on a .25mg taper I take once at night which has been a little over a month now, and I started at .5mg for about 10 months , I was on a higher dosage prier to that taking 10 mg for the rest of my earlier young life taking it. I am 22 now, and most of the symptoms now seem to be under control except throughout the day I still feel a rapid heart beat, though my bpm is 62 a
  4. In defense of my HMO dragging their feet on filling Clonazepam (can take up to two weeks to mail it out to me), my psych doc upped my dosage so I can stockpile them until I get my order delivered. The minute he increased the dose, my HMO pharmacist had him on the phone berating him for increasing the dose. The dose is now for 60 tablets in one month which I don't think is too high, that's 60 tablets of .5mg. He was pissed he got that phone call. Anything my HMO can do to screw up my mood medications, they will. My HMO restricted the frequency of refills to once every 30 days, so I
  5. Stupid,but was severely depressed, so took much clonazepam. Go to the ER or it will be ok?
  6. Used to work great for me - I don't think I've developed a tolerance issue, because I've been taking this drug in the same dose range for years, and not always daily. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Does anyone know if klonopin can cause joint pain? I recently switched from valium to klonopin in my cocktail and my joints hurt. My muscles also feel stiff and painful.
  8. Hi there CB, long time no see, hahahaha. Let's just get down to it. Over a year ago I approached my pdoc about medical marijuana as an adjunct therapy. Long story short, I'm a medical marijuana patient. I've been one for a few months, I'm still building tolerance, figuring out dosing and strains/types, etc. I'm getting much better at it though. At the start of last month I spent $320 (plus GST, don't even get me started on that soapbox) and it lasted me until, well, yesterday. And I was trying to stretch it. My sleep is SO SO SO much better, for the past three months I've h
  9. i've been on clonazepam for 2.5 weeks. if i stop taking them entirely (a dose of .5-2 per day), will i go through with physical withdrawal or is it too soon?* *i know no one's a medical professional, etc.
  10. I broke down and finally went through with it thoroughly to see a Tdoc then a Pdoc last year and since then have tried quite a few different meds for my Dx (see signature below). Just a few months back my Pdoc went on maternity leave (while I was just given the Buspar to try) and was assigned another Pdoc while she was away. When it was time to go back I went in and told him what issues I was having with the Buspar and he Rx'd me the Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily) to try. It did work for awhile. My regular Pdoc came back, she seen what I was on and pretty much said she didn't like the idea of any
  11. Hi all— I started taking clonazepam for sleep and anxiety on Thursday evening. Today is Sunday. My current dosage is 1mg at bedtime. I am also on mirtazapine, 30mg at bedtime, for depression. On Friday I woke up feeling refreshed, as though I was alive again, after a full night of sleep. That same day I noticed what looked like a bug bug bite on my right cheek which I dismissed as such. On Saturday I had another bug bite under my right eye, again I brushed it off as a bug bite. But today I woke up with the same bites, this time a lot more red, tender, and itchy than the previous
  12. So I have multiple illnesses obviousely. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar II. I was in a hypomanic state last week and completely not sleeping and my anxiety was high. My doctor decided to switch my Alprazolam for Panic attacks to a more stable twice a day Clonazepam... but all of a sudden my mood took a dramatic switch and I was agitated and VERY depressed. I was like omg I am going into my depression and didn't clue the med until the third day taking new medication... I felt like wanting to commit suicide and all those nasty thoughts you get of : i'm worthless and am all alone
  13. Hello Everybody It's my first time on this board and it looks like the right place for me with my current condition so I just wanted to say hey A little about me : I'm 23 years old and recently after developing psychosis :/ (about 3 weeks ago) and its really freaking me out ; racing thoughts, paranoia, delusional thinking, inability to form a sentence when talking to people, hard to concentrate when people are talking to me as my mind would race, fear people were judging me , isolating as a result, and to top it off , a bad bout of insomnia because ofthe racing thoughts. (I would have
  14. Alright--first post, so bear with me here. It took me about five minutes to figure out what to type after that sentence. As much as I'd like to write a memoir on this forum about my insane drug-induced disordered life, I'll try to make my questions simple. Really, I couldn't decide if I should post in this thread or the OCD, social phobia, depersonalization, or addictions one. I used to be a crazy, outgoing kid that loved going out in public. Pulling pranks on people in grocery stores and getting in trouble at fast food drive-thru's were my favorite hobbies. I had been like this my w
  15. Hello lovelies! So, some back story first. I'm a 22 year old female. Diagnosis history: Age 8: Anxiety/panic disorder Age 12: Depression Age 15: ADD Age 19: minor OCD During elementary school I dealt with very severe anxiety symptoms. I had frequent panic attacks, wasn't able to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, and I had separation anxiety from my mother. I was started on Paxil which helped. In middle school I was diagnosed with depression. I was taken off Paxil and prescribed 20mg Lexapro per day, which was later brought up to 40mg. I self-harmed mildly and infrequentl
  16. I have had sleeping difficulties for quite some time now and I eventually posed to my psychiatrist today that I really would like something to help with sleep. I left with a script for 1mg of clonazepam. I just took it for sleep, he said to take it an hour before bedtime. I took Xanax for anxiety and paranoia, mainly during my depressive episodes but I've never taken any other benzo, and I've never taken it for sleep. He says to take it every night. Is it safe to use a benzodiazepine frequently on a regular basis?
  17. Dear Friends, I just started taking Klonopin (actually I take the generic!) and I can't find any reasonable-sounding information on what to expect. How quickly is this supposed to work? Do I need to wait weeks for it to start working? My prescription is 0.5 mg once a day, twice if needed. Took it this morning. No effect whatsoever. Also if any of you have taken klonopin please let me know how it worked for your anxiety? I know it affects us all differently but I would really appreciate any info you can share. Thanks.
  18. I've perused the boards for similar posts, but thought I'd throw out an arguably selfish request for evaluations of my particular mix. I know the answers are throughout the boards, but I hope to come to Cocktails for a tailored response. I know redundant posting is faux pas on message boards. In return I can only respond to threads where my input would be valuable. I'll do so. Current meds: Lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily), Latuda (80mg 1x daily), Escitalopram (10mg 1x daily), Bupropion XL 24 hr (300mg 1x daily), Amantadine (100mg 3x daily), Clonazepam (0.5mg 3x daily), Methylphenidate (
  19. As per the thread title really. About 5 months ago I was given ativan to help with general and social anxiety. 1mg three times per day as required but I don't use the full dose daily and some days I take none. It does work well but I have to double up dose if I'm entering a particularly stressful situation as 1mg isn't enough, my doctor is OK with this. The downside is 2mg definitely gives some inhibition and euphoria so I have to be careful about how I behave on the rare occasions I take 2mg. My problem is I'm going through a very stressful patch at the moment that will last fo
  20. Hi im new here and i am really scared about my meds i have missed a couple appointments with my PDoc because i have been sick A LOT over the last two months had an appointment yesterday but i had to cancel because i was throwing up and couldn't stand without falling over. My mom called to cancel and to see if the PDoc would call in refills for me mind you this would be the first time for call in meds. currently take saphris,lamictal, clonazepam,paxil and lunesta. I have BiPolar 2 borderline personality disorder depression, anxiety & panic attacks night terrors, PTSD. I have 1 dose left of
  21. so i just started clonazepam (or klonopin, i'm not sure which name to call it) and i'm worried about it being addictive. right now i'm taking 0.5 mg twice a day for akathisia, a rather unpleasant side effect that i get from latuda. after two days of being on it the akathisia was completely gone, so it's working fine, but i'm worried since my pdoc was very insistent about how i should only take it if i absolutely have to because he said that it's super addictive. i also had to show ID when i picked it up because apparently it's a controlled substance because it's so addictive. all this got me
  22. Hi guys/gals, I'm 29 yr old male. Type 1 Diabetic. Very good shape and eat healthy. Due to an epsode I had in college I have been on Clonazepam for about 9 years. Started with .5mg twice a day and upped to 1mg twice a day. I've been at this dosage for about 8 of the 9 years and never upped it since. I have recently been getting slightly more anxious and I am against upping my dose. Due to various considerations I told my GP that I wanted to taper off (he has been prescribing for last 6 years.) I told him that I did research about the process for benzos and how many people typically nee
  23. was looking through MI drugs and wondering if it would even be worth talking to my doc about switching. I know that my current meds are working, but can't help but wonder if there isn't something that would work better (or at least the way I want it to work)
  24. If my doctor lets me take clonazepam twice a day, after a few days, will it be better for anxiety as the blood levels will build? I know it has a longer half life than alprazolam, but i'm just curious if daily dosing will allow the blood levels to increase. Yes, i know it causes addiction and tolerance.
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