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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm currently having real difficulty at work and with a lot of my other relationships. The issue is that I'm constantly being talked over and really have to fight to be heard at all. I stutter slightly so that doesn't help me, and no-one seems to give a fuck most of the time. At work it is particularly bad because my bosses will start to talk over me before I've finished half a sentence. This is an issue because I work as a software developer and communication is key to getting my job done. The issue is so bad at work that every Sunday before I go to work I get angry thinking about having to deal with any of them. I feel that part of the issue is discrimination, because of my illness (I regret telling folk at work about it). I don't feel that I can move onto another job because I'm becoming unstable because it is leaving me feeling alienated. Other folk in the office seem to be following the example of what the bosses are doing. I've tried to tell the bosses that they're doing this, but I'm being largely ignored. Does anyone have any experience on how to deal with this sort of issue?
  2. So here's the deal. I am totally sick of the way my OCD screws with my relationship. My partner (long-time boyfriend)'s 17-year-old daughter recently moved in with us, which is stress-tastic, but even before then this problem would crop up from time to time: someone interferes with my ability to satisfy my compulsions, and I just lose it. Anxiety, panic, anger, running away. It's never pretty and it hurts other peoples' feelings. I'm tired of bad interactions with people I love just because I happen to be crazy-pants. In terms of the Six Types, I'm mostly a cleaner and an orderer. The cleaning part is obvious, although there's also the fun twist of occassionally wanting to throw away everything I own. I only recently realized that my extreme extreme minimalism was a compulsion that I've been feeding for years. Whoops. The ordering mostly manifests itself in terms of scheduling. Like, I need for things to happen on time, when they have been planned for or scheduled, and I need to know when things are going to happen. I am also on medication and seeing a cognitive-behavioral therapist to reduce the symptoms as much as possible, but I would love to get input from people about how they deal with it when something interrupts the performance of the compulsion, and/or how they communicate productively with other people about it when the compulsion is coming on, to prevent the train wreck of OCD versus Normal People. Thoughts?
  3. ****EDIT**** My BPD friend. Whoops! Hello everyone, So I know crazyboards is a first person site and I think my question here might blur the lines a little, but I'm only looking for help for me so I think I'm still in the safe zone! I have made a new friend. This is exciting for me because I don't really make friends easily. I also have a hard time keeping up relationships, not because I don't want to or don't care about/find said friend interesting, I'm just spectrumy and a bit of a recluse and have a hard time with being social all the time. It's tiring to me. But anyhow- so I have this new friend! And I like her! And I think she likes me. And I want to keep this developing into a real friendship. Recently, I found out that she has borderline. Figuring I AM good at research and I have a whole host of resources at my fingertips here at crazyboards, I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask- what are some tips you have for creating/maintaining a friendship with someone that has borderline? Is there any condition specific things I should be aware of when talking to her about borderline- like things to avoid mistakenly being disrespectful about? For example, I believe the best language is "has" borderline instead of "is" borderline, correct? Beyond that, I know (in a limited sort of way) that people that have borderline have a hard time with interpersonal relationships in a different sort of way, frequently being afraid of people leaving them, right? I'm wondering the best way of communicating that I still care even if I might not be able to come out and do as much stuff as she would like. Sorry about all the questions, if it's annoying feel free to not answer. But if any of you have any advice for me, I would really appreciate it! Thanks Von
  4. Are there basic etiquette guidelines related to DID? I ask because, as a child, I had a good friend who had 3 alters. (Am I using the correct words? Sorry if not. At the time, no one really gave me words to use.) I was around 8 when I met them, and no one around us seemed to have any suggestions, so we developed our own system. I followed her lead. Either she'd tell me who I was talking to, or I'd ask. Her clothes and mannerisms changed, too, but two of the alters were just similar enough that I'd have to ask for clarification if she didn't tell me. Sometimes, though, this wouldn't go well. One alter in particular would get really upset if I asked who I was talking to, angry that I didn't recognize immediately. Now that I'm an adult, I want to be more informed. We did the best we could as kids with no real guidance, I think, but I wonder what I could've done better and how to do better in the future? Is it ok to ask who is speaking? What about pronouns? (I switched based on the preference of each alter, but when referring to her in a more general way, I was never sure. She used "she/her" more often, so I went with that.) Any other general guidelines or communication tips I should know? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't been on crazyboards for a long time. Since I've been here last, I've finished uni, and I've been doing well mentally. I've applied for graduate jobs and I'm waiting to hear (will take a while). I'm working part time and keeping myself occupied. I haven't seen my pdoc for months and months because I've been episode free and really stable. changed onto pristiq to get rid of side effects from effexor. But basically - good. My partner is dealing with his depression and I find it really hard. I take him to his appointments, I encourage him to do positive things like art, exercise, etc. I try to frame it in a way that its not 'You should do this' but 'Lets go for a walk together'. Which is ok but I feel like without me doing that - nothing happens. He likes his psychiatrist and goes once a week. For about a year he has been at the level of functioning where he sleeps a lot, gets up, often forgets to eat, eats junk, and plays on the computer all day. He doesn't work, and hasn't for over a year now. Recently he got back into study and working on some projects he had, but after about a week found himself unable to stop. Its like its all or nothing, and now we are back to nothing. His doctor wants him to just 'sit with the feelings' and not work to avoid feeling bad. I think playing games is avoiding it just as much. I find it really frustrating to see him stay in the same room all day. He also has no sex drive now and feels totally anxious about having sex. If we ever do have sex he doesn't enjoy it half the time or its really short and like he is just getting it over and done with. I feel bad even asking because he starts feeling bad because he doesn't feel like it. When he gets depressed he retreats and just stays away from me. The hugs and affection goes away and occasionally he'll just sit next to me for a bit looking sad. He'll come to bed and play with his phone or laptop and not talk to me and I just feel really alone. I've tried talking to him about it but he gets even more sad and upset that I am not happy and last time he cried because he thinks he is making me miserable. I know he is trying in his own way, and that it can take a long time to move through a deep depression. I guess I feel really hopeless sometimes and wonder what our lives will be like if it is always like this. The more I move on with my life the less time we spend together but I don't want to mooch at home all day everyday and achieve nothing. Neither does he really. Normally I talk to him about everything, and I believe communication is key. I just feel that in this case, talking to him about how i'm feeling makes him feel worse, and its not constructive at all. I'm trying to encourage healthy eating, I'm cooking healthy food so that he has it there available to eat, and I'm continuing to encourage going for walks together. I just feel alone with this. I can't talk about our sex life to my friends, or my parents, and whinging about this to other people doesn't fix anything. I just want to move forward somehow and its heartbreaking to feel pushed away and like he is going nowhere at the same time. Any advice, help, thoughts, experiences, anything at all... would be appreciated. isis.
  6. I am hoping that I can get some feedback regarding some of the live communication that I have been having recently. I have been having trouble getting across what I try to say. Maybe I am missing words or not using the right words, I have no idea. When I speak I feel as if I am being very explicit and clear, but the reactions I get are not the correct reactions. It's like people do not think what I have to tell them is important or urgent, when it is; or else no one has any passion about the vision or thought I am trying to convey. Also, when I listen to what people say to me it seems that they are attacking me verbally and after a long battle and some cool off time it's explained that what was said is not what I heard. I just can't stop myself from getting so angry if the smallest thing goes wrong. Then I have trouble communicating that there is a problem and what needs to be done about it and then I get angrier that I can't respond correctly. My pdoc believes that I have been on the verge of a manic swing for a little while now and here it is. Is that all it is? Does anyone else have any similar experiences to share? I would like to stay out of inpatient, but if I keep getting this angry I might need to go back. We all ready doubled my AAP.
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