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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all. I'm in early remission of opiate abuse/addiction, physical withdrawal are gone,but psychological are not and start really bothering me, because i start to feel these intense cravings for opiates, i remember highs and that make me feel hopeless. Feel like I had lost my best friend. How do you fight these cravings?
  2. So basically im dead inside. I currently being emotionaly dull, i cant feel any motivation or desire to live, despite that im still doing my everyday things, going to college, working out, doing my usual duties and chores. The thing is that i have an schizoid disorder, and im very paranoid. I posted in addiction because one of the most destructive things is my addction to many things. I smoke, not weed, regular cigarettes, the thing is that my parents think that i quited smoking but i dont, i wanna quit to, i hate it, and i hate it because my parents are well known religious leaders in my town and a lot of people know them and know me, when i smoke outside im always paranoid, i dont wanna live this way, my paranoia is getting worse but i always end up smoking again because my friends smoke and i always fall but i wanna quit. If my parents get to know that i still smoke they probably stop paying my colleges fees, a lot of people know them and can snitch on me. I have this fight, i cant keep going anymore, at the same time smoking helps me cope whit my side effectos made by my antipsychotics, but they dont understand, they always judge merciless even do im an adult in my twenties. Can anyone give advice, all advice is very helpful.
  3. Hi everyone, I had a bout where I drank everyday for a month. Super stupid I know. Now that I have been clean for over a month, I still find that I crave the occasional drink. How long did it take for others to stop craving alcohol? I started drinking last year, so am relatively "new" but can still put away 4 drinks a night without getting drunk. Any anecdotes would be helpful. Thanks, Poem
  4. I've been taking Abilify for about one month now and it's helping already in a few ways. However, I believe I'm experiencing something that might be described as "boredom" (I've never had issues with that) and intense nicotine cravings. I used to smoke and every once in awhile feel the urge, but this seems related to the medication. Anyone relate? Insights?
  5. Okay, so I registered for this forum mainly to post about this topic again, hopefully to get some advice and support on a definitely real side effect from this medication. Prior to being put on Lamictal I had been on a few different things, the major players being combinations of Wellbutrin, Celexa, Serequel, Zoloft, Xanax, Clonazepam, Dilantin and various others that I can not remember. I can not be the only one that gets a bit frustrated with the entire "try this one...it might work, maybe....uh what other meds do I have you on again? Yeah, something with a z in it, or an e...how are those working out? Try this new yellow one with the 6 syllable name, I just screwed their pharm rep and that was good, so I am sure this will work for you." In the beginning it worked!, or I placebo'd it to work. It seems like the 25mg, 50mg and 100mg were working great for me, but my pdoc insisted that I go up to 200mg as this is what he believed to be the correct therapeutic dose for me. I didn't put up much of a fight since I had not noticed the weight gain or appetite issues. If I remember right (which is very very rare lately due to the clonazepam, lamictal or something) I began feeling really fatigued and without appetite about 2-3 days after the dose increase. I just attributed this to my brain and body dealing with the change. My appetite woke back up with ferocity around 3-4 days after the increase. The problem is my appetite seemed to steadily increase without any signs of slowing. This happened through the entire 30 day supply of 200mg. At this point (two weeks ago) I tapered myself down to 100mg thinking that the appetite of destruction would end. Nope, not yet at least. So what do I want to eat now? What do you have? I never had much of a sweet tooth, but now I am sure I could eat an entire container of frosting if it were placed in front of me. I couldn't be bothered to buy any myself because that would require me to get off my newly acquired FAT ASS and drive to the store. Then I suppose I would have to push the button to lock the doors and walk ALL the way to the front door of the market. Next I would have to push that heavy cart FILLED mostly with sugar or things that metabolize into sugar to the huge line at the register, swipe my card, sign... Just imagining that entire journey makes me tired and in need of a snack. The idea of not going to the grocery store when you are hungry being completely lost on me since I am now perpetually starving. This is not a dramatization despite how dramatic I may be about the subject. I seriously could eat all day and it doesn't seem to correlate AT ALL in dosage times, it is the same taken at night or taken in the morning, and to my horror did NOT decrease with the dosage. It feels as if a switch was triggered that can not be shut off. I also notice I am eating much faster. I am finishing my plate and looking for seconds before anyone else is finished, not like me at all. I have gained probably around 20-30 pounds and my fatigue is extreme. I am not sure if the fatigue is another side effect of the Lamictal or if it is caused by my horrible diet. I can't even tell when what started and when it got worse exactly, but the dosage increase made clear what was to blame. Lamictal IS DEFINITELY causing weight gain and fatigue for me. Please don't respond telling me how it is weight neutral, or your pdoc said it does not cause weight gain. I suppose you can go ahead and give nutritional advice but I seriously doubt that I would follow it since this beastly insatiable hunger that I now possess seems to be def to any of that nonsense... You could say that I also seem to have lost a bit of self control. I used to have no problem eating moderately healthy and going to the gym. Since this medication I keep paying my gym dues and telling myself I will go tomorrow. I keep telling myself that I will stop eating this trash tomorrow, but it's always the day after tomorrow and I am always disappointed in myself. I will admit that Lamictal does work on manic/depressed episodes, I really don't feel any extreme ups or downs and I have not had any seizures since then. I haven't had too much suicidal ideation either unless you count the thought of how fat and lazy I have become and soon will come to promote those thoughts. The point I am trying to make throughout this rant and tongue-in-cheek storytelling is that I can not find one other reason for these symptoms. I am a 33 year old man, not a hormonal woman that is going through menopause as another thread here seemed to explore. It has not seemed to go away when the dose is cut in half, and I am really tired of feeling this way. I am definitely coming off this medication no matter what the outcome unless someone can suggest a way around it. I am open to adding a minor medication to help with this and not come off it entirely. To be fair to the drug and in an effort to truly explore this (perhaps it will help someone like me that likes the helpful effects but not the other side effects). I am going to continue a slow block taper and decrease from 100 to 75 to 50 to 25mg with at least two weeks at each step down. I will post my progress as the decrease might be dose relative for someone else. I suppose since it takes a month to build in your system it could take as long to show signs of reduced side effects? Any ideas? Again I feel sure this medication is causing my sugar cravings, weight gain, and lethargy. I am trying to fix it instead of dumping it completely since it does work as a mood stabilizer for me and I would like any ideas as to what could stop these effects. I am probably just one of the few unlucky ones that get this rare side-effect, like the few that get horrible rashes. I really hope this might also serve as another example that this is a real thing. I have come across dozens of threads with dozens of people claiming the same side effects yet without fail someone posts that it can NOT be the Lamictal as their pdoc said it couldn't, or the reported side-effect list does not support this claim. As everyone on these meds knows each drug affects each individual in unique and unpredictable ways. I am really tired of finding drugs that work great for my main problems but cause an equally proportionate nasty side effect. Am I being unreasonable?
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