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Found 15 results

  1. This is really a tremendously helpful book written by someone who lost control of her life due to Borderline Personality Disorder and learned to cope via good therapy. In the book she talks about how difficult it is to find the right treatment and how life changing it was for someone to give her a diagnosis and explain it to her frankly. She talks about treatment and her struggles with it. I'm don't meet the criteria for BPD, but there's a lot for me to relate to in this book. My life is a mess because I can't emotionally handle a lot of situations, and it's in a way that runs deeper than anxi
  2. Mine is radical acceptance. It centers me. I had a ring made, with the initials "RA" to remind me. Honourable mention to "ride the wave" and "opposite to emotion action." More reminder rings to come.
  3. Hello everyone! Where to begin... I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with some avoidant traits. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since elementary school (I am 22 now). Up til this point, I have been in and out of hospitals and treatment centers and passed around from therapist to therapist. I was heavily self- harming and abusing alcohol and other substances. A few months ago, I was sent to yet another center after a suicide attempt. Let me tell you, it changed my life. I was introduced to DBT, which has truly saved me. I am finally on th
  4. I literally joined this site two minutes ago, so this is my first post. Hi. I was diagnosed with "quiet" borderline personality disorder a year and a half ago when I was inpatient. The therapist and doctor there probably came to this diagnosis after having observed my cutting and purging behavior. Fast-forward to 2015, and I ended my therapy because: a. I felt worse every time I left the office; and b. I didn't believe I had this disorder. I felt that my cutting and purging was rooted more in a trauma I had about three years earlier than it was in something I had grown up with. Anyway, I'm re
  5. A bit of background: I've been in some form of treatment on and off since I was 19, but it should have started way before then. My biological family was primarily emotionally abusive with some erratic bursts of violence and creepy sexual behavior sprinkled on for extra shamey flavor. As an adult I've witnessed two super fun accidents in close proximity that made me straight-up agoraphobic for a time. My diagnoses are depression NOS, BPD, PTSD, and bipolar II - that last one depending on the doctor and time of day. I'm 30 now, married, unemployed. Last year I was in partial hospitalization twic
  6. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since I was 12. I have had it beforehand. I struggle tremendously with anhendonia, isolation, and trouble identifying feelings or what causes them. I changed counties so I had to change mental health providers. This is probably good though. After a debacle where I got all the way to the front of the waiting list, then they lost my info, so I had to wait again, I was assigned to a therapist I think will work well for me. She does DBT. I know it was developed for Borderline Personality Disorder. The problem is, I am exactly the opposite of
  7. i've been "in treatment" aka going through medications (nothing's worked, or they helped a little but i had a side effect i couldn't deal with) and therapy that's doing absolutely nothing for me for 3 months. i'm pretty much shut down- i'm college age but i'm not in college, i'm too anxious to really get a job, don't talk or eat or move much, i just sit on the couch on the computer all day every day. So now, kind of as a last resort before some residential thing, pdoc is insistent on me trying dbt. There are a few reservations i have about it, aside from social anxiety/expenses/hopelessn
  8. I receive my counseling through my local county's mental health system. When I was hospitalized last year & the year before at a local university, they wanted me to go DBT, I brought it up with my therapist, but as I am wont to do , I weaseled my way out of it. Since I am once again, a hot mess, I have agreed to give it a try. The way they have it set up is that I will cease seeing my current therapist, as she is not trained in DBT, but get a DBT trained therapist, plus participate in the group sessions. I've done a bit of reading on it, but I"d love to hear more firsthand stories. I h
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the dbt or cbt? Does it help? Can it be a realistic alternative to meds?
  10. I've posted before about starting a partial hospitalization program, and I've been in it since Wednesday. They use DBT and it's the best therapy I've ever had. It's so hands-on and solution based, and it really motivates me and challenges me. They also have a therapy dog in the program named Frankie, he's a senior Golden Retriever and has pulled me out of a couple panic attacks and just generally made me feel good. I love dogs more than anything, so seeing him every morning and getting to love on him is the best. I feel really validated and cared about by everyone in the program, like eve
  11. I'm a 23-year-old female that's just recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. It makes a lot sense! I've dealt with bulimia, depression, and anxiety throughout my life. Last year, I met an amazing man and we hit it off right away. We fell in love fast. He has bipolar disorder and is schizoaffective. At the moment, he's suffering from a bad episode of psychosis and is completely disconnected from the world. I'm used to this from him, but this is worse than normal. His depression is very evident. Honestly, I can't handle it, for obvious reasons of I'm just a fragile,
  12. Hi, I'm new here, long-term BPD & C-PTSD symptoms, and this forum introduced me to DBT. I've heard about it before, but reading some of the in-depth threads about it have given me cause to look further. I'm very excited! I'm also very excited because I had a major anxious reaction an hour or so ago and felt I had two options: 1. to dissociate by going to my addiction or 2. react in certain horrible and annoying ways. But I've been practising mindfulness and I did nothing except for come to this forum. I can feel the anxiety has lessened in intensity and now I don't feel so impulsive. I
  13. Background info that may help frame why I have certain questions: I don't have an official BPD Dx and p/tdoc isn't wild about applying labels to anything. On paper, I still essentially have no Dx (not even the recurrent depression and anxiety I have meds for) even though I've been seeking professional help for nearly 8 years. And all 4 d&tdocs I have worked with for decent amounts of time have deliberately avoided putting formal Dx's in my files. I didn't ask for that, they just all went in that direction. Its not because they think nothing is wrong with me. They all say/said tha
  14. Hey everyone. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar I. I also have ADD and slight anxiety. I was fired from my 5 1/2 year job in Dec. First time ever in my 44 years of life being fired. In July I was fired from my new job. Collecting unemployment both times... so I am at a crossroads in my life. After being fired twice from a field I have 14 years experience in, but don't really enjoy anyway, I am wondering what career I'll pursue from here. In 2009 I began getting mental health help and was diagnosed. Following that I found myself in an abusive relationship. Shortly after that I was put into
  15. I have been working on DBT for one year, and I was curious about 1) What do you find the easiest component of DBT to catch on to 2) What do you struggle with the most 3) Is there any wisdom you can give to a newbie, if you have been doing DBT successful in any component for awhile.
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